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  1. I'll change my hoyd (model prof but low attributes) for a prof hoyd.. i hope i won't regret this.
  2. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2023-2024 (Season 4) review - Scottish League one Pre-season | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Season review For a whole season I was fighting to get from that last spot, after a start with 1 point out of seven matches. We were never in a safe seat, but on the last day of the game I was able to finish eighth if I won. Unfortunately I didn't win so I was relegated to the playoffs. We beat the number 3 and 2 from League two , and are staying up ! Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances Again I was able to extend all basic players and talents (all with option). I gave one youth player a lot of minutes and that is Amewou 21B . He is the best pressing forward in the core and keeps on improving, his personality takes care of that. Alan Reid has provided most of the assists (9) but wants to retire. Unfortunately I do not have a replacement for him so that will be sought. Marc Kelly is again top marksman (21) and achieved the best average rating. Player of the season Kelly, Who else ? Fourth time in a row. He is staying for three more years ! Young player of the season Amewou 21B 's progress was good , he stayed in the first eleven as pressing forward. Youth updates Class 20 : nothing to report Class 21 : Amewou 21B was the best player (see above) of his class. Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C got the most minutes as DC , a good sub. Class 23 : Bultel 23E our potential star goalkeeper started the season but after conceding a lot of goals i replaced him with a more experienced goalkeeper. Youth intake - Class 2024 Youth intake preview A Good DC, MC and forward is what they promise, still waiting for that WBR. Class 2024 Signed 11 players. The promised good DC wasn't there but we received two good strikers (one targetman) , a good MC and a few average leftfooted defenders. First time i'm not happy with our intake, i'll give our model prof Hoyd one more year but hope that they'll improve. Below the best three : Henneuse 24A could become a good advanced forward, i already used him in the final playoff games as a sub. Robert 24B is an average midfielder, not sure if he'll make it. Maxime Clara 24C is a promising left wingback but i have better options at the moment. Improvements Upgrading our youth facilities isn't easy so we keep on upgrading the Coaching and recruitment part. Next season Fight again to stay in it and hope that the established values and young talents continue to grow (logically). Avoiding the stress of the playoffs would be nice so I aim for spot 8.
  3. Second player but this are Scottish names and my youth intake is full of french names. not sure if i 'lose' a possible good player. Something else: Personality 'leader' . something i didn't see before.
  4. I use an excel and special squad view to calculate my players rating (out of 100) on DNA - mental - phys-technical and for each position/role. I'll do this after every youth intake just to make sure i don't forget anyone and at the start of the pre season for all the players in the different squads. So i can monitor their progression(attributes and personality/media handling)
  5. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2022-2023 (Season 3) review - Scottish League two Pre-season | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Season review In the winter break we already had as many points as the previous seasons ( 38). A last weak round made us climb down in the table. We were top of the league after the winterbreak . The goal was to reach the playoffs after four seasons, we are one year ahead of schedule. Playoffs semi-final against Montrose in two legs. Won two and lost two against Montrose this season: First game that i played myself(not instant result) and five minutes after I put Amewou on the pitch he scored an important goal. Final against the nr 9 from league one - Edinburgh City ! A big deserved first leg win ! What is happening ?? We are going up ! We really found our form in the playoffs, we are two years ahead of schedule, great! Three years with the same basicelf has paid off. Jean-Guy Lucas putting the trophy up ! Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances I was able to extend All star players and benchwarmers for one or more years (with options ) . Some youth players were playing more and more and hopefully I can extend this next year. Our weak spot stays.. Right wingback. Guthrie was again our best midfielder and at the back Flamant remains the best DC option. Player of the season Kelly, Who else ? third time in a row. He is staying for three more years ! Young player of the season Amewou 21B isn't the best performer(but scored in the playoffs) , he is the most used u20 player this season. Remains a promising pressing forward. Youth updates Class 20 : nothing to report Class 21 : Amewou 21B was the best player (see above) of his class. Class 22 : Ajroudi 22B played a few games and could be our future WBL. Youth intake - Class 2023 Youth intake preview A good GK , a good DC and a good MC is what we are promised. Would be great but we also need a WBR . Class 2023 Signed 12 (all the positive personalties and five good players with 'high' pa). The promised good GK was there , one of the best youth intake GK's i received on this FM. Below the best three : Youssouf 23A looks good and could be retrained as DCL . I gave him two app's in the final league games of the season. His personality is bad. Pineau 23B could become a usefull striker but not ready yet. Bultel 23E .. yes u read that correct, E ! Our hoyd isn't rating him high concerning PA but he looks amazing and will be my first team goalkeeper next season. Improvements After receiving a lot of money for finishing 3th we were able to extend two important things one more time. Next season After this unexpected promotion, we are several years ahead of schedule. Surviving next years seems to me to be the realistic ambition and trying to get better talents by upgrading the facilities. especially our youth facilities need to be upgraded.
