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  1. Without reading all the details of this specific example, I have to say that many conversations are not only unrealistic but also illogical.

    Three examples among many common situations:

    1. The board decides to waste money on something huge, but then denies you something minor due to "financial problems"

    2. A player under-performed terribly and accepted your fine, but then rejects your claim that he is under-performing in a conversation next day.

    3. You have money to spend, but the potential transfer player refuses to negotiate with you saying that you don't have money to offer (before even listening to your offer).

    Thought not a top priority, SI developers could take a look on this, maybe polishing a bit the algorithms would help a lot here.... Cheers.

  2. On 10/05/2019 at 03:44, Rashidi said:

    I have been using the trial method for years in my lower league save. Yeah  I would say abused it. There should be a cost because it can be abused, but from what I have noticed I can’t see any significant increase.

    What I have noticed in newer editions of FM is that your reputation affects whether they come for trial a bit more.

    Thanks for your input, Rashidi. I also use trial invitations a lot but I find it quite unrealistic that no travel/hotel/visa costs to host the guest player are being charged to my club. This financial issue should be addressed by SI developers.

    Is there a way to bring this issue to their attention? Thank you.



  3. On 16/05/2019 at 20:53, d d said:

    Just a quick question.

    By going to the interface and clicking on the checkbox and clicking Processing, for fewer stops. Do you miss on seeing any important news ( I mean does it by pass any items that you would normally get if you left it unclicked}?



    Thank You

    No problem. You don't miss any important info or decisions about your club. You might skip some news/social pages about other leagues, that's all. I recommend clicking for fewer stops.

  4. I feel your pain. But even if you can't do much to turnaround your finances, to make things worse, the board may decide to slash your payroll even further next season. Yet, mysterious things happen (such as magic investments and sponsorships). Also, little improvements you can make on revenues and expenditures may kickstart a bigger process. I sold a few players, have strict payroll management, and hosted friendlies with bigger clubs. In themselves, they are not enough, but for some mysterious reason, my finances have been improving this season.

  5. On 20/04/2019 at 17:11, jrggarwood96 said:

    Something for FM2020 to consider might be offering a 'start your own franchise' option in the MLS. Get to build a team from scratch. Can be achieved via Data Editor already but for many users they wouldn't know what to do. This would be an awesome addition.

    Love this idea! I wish SI could do this. Don't we have a suggestions sub-forum somewhere?...

  6. 10 hours ago, WorcesterLegend said:

    I would say trials are kinda free, perhaps one or two extra ticket for the bus that would cost the same as a ticket for a match in that level

    If the player being invited for a trial lives in a different continent, somebody needs to pay for the air ticket and hotel, right?...

  7. 18 hours ago, Snorks said:

    Not sure a trial costs anything extra- you aren't paying the player and they simply join in with training that's already 'paid for'.

    Scouting does incur costs though - I use the trial system a lot, it dos save money. I'm not sure of any added benefit to it though,  I think after a week's trail you would have similar knowledge of a player, and your coaches/Assistant Manager would need the JCA and JPA attributes  to match the scouts to make a fair comparison.


    Thank you. On trial, don't you have to pay for travel and accommodation? I think it may go reflected as "Travel Costs" under Expenditure?

    I was wondering if there is a way to guesstimate the cost of travel vs scouting... 

  8. I'm coaching a poor small club with limited scouting staff and resources. I'm scouting for players, and can invite them for trials or scout them.

    It seems that trial invitations are immediate (the player comes over the next day), whereas scouting my take one week (or game) or more.

    Is it possible to see how much a trial invitation (per week) costs to my club? And the cost of scouting one player in my country? If so, where in finance please?

    Which are the pros/cons of trial versus scout, at least from a financial/cost point of view?


  9. I wonder if team cohesion improves by having the same core of players playing at both the club and the nation?

    (Half of India's national team play at the club I'm coaching, Churchill Brothers. They have just returned from national team matches. My club is playing fantastic, and I wonder how much of that is related to superior individual skill and collective cohesion they may be carrying over from national squad matches).

    Thanks for your insight. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:

    Sorry about this, maybe only run the essential leagues on your save with that custom database. 

    The save you reviewed focused on UK lower leagues edited by claassen (England, Scottland, N Ireland, and Walles). It might had Spain and Portugal as well (I can't exactly recall), but it wasn't a massive save: only a few countries... My laptop is super new. So, it seems that the glitch is related to the edit's coding, not to the number of countries and leagues of that save... Thanks.

  11. 5 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:

    Thank you for your patience, I can confirm that on your editor files some divisions were missing teams. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix this as this is related to your editor files.

    I would suggest you to go over your editor file and check the changes you have made.

    Sorry about this. Thanks.

    No worries. Thanks for taking a look. 

    Indeed, this save uses several European leagues created by claassen, and some leagues may be flawed (Loki Doki mentioned that the Kazakhstan league needs to be removed, though I'm not playing Kazakhstan at all).

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to edit any of these leagues or files myself. I'm just a player who eventually uses edited leagues and packs, but am not a savvy creator.  So, I'll just start a new save, sticking to the official leagues...


  12. My save freezes while the calendar is running. I just can't pass past July 9 2019...

    FM 19.3.4.  I'm playing mod leagues by claasen (UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Spain lower leagues). I played Bangor City over 2018-9, but am now stuck on 2019-20 pre-season.

    I've deleted cache and preference folders under AppData. I also tried to go on vacation to skip that date. I also delayed a player hire. I also tried windowed and full skins - to no avail.

    My laptop is brand new (Alienware 17 r5, i7 8th gen, Geforce 1070).

    I tried to upload a dumpfile I created when the exe file was "not responding", but it's too large to upload. Dxdiag attached below.

    Please help.


  13. I was coaching in a lower-division in Wales, and paid 18,000 pounds for a young goalkeeper whose value was only 18 pounds. I really didn't notice the mistake. It was lack of attention. I just noticed when the goalie joined the club, and the board said that was a poor financial decision. (I wished the board had blocked the purchase first place!). 

    Is there any way to edit that genuine mistake out?... If so, please how? Thanks.

  14. 20 hours ago, quee said:

    This is the latest topic I found when searching about this.

    Anyway, has there been improvement since the latest update? I just got the game, so couldn't tell if there is any difference. But it is weird seeing Ronaldo only scoring 12 in the league. My Inglese got 19 as pressing forward, so not too unhappy with it. He does miss lots of 1v1s by shooting straight at the goalkeeper.

    Regardless, my question is, there's no placed shot or goalkeeper rushing out and getting lobbed in 1v1s like older version? Those varieties were great. Even my sweeper keeper doesn't really sweep forward, come to think of it.

    As of April 2019, I'd say the problem still remains a bit. However, this might have been by design. I've been persistently training my team for "Attack Wing work" (with more Agility and Quickness work as well) and strikers seems to be having a slightly better time scoring. Strange nonetheless...

  15. I'm curious about the community of FM players (I mean, people who buy and play the game). The game is developed in UK and emphasizes English leagues (the most detailed and most divisions).

    Any idea of what percentage of buyers are British? The breakdown in nationalities (UK, EU, and global)? And any news on how SI plans FM become more or less international?...

    Any links about FM game business news you can share below are appreciated. Thanks.

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