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  1. afced7

    England's World Cup 23

    Playing devils advocate a bit and going solely (no pun intended) on the picture, it does say 'predicted team' rather than 'the team Sol Campbell would pick if he were manager' but that is still an atrocious prediction.
  2. He's not even got the groups right, Group A was Brazil, and Group L?
  3. afced7

    World Cup Pundits Thread

    I think you've mis-remembered this, Shearer was the one who said that not much is known about Slovakia's players, Dixon pulled him up on it and pointed out that Hamsik was pretty well known and a pretty good player.
  4. I didn't comprehend how bad the pitch was until I saw the highlights. Not that it excuses that performance entirely but it's a bit more understandable.
  5. Sunshine Until the day that I die I will regret the fact that I was not deemed worthy of the admiration of "legendary" keyboard warriors like Red_Hector and yourself. I only hope that one day I can be cool enough to have 50k+ posts.
  6. Learn the meaning of the word franchise. Might want to try learning some insults as well instead of making your own up.
  7. afced7

    England - Euro 2016 Thread

    So in other words, the question 'how much football do you remember from being 10?' is totally irrelevant.
  8. afced7

    England - Euro 2016 Thread

    I remember a fair bit of football from when I was 5/6 and I'm 3 and a half years older than Shaw, what's your point?
  9. afced7

    England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Sterling didn't know who Ricky Villa or Ricky Gervais are until he looked it up.
  10. afced7

    England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Milner is football's answer to Buzz Killington.
  11. In fairness, I think Lineker gets what happened, but for some reason he just doesn't think it ever went in.