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  1. Could be a training camp rather than a tour, you could try checking the registration menu on the squad screen, I think you can add players in the middle of training camps.
  2. Yeah, and renounce any other citizenship. I guess they decided it was worth renouncing their Brazilian citizenship to get to play for Ukraine.
  3. I don't know how well modelled this is in the game so this is all a guess, but it seems that to become a naturalised Ukrainian citizen one would need to renounce any other citizenships that they hold, so I guess Dodo doesn't want to give up his Brazilian citizenship.
  4. I don't think that there is unfortunately, although if you scout them the scout reports will give an estimated cost of like 500k or whatever compensation figure you'd have to pay.
  5. Some of the players currently on youth contracts will have provisionally agreed to sign professional contracts when they reach a certain age, it's 17 in England, not sure about other countries. In those situations you won't be able to sign them on free transfers.
  6. Don't think there's anything you can do in game, takeovers happen frequently once the chairman/owner hits his 70s I find so you could try changing his age in the editor.
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo was managing some team called Nuorese in either Serie D or the level below in my game.
  8. That'd be quite cool actually, like transfermarkt, but unfortunately I don't believe that there is.
  9. I assume it's 2022 in your game and that will be because of the Qatar World Cup being held in December.
  10. I guess just keep asking the board to improve the youth facilities whenever you can. Is there any more information about how to achieve those goals when you hover over the little 'i' icons?
  11. Or just an incredibly niche question. First of all, have you got the 'interested in loan' button ticked on the player search screen? Secondly are the players that are turning you down choosing other clubs instead?
  12. Thanks, I stuck with the 4-2-3-1, made a couple of minor tweaks to suit my new players and won the league with 102 points, and reached the CL final (yet to play) so all in all a successful season
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