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  1. My adaptability is 15, which should enable me to move across countries (I started my save in India, am now in England)

    My salary is low (6.500 pounds/month) and am at the very end of my contract, so cancellation fees would be very small.

    Yes, my answers are all optimistic and positive. (But given nothing worked, I also tried arrogant answers, also to no avail).


  2. Maybe you can help me with some insight. I'm successfully coaching a small club in a lower league in England (Macclesfield). I'm being bombarded with invitations for job interviews from other clubs in UK and Europe, but I'm failing in all of them - over 20 clubs have interviewed me thus far!

    My reputation is nearly 2.5 stars, my club is 2 star regional, and these bunch of clubs are 2 or 2.5 star national or regional reputation. Of course, I'm picking the obvious answers, and have even tried with a few ruder answers and/or requests, but I predominantly give very correct/polite answers...

    How can I change this situation and get a job offer?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. 1 minute ago, Hovis Dexter said:

    My only thought is that you have to pay a shed load of money for anybody that you sign and bargain priced players are a no no.

    Thanks. Yes, I understand. But what if the player is an aging, retiring and contract-expired superstar that I may still be able to attract to a smaller club in a lower league. He might count as "high profile" but what's the threshold, right?... Thanks again.

  4. If you click the league in question, then Rules, then Structure, you may see the leagues above and below.

    It seems to me that lower leagues in Spain have hundreds of clubs from multiple regional leagues competing for just three promotion positions during the playoffs.... It's nearly impossible to be promoted.

  5. What's the definition of a "high profile player" - by the club board when their signing is set as a coaching philosophy?...

    I love attracting big-name players regardless of philosophy anyways, but wonder how the game defines a "high profile" player, once this is set as a philosophy. (I'm running for a few jobs and am thinking about proposing this philosophy)




  6. Without reading all the details of this specific example, I have to say that many conversations are not only unrealistic but also illogical.

    Three examples among many common situations:

    1. The board decides to waste money on something huge, but then denies you something minor due to "financial problems"

    2. A player under-performed terribly and accepted your fine, but then rejects your claim that he is under-performing in a conversation next day.

    3. You have money to spend, but the potential transfer player refuses to negotiate with you saying that you don't have money to offer (before even listening to your offer).

    Thought not a top priority, SI developers could take a look on this, maybe polishing a bit the algorithms would help a lot here.... Cheers.

  7. On 10/05/2019 at 03:44, Rashidi said:

    I have been using the trial method for years in my lower league save. Yeah  I would say abused it. There should be a cost because it can be abused, but from what I have noticed I can’t see any significant increase.

    What I have noticed in newer editions of FM is that your reputation affects whether they come for trial a bit more.

    Thanks for your input, Rashidi. I also use trial invitations a lot but I find it quite unrealistic that no travel/hotel/visa costs to host the guest player are being charged to my club. This financial issue should be addressed by SI developers.

    Is there a way to bring this issue to their attention? Thank you.



  8. On 16/05/2019 at 20:53, d d said:

    Just a quick question.

    By going to the interface and clicking on the checkbox and clicking Processing, for fewer stops. Do you miss on seeing any important news ( I mean does it by pass any items that you would normally get if you left it unclicked}?



    Thank You

    No problem. You don't miss any important info or decisions about your club. You might skip some news/social pages about other leagues, that's all. I recommend clicking for fewer stops.

  9. I feel your pain. But even if you can't do much to turnaround your finances, to make things worse, the board may decide to slash your payroll even further next season. Yet, mysterious things happen (such as magic investments and sponsorships). Also, little improvements you can make on revenues and expenditures may kickstart a bigger process. I sold a few players, have strict payroll management, and hosted friendlies with bigger clubs. In themselves, they are not enough, but for some mysterious reason, my finances have been improving this season.

  10. On 20/04/2019 at 17:11, jrggarwood96 said:

    Something for FM2020 to consider might be offering a 'start your own franchise' option in the MLS. Get to build a team from scratch. Can be achieved via Data Editor already but for many users they wouldn't know what to do. This would be an awesome addition.

    Love this idea! I wish SI could do this. Don't we have a suggestions sub-forum somewhere?...

  11. 10 hours ago, WorcesterLegend said:

    I would say trials are kinda free, perhaps one or two extra ticket for the bus that would cost the same as a ticket for a match in that level

    If the player being invited for a trial lives in a different continent, somebody needs to pay for the air ticket and hotel, right?...

  12. 18 hours ago, Snorks said:

    Not sure a trial costs anything extra- you aren't paying the player and they simply join in with training that's already 'paid for'.

    Scouting does incur costs though - I use the trial system a lot, it dos save money. I'm not sure of any added benefit to it though,  I think after a week's trail you would have similar knowledge of a player, and your coaches/Assistant Manager would need the JCA and JPA attributes  to match the scouts to make a fair comparison.


    Thank you. On trial, don't you have to pay for travel and accommodation? I think it may go reflected as "Travel Costs" under Expenditure?

    I was wondering if there is a way to guesstimate the cost of travel vs scouting... 

  13. I'm coaching a poor small club with limited scouting staff and resources. I'm scouting for players, and can invite them for trials or scout them.

    It seems that trial invitations are immediate (the player comes over the next day), whereas scouting my take one week (or game) or more.

    Is it possible to see how much a trial invitation (per week) costs to my club? And the cost of scouting one player in my country? If so, where in finance please?

    Which are the pros/cons of trial versus scout, at least from a financial/cost point of view?


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