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  1. Neil is the best moderator at SI.

  2. Love this game too. I appreciate modders to a point I make donations for their fixes. It's great when modders modify a game to make it different, but not ok when they are fixing a faulty product. Modders, not fixers. I understand licensing issues suck, but as a consumer I'd expect more from FM in terms of licensing as well as bugs and coding. Some YouTube reviewer said that FM graphics is 1990s technology... I also appreciate moderators efforts to repair the game, but that's not a good solution either. Bottom line is that FM gamers are way more tolerant than the average software consumer... All for the passion (and addiction) of the game.
  3. My experience suggests that 2 tactical formations will slow down improvement in that area. However, you do need tactical variety, because opposing teams (AI) will figure out how you play. So, I may focus on 1 tactical formation for a month during pre-season, and then gradually introduce a second formation (different but not radically so). Then, later on, I may include a third one which I only rarely use but do to confuse the AI.
  4. I recall late nineties FM (then called Premier Manager), I could offer a car and even a house in my contract negotiations...
  5. Yes, great explanation by Cougar2010. When I see a drop like that, I warn the player that he needs to improve in training. If he's older, I speak cautiously. If he's young, I'm assertive or passionate. It usually works in changing their training performance. Nice.
  6. The new features in the inbox make the game more convenient. It does feel a bit more polished. But I still see the same silly player moves in match (e.g., free-kick ping-pongs, unintended almost-goal crosses, and weird offsides). The worst for me is licensing issues: many countries with masked club names and an incredibly poor player facepack. I had lots of work fixing that. That's definitely a turn-off. If you have the money and is passionate about FM, I'd say buy it now. Otherwise, you can wait for a promotional discount or just skip. Nothing mind blowing this year.
  7. I had deleted licensing files (and installed a third-party fix file) before I started a new game, and Brazilian club names were properly fixed. However, yesterday I noticed that the 3-letter club names (e.g., FLA instead of Flamengo) came back. Any way to fix this (in my current game)?
  8. I've always made a good deal of money with friendlies when coaching small clubs. Just make sure expected revenue is higher than fee (if playing at home), etc,
  9. Good vitamines, good diet, and yoga. It's all I can say.
  10. Something I haven't noticed in years of FM: international currency fluctuations affecting players' transfer values. With Brexit and Chinese government manipulations, some currencies overvalue and vice-versa. Has this been ever factored in FM, or just a distracting complication?
  11. Hey MisterFIxed - Don't give up. Your hard time may be because you chose a small, hard club to play (that's often the case). To have a better time, I suggest you pick a larger team to coach, and focus on hiring a 4-to-5 star coach staff and a couple of really good players to improve your squad, and keep insisting with conservative changes. Good luck!
  12. Do you guys also think that Assistant's squad selection pre-match is usually wrong? I tend to agree, as he may place some 2-star subs instead of some stars, but then I think whether those subs are in better physical or psychological shape or did well during training?...
  13. I ran a series of match replays (reloading the game file) with the same match: Reggina x Cosenza. Italy's Third Division. I coach Reggina. In some, I coached directly (or lightly), in others I went on vacation and let the Ass Coach ran it. These were the results: Reggina 0 x 2 Cosenza - I coached heavily Reggina 1 x 3 Cosenza - I coached heavily Reggina 2 x 3 Cosenza - I coached lightly (I let Ass Coach select team and Opposition options) Reggina 4 x 0 Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation) Reggina 1 x 2 Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation) Reggina 3 x 1 Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation) Reggina 1 x 1 Cosenza - Ass Coach ran (I went on vacation) It's clear I got worse results when I coached heavily. However, I found it striking the widely random results when the Ass coach ran the match. Any thoughts on why of AI's random results, and what I can learn from AI in order to beat Cosenza myself? (It seems that a lighter approach works better). Thanks. Ciao.
  14. I've sold players cheap (100,000) to see them valued at 5 million a couple of years later. I haven't seen anything like you said at that scale though.
  15. I totally agree with this statement. Why the heck is the Board asking the coach to decide on a corporate investment?!... + Adrian93, I guess Steven's question on the what division you are playing is because higher divisions provide a massive scale of revenues in terms of sponsorships, TV rights, merchandise, etc. Depending on that, your club can easily offset your debt.
  16. Yep. Other than having it done automatically by the Assistant Manager, you'd have to do it yourself each game, it seems. :-(
  17. My avatar looks exactly like me - it's impressive. (I had to choose a very good frontal picture to model it)
  18. Oi. Can't you buy it on Steam and download? That's an option. Valeu.
  19. I hired an analyst with 2-star world reputation. Out of a sudden, 10 clubs came up to poach him. I lost him, but made a little dough as compensation...
  20. So, if there is no criteria, then are all data analysts the same?!... I was considering "world reputation" as a criteria, but it seems that tactical knowledge is somewhat more important (and, of course, Excel spreadsheet skills... ;-) PS: Since I'm currently managing a small club (Reggina in Italy Div 3), I may fill this position as a part-time job.
  21. OK. I got it now. Follow this (*** don't forget step #4*** or it won't work): First step: Go to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/ Second step: Now, create a new folder named “graphics“. Then, inside the graphics folder, you should create a new folder named “facepacks” [graphics is necessary, the names of subfolders inside graphics are not important, as I have not "facepacks" but "Megapack 7.0" and "Megapack TCM15"] Third step: Open the .zip or .rar file (with WinRar), and extract the content to the following directory:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/graphics/facepacks Fourth step: Start Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences -> Interface and untick Use Caching to decrease page loading times, and tick Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences. Fifth step: Press Confirm button. Sixth Step: Enjoy...
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