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  1. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

  2. Few things I have noticed. Penalties are terrible, 8/10 ish are saved. And why can't I organise a defence? I've kept like 2 clean sheets after 18 games despite being second in the league...
  3. Second Leg Turnaround - Unbelievable

    Last week I lost 5-2 away to Porto with arsenal. Won the 2nd leg 6/7-0
  4. Before you could go on league and rules. You could then see what places got chanpions league, who got Europa etc. Why can I not see any?
  5. Buy the in game editor and 'become unsackable'. Turn it off when the next season begins
  6. What Constitutes a 'Bigger Club?'

    Everton do, comfortably. Check their wage bills in the last accounts...
  7. What Constitutes a 'Bigger Club?'

    Everton are a far bigger club than Southampton and Norwich. They also pay higher wages.
  8. I'm just making a point really. Of course I'm not interested whatsoever in trading standards and the like. Just think it's very dodgey ground if they don't even attempt to fix it, considering people paid extra for it but there goes. I think SI probably will fix it eventually, just hopefully it's not just for fm16.
  9. Forget rolling back patches argument. It's not viable, I would rather they just fixed problems that they have created themselves. Such as issues with the editor that the we patch now takes the functions away for. I really don't know how you can charge £4 for a editor with features and then not fix the problems that arise with it. When you're charging for it, you have more of a responsibility than the other stuff people want patched. I honestly believe if they now can't deliver an editor that they charge people for then everybody should be refunded. I bet trading standards would have interesting information on this topic...
  10. It looks to already be reported. Was just wondering f it was likely to be fixed.
  11. So people pay money for an editor, then SI update the game referring features f the editor unusable. Is that even allowed? Seems very negligent to me
  12. Will the bugs be fixed? Stuff like the in game editor not working with squad registration etc?
  13. Is there any chance of bugs being fixed from this update? Or do we have to wait till fm16?
  14. There's an issue with the 'allow squad registration anytime' You should be able to change your list like before. Now you can't, the players who weren't registered just show ine, then as soon as you try to change it, the player you took out the squad also changes to ine..
  15. Anybody having an issue with the mouse trailing and buffering when you click onto match day and you can see the fixtures?