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  1. I was wrong. Caledonian Braves are producing French regens. they created an app on which fans can decide about kit, name, logo, etc. in the future even about transfers and formation. There is a new documentary about them on their app. brilliant
  2. So my FC Romania save was dead after reading a lot of potential issues with Brexit in the near future. Starting at the 7th tier is also to extreme and low but i love a save with Foreign regens like FC andorra, FC Romania . So i found a new challenge . NK Pajde Möhlin. A team playing in Suisse 5th tier , with Croatian Regens owned by Rakitic .. Great story, great logo (i love the Croatian flag) ... Downloaded a custom database, had to reload once and they were promoted . Ionly had 13 players (deal with it , i hear you say) like i had at FC Romania .. so a bench full of grey players. After doing everything like giving the real players without a face, a real face, pre season, after taking all the screenshots I need to post about them here.. this happened: This means i have to play with 5 or 6 grey players.. and i can't use 8 of the 13 real players .. This can't be real rules ? So goodbye second challenge .. no clubs like this left so don't know what to do anymore.
  3. I would sign Cantore (he is much better and tall as the other option) if u have the money (u have ! :)) , Felix Lens is fast and young enough to develop. I would sign him. As a striker i would go for the big guy, Jovan Rajic . He is young, he is 'driven' what means '18 - 20' on determination and '12 - 20' on ambition. He 'll develop great and i love a big targetman.
  4. Yes that is possible but i' won't do it . Thinking about something else
  5. Romanian nationality could face problems after brexit. The regens don't have second nationality 'Engeland' so they won't be able to play after hard brexit ?
  6. Edusport is no more : At the start of the 2019–20 season Edusport Academy rebranded the club as the Caledonian Braves following a vote online by members of the Our Football Club.com project.[12] [13] And Oslo isn't producing african players anymore.
  7. No that is true. My team is Semi prof. I'll continue the challenge
  8. Good luck ! Looking forward to this !
  9. Short fast update.. Lost my only GK , only DMC (Ball winning) and best DC because they won't talk about a new contract. I suppose this is what youth challenge after one year holiday is all about but only having 14 players left and no GK is hard, maybe to extreme ? or is this abnormal ? This is what is left in my entire squad.
  10. Thanks mate, as u can see in my profile picture.. started with a Youth only challenge , with 8th tier - FC Romania. I"ll post about it in the youth challenge topic. Putting Paris FC on hold, couldn't enjoy myself anymore with the DoF situation .
  11. I'm going for it. Custom database downloaded to level 15 in England. I absolutely wanted to play with teams with youth intake players from a foreign country. But in order to select them I had to hope for promotion... I planned to try five times because this team has a low reputation and had recently risen to level 8 but after one attempt... they have been promoted and I can select them. I'm talking about... FC Romania Played with them on FM19 but stopped playing after reading about problems after brexit . A smart FM guy ( @Jimbokav1971) said .. do and play how you want, i'm doing it . FC Romania get only Romanian players , no second nationality. In real life their Chairman-Manager-player stepped down but they found a new sponsor and will continue at least one more season. I'll have 17 players with 2 youth intake players from last season for this challenge. Added a few 'fake' faces because i want to have a squad full of real faces. FC Romania | Start Season 1 20/21 | Southern League Premier South Game setup | Database 1 | Database 2 | Overview | Season summary | Facilities | Squad | Transfers | Finances | History | Media Prediction Shared 3000 (285 seats) ground with Cheshunt. Best players Placinta : My creative midfielder, only experience in third divison of Romania , 2th season at FC Romania. Ichim : My ball winning midfielder, played in third and second divion of Romania, 2th season at FC Romania. Cirjan : one of my three starting strikers, played in third and second divion of Romania, 2th season at FC Romania. Stoica : Best central defender, played in third division of Romania, 2th season at FC Romania . Best prospects Giurgiu (20a) : Only two players from first class available , a big central defender .
  12. Idd i know. i did it with IR (Iceland) for 7/8 seasons but the competition in Iceland was getting boring. My biggest problem is that i want to play all my games because i don't trust instant result. But if you don't use instant result and put a lot of details in your save/topic u aren't playing many seasons. So i have two options. Restart my Paris FC topic before i started with the DOF challenge and update my topic again (slow - but i'm playing Champions league in my 4th season , so excited). Or i do a Youth only save WITH instant result in a very low and obscure (like u did with Irchester , very low tier). I know u told it already hunderd times (99 times it was I, asking the question) but u are doing Instant result for every match or only the less important games ? do u watch the goals after you used instant results ?
  13. Thanks for the kind words @Jimbokav1971 After a holiday period I had actually quit my French save but I felt like transforming that save into a Director of Football Challenge. But after the first transfer period I'm tired of it and it's not my way of playing. I still have the original Paris FC save... so after your nice compliments I'm back in doubt to start season 4 with the original transfer policy. My other option is starting my last FM save and do a youth only again . My Paris FC save is/was going to slow because i'm putting to much details into my topic and calculations . Love your topic btw, it's going good and fast
  14. just saw this, thinking about Gibraltar. not sure yet.
  15. Am I allowed to play and post about a custom database to play in an odd country (like Gibraltar) for this challenge ?
  16. Ok thanks for the tips . Not sure where i'll start but i'll decide soon
  17. I hesitate to start over here. Had a very nice time with IR (youth only) but then switched to Paris FC (only buy players from region Ile De France or own youth). But now I think I'm ready for something else. The only problem is that there's not much time left and for a youth only it has to go fast in terms of seasons. Do most of u play instant result ? any tips to get fast seasons( Iceland is not an option , i already did this :))
  18. Great job ! completing the challenge is also winning the CL ?
  19. First time this happened in one of my saves. I'll check my transfer clauses page from time to time to see if he pops up at monaco.
  20. Very strange message because.. i'm the manager right ? with a three year contract ?
  21. Season 4 - transfers in - part 1 A few of above were signed by myself in the past, Kouassi - Kapo - Sanogo. Also signed Doukara (FW) myself for 1.7m. My DoF signed Aljusevic(BWM) - Antonsen (BWM or WBL) - Penetra (DC) and Gazzaniga (GK). Happy with those four he signed, not expensive.. Season 4 - transfers out - part 1 first 6 are 16 years olds i signed (with IDF tag ) with great personalities . Early days , only 1th july so anything is possible in the next weeks.. He sold one of my best central defenders Moukoudi , a big DC prospect Muamba and a future star for almost nothing : E. Nicolas.
  22. Hello everyone, had a busy time (hot , covid problems, doubts to continue playing). Since yesterday I bought and installed a new (very fast :o ) computer, 5 stars graphics is what i was looking for I was going to start a Director of Football challenge (never did something like that) for the last months of FM20 . I wanted to start with a new club today but this saveis too good to stop. Therefore i made the following adjustments : *I'm throwing the Ile De France policy overboard. *Director of Football will do the transfers, I'll only do the matches, squad selection and tactics. I also choose to put together the staff of the a squad myself. I didn't just want to start another save so I'm giving this a chance. My only commitment to transfers will be that I can and may set transfer targets. MC ball winning mid is urgent , and a GK is welcome because Jourdren is 36. Director of Football Never paid much attention but he'll have to do it this season. He decides everything about transfers in and out. Responsibilities We will start the 4th season with a champions league qualification. I'm curious what our Director of football will do. I will report here on each transfer period, and results per month or two months (fixtures - table - main facts). Of course I will continue to work with youth but it is mainly a DoF save now. Facts & Figures (updated list for this challenge)
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