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  1. 2 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:

    Can you try deleting caches and preferences via the File Explorer, please?


    Also if this doesn't help, please attach your Dxdiag.

    Let us know how you get on, please. Thanks.


    I deleted preferences and caches, but my last save disappeared. How can I recoup the game file please? (Is it inside cache or preferences folders currently in the Recycle Bin?)

    Once I find and play it, I'll let you know if graphic performance improved. Thanks.

    PS: All Perfect Now!  The game file was in the games folder (it just wasn't displayed in the home page). I played the game will graph settings to Very High, and it runs perfect. Thanks!

  2. Since I patched FM19 with the Winter update (19.3), I noticed that match play has some light jaggedness. 

    My graph quality is set in Very High because I have a brand new Alienware 17, with i7 8750H and GeForce 1070 (!)

    Since the jaggedness started, I set Crowd quality to Very Low, and now close my browser which used to run in the background - but problem remains.

    Any suggestions on how to recoup my prior smoothness? Thanks.

  3. How do you compare a foreign club that invites you for a Head Coach job interview with your own club?... (For example, I'm coaching Aston Vila at 6th place in the Premier League, and was invited by Borussia Dortmund. It doesn't look much richer than Aston but its Senior Squad is more expensive in market value and salaries...).

    What criteria do you use to compare clubs, etc.?... (Is there any page to Compare clubs, just as we compare players?).


  4. 1 hour ago, optimusprimal82 said:

    Without trying to detract away from the main topic point of the thread (too much), if anyone is continually struggling with mid-late game comebacks from the opposition, it was a friend struggling with this that eventually led to me creating the 'Mentality Masterplan' to help people overcome this obstacle - worth checking out if it's a repeated issue, there are also example tactic sets/further examples of how to close games out over here.

    Back to the main topic, I rarely suffer this indignation any more, however the one competition I often experience this sort of comeback in is the Champions League - always feels slightly off to me in that competition, no matter how good the result in the first leg, the opposition teams seems incredibly capable of pulling it back...

    Thanks so much. It sounds quite interesting and even helpful. I skimmed it, and found it to be quite wordy though. Any chance of writing more concisely, if possible? Thank you. 

  5. Star ratings are based on the relative ability of the player in relation to both internal team (as assessed by coaches) and external league (as assessed by scouts).

    Your star distribution will change as soon as the season restarts and your scouts restart evaluating your squad against the new league you are in.

  6. 27 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    If you watch extended highlights, can you not see where the problems are arising?

    Eyeballing on a few select highlights is not a good method. I'm looking for a more quantitative ("scientific") approach to evaluate and determine individual performance.


    21 minutes ago, SpikeHughes said:

    Hi, like FranzT said either watch the extended highlights or you can see the match info at the end of the game. See shots on/off target, weather you had enough possession it’s all there, you could decide who’s fault it is from there. 

    This quantitative approach is closer to what I'm looking for. More specifically, are there any stats on crosses attempted vs connected vs converted?...

  7. I usually play with a 4-1-2-2-1 formation: 1 striker and two wingers. When I'm not scoring enough, my initial reaction is to blame the striker. But then I realized that wingers are responsible for creating opportunities. So there is chance creation and chance conversion...

    Are there any page/stats where I can review whose fault it is (striker or winger) when I'm not scoring as often as I should? Thanks

  8. Yes. My teams tend to squander sure wins with such end-of-game upsets. To keep the advantage, I tweak Team Instructions to make them slow down the ball, shorter passes, more disciplined, etc. and I also keep shouting them to tighten up or concentrate. It seems to work a bit.

  9. 3 minutes ago, phnompenhandy said:

    In the editor go to the league you want to put your club in. In the bottom right you'll see a button for 'swap'. Highlight the club you want to swap out, click the button and type in the club you want to swap in.

    Thanks much for the detailed steps, @phnompenhandy, but I can't locate the editor (see image below). Is this something I have to purchase separately? Thanks for your patience.


  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I've been coming across many matches where both teams have quite similarly colored jerseys.

    (I'm playing Aston Villa in the English Premier, and quite often both teams are playing with quite dark jerseys).

    Can you please check the color scheme/algorithm, so that teams playing with more differentiated jerseys?...  Thanks.

  11. I agree with most comments above: the new training system is more realistic but also a bit more overwhelming.  Though I picked a lower division, poor club, I wonder if I'm under-performing in FM19 because I'm missing out on important aspects of the training calendar. I've been trying to:

    1- diversify with a variety of weekly programs (for example, a two-month sequence: defense, balanced, attack technical, balance, counterattack, defense, etc.)

    2- tweak the weekly programs, by adding "team bonding" and "match reviews" (BTW, I wish these were automatic...)

    3- pepper additional set-piece and technical daily sessions (while keeping an eye to avoid excessive training that results in tiredness and injuries).

    *** I'm inclined to start focusing more on the Balanced weekly program, and also diversifying them by selecting other basic weekly programs (attack, defense, tactics), and keep adding "team bonding", "match review", and set piece sessions. I'm inclined to NOT choose hyper-specialized programs too much. 

    Please any feedback on this vision or any additional tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  12. A few minor issues as I play Reggina on Italy's 3rd division (C/C) in FM19:

    - lightpost blocking my Director camera view. (I opened a ticket but still waiting for update/fix)

    - Most matches in fixtures schedule take place in neutral stadiums (mostly with no names)

    - Playing with away jersey at home

    I've uploaded a game file on your FTP site. File is titled "Oct 19 test.fm"

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

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