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  1. I vaguely remember, I think, once getting the sitting Asst Mgr to re-sign as a coach when I first took over a new club. However, most of the time they are, quite justifiably, not interested and I've had to let them go. I'd love to retain Buvac as a coach at Liverpool and bring in Bernhard Peters as my Asst. Have I imagined it or have others been able to do it?
  2. Would changing the priority of the process to high or realtime in the Task Manager make any difference?
  3. I was under the impression that neither needs any particular attribute, just filling the role is enough to get the job automatically done. See here -
  4. I am far from technically fluent so this is just a layman's opinion, but I have been playing both FM16 and 17 recently with a deliberately data intensive set up - all top divisions playable plus top 4 in England and 100k plus players - and my AMD A10-Series A10-7860K is chugging along nicely. I've no idea how far it will go and still be a playable game as I've only gone 2 seasons max (on 16) so far, but it's slick, quick and great fun at the moment. Of course processing/game play speed is subjective and I am sure there are really solid reasons for going down the Intel route (I probably wi
  5. Thanks for that, I had no idea. Is it possible to make them club specific? Either way I'll be having a go.
  6. That is a fair point, but it could be opened out to the community to mod in their own ways.
  7. Regarding the performance stars, it may be a case of wait and see. My graphics rating has plummeted from 4 or 5 (can't quite recall but know it was nice and high) stars in 16 to half a star in 17. I have been playing on low detail and the match engine is pretty smooth. So I asked in the new laptop/pc thread about buying a graphics card to compensate and Welshace (heroically helpful techie guru) advised against it as the graphics capability I already had should play 17 very well. So, I'm wondering if my half a star may be a bit of a bug as I'm not the only one experiencing it at
  8. That's good to know. I must have made a mistake then. Back to the drawing board, head scratching...
  9. Really? That's great news. Not the first time you have helped me out, thanks again Welshace.
  10. Hi, is this an okay thread to ask about graphics cards? I am considering getting a graphics card for my desktop PC. Processor - AMD A10-Series A10-7860K 3600 MHz Motherboard - ASUS A88XM-A Graphics - Integrated graphics GPU Type: Radeon R7 series Ram - 8Gb (also upping soon to 12 or 16) I don't want to spend a fortune as FM is the only game I play and I can get a decent experience on low at the moment. £100 max, and would happily consider secondhand. Could I get something that would significantly (subjective, I know, sorry) improve FM2017 graphics for
  11. Just simmed a very data-heavy season in 3hrs (ish) never been able to do that before. Loving 64-bit.
  12. Seconded. Seems especially relevant given the possible current negotiations between LFC and Gerrard.
  13. Good point that could be expanded to telling our junior managers to play young players in certain positions to help them learn.
  14. Agreed. Especially regarding previous manager's tactics. Perhaps players need to acquire and retain bits of tactical familiarity (linked to positions, roles and duties as well as systems) as they progress through their careers. Player X spent three seasons playing as a right winger in a 442, or Player Y is familiar with playing on the left of a back 3 due his time spent under Antonio Conte, that kind of thing.
  15. I am noticing that a few individuals are simming test games into the future. Does anybody happen to have any games with the top league in every nation loaded and attribute masking on that they would be happy to upload? Cheers in advance.
  16. Yes, just follow the installation instructions carefully
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