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  1. International duty september 2020 and one exotic :
  2. i'm back into a Gibraltar save (career updates topic) so i'm going to read here but not post . I wish you all much luck !
  3. Homegrown rules in the National league I wasn't aware of this rule.. for the future this won't be a problem but for now.. i'll have to leave a lot of space on the bench. It wasn't my plan to play them but i'll have to change a few or leave two or three spaces on my bench. Update: Even if i leave three spaces and get a green bar.. i can't continue. I have to change my first eleven now , this will costs us points. Using my subs will also be an adventure this season :
  4. Pre-season - Season 1 - 2020/2021 Best Eleven Best eleven after my first pre-season. Many Spanish (old) players and three guys from Gibraltar af the moment. Press & high tempo 4-3-3 that i'm using with every team at FM21. No new transfers yet, i have a few free players from Gibraltar on trial so this could change. Don't need a lot of player at the moment, the squad looks good for Gibraltar National League.
  5. Gibraltarian football clubs - 20/21 I want to show you the value, facilities , ranking, internationals from every playable team in Gibraltar. I'll update this after a few seasons. Europa FC and Lincoln are the biggest clubs but Mons Calpe is the third Pro club with a very low Club value and season ticket holders. Lincoln have the best facilities and most senior internationals. College ' 75 seem to have a lot of young internatiols, they look like an academy club. St Joseph's seem to be the number 3/4 of Gilbralter.. lets change this !
  6. I'm going to keep Bilbao in mind for next FM. I started with a team in Gibraltar and i'm doing a Gibraltar (academy or players with Gibraltarian nationality from other teams) only.. Gibraltar is my Basque
  7. St Joseph's Football Club Facts Formed in 1912, St Joseph's are Gibraltar's oldest still existing football club, with the next oldest, Manchester 62, formed 50 years later. They have consistently competed in the Gibraltar National League in that time, however, they have only won the title once; in the 1995–96 season. They have seen considerably better fortunes in the Rock Cup, however, with 9 titles in their history, including a league and cup double in 1996. Their last Rock Cup triumph came in 2013. St Joseph's nickname is ' The Saints'. Gibraltar National League, Champions: 19
  8. History Gibraltarian Football Our stadium located next to the airport. Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the South of the Iberian Peninsula, is rarely spoken about in the footballing world. With a population of 34,000 contained within 6.7km2, you might not have expected the Rock to have a formal competitive football league. But with the qualifying stages of the Champions League and Europa League becoming home to many Gibraltarian clubs, and also with plenty of exciting young players representing Gibraltar, it might time we paid more attention to football in Gib
  9. St Joseph's Football Club - Gibraltar- National League - Intro Database | Manager | Club info | Club vision | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Squad Calc. Intro The combination of signing Academy graduates or players with Gibraltarian nationality only and building a small nation seemed to me a worthwhile final attempt on FM21. So I will mostly use players from my own youth academy. There is a big chance that I will be buying players from other teams born in Gibraltar, at a later date. This to increase our chances to pick up a rare Gibraltar superstar.. You could call t
  10. Great job @Winski . with that kind of money in the books.. u need to get into Europa and i'm sure u are able to finish this challenge , go go !
  11. Yes , the way you talk about the save , i giving me once again a lot of good vibes to start but the fact that Bilbao is starting with a lot of good things (money, stadium, facilities, liga ) is giving me doubts.. i know it will be a big challenge after a few years.
  12. Good luck ! that is what i want to do with Bilbao. Youth only but i'm still not sure. This will be fun after 5, 6 years, not sooner. Why did u holiday the first season ? to get the first intake/regens ?
  13. don't know what is the latest version please ?
  14. Great job @Cheez3y Would love to see u doing something like this in Andorra of Gibraltar
  15. Never had anything like that.. 4 extra youth intake players because those were poached? Where did u saw the news or info with the 'original club' ?
  16. Thanks Ben , i'm updating it in the youth only challenge topic . But didn't play a lot since begin of april. I'm thinking to start one more last save.. with mix of Youth and transfers but with some data tracking still doubting between some obscure countries or teams with a special background / story.
  17. @cel1234 in your latest file , is the problem with foreign players (from other teams) that can't be registrered, fixed ? And the prize money situation ? Winner of both parts aren't given 125/150k ? (can't remember) ? Thinking about going again to the rock
  18. Great read, good luck with Dukla !
  19. Reading this now, once again great stuff ! i'm playing youth only with Aalst (Belgium) and i'm in the 6th season but after reading this i'm getting once again.. new ideas
  20. Good luck, the Hotspurs from Malta have one of the best youth facilities but i think they play one division higher.
  21. SC Eendracht Aalst - Jupiler Pro League - Season 5 (2025/2026) Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Fixtures 3 | Player Stats| Finances |Transfers| Facilities | Best Eleven Finished 8th means we qualify for Playoff 2 . We lost a lot of points during our Europe Conference league adventure. We started 5 points behind nr 4 , Charleroi . 14 out of 18 and we finished first and we have to play for europe agaist the number 4th from PO1. We lost in extra time after playing with 10 since 64th minute.. we end with.. no european football the EL ticket for the cup went to th
  22. SC Eendracht Aalst - Youth intake - Season 5 (2025/2026) Again not a great intake with only four positive personalities, a lot of unambitous guys. Again no winger prospects.. Best of Class 2026 Pirson 26-1 is a fast striker with good determination. Hermans 26-2 is the second best in this class.. that says it all. Maes 26-4 seems to be a fine goalkeeper prospect. Portugal joins the list. Second intake of our 'good' Hoyd and again not a great one.
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