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  1. 23 hours ago, Snorks said:

    How strict do you want to keep your wage structure?

    I start with:

    30% of wage budget for Key Players

    30% for First Teamers

    30% for Rotation/Backup players

    10% to Youth/Hot Prospects

    Give or take ;-)

    My squad has up to four Key Players, 7 First teamers, 11 Rotation/Backup and the rest should be on Youth or Hot Prospect.

    Currently, my 'structure' says my Key Players should all be on $62,485pw - whereas I have one on 75k, one on 50k one on 55k and one on 47k - so under-budget. I can offer a little more to a good First Team signing or add to the cash pool for youth players with the excess.

    Have had mega-budgets in the past but still ran with the rough structure as described, so  I wouldn't stress about the percentage an individual player takes - as long as it is justified and doesn't impact the club structure too much. I might, in this particular case, drop the squad to three or even 2 Key Players to be able to pay them enough to want to play for me, or to stay loyal!

    Nice. So, 4 key players comprising 30% of payroll, that's close to 8% per player. That's nearly half than my goalkeeper...

    I sometimes have no key players in my squad. I downgrade key players to first team, unless the player is really exceptional - which is quite rarely the case.


  2. On 08/06/2019 at 09:44, Marko1989 said:

    Does anybody else think that attributes decline when it comes to young players is really annoying?

    For example: I am playing with Lyon. And I spent all my money on Vinicius Junior. He had a great first season, I was really excited to develop him as best as I can. He had Acceleration 17 and Dribling 17.  

    That was when he was 20 years old. And now he is 21, and after a very good season he have Acceleration 16 and Dribling 16. And instead of increasing those attributes to 18 after a great season, now I have to spend another year waiting for him to increase those attributes back to 17. I know that 16 and 17 is not a big difference but I think 16 and 18 it is.

    It depends. If the player becomes stronger, then his acceleration may decline naturally. Not necessarily a bad thing, if other attributes are increasing. Body changes, even at a young age.

  3. 6 hours ago, fmonit said:

    Anyone had an unexpected World Cup winner in their save game?

    Mine is one I really was surprised by.


    First African nation to win a World Cup! You'd probably expect Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon or any of the stronger nations in Africa to win a first World Cup for Africa.... but Mali... and in 2022??


    Well, Qatar is a darn hot place, so it probably helped Mali against Argentina... Can you see the temperatures?...

  4. The game already does a good job on visualizing revenue and spending, but I'd love to see more:

    graph charts plotting market and finance indicators, such as:

    - club market value overt time (compared against other clubs and league)

    - player market value over time (compared against other players of the same position and/or league)

    -player salary over time (compared against other players of the same club, position, or league)

    I can think of more specific suggestions. If interested, I'd be happy to help more. Thanks,

  5. High Profile Players - I'm almost sure hiring high profile players for small clubs has an impact on stadium attendance. It certainly help sell more merchandise.

    Mega Clubs playing at Home - Obviously, arranging friendlies with mega clubs will have a direct impact on attendance, at least on those games (I don't know if the effect lingers, but why not...).

    Trial Days - Per feedback from club board, if you win those special matches, you may have some little incremental impact on attendance.

  6. 6 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:

    Looking at your Dxdiag, it looks like your Nvidia driver is out-dated (2018 version), Can you use the link provided below to uninstall and reinstall the latest version via the manual search, please?


    Thank you. I'll check this out. This is bizarre because I've just reinstalled Geforce Experience and updated drivers - before sending you the Dxdiag. But I'll check this again. Thank you.

  7. 10 hours ago, phd_angel said:

    I fixed it on my own. I went to Steam / Properties / Verify Integrity of Game Files.  It identified some 60 missing files and fixed it. 3D match play now runs fine.


    Problem reappeared. I then tried Neil's NVidia edits, but it didn't fix it. I already fully reinstalled the GeForce Experience app. I'm playing on a Alienware 17 R5 with Geforce 1080. Please help.

    PS: A piece of info, when I restart the laptop, and run FM, it plays fine. But if I put my laptop on sleep mode and then back, that's when the problem of freeze-framing during 3D matches occur.

  8. 8 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:

    Unfortunately there is no way to revert back to 19.3.4 version. The latest 19.3.5 update only updated the stability of the game so they should be no gameplay related changes being made to it. 

    What issues are you having on the latest version?

    My 3D match play became jagged (freeze framing), since the new patch 19.3.5. How can I fix that please?

  9. My adaptability is 15, which should enable me to move across countries (I started my save in India, am now in England)

    My salary is low (6.500 pounds/month) and am at the very end of my contract, so cancellation fees would be very small.

    Yes, my answers are all optimistic and positive. (But given nothing worked, I also tried arrogant answers, also to no avail).


  10. Maybe you can help me with some insight. I'm successfully coaching a small club in a lower league in England (Macclesfield). I'm being bombarded with invitations for job interviews from other clubs in UK and Europe, but I'm failing in all of them - over 20 clubs have interviewed me thus far!

    My reputation is nearly 2.5 stars, my club is 2 star regional, and these bunch of clubs are 2 or 2.5 star national or regional reputation. Of course, I'm picking the obvious answers, and have even tried with a few ruder answers and/or requests, but I predominantly give very correct/polite answers...

    How can I change this situation and get a job offer?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. 1 minute ago, Hovis Dexter said:

    My only thought is that you have to pay a shed load of money for anybody that you sign and bargain priced players are a no no.

    Thanks. Yes, I understand. But what if the player is an aging, retiring and contract-expired superstar that I may still be able to attract to a smaller club in a lower league. He might count as "high profile" but what's the threshold, right?... Thanks again.

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