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  1. Class 2020 - two years development Lower growth in the second year. Fabre (was out loan but i recalled him because he wasn't playing enough) - Dubois and Blanchard grew the most. Progress Fabre - Progress Dubois - Progress Blanchard Personalities tracker Two years development. Best Development first year
  2. Yes this youth intake looks good(not great idd) . I use Skin TCS 2020 v1.1.2
  3. Class 2021 - one year development Renaud - Sylla and Colin grew the most. This class grew 9.87% . Class 2020 grew 6.95 in their first year. Progress Sylla and Colin . Renaud is out loan so i can't show his progress. Personalities tracker Early days but this is the average overall growth from class 2021 for each personalty.
  4. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Class 2022 - Youth intake ! 12 of 16 youth intake players are from île de France. A nice mix of personalties. Let's calculate and rank them now. I only signed the 9 best players + one player with mercenary personality for a test and I ranked them on Overall attributes rating(s). Top 3 players : Youth classes tracker The third class looks good, 5 good personalties, 2 superb. a much higher DNA and technical and physical rating. Youth development tracker Top 15 youth intake players (ranked on their overall rating at the intake) 7 players of the third class are entering the top 15 with Lucas Sutter taking the first spot. Next update : Show the progress of the class of 2020 and 2021.
  5. I'll try to finish the season (and youth intake + development of the classes) this week. From friday i'm on holiday(Baleares, my original plan to play 'Baleares born only' ) without laptop so i won't be able to continue my save for two weeks.
  6. This is correct. But i see that Jimbo and Ben already posted all the feedback u needed. Good luck
  7. I found a list with all the personalities and media handling types with their hidden stats for Ambition - Professionalism and determination. They all have fixed ranges like 1-20 for ambition , 1-20 for Prof , 1-20 for Det. For example , Balanced : 1-20 on everything. So u can have a player with balanced personality with Ambition , Prof and Det on 1 . Or u can have a player with 15 on everything etc. But There are personalities with fixed Amb - Prof or Determination on 15-17 or 17-20 . Players with those personalities have much bigger chances of having higher hidden stats. So thats what i calculated in above spreadsheets. The left column is for developing youth players , a average % on Pro - Det and Amb. And the right colum for senior players , They need different things like pressure etc. I can go more in detail on request. Some of the details are in my topic save . I'm tracking the development of my youth intake players and i hope to find some proof that for example, 'Mercenary' is a good development personality.
  8. Some sheets I created after reading some similar stuff. sorry Jimbo , don't want to mess with your topic. I use these for my Paris FC save.
  9. once again , looks great. a great tool.
  10. I hope everything goes well now ? Good luck with whatever u choose.
  11. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - February 2022 Our form continues Out of the cup but still going great in Ligue and EL. and 15 games unbeaten. We are poaching PSG for the top. I would be really happy if we qualify in the top three. Fadiga would be up the topscorers list but he was out for +- five weeks. Crazy month ! Player of the month Never expected this ! Ben Arfa is reading this topic because i was about to put him on the transfer list. Scoring goals and assisted a few in February, he finally seems to get used to paris. Ayé had also a great month but Ben Arfa was very good in Kiev.
  12. Can u show those guys ? and how they started in your save ? and how they developed ?
  13. Congratz winning the ligue ! u are doing a great job. is Palacios your favourite player ?
  14. Europa League first knock-out round vs Kiev And we also miss Fadiga, he is only back in training since today. A good away win ! He broke his old record.. from a few weeks ago. Fadiga made his comeback in the 70th minute. Great game, nothing to looe !
  15. That is what i'm trying to find out i think it's possible. @Hootieleece it is possible for every team. i have mentering units everywhere but don't see any change (only in the first team) but it is because of lack of personalties. In whole Ile de France only one (visible / scouted ) player with Model citizen.. that young guy i signed. Strange !
  16. I'm going to sign some u17 players from other teams with good personaliteis (found one model citizen, two resolute, two profs). They don't have good CA or PA and won't make it.. but i'll try to use them as a mentor and see what happens. I stole this one for 1.6k , his work/teamwork is to low but his determination looks good.
  17. It may indeed have something to do with the country and its facilities. For the rest you have made enormous progress in terms of personalities in the staff, etc. I'm curious if it can become even more positive with your youth intakes in the coming years.
  18. I agree but i had to play him last game and he..scored. But because he played :
  19. Second upgrade this season, at the end of the season i'm planning on upgrading the youth and senior facilities. Looks good for youth intakes. This is PSG (they have state of the art youth facilities) , the Junior coaching and recruitment isn't higher as Paris FC.
  20. Great that u got the first Model Citizen. Happy about the other personalities ? Carlos looks great.
  21. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - January 2022 A Coupe month ! A good month, we should have won at Auxerre but could have lost at Monaco. Currently missing Fadiga and Adli so doing ok. Paris rules Ligue 1 ! Quarter final Coupe de France . Player of the month ! Yaya Sanago is playing this month because of the absence of Fadiga. He scored and assisted important goals in the Coupe de France ! He is trying to convince me to sign him full-time. Not sure if i want Ben Arfa to stay. He is expensive and not delivering what i was expecting.
  22. I had Ivan oli Santos , a great striker at IR (iceland) , started at 16 year old and became a legend. Wanted to leave for any other european club but each year i was able to extend his contract , one team at the last day of his contract and in the 5th season i had to pay 12x more than any other squad player. Now i have the same situation with Fadiga at my Paris FC save. In real life i would kick the moaning player out, idd no one is bigger than the club but on FM i'll use another strategy.. he is only moaning for a few months, most of the time they get happy again (if they play and win).
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