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  1. Looking to do one last FM18 save.. if anyone has any ideas at all please help!
  2. Was it difficult to try and win it with a club that size or was it relatively easy? I don't want it to last two seasons, but at the same time I don't want it to last 20 so don't want to go too low.
  3. I did consider Uruguay but noticed that only two teams have ever won the trophy bar a few odd teams throughout history. It does appeal because it may be difficult but worried that the league itself may be a task in itself nevermind the Copa Libertadores, as I'm sure it would be difficult to try and compete with the budgets of Brazilian and Argentine teams. I never considered the length of time it takes for the competition, read online it takes place over 10 months. I had thought of Belgrano in the First Division in Argentina as they have never won any trophies and I wanted to create history with them. Also considered Almagro in the second tier as they are from Buenos Aires. Think I may have to look somewhat lower than Belgrano to make it an interesting save!
  4. I have done most of the traditional FM saves and one trophy I have never won is the Copa Libertadores. For the last few months of FM18, I want to take a small team from one of the big footballing cities in Brazil or Argentina for example, make them a force domestically and push on for the Libertadores. Anyone have any ideas of clubs I could use for this? Very open to suggestions. Other countries than two mentioned can be considered to. Any help would be appreciated!
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