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  1. Youth Intake - Season 2 - Class of 2022 A top prospect in the centre of midifld and two good forwards.. lets hope the intakes grow year after year . Two or three good players and the general CA is higher . Two players score + 40 - attributes. Average determination = 9.06 . Class of 21 was 10.1 . Average total attributes = 34,7 . Class of 21 was 33,5 . Average Technique and mental attributes is higher, average DNA and physique attributes lower. Best of class 2022 Furlong is a Mercenary DL with some good defensive attributes. Carruthers is a MC with some
  2. No he plays for Hajduk . last game was against them.
  3. Yes I agree. I will keep on trying for sure
  4. Transfers - Winter - Season 2 Chino : needed a backup goalkeeper . He has a very good personality and determination so i'll use him as a mentor for the younger kids. He is also a good GK coach in the near future : Mentor our two good umnambitious kids please ! Stephens : Regen from Larne (N.Ireland) with GIB nationality. He is playing for U21 GIB and i signed him for 41K. Failed transfers: Liam Walker was available again to sign on free (end of contract in six months) but his team extended his contract . i Could have signed him for 5.5k wage / month. a re
  5. Our first big injury .. our homegrown Hernandez.
  6. Great season ! Mori is a very good player , he'll be wanted by some bigger teams , no ?
  7. Development update - Class of 2021 March 2021: December 2021 ( 8 months later): DNA average: increased 0.31 Technical average: increased 0.20 Mental average: increased 0.31 Physical average: increased 1.25 Total average: increased 0.58 I'm sure this won't be the best class. at other (bigger) teams like Paris FC or even at Caley Braves in Scotland, the youth attributes increased much quicker. Howe 21 had the best development with an increase of 2.76 . From 34.1 to 36.8. He is a Fairly Pro with determination 11(was 12). Details: Four
  8. Youth intake preview - Season 2 Mediocre.. not good news ? A young striker from Leioa . That is a suprise. Leioa is located in Basque country , the other side of Spain and +1000 KM away.
  9. Europa Conference League - Season 2 With one game to go we need to match the result from Legia against Apoel. We play at the Rock against Hajduk Split. 0-2 at half-time , we couldn't create anything tonight. Legia Apoel was 2-2 at half-time so we were out.. Juanfri scored 1-2 in the 47th minute and then i saw this: 64th minute we get a red card . A.Hernandez is sent off (second yellow) and Apoel scored the 2-4.
  10. Just a quick question. Playing in Gibraltar , in the second season i'm upgrading my youth facilities but after the end of the first season , i saw that the U19 squad is visible. I can hire staff, but i can't control the training or select a tactic. Is this because the youth facilities are still upgrading? i can't put myself as responsible for any training parts.. to get them into my icon bar. A bug or will it be ok after the improvement of the YT fac ?
  11. International duty november 2021 Again two new faces in the U18 (not U19) from Gibraltar. Osborne 21 and Howe 21 make their debut(s). Senior squad Gibraltar : With many players from our club , and four players without a club.
  12. National team production - Season 2 Small increase from 1 to 2.
  13. International duty - September 2021 One new face from our own academy : Always eager to know how a 'Mercenary' will develop.
  14. Sometimes i'll give some gametime to my first eleven for Europa, in GIbraltar league.. Juanfri loves this idea ! Rotating isn't helping at the minute... second big injury to a very important player.. Mr Europe Bora is out
  15. Team Europe and Team GIB After qualifying for Europa i have at least 27 games this season (20 in Gibraltar League, 1 in the rock Cup and 6 in Europe). Some of my best players are getting old so i'm going to use two different line ups. One for Europe : With a lot of player + 30 and with all my best players. Central defenders aren't very tall but they are the only two with a lot of pace and i think we'll need that in our ECL group. 10 different players, only our GK Robba will play everything in the league and Europe. Now i have some younger players and i can use
  16. Why are u using a * to nickname some of them ? In my GIB save i added notes to the players that are homegrown (just to know quickly if i have 5 homegrown players in the starting eleven ). And i nickname the youth intake players and poached players. I signed a few regens on my save, don't know if i have to tag them with something (in the future it will all be regens that i have to steal from other GIB clubs).
  17. Road to Europa - Season 2 We started in the Champions league and did it again.. we won against a much bigger team ' Cluj' after a 3 0 win at the Rock. Tiraspol from Moldova was too strong so we had to play Lech Pozan in the Europa League. We had no chance so we entered the last QF round in the Europa Conference league against Zalgiris from Lithuania . We won so we are going to play group stage again, this time it is Europa Conference league ! Apoel , Hajduk and Legia are bigger than any team from Gibraltar so this won't be easy to gain a lot of points. And i
  18. International duty Augustus 2021 Meet the national teams from St Joseph's.. i mean Gibraltar ! The three regens that i signed are included in the U21 squad. Two members from Class of 21 are called up for U19 .
  19. Yes that could be the case , let's hope they'll wait They are idd ! Juanfri Boro Nano they keep producing at the moment.
  20. Great save ! i'm in love with your topic name how did u came up with that ? Thought about managing in North Korea ?
  21. We are out of the champions league qualifiers .. Lets try to invest this money asap : This is our first major (money wise) upgrade.
  22. Pre-season - Season 2 - 2021/2022 A very short pre-season with once a again a miracle by beating Cluj at home. First Eleven Best Eleven at the moment with Anthony Hernandez sneaking into the first team . Transfers in Signed four at the end of last season for a 'small' fee. Three regens and one upcoming Gibraltarian player. De Barr is an hot prospect for the AMC or SC spot. Already played 25 times for Gibraltar at the age of 21. Sanders is a promising DC . Holt is already a good AMC and he is very close to be included in the first team. 35K is a
  23. How i pick my first eleven after a lot of changes. Of course I respect the assistant manager's squad report and look at the PA and CA . but i look at these calculations as my first guide to select my starting eleven, squad players, decide who can stay and who cannot and also who I will sign from the youth intakes and possibly retrain.
  24. Can't believe how fast we are growing ! I'll update our staff changes in the pre-season update but we are signing some very good staff for Gibraltar. I changed my HOYD in may and i found a much better one after turning Pro . Not sure if i'll confirm, what would you do ? Keep this one, with good determination and personality Or sign this one (he'll sign if i offer him the DoF job (i don't really need one but it is ok). Great Working with YT , Judiging PA and CA . His determination is lower and his personality isn't that great. He also lacks knowledge of GIB.. but
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