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  1. Player Development - Dylan Borge YT Dylan Borge YT is one of the biggest talents in Gibraltar. Already a regular player at GIB for two years and at St Joseph's since January 2021 . In the past he played at Europa FC and Lincoln. He played 44 senior games, scored 17 goals. His attributes in January 2021 and in October 2022. So after almost 1.5 year at our development centre he improved most at technical and mental part. No change in Personality or Determination. Now he is on individual training ' Ball control' so he should or could develop more at 'First T
  2. Calvano for the win i believe it is more important to have a hoyd with a big influence on their starting personality and determination . Maybe he'll make a few mistakes into judging players but getting a lot of youngsters with good personalities to develop is very important. Off course u also need other youth staff with good personalities.
  3. I would pick Calvone with the best personality and highest determination. Second place for Hammell What do they have as media handling style ?
  4. Live at Gibraltar after qualifying again for Europa League.
  5. Gibraltar first win since 2020 8 out of 11 are playing for us. Walker , Yahaya and Lopes are not. this are three of the best player but won't join(yet). I'm suprised that Pons is in the first eleven, he is in my U23 because i have to many players for the DL and IFL spot. I won't sell him because my best DL (Nano) is 37 years old..
  6. Late transfer Chelsea product, played a few championship games for Blackburn last year and finally he wants to talk and join. He'll be my backup DC and now i have five options. I know @Jimbokav1971 was a fan
  7. International duty September 2022 This is our current record. 31 players. 6 of Class 2022 included in the U19 GIB squad.
  8. Road to Europa - Season We started in the Champions league QF'ers. Saburtalo wasn't that good but Dinamo was out of our league. Now we had to play two play-off to reach Europa league Group stage like in the first season. Flora Tallin from Estland wasn't good so we had for sure Europa Conference group stage OR Europa league group stage if we would beat... Apoel (we know them from season 2 in ECL.. ). We deserved it and we are once again playing Europa League ! Third place would be great and unexpected.
  9. Pre-season - Season 3 - 2022/2023 Short pre-season but our European campagin is ongoing. we beated Saburtalo Tbilisi from Georgia . Now we have a very difficult game against Dinamo. First Eleven This is my first eleven for Europe and important games.. at the moment Hernandez replaced Borghi at IFL and Youngster Holt (see below) is our first regen getting into the first team. This is our first eleven for other games in Gibraltar. Transfers in Signed three regens from other clubs. they have good determination and one of them is getting into the squad.
  10. I understand what you are saying.I had the following goals : At the moment the only thing i achieved is getting into group stage Europa League. Getting in the Cl group stage will be very difficult. In Gibraltar, I need 20 more league titles to jump over Lincoln and become the biggest club in Gibraltar in every national competition. So this could be boring but i have to win it every year . The League reputation is growing , my own club reputation is growing but the other clubs aren't growing at the moment (i hope they do some good transfers with the money i pay for their regens).
  11. Thanks Did you post about Ibiza ? I love to do the same but i don't like Spain anymore (otherwise i would do a Basque or Barcelona lower league team) , strange format , big competition. Gibraltar is going very good, i'm in my third season .. I'm only allowed to sign my own Youth academy players OR steal players born in Gibraltar from other teams (not many available ). Got lucky to get into europa league group fase in my first season .. so i'm rich I have a lot of difficult aims (best of Gibraltar = need to become champions for 21 times or manage Gibraltar to a WC or EC). I'm posti
  12. Club Coëfficiënt in Europe We are growing fast .
  13. And it was one of my inspirations to do a Ile De france only with Paris FC i was about to do one again with a team on Creta or Ibiza but i went to Gilbratar to do a GIB only.
  14. Review - Season 2 - 2021/2022 League Fixtures | Play-off Fixtures | League Player Stats | Best Eleven| Accolades | Finances | Transfers | Loaned players | Youth intake | Gibraltar National League We won the league again but failed to to it with 60 / 60 , a late equaliser from Europa FC took my record away. Gibraltar Rock Cup Europa FC scored again in injury time.. i played with 10(because of an injury) for 20 minutes.. we lost after penalties. we didn't win the Rock Cup yet.. Pepe Reyes Cup Europe We qualified for a group s
  15. New tag - Academy graduates accolades. I'll give all the youth players that i steal/buy/poach from other teams under 17 years old a 'YT' tag. Those players will count for my Academy graduates accolades.
  16. Intermediate League - U23 Last season we finished second, now our U23 won it. Our three best youth players are in the top three top performers list.
  17. First minutes in senior team for an academy graduate
  18. Found a workaround, everything is visible now after selecting a player's individual training in a squad/training overview.. Afterwards i did the same by changing something in the training calander. Now i get the U19 general and individual on the staff resp. list.
  19. Potential bug ? I have a U19 squad in my St Joseph's (Gibraltar) squad since turning PRO. I can sign staff and i see the squad in development screen but i can't control the responsibilities , can't pick the tactic, training.. i checked it at the other clubs and Europa FC and Lincoln U19 can be controlled.. a bug or something with reputation or youth facilities?
  20. Potential bug ? I have a U19 squad since turning PRO. I can sign staff and i see the squad in development screen but i can't control the responsibilities , can't pick the tactic, training.. i checked it at the other clubs and Europa FC and Lincoln U19 can be controlled.. a bug or something with reputation or youth facilities?
  21. Just a quick question. Playing in Gibraltar , in the second season i'm upgrading my youth facilities but after the end of the first season , i saw that the U19 squad is visible. I can hire staff, but i can't control the training or select a tactic. Is this because the youth facilities are still upgrading? i can't put myself as responsible for any training parts.. to get them into my icon bar. A bug or will it be ok after the improvement of the YT fac ?
  22. International duty March 2022 Three new faces in the U18 GIB.
  23. I'll have to cherish this for a long time.. won't happen again soon..
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