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  1. Thanks so much for checking but you're right about how gamey that feels. Most of the fun comes from finding the right candidate and persuading them to join. I basically want a staff version of the custom database options you get when setting up the leagues at the start of a new game. But want doesn't necessarily get. 😁👍
  2. That's a fair point. Not enough staff to me means not enough to fill some pretty strict requirements. I only sign personalities that are high in professionalism, ambition and determination. I like the idea of a club culture that feeds into the players. I also use staff to increase the club's world knowledge. So I like to have a really diverse pool to choose from including every continent. Especially the nations like Egypt that have decent youth ratings. These requirements make the game fun for me but also make it tough to find enough staff to meet them and have the skill set req
  3. My dilemma is that I (obviously) want an active and competitive transfer market and realistic world football environment. The best way to achieve that seems to be by loading as many playable leagues as my PC can manage (not very many btw). However, I only intend to manage Liverpool. So I do not need other leagues to be playable. So, ideally, I would choose English top 4 leagues as playable and then every other country's top league as view-only (detail none). Then add to that the players from the top teams of each continent. But that doesn't add enough staff for me. However, I no
  4. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/football-manager-2019-pc-steam-cd-key £12.99 bargain at that price Update - all working and totally fine - highly recommended
  5. Would you mind talking me through how you did that, step by step? I got as far as making Anfield extinct and then failed abysmally.
  6. Hi Kubi, that's good to know. Is it possible to use a similar process to change the way Anfield looks in the game? I'm not a fan of the big gaps in the corners and the 1960s floodlights and, if nothing else, would like to change it back to the way it appeared in FM16. Just for the record, I've already reported it in the Liverpool data issues thread at the request of a couple of mods. Thanks, and sorry if this is too off-topic for this thread. (Delete if necessary)
  7. I put in a feature request about this type of thing as it really needs a refresh. I asked if the 'script' of all of these interactions could be made available to the community to either suggest changes or to mod the whole thing.
  8. Very happy about those improvements to the editors. Especially the option to give a player a transfer value when you move him between clubs, a more detailed explanation of the different editor options, the ability to add non-player future transfers and the computer helping to fill in a player’s missing stats by being able to choose his role. Great stuff.
  9. Thankfully it's a known issue that they can easily replicate and so is under review. Good news as it's driving me nuts.
  10. You could try using one of the old ad board mod packs. I had an FM15/16 one in place at the start of the beta and it replaced the flashing boards. That one has fan flags and banners but there are others that have ad boards - see the skinning forum.
  11. I suppose it has to be a really high profile (or controversial ) target - it was available in relation to Sterling for me.
  12. Just noticed you can declare interest in a player, not just for transfer but also as a top target. Nice.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of DAs makes no difference beyond the first one. Am I right in thinking that this is still the case with physios?
  14. I am far from technically fluent so this is just a layman's opinion, but I have been playing both FM16 and 17 recently with a deliberately data intensive set up - all top divisions playable plus top 4 in England and 100k plus players - and my AMD A10-Series A10-7860K is chugging along nicely. I've no idea how far it will go and still be a playable game as I've only gone 2 seasons max (on 16) so far, but it's slick, quick and great fun at the moment. Of course processing/game play speed is subjective and I am sure there are really solid reasons for going down the Intel route (I probably wi
  15. Regarding the performance stars, it may be a case of wait and see. My graphics rating has plummeted from 4 or 5 (can't quite recall but know it was nice and high) stars in 16 to half a star in 17. I have been playing on low detail and the match engine is pretty smooth. So I asked in the new laptop/pc thread about buying a graphics card to compensate and Welshace (heroically helpful techie guru) advised against it as the graphics capability I already had should play 17 very well. So, I'm wondering if my half a star may be a bit of a bug as I'm not the only one experiencing it at
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