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  1. Where do I find performance stats on the tactics I used over the season? My board is "baffled by the so many tactics I used", and I plan to hone on one or two instead of three tactics. I thus need to see which ones worked best over the season in terms of wins, ratings, goals, etc.

    I also review players performance, to select which ones to renew contracts and raise in status, etc.

    Any tips on end of season review are appreciated. Thanks.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Footix said:

    Can you please stop saying the game is too easy? It makes me feel really bad, I couldn't pull off a decent tactic if my life depended on it. Occasionally I put something together that seems to work OK for a game or two, but then I get trashed 0-5 with 3-31 in shots. 

    Roles, duties, player instructions, team instructions.. It's sooo complex to get everything right. ūüėē

    I found that rest (from training) has a HUGE impact on match performance. You can have a nice tactics, but if your players are overtrained and tired, they won't play well. Try to intersperse some rest days for your main team, before and between matches, and see if performance improves. I bet it will. Good luck!

  3. 2 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    The Sports Interactive (SI) staff who post on this forum have indicated on numerous occasions over a period of many years that issues in the game around illegalities ,criminal behaviour and any others that may cause legal issues will not be included

    Yes, that's what I guessed. Not very realistic, but understandable...

  4. 14 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    No and it has been often said by SI that it will not ever be part of the game, regardless of whether it happens in real life or not.

    Is there any explanation why not bribery?   SI has included cheating options in Motorsports Manager.

    PS: I believe the claims for no bribery in FM may have to do with licensing/business issues. Motorsports teams are all fictional, whereas FM simulates real clubs and people...

  5. Are there any instances of bribery or corruption in FM, involving refs, players and/or boards?...

    It would be interesting to have some "bribery" options in FM. (As there are in the sister-game Motorsport Manager).

    I think this would only be quite realistic, and perhaps even exciting... (Think of lower-league Italian clubs that are often punished for being involved in administration scandals...).

  6. On 22/06/2019 at 11:13, Migongi said:


    Hi, guys. I want to assign the chief analyst to the next game opposition.


    But what does this mean? 'number of next opposition matches', '1,2,3'.


    Please let me know.


    This is interesting. My chief analyst can analyze next opposition, but I can't locate the option to pick number of matches. Would anyone know why?...  Data analysis stats for him are 12-14-11.

  7. It looks like trial offers are completely expense free for the club. This has become a way for gamers coaching poor clubs to cheat the scout system and avoid paying scout expenses. Instead of paying to scout, we just offer a trial for the player who then comes expense free. 

    The problem is that this isn't very realistic. If a potential employer invites someone for a trial, the club should pay for associated expenses with travel, hotel, food, visas, paperwork, etc.

    To add realism, trial offers should incur in some costs (travel, accommodation, visas) for the inviting club. Thanks

  8. On 09/06/2019 at 17:02, rain94 said:

    I'm playing a journeyman game and recently took over Huoshan this season. Unless, those green highlights mean something else and not potential promotion teams?

    I love journeyman games. How many countries and leagues did you have loaded?  And, what countries/leagues have you already played in this current save?

  9. I'd upgrade to FM19 now at 66% of price, and play it for 6 months. Then buy FM20 in early 2020.

    Just do the math: divide the price (full or discount) by the total number of hours you'll be playing from now until the end of 2019 (say, 20 dollars by 300 hours = that's 7 cents per hour!).

    Good luck in your choice.

  10. I see no impact coming from better individual bonuses. But I see this:

    - players tend to get lazy after renewing a multi-year contract.

    - low team bonuses turn into poor/negative performance (in cups I don't care)

    - oftentimes, the agent is the biggest mercenary of all

    In sum, as @leviathan1904 elegantly pointed out, contractual bonuses is about managing your finances across fixed and variable costs. (I was super generous with individual bonuses and noticed that my expenses were going through the roof, so watch out...)

  11. 19 hours ago, AlexJames said:

    Could someone please help explain to me why my 6'2" Target Man with Strength 14, Jumping Reach 12 and Heading 12 constantly loses foot challenges with players much lighter and weaker (often doing a weird little skip thingy in the ME animation) and regularly loses headers with players much shorter and with worse jumping reach? He also has decent other stats - work rate, vision etc. - for our lower league level, and I really expected him to boss this league, but he's looking a bust. Granted his tackling and aggression are fairly low, but are still often similar to the player he loses out to. It's infuriating.  What am I missing? I get that there are probably other things at play (morale?) but surely the numbers should matter? 

    Similarly my GK with first touch 1 has never had a bad touch (I've watched 2 seasons of full highlights) despite regular suicidal backpasses from the defenceman in front of him. What's the point of this number if it's not applied??

    That's the beauty of football.  You have high expectations on expensive things that will not come to fruition...

  12. I highly recommend playing in Brazil. I'd particularly suggest a smaller club playing in the National Third Division.

    That country is lots of fun because your club plays in a local (state-level) championship before the main national league. And the top 5 clubs in the First Division play in the Continental "Libertadores" League. So there are plenty of interesting championships to try your luck!

    Moreover, the player database is plentiful with lots of talent from neighboring countries.

    Major clubs like Santos or Flamengo are quite wealthy and resourceful, but smaller clubs also are lots of fun. I'd consider coaching Madureira, as it is a poor small club in the local Rio state league that also plays in the national third division.

    You will have to fix the odd licensing limitation that renames clubs with three letters, and consider the proper logopacks...

    Boa sorte! Good luck!  

  13. I think it's worse than that: defenders unnecessarily heading the ball forward (instead of letting it pass behind), the ball then easily falls on the feet of an upcoming attacker!  

    This happens way too often, even Loki Doki has shown that in many of his videos...

  14. My 2 central backs keep dangerously ping ponging the ball, and they end up loosing the ball to a poacher way too often! (Good think my goalie is excellent...).

    I usually set my tactics to Cautious, and my DCs have mediocre passing ratings (7 to 10).

    What should I do in terms of training and tactics?... Should I focus their individual training on passing? (What if passing training stops working?...). Should I play more "Balanced"?

    Advice is appreciated. Thanks.


  15. On 12/06/2019 at 05:58, Ampalaea4 said:

    As the title say.. How important you think staff is? and how would you rank them in order of importance?

    I managed to get a super assistant coach with great attributes and still I find his advice not good to follow. I find better players my own by using the player search feature that what my assistant coaches recommend. I never pay too much attention in data from analysts asI dont change my tactics match to match. Only thing I would consider important is physios and doctors if that reduce the frequency of injuries but I am not convinced it does, have not seen a difference.

    What am I missing? is staff just there for "immersion"? Whats your opinion?

    I believe staff to be nearly as important as players as a whole.

    I first focus on getting a good ass coach with good tactical, player knowledge, man management, and motivational skills.

    I then seek to hire coaches with high rating in some expertise (e.g., high defense, or high attack, or high technical, combined with high discipline or determination).

    I also seek to hire a couple of good scouts, as the basis of a search network that will bring me more player options automatically.

    I also hire one or two physios and 1 data scientist, to enable Recovery sessions and next opponent intel.

    However, I take any advice from staff with a grain of salt. They often give bad, very bad advice...

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