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  1. I'm managing Liverpool too, and the board agreed to start building a new stadium in the summer of 2023, having won pretty much everything every year barring last season.
  2. I had this issue and I only got the game fairly recently, definitely had the 19.3 database. Fortunately I still won the final as my opponents were more badly affected than me.
  3. Schurrle for Fulham last year as well. It got cut short because they went down but the plan was for his loan to last two seasons.
  4. By 2023 I think Morelos will qualify for British citizenship anyway no? In which case this becomes a moot point, still, interesting to see this.
  5. I think you can still discipline the player even if you appeal the red card, true the option disappears from your ass man's email but you can still do it from the squad screen, right click > discipline player for... > dismissal in a previous match.
  6. Just to be absolutely sure, you are aware that the star ratings are relative to the request of your squad right? I.e. as you improve your team, it will become harder and harder to find players with high star ratings, because there are less players that are better than what you already have.
  7. Cheers Luizinho and summatsupeer, I've decided to take the more direct passing off the DLP since I didn't like how that was making him play, and I'm going to try two versions of the tactic, one with dribble less on and another without it and see which I prefer, I suppose somewhere down the line I'll try and change one of the wide players to a wide playmaker but right now I don't have the players for it. In terms of protection from counter attacks, I think that might just have to be one of the trade-offs, but if I keep getting done on the counter I'm planning to drop the DLP down to defend, or move him into DMC altogether.
  8. Cheers ED, funny you should say that about 'dribble less', my initial thinking was I wanted them looking for passes rather than running down blind alleys, but I was looking at my team earlier, and I mean properly looking at them which I need to do more, and realised that so many of them are excellent dribblers, so I took that out, and changed one of the BPDs since I wasn't sure about that to begin with.
  9. Cheers Herne, I didn't know mentality would affect all those aspects, then I read the FAQ. I'll start with a balanced mentality and see what happens, I'm slightly concerned about having possession but not doing anything with it, but I guess I'll just have to tweak further if that happens.
  10. Hi all, I've only ever really played at making my own tactics, and generally used downloaded tactics as a result of being scarred by the horrors of the sliders when I was a kid, but I'm starting to get bored of doing that now, and it seems a lot easier to put a tactic together than it was back in the day, so I've decided to have a go at putting my own tactic together: For PIs I've set the DLP to play more direct passes, and the AM to roam from position and take more risks. I want to have a lot of the ball and hopefully play some decent football, although I'm fine with a few crosses going in, defensively I want to win the ball back quickly and generally try to keep the opposition in their own half. It's very early in the season but results have been ok so far. Since I'm very much a novice when it comes to tactics, I'd appreciate any feedback regarding obvious errors I've made or any improvements I could make. My own thoughts at the moment are that I'm not sure having two BPDs is the best idea, the DLP should perhaps be on defend, and I'm not sure I really know what I want the attacking midfielder to be doing. In my head he's always looking for the ball, but I suspect he might often just float out of games without a better defined role. For the TIs I'm wondering how compatible shorter passing and higher tempo are. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and any feedback will be much appreciated.
  11. Assuming you're managing in England, they won't actually get those contracts until they turn 17 anyway (don't know about other countries because I never manage anywhere else) before then they'll be on youth contracts, and if what they want is like 5k p.w - hot prospect then that's fine by me since that's the sort of thing I'd be giving any youth players that come through my academy anyway. Some more info on their demands would be useful, but yeah, I've never even thought about buying young players and offering them a youth contract.
  12. Probably, can't say I've ever heard of him, but people can be dedicated and professional without having a lick of actual footballing ability.
  13. Demonstrated high levels of the attributes herne listed according to the researcher that judged him.
  14. So which is it? DF often drops deep or never drops deep?
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