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  1. Yes, I get lots of invitations for interviews. These clubs have around the same number of stars that I have. For that, I have to win trophies, but as importantly I have to take coaching courses. Make sure you are asking your club to sponsor your studies!
  2. I meant to say what's the average profit in *percentage* (not in absolute values), but I think your point still holds true. I got it, the profit is the difference between what the club pays and sells for. Thanks.
  3. How about signing players for your Senior squad, and then moving them over to B team? I do this often when buying junior players.
  4. Wow. Never happened to me. This sounds like a glitch, even a coding problem.
  5. When I sell a player with a special condition: percentage of next sale, or percentage of profit from next sale... I wonder: What the average profit from selling a player?... Any rough estimate is appreciated. I'm assuming that the amount I get from a percentage of total sales will obviously be much higher than a share of profits... Thanks.
  6. - import players with more stars than the league. - hire top staff talent from overseas. - when selling very good players, sell them to clubs in the country (instead of overseas). - excel all expectations in continental leagues. I think anything that increases the stars of your club will influence your league stars.
  7. Last line says he accepted the transfer offer "on behalf of management". It seems that he would not "sell" the player, but the board found the future transfer offer to be too irresistible. In sum, it wasn't the loan manager's fault, but the board who probably intervened.
  8. It seems to me that a player instruction deactivates the team instruction to that player. It doesn't reinforce the player, if both team and player instructions are the same. Tackling is one example: you may set your team to get stuck, but some individual players will stay on feet if you so decide individually. (No reinforcement on getting stuck or staying off, if both team and player instructions are the same.)
  9. After the game, right-click on the player's name. Sometimes you'll see an option to fine the player. Do you see it? Hope this helps.
  10. Thank you, @yolixeya. I had to google "screen flow" but I was able to set the World Cup matches nicely. Thanks! https://fullerfm.wordpress.com/2018/10/19/setting-up-screen-flow-in-football-manager/
  11. Some help please: how do I set World Cup game results to appear to me, either in my inbox or during processing? Thanks in advance.
  12. I just hired a legend as a staff. As featured in my Inbox, he's been always giving interviews about my club/players' performance. Historically he was a best player in the past, and the club even retired the #10 jersey in his honor. Well, I just hired him at age 55 as a youth staff cheaply (U18 Ass Coach). I wonder if there are any positive effects of hiring a legend that I should expect in times to come. Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks. PS: I was asked about his hiring during a press interview. See question below.
  13. Interesting question.... I never got to coach both teams IN THAT ORDER: nation then club. But I guess it should be possible. Just go to the Job center and apply. I doubt the National team Board will complain. Keep us updated on results please...
  14. All players I buy lose half a star upon arrival, and GKs may lose 1 to 1.5 star over a year. Consider that all my coaches and training are top notch, so I don't understand this drop in star value. A bit sad...
  15. I played Bohemians in some old FM version. My somewhat outdated experience with the Irish league is that its clubs are just too incredibly poor to enable building anything positive. I prefer UK Vanarama or Brazil Third division, where even poor clubs have some minimally decent conditions for growing... IMHO...
  16. Cool! What's your Mentality set on? I sometimes score in the first minute, when I set it to Very Attacking. I've scored twice in two minutes but mid game.
  17. When they block a transfer in or out, look for the dialogue button. Sometimes you can try to change their mind. I often do it, and it works. However, success depends on your Determination score.
  18. That's a legit question. I've done it all: from 10 years in one club all the way to a radical global journeyman (5 clubs in 7 years). I'm usually looking for a bigger challenge at a richer club. I follow Loki Doki's view on the number of stars that I have vs the number of stars that the potential club has. Bottom line is, after a couple of years of achievements and improving any given club, I open my eye to potentially moving to a club that has more stars than I do as a coach.
  19. Good question, as I am often confused by what lower squads I may have some level of control. I think it varies widely by country or even club. I'm now coaching Lokomotiv Moscow, which has 4 squads under the Senior. I can move players across squads, but can only control training in U21 and U18. Confusing... I wish there was a game feature where I could suggest merging or deactivating some of these ancillary squads...
  20. My personal preference is to avoid any type of cheating or loop hole, so I avoid such fan videos or blog posts, such as "list of wonderkids" or "killer tactics". I prefer to learn on my own. (The only "cheat" I sometimes do is to invite outside players for a trial, so I don't have to pay for scouting).
  21. Sorry, what's IGE? I've been using facepacks for many years, and also Rensie's skins more recently (leaderboard hasn't worked since then, but I can't pinpoint if it's facepacks or skins).
  22. Exciting stuff but I never saw anything like this. Closest I see is when the player misses his homeland and asks to be transferred.
  23. When I'm selling young players, I often struggle to define the price tag I want. I assume that future clubs will enjoy a better player for many years to come. Say, I have a 20 year-old 2-star/4-star foreign player whose present market value is $100k. (I'd try to ask at least $500k paid over 3 annual installment plus 35% of profits from next sale). How do you go about estimating the price you want to ask such a young player? Do you apply any financial formula as a rule of thumb?... Thanks.
  24. Congratulations! Is that legit? My alias has fallen off the leaderboard since I started using face/shield packs. It seems these downloadable packs block you out from leaderboard counts. :-(
  25. 2043! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your career? I'd love to see the list of clubs you've managed. Thanks.
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