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  1. 2 minutes ago, jcp1417 said:

    Is this where the game pauses for a second or two along with audio cutting out? If so, this has also just started happening to me.  It's been running amazing up until a couple days ago

    No, it more like stuttering/shakiness as the match unfolds. I play with no audio.  It happens at random, regardless of graphic settings and regardless of applications running on the background.

    It's been happening for years and years, and SI never fixed that.

  2. 21 hours ago, jeerinho said:

    Check your Nvidia Control Panel. The game could be running with your CPU instead of GPU. It's jerky because CPU can't take all that load and is boiling so it has to throttle. My 1060 (mobile version) can run Med with crowds fine.

    Thanks. I double-checked and even reinstalled my drivers and updates, but my laptop is running FM on GPU...


  3. 10 hours ago, glengarry224 said:

    Sure but your problem here is the surrounding setup.   Mez(a) gets lost, abandons the midfield and does v little on defense.  That puts tremendous pressure on your DM to cover the entire central midfield, so he'd better be good.  And if you play a DLP, he needs a lot of passing options but your setup has five players bombing forwards.  Which would also make you very vulnerable versus a counter attack.  So if you wanted to do that, you would want your wingers on more supportive and defensive roles/duties.  Also, AF and Mez(a) all move into channels, so you'd want your striker in a more stable role but also to drop back some and give solidity to the central/attacking midfield.  Something like this might work, with the RM sitting narrower, maybe an overlap on the right, other instructions depending upon your players skills:


    I agree with your assessment. Indeed I frequently set my wingers to support and even defensive, as most of the attacks I suffer come from the sides (rather than center, so my DM/DLP doesn't suffer that much). And, indeed, my single attacker feels a bit isolated at times, so I may pull him back a bit or move up one of my wingers.

    Thanks much for your thoughts and advice. Spot on!


  4. The financial benefits from international affiliations is a poor feature that needs to be improved. I have no idea of the financial impact, either before or after accepting the affiliation.

    All I see, in terms of related international revenues at the end of the year, is a "10% of your merchandise was sold overseas", regardless of country or prestige of the affiliated club, or the popularity of foreign players you bring in.

    This "10%" is, of course, totally ridiculous.

  5. On 27/06/2021 at 12:48, Speedyol said:

    Signing new players or other players improving affects the progress bar. For instance my only 5 star player just got better recently but the max is 5 stars. And the effect was that most other players lost half a star. The same happens if you sign a 6-7 "star" player, everyone looses stars but does not become worse players.

    I think they should make it so the progress bar in the picture is not affected by outside factors like new signings and other players in the future games because as it is you have to ask yourself; did he become worse or did someone else just become better and  its confusing.

    In addition, if your team is promoted to a higher league, all players' stars will be adjusted to the new cohort, meaning that the number of stars will probably go down. I also find this ongoing star fluctuation a bit annoying.

  6. My midfield is usually made of 1 mezzala and 1 advanced playmaker. I wonder if two mezzalas (both in attack mode) are a good option?

    Any feedback to my question and to the formation below are appreciated. (The 4-4-1 below may look too conservative, but I tend to make tweaks midgame, and play more aggressive gegenpress quite often).

    Thanks in advance.


  7. I'm getting freeze framing during matches, regardless of graphic settings: from High to Low, with and without Crowd, to no avail.

    I also make sure no other programs are running on background (quite curiously, sometimes it helps to have one Chrome running, to stop freeze framing!!)

    No, it's not my laptop (Alienware, i7, GTX-1070, all drivers updated).

    Any tips on how to fix this during matches, and/or outside the game (on the laptop, FM game settings, Steam), etc.?

    Many thanks.

    PS: As we all know, this is an old problem that SI has not been able to repair after all these years...

  8. I'm curious as to how the SI development team incorporates the feedback we provide here. SI says they listen to the community (and I appreciate the efforts of moderators in this forum). However, some complaints about game engine, interface and graphics have been basically the same year in year out... I worked in tech companies before and know how difficult it is to maintain a digital platform. But it comes a time when we'd hope that some egregious problems would be finally fixed. Thanks.

  9. I feel your pain. Expecting two promotions back to back is perhaps too ambitious, but I'm also annoyed by such inconsistencies: first-league champion one year, followed by mid-table in next season; or almost relegated one season, followed by league runner up next season. And also typically: long slumps followed by dramatic recoveries. Stuff like that.

    FM is highly consistent in being inconsistent...

  10. It seems there is confusion between the Hall of Fame and the Leaderboard.

    Leaderboard is the ranking of players who play FM over the years. However, you are excluded if you use any mod or pack whatsoever.

    Hall of Fame is the ranking of coaches (usually famous names), and it may include you. But you need to win silverware spectacularly well over several seasons. (Packs and mods won't affect you here.)

    Hope this helps.

  11. I don't get annoyed.

    On the upside, I get my players for my club only, and they won't get injured in international matches.

    On the downside, they may miss on some international, confidence-building experience. And I'm also interested in increasing the market value of my players.

    Any studies showing whether National call-ups increase the player's market value?... It would only be logical...

  12. Some Presidents are quite stubborn. During your conversations about increasing number of coaches, you can keep clicking on persistent answers to try to change their minds, but don't give them an ultimatum ("I'm not sure I can keep doing my job") or they may fire you.

    Also, take a look on your own Determination rate, and your Coaching credentials, as these will help you influence the Board. 

  13. I played MLS a few times, and it's sufferable. IRL, the byzantine rules were designed by a business cartel to make money. They were intended to make "soccer" a watchable TV entertainment, where good clubs can never get stellar and bad clubs are never really punished (so that investors can reduce their risk). But the league turned out to be so artificial and boring that it can barely break even...

  14. 19 hours ago, XaW said:

    Thanks so much for sharing the article, but that's not what I'm talking about. Prozone FM15 was just a large database of players that is sold to scouts. What I'm talking about is *predictive* analytics, an emerging field in data science. It's the ability to predict future performance based on current data patterns. But, in fact, I'm suggesting something that's even simpler (but statistically more complex than Prozone): it's a regression analysis of, say, top 1,000 players IRL compared to how they were featured in older FM versions (five or ten years earlier).  If the model works in general, then a club can invest in the regen [young player IRL] with a probability (never certainty) that he will become a top player. That's about minimizing financial risk. 

  15. 32 minutes ago, IbrahimAliMaher said:


    18 minutes ago, Daveincid said:

    Not at all, they are just not always predict it right because we are talking about humans and not machines.  I mean what else than predicting player potential or their current ability is Football Manager about?

    Some big club should allocate some data scientist to run a regression analysis of how many FM wonderkids become stars IRL, how many don't, and how many average regens actually become super stars IRL. If there is a correlation, then they need to identify the common variables or patterns that determine predictability. This is actually big business. A big FM aficionado could get a job with a study like this. 

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