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  1. Sorry, I'm a bit confused: Is Orlando City in FM15 or not? (Moderators are saying the license is limited to this year, but players are saying Orlando is in). Please clarify. Thank you.
  2. I have a lingering problem, I'm hoping you may help: my seasons always start with great victories (8-0, 6-1, etc.), but then gradually deteriorates down to tougher scores, even with minor clubs. Although my club usually ends up ranking high on the final tables, this declining team performance annoys me. I wonder if I am training them too hard, whether I should give more free days, and/or diversify training or tactical formation (though this also affects performance due to increased confusion). Any suggestions?... Thank you.
  3. Will FM15 include the new Indian Super League (with Zico's Goa FC, Atletico Kolkata etc), as well as the new MLS 2015 Club (Orlando City "Lions")? It would be awesome!! Thank you.
  4. I installed the logo and face packs from Sortitoutsi. All club logos and photos are shown properly, when I look them from within the club pages. But, at the general league level, I still see the tiny generic logos created by FM. (for example, in a general ranking/table). Any way to fix these smaller club logos? Thanks.
  5. I think you guys are trying too hard to poke holes in this general idea. Even with the unlikely chance of a stadium blackout (favorite punching bag in this thread), there are ways to keep things interesting: with a scene cut (you wouldn't have to wait at all) and a computer calculation on how much players' energy and morale are restored when match resumes. This is just one example... But everyone agrees that league championship celebrations are very underwhelming and unexciting... C'mon, folks, stop moaning. Be open-minded on how creativity can enhance realism in exciting ways...
  6. Many suggestions happen after a match, or are very rare. Yet, disruption is part of real soccer... In any case, there's some real opportunity here for the FM team create some nice additions...
  7. I'd like to see more graphic animation for two situations: - to celebrate league championships, by introducing confetti in stadium and trophy ceremony - to reduce the absolute predictability of matches, by introducing some realism with the (rare) possibility of: stadium light blackout, naked fans or animals invading the pitch, altercation between players and staff, heavy snow, hulligan riots, police intervention, etc. Check thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/377792-Suggestion-Opinion-More-Real-Life-Animation
  8. Hello borobadger - Stadium blackouts happen sometimes in poor countries (like, USA's Super Bowl :-) ) and animal invasion are indeed rare. My point is to decrease the *absolute predictability* during FM matches, by introducing some things that might happen (even if only very rarely), externalities that affect real matches: heavy snow, cancellation, fights, naked fan running, hulligans and police etc. etc. Something called realism...
  9. FM is the best game ever but sometimes I miss real-life situations in and out of a match. Situations like: - physical altercation among players, with staff invading to help - stadium blackouts - animals invading the pitch - firecracker sounds - electronic billboard - confetti in the air after a championship is won - trophy/medal delivery ceremony - etc. - Any other interesting situations you can suggest. Currently, after a big championship, all you get is a couple of messages and then, back to work. No videos, no animation? Some extra animation (newspapers, videos, analysis) to celebrate league wins would be nice. Yes, I'm aware that FM was intended to be a pure strategy game, and that extra animation requires additional programming and graphic power - but computers are way more powerful nowadays. What was ideal in the 1990s is reality in 2010s... Just my opinion. Thoughts?
  10. Just curious: what happens to the game if the club I'm managing in the lowest division is relegated to a lower division not supported by FM?...
  11. Aha. I knew there was something wrong. Never seen this type of payroll cuts in years of FM (and Premier Manager). Thanks andyinuk.
  12. Yes. I place my dead wood in the Unwanted list, for sale at any price or release, and the latter is quite often the case. Better pay something sometimes, as dead wood affects training effectiveness negatively.
  13. My second season playing with Macae' (a Brazilian Third Division club), and my payroll has been slashed from 2.5 million down to 1.3 million dollars! Whaaaaat?... I was spending 2.6M during first season and the club finances were in the red, but a nearly 100% cut on payroll is something I've never seen before. As a remedy, I had to sell several top players and also loan many players from my parent club (Flamengo). Should I resign and restart the game? Is this normal? Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys - any light here please? I can't find any "Size of Text and Images" under Preference/Interface. Please advice. Thank you.
  15. Fond Foat - Thanks for your help. This is really strange because I can't find "Size of Text and Images" within the Interface. Can you please share a screenshot?
  16. Soverntear - Thanks, but within Preferences -> Interface I can't find any Zoom or any bar I can change numbers. Can you please explain? Thank you.
  17. Hi, I got a brand new laptop that recommends a 1920x1080 resolution, but the font on FM13 interface screen looks sooo tiny. On Preferences, I've tried all other res but the don't look nice on screen (50% of the screen, or blurry fonts). The laptop is a ASUS G750JW. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  18. Ha! Just saw a bunch of national team coach jobs (Italy, Sweden, Turkey, etc). It's July 2016. That's a loooooong time, compared to all other FM games I've ever played before...
  19. Thank you, Herbert. I appreciate your care in the response. OK. I'll pay closer attention to the Job Security page. Yet, I find it highly unusual that I haven't noticed any National-team jobs yet, specially because on of the slots in my Head Coach page is Available Jobs, which I see very frequently.
  20. http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/afdandrea/media/JobsJobSecurity_zpse74bef9e.png.html
  21. t27, I had clicked "all nations" already. Herbert, I'm playing on normal. This is really strange. I've always seen available jobs in National teams. This is the first game ever I haven't seen any national jobs thus far (and it's already 2016...). Any suggestions on whether this is a config/setup issue? Maybe a glitch?... Thank you.
  22. I'm playing Arsenal in 2016, and haven't seen any available jobs for national teams (Brazil, USA, England, etc). Strange. Maybe I clicked something to deactivate this? Please how do I get to see jobs for national teams I may eventually accept? Thank you.
  23. If a journalist asks how I'm going to play in the next match (shut the back, free-flow, attack and dominate), what happens if I lie, say, if I say I'm going to shut my defense, but actually command my team to be very aggressive in attacking? Would this surprise the opponent team? Overall, how should I play mind games during press conferences, towards opponents, my players and journalists? Any tips? Thank you.
  24. Yes, always. It helps me navigate the game more easily, and it's very logical (to me): Players: surname (If they have 4 stars, I write in CAPS) Coaches: Coach [surname] (atk, def, etc.) Scout - Scot [surname] x/y (player ability/potential) Staff - they become: Dr surname, Dir. Football surname, etc. etc...
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