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  1. For those who rotate regularly do you find doing so can cause a dip in form when your regular starter returns? My striker is on fire in the league but when I use my number 2 for a couple of cup games and then maybe another 1 or 2 league games in a row after that when he returns he is no longer playing as well as he was before I rested him or rotated for a short while any thoughts cheers
  2. Save times as in the game processing and waiting for it to resume between breaks? So you would only advise starting a lower league game if I had a decent set up pc? cheers mate
  3. Looking to start a save with Halifax tonight, what leagues/nations do you guys add when playing a low league team and why? My laptop is decent but not the best, when I play a premiership team I only load my league and the championship with a medium database and the game speed prediction is always only 1 star, it doesn’t bother me and plays quite quickly but I won’t be able to buy a more powerful one until I get back to work, what would you fellas do?
  4. Yeh cheers guys, I noticed Fernandinho he got to 36 and even tho his stats still looked decent his performances dropped and he retired but I clicked on messi’s profile out of interest before his stats are exactly the same despite his age but his value is now only £4m part of getting older I guess You are right about keepers tho look at the likes of Oliver khan and Buffon over the years :-)
  5. I rotate regularly the only injuries i get from matches are usually gashed legs or ankle ligaments or maybe the odd calf strain, I have set my training to the head physios recommendations, maybe i need to lower it more?
  6. So i have Kevin de bruyne age 32 as a legendary midfielder and still valued at £70m+ At what age do these players start to fade out or do you look at replacing them more and more frequently in games? He is still absolutely bossing it so i have no intentions to drop him anytime soon, just thinking of when to blend his successor in more than just cup games cheers
  7. I think the game this year is shocking for injuries, the amount of major injuries my players have had mainly in training even with low intensity is a joke mate, broken legs and feet galore with plenty of knee ligaments in there too.
  8. What a guy, thank you very much mate but my misses managed to grab me a copy weekend Cheers though very kind mate
  9. Signed a brilliant prospect last season but he was unable to play for me when signed due to work permit issues so I loaned him out for the season, he’s come back and still I can’t select him. What can I do guys? I’m in the English premiership and he is Argentinian
  10. Roughly how many games in a row does a player who’s unhappy with game time need to play before he drops his problem with you? Sane for me only took 5 games and the problem was resolved, Mendy on the other hand has now played 11 in a row and is still alienated.
  11. Cheers guys. Season 3 and as an advanced forward he is really starting to fire now!!!
  12. As per title, just above the pre match team talks there is an option to set instruction for opposition instructions, I didn’t notice this at all for a full season and it never done me any harm so I’m unsure whether it’s necessary? I have noticed tho that everytime I use it it’s always 6 instructions everytime, no more and no less Thoughts?
  13. Season 3 and the legend that is Kun is getting older now so decided to splash the cash in January the season before looking for a future replacement, well I know aguero is irreplaceable but I had higher hopes for Martinez. Played 22 scored 4 Decided to drop him and play Jesus and he’s on fire for me. I know some players need time to adapt to a new league etc but I really thought he would be a hit. Would you preserve and play in cup games maybe or cut your losses and maybe sell? High wages are gonna make it very hard to sell tho and even tho aguero is getting on a bit now he
  14. Unsure what the deal with Kompany is. I’ve doing extremely well with city in my 3rd season and wanted to make him assistant manager. He wouldn’t even open contract talks for any position and he’s a legend at this club so I’m not sure what he’s after? Maybe to become a manager and no other role?
  15. Ah didn’t know that, I hate dodgy people. Argos had one copy left and my basket timed out and when I logged back in it had gone, devastated as that’s an absolute Bargain at £19.99 Im not tight but I refuse to pay £40 at the minute for it, hopefully will come down in price soon or Argos might get more back in stock thank you for all your help tho mate
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