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  1. That hat Corluka's wearing is terrible.
  2. Pepe vs Austria - 20:00GMT

    It really isn't.
  3. Pepe vs Austria - 20:00GMT

    Portugal must be the most unlikable team at this Euros so far, horrible bunch of whinging crybabies.
  4. Haven't UEFA already stated that they can only act on stuff that happens at the stadium, not elsewhere? Really not sure what these Russian hooligans were expecting, hooliganism here has pretty much been dead since the 80s, don't know why they're surprised or so impressed with themselves about walking all over our fans.
  5. This is supposedly where he said it: https://twitter.com/Russian1972 but I have no idea whether that's a genuine twitter account or indeed what the tweets actually say.
  6. Game 5 - Turkey vs Croatia - 14.00pm on ITV

    Just got back from Paris, cracking view considering the tickets were category 3, great atmosphere and a good game, Croatia were very impressive, could have had 2 or 3.
  7. Did John Hartson actually see the goal?
  8. He did. Started coaching at Chelsea after he retired, then his knee just got better and he signed a new contract.
  9. Euros - International Friendlies

    So good they cloned him?
  10. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Be a bit harsh to drop him now, 'Cheers for helping us qualify, bugger off'. As much as I dislike Milner in the England team, I think it's a little late to start making changes like that. Hopefully Woy's replacement will just leave him out altogether when the WC qualifying starts, even though it will be much harder once he's a European Championship winner.
  11. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    £20 million in 'new money' doesn't seem to buy you that much these days.
  12. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Yeah you were right
  13. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Cavani? Think Alexis scores enough really, he's been pants recently but just came back from injury so I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.