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  1. Probably, can't say I've ever heard of him, but people can be dedicated and professional without having a lick of actual footballing ability.
  2. Demonstrated high levels of the attributes herne listed according to the researcher that judged him.
  3. So which is it? DF often drops deep or never drops deep?
  4. If you say so, in any case Belgium are probably better than Argentina, although facing Belgium last was way better than playing Argentina second.
  5. You'll have to point me in the direction of the Croatia - Germany match.
  6. Germany and Spain? Have you actually followed this World Cup?
  7. Croatia have literally had one in this tournament.
  8. To be fair our fans and media were generally blaming Ronaldo and the ref when Rooney got sent off for that kick/stamp on Carvalho's bollocks, so I kind of get it, however, speaking as somebody who watched the following 12 years of England being complete rubbish, I would recommend Colombia take a look at why they created almost nothing against us rather than looking for some unfortunate/unfair reason that they're out of the World Cup.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44646588 That's probably the one although imho he only has to make it because his positioning is a mess in the first place and he does push it back into danger.
  10. Keown: Martinez needs to have a meeting with his staff, work out how to solve the puzzle. Keown a minute later: Why's Martinez having a meeting, he should know what he needs to change and start making subs straight away.
  11. http://especiales.marca.com/mundial-rusia-2018/pronunciador.html
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