  6. U know it's going good if u receive messages like this (season 3) Still early days of course Edit: lost 5-1 one minute after i posted this..
  7. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2021-2022 (Season 2) review - Scottish League two Pre-season | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Season review Again a difficult season but we survived. after 18 games we had 11 points. After a 7 unbeaten run we managed to reach a safe position. Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances We ware able to improve our quantity but not our quality. The 8 promoted youngsters from the first class were not ready to start, some of them played a few games. My main problem remains our goalkeeper and defender. We lack quality and numbers for those positions; Our strikers had a good season. Kelly scored 18 goals, Mclaughlin scored 11 and Docherty scored 14 goals. Player of the season Kelly scored 18 goals this season, last season he scored 4 . Kelly won the league 2 player of the season award. He extended his contract so he'll be my main man again next season. Young player of the season Paulle 21C started 9 times this season. Not ready yet to get into the first eleven. Youth updates Class 2020 - Liard 20A : He didn't improve and played , i'll loan him out next season. Class 2021 - Paulle 21C : He is not bad but his low determination as personality isn't good for the future. Youth intake - Class 2022 Youth intake preview A golden generation.. again but with only wingers ? We play 3-4-3 with.. no wingers. Class 2022 Signed 10 : The five players with the highest PA received a contract, and i signed 5 others with good personalties. We had a lot of pro players, one perfectionist and 7 unambitious. Below the best three : Bonvalet 22A (prof) was the best player (PA) but not sure if he'll reach the first team. Ajroudi 22B will be retrained as a left wingback. He'll be promoted to the first team together with Nabab-Aquilon 22C , he could be a great DC (perfectionist , left and right foot). Improvements After many attempts my chairman upgraded both. Next season I was able to extend all contract of the squad players. i'll add two youngsters from the last intake and i hope that some senior players will improve. Ambition remains : playoffs in season 4, promotion in season 5.
  8. That what @stefaanpeeraer told me and was going to warn u about this second season seems ok for him.
  9. Good luck, @stefaanpeeraer is also playing with them (youth only).
  10. @Winski great job . U are going faster as me Mckenna looks good.
  11. Second season in Scotland.. missed the brexit message and i'm not sure if i'm save with my French regens (most of them have Scottish second nationality).
  12. @XaW that Thomson lad is great. I would extend the hoyd's contract for ten years
  13. Love it ! did a stadion tour last year when i was on holiday in Crete. special old stadium with a small club shop.
  14. Thanks, good topic. Hope u got better intakes now with a new HOYD ?
  15. i would go for the one with the best personality. In lower league i'll only look to personality and maybe the formation. a good PA , CA judging and coaching attributes and working with youth are great but means nothing if they have a negative personality. Speakman is off course a great HOYD . so the difference isn't that big.
  16. Brave calling ?? England seems a good option for you if u didn't managed over there.
  17. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2020-2021 (Season 1) review - Scottish League two Pre-season | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Season review Very difficult, standing 11th for a long time, very shortly 12th but in the last round we got 12 out of 27 . we survived. Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances I started with 14 real players. One player left for free in January, so I finished the round back with two subs. Our three fake French central defenders are solid with central defender Flament as captain. Right wingback Reid is one of our best players and we have two good central midfielders and two good strikers. I hope that from our first youth intake some players can get promotion , because the third striker will stop playing semi-pro football at the age of 26. We need players. Player of the season Kelly scored 13 league goals and was my best striker (targetman) Young player of the season / Youth updates Class 2020 - Liard (20a) : He was the first sub but didn't play a lot of games. He didn't really improve. Youth intake - Class 2021 Youth intake preview A golden generation.. but i need a lot of players for the first team .. i love quality but need quantity. Class 2021 Not great , not bad but what could I expect ? A lot of good personalites (my Hoyd Gavin Allen has model Prof , so i think that was a good choice). I'll sign them all and promote 10 players next season. A lot of this class will be retrained. below the best three : Above three played a small part in this first season, they were added to the bench after the intake. Amewou (21b) went directly in the first team as pressing forward. Jovicic (21a) has the biggest PA but don't know where he'll fit in yet. Paulle (21c) will be used as DC or DMC and is a good extra option because i didn't have any sub for the defence. Improvements No money available for improvement in the first season. Next season I signed a new contract. And we have a new chairman after an election in december . I hope by adding 10 youth players from the last youth intake, we have a chance to save ourselves faster and grow as a team. Hopefully next season I can improvise something of the youth stuff. There is a great documentary about the Braves ' Braves calling" and they are posting videos referring to fm :
  18. good luck @XaW and @bpecanha . Great youth @JLAB , two of them are really good for the first season.
