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  1. Most of the time, the player(s) become happy again if they play and win , so i never let them go if they are in my first eleven (like Fadiga). +70m is tempting off course. Good deal Jogo , good 'le Fee' !
  2. Libero at the top ! Pre-signed/ stealed my yearly PSG player(s) for free. According to @stefaanpeeraer , Kouassi joined Bayern in real life. Not a good start to the second part of the season.
  3. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - December 2021 A perfect month ! A great month, and after the short winter break we'll visit one of my favourite places Concarneau for a coupe de france game. Proud ! still only one defeat in 19 games. Thank you Arsenal for doing your job. we did it ! Kiev , i think we have a chance. they finished third in their CL group. Player of the month ! Right wingback Enock Kwateng. Had a good month and already scored 4 goals and assisted 9 in the first half of this season.
  4. Youth intake preview - season 3 . Full backs and goalkeeper are welcome, no forwards of DC's is not good. One great player from Larbaa Narth Irathen.. had to google this, Algeria.
  5. PSG being dominated looks great. Keep up the good work and destory plastic monaco
  6. Love the details about squad and formation; I think u should use a support role in the front four positions.
  7. To bad we conceded one against Rangers. they are above me because the results between us. we lost 1 0 in Glasgow and won 2 1 at Paris.
  8. Yes idd. the good news is that we don't lose and can compete with anyone ( while we have the lowest budget ).
  9. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - November 2021 A 'good' month ! Winning at nice and home against Rangers was great. The game against Saint-étienne(they are challenging PSG at the moment was frustrating. After 60 mins we got a red card (with a 1-0 lead), we scored 2-0 .. then this happened : The Var said .. no goal. But for me this was 3-0 ! in the final minutes we conceded for the second time. With Rangers Arsenal and Olympiacos Paris FC, anything is possible. Player of the month ! Fadiga is again the best player of the month, scoring 3 important goals. And he is happy to stay.
  10. great update, just read your blog , superb !
  11. Didn't have a lot of game time but one game played .. important draw With a home game against Rangers and away game against Olympiacos.. anything is possible !
  12. Yes but youth intake players from outside IDF can stay. All of my players have to be from IDF OR from our own youth academy.
  13. First call up for own Youth player : Zied Dhaouadi Very happy with the call-ups for Muamba and Fadiga -
  14. Update : Our first foreign link, maybe i'll pick up some good youth intakers from Suisse and i'll use them to loan out a few good prospects.
  15. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - October 2021 A tough month ! We could have got something at Arsenal but Sanogo missed the 1-1 against his former team. Who needs Neymar or Mbappé ? Home games against Rangers and Arsenal and away at Olympiacos.. anything is possible. Player of the month ! H.Moukoudi is player of the month with some solid performances at the back and scoring an important goal at Lyon. Derby U saw the result Adli was suspended so Kikonda played as b2b midfielder. No chance this time .. maybe at home !
  16. Youth development - S3 Facilities Good progress ! Top 6 youth players (PA) M.Guèye - Class 2021 - Progress N.Belhajjam - Class 2021 - Progress I.Soumah - Class 2021 - Progress Yann Fabre - Class 2020 M.Sylla - Class 2021 - Progress S.lallement - Class 2020 - Progress Best developed youth player L.Colin - Class 2021 - Progress
  17. Great ! i would sign u as a scout One of the disadvantages if u send your assistent manager to press conferences.
  18. He was born in Congo . Otherwise i would have signed him(if i found prove of IDF birth city)
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