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  1. Andorra is fast with Spanish, Portugese, French regens . But u play against the same teams over and over.. i was only able to continue four seasons, Xaw did a lot more
  2. Lovely , never heard of them and didn't notice them when i was looking in spain for a team .
  3. Aalst - Youth Intake preview - Season 5 This looks good ! first intake with our new HOYD wasn't good.. this seem to provide a good GK , a good FW and maybe some DC , fullbacks and winger(s).
  4. U can find a lot of information about this in the tactics & training subforum . But positions help, but putting young players with leaders with the right personalities is much more important. I had to put a goalkeeper an two strikers in one group to get something out of this. Groups of 3 or 4 work best.
  5. We survived 3 qualifying rounds in the ECL in our 5th season.. We are healthy again !
  6. Resolute has 15-17 determination . Maybe they increased their determination and went Prof (Prof has 1-20 determination) ?
  7. SC Eendracht Aalst - Jupiler Pro League - Season 4 (2024/2025) Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Player Stats| Finances |Transfers| Facilities | Best Eleven We did a very good job in our second season. Finishing 4th means i can play the Championship (PO1) . We start with 50% of the points . If we finish 3th or higher we a certain of some European playoffs. The number 4 normaly have to play a game against the winner of the PO2 group(5 to 8th). But the cup final was : Standard - Brugge and Standard won it. So i hope that this will increase our chances. We had a great ch
  8. Malta database seems fine , something u didn't use in here , i think ?
  9. SC Eendracht Aalst - Youth intake - Season 4 (2024/2025) Some good personalties but no real talents.. we get some nationalties ! I think this is the 'shortest' intake ever (height). Best of Class 2025 McConnell 25-1 could push for a bench spot as IF. Mulenda 25-4 is an average DC with potential and Atkinson 25-5 seems to be the best prospect and our AMC gem that was promised in the preview. Kosovo, Poland, Jamaica , Usa and Senegal joins the list ! Not a good intake, the first of our new hoyd.. i hope the next one will improve.
  10. Well u are right, he didn't came of the bench in two friendlies.. i jinxed it I'm sure he'll feature soon.. but i won't jinx it anymore Do u have a screenshot of your son and fake nephew ?
  11. Aalst - Youth Intake preview - Season 4 We could wingers . Attacking midfielders not something we lack but ' one good young' is always welcome. First intake from the new hoyd.. most positions don't look any good.
  12. Really good experiment but i saw other results that showed that ambition was quite important for development. Love what they are doing and learned a few things .
  13. The youth setup costs were high but if u get into europe, u'll be fine i didn't had the patience . Season tickets stayed '25' the whole time, not sure if this is still a problem ?
  14. Great club, i hope they are fixed but i faced two 'problems / bugs' with them at the start of FM21 . Season ticket number stayed the same and very large youth setup costs.
  15. Your last two years aren't correct in your list '2012/2013' I'm waiting for u to win the pl !
  16. Aalst - Season 4 - Poached Poached by a second tier club..
  17. yes ! and the guy that assisted is also shown in the game
  18. With a balance below one milj. this is good money he was a good coach but replaceable .
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