  19. After failed spells with two clubs ( Fc Romania and NK Pajde) with foreign regens playing in different country, I got a golden tip from @Winski. I knew the club but because they changed names I thought they wouldn't produce foreign regens anymore . After research it turned out that it still was possible... A new club where fans decide on name, logo, stadium name and in the future a lot more. A club where they train foreign players to learn the local language and football.. Brave Calling! Caledonian Braves is my new club. Caledonian Braves | Intro 20-21 | Scottish League two Season summary|Game setup | Database 1 | Database 2 | Overview | Club vision| Facilities | Manager Profile | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Media Prediction Intro Although Caledonian Braves was formed in 2019, the club itself existed formerly as Edusport Academy. Initially created as a private football academy, Edusport Academy was founded to provide young French footballers the opportunity to combine football with education in Scotland during one year. Created in 2011, the Edusport Academy successfully applied to join the pyramid via the South of Scotland League in 2014 and became the first club in the history of Scottish football to win promotion from the bottom of the pyramid when we won the League in 2017. We also made history in 2015 when we won the South of Scotland League Cup. As holders of the League Cup, the trophy was displayed in the National Football Museum at Hampden Park from 2015-2017 as having ‘documented contemporary football history’ as the trophy was won by a team full of French nationals. Promotion to the Lowland League along with our continued ambition meant that we had to take a look at our current model and in 2018, we launched OUR FOOTBALL CLUB. OFC was the name of the project aimed at separating the club from the academy and by doing so, creating a new club where an online community of fans took an active part in the running of the club. With over 800 fans from 30 different countries, a series of online votes gave birth to Caledonian Braves. A new club identity, with a new badge and a new home ground, Caledonian Braves were officially born when the SFA Professional Game Board ratified the name change on 20th June 2019. Edusport Academy continues to exist as the Academy of the Caledonian Braves FC. Fans who registered via the club app could decide on the future of the club with a small payment. So they chose the club name, colors, logo and name of the stadium. In the future a lot more might be possible. Owner Chris Ewing lives in Paris but is from Glasgow. He dreams of getting the club in the Scottish premier league by 2025. Ground After years of ground sharing with Annan AFC, we moved to Alliance Park at the start of the 2019/2020 season. A collaboration with North Lanarkshire Leisure has seen us develop the former site of Bothwellhaugh Playing Fields, into our home ground and training centre. With a *capacity of 500(100 seated) Alliance Park has been developed to meet SFA club License requirements and allows us the opportunity to create and develop a presence within the local community of North Lanarkshire. The name Alliance Park was decided following an online vote, where our fans agreed that this name to be the most appropriate as our home. Alliance, not only drawing reference to the community nature of Caledonian Braves, though is also a nod to our French heritage and in particular the ‘Auld Alliance’ between France and Scotland. We also share Alliance Park with Edusport Academy and several local boys clubs. *Note: I edited this ground with the editor because in FM20 they were still playing at Annan . Best players 14 players included 1 youth intake from first season and 3 French older 'regens'. My three only defenders. Flament - Charpentier - Amalfitano Mclaughlin : My best striker , from the Partick Thistle academy. Lucas : My only real French player, left wingback. joined the Edusport academy in 2015. He played for Annan in the SPFL before returning to Edusport. J.Reid : Winger that will play up front . Came from the Dundee academy. A.Reid : My best defender (WBR) . Played almost his entire career for Albion Rovers. Best youth prospects Liard(20a) : Not a great prospect and not a good personalty. The only player that joined from the first intake. Credits and big thanks to @stefaanpeeraer he helped me reloading the game.. I did 100 attempts.. I was about to give up but in his 30th (and last) attempt.. Caley Braves popped up in the playoff finales . I even watched the second leg in 3d mode @darren1983 can u change the OP please ? Scotland reload : save 30 april, holiday till 3 may to see who plays the playoff finals(league two 12th against winner low/highland leagues) . Then try to get through the playoffs . Season summary will pop up at 24 june. Sorry for the long post.. the season reviews will be shorter
  20. I think that i found my team WITH youth intakes with foreign regens.. More about this tonight after watching a special docu about them.
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