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  1. I have noticed in my games that competitions which I do not add as playable will very rarely create regens (even though I use the largest database). And I have also noticed that since they are not playable scouts send to those regions/countries will hardly do anything. Both because there are hardly any players and because there are no matches (only pre-season and international matches). I find this very disappointing. My request would be that there is an option to make regens also pop up in leagues which you have not made playable, I want to save speed and have higher performance by not simulating leagues and matches I am not interested in but I still want the thrill of finding (cheap) gems. Just producing regens and having them grow at certain pace should not be that demanding in terms of performance and it is way more realistic than having those nationalities pop up in the youth of clubs of playable leagues. (Thus you could even not lose any storage and performance by just spreading the regens out more over all the countries, even over non playable nations). This would also make scouting harder and reward using your scouts more intensively. The last thing I would like to mention is more realistic scouting, now my scouts are only scouting when there are matches and only have reports on those of which they seen matches. While in reality they also get information by viewing training sessions, hearsay (which could then lead them to watching match or training of this individual, so more of a focused scout by the scout) and their network in the country (agents, coaches, other scouts; thus the longer a scout is assigned to region the more beneficial to this aspect of scouting). Adding ways in which my scout will scout will not only help in finding players (especially in non playable leagues) but also fixed the problem of only getting reports on players who have played. Some high potential regens never get on my radar because his (youth)manager is not using him while in real life such a player usually does make a transfer (so must have been scouted).
  2. But do they add anything hidden? A hidden contribution even if you do not delegate stuff to them? I know that sport scientists besides providing reports have a hidden contribution in that they lower the injury rate for your players. So even if you do not delegate anything such as making them do reports they still do something. So does a loan manager for example make your loaned players before better at their respective clubs and grow faster?
  3. I send my scouts to search for hot prospects and since I am a small club every scout does a few countries which are close together. Now after some time I realized that I did not get many reports, especially not from certain countries. After checking I saw that some scouts have 0 reports after a year of searching. Now I have this hunch that scouts only scout by watching games? So if you have not included a certain competition as playable then there will be less matches for that competition and of course youth players do not get a lot of playing time most of the time. Which would explain the lack of scouting reports for hot prospects. Is this true? Do scouts in fm20 only watch matches in order to scout? That seems very odd, in older games you would also get reports on players who are 15-16 year old and have not made a single minute yet so you can beat the bigger clubs in obtaining the player and even more important you can get them cheaply if they are scouted this early. In real life scouts also observe trainings and also have a network to get inside information in clubs. Is there a way in fm20 to let them scout in other ways then just to attend/observe matches in competitions?
  4. So in game what do they actually do? I recently promoted with my small club and thought about investing in my staff but I was wondering what their functions are? Especially if there is any hidden contribution? I assume you can give your Technical Director tasks to like contract renewal or negotiations and they probably better at that then a non TD. But if I do not delegate those tasks to them do they still contribute something? Like having a sport scientists besides his reports automatically decrease chance of injuries I heard are there any benefits for having a TD, loan manager or DoF? Also extra question: does a head of sport science also perform the task of a sport scientist because I wanted to hire my first sport scientist but he only wanted to be head of sport science.
  5. Yet many disagree with you, since interviews are also big part of every manager yet majority skips them. Plus it depends per country, in England for example the manager or coach does not really do anything on the training ground thats where the coaches and assistants are for.
  6. The first sounds super cheesy and would make it feel like an arcade game. Second I guess would appeal to people who want improved graphics and visual. I personally do not mind as it is. The saved up memory and processing power I prefer to be used for bigger database and more complex algorithms and dynamic interactions within the game. The third is the only one I agree with. The traits and skills are very nice and I welcome any addition, not just goalkeepers. But yes for keepers there are only a handful of skills, personally your suggestion made me think about a trait that lets a keeper play mindgames before a penalty. Like the pointing to the sides and moving from side to side or the walking close to the taker before moving to his goal. I can see how in the game it would be harmful to keepers who are less composed but it would hurt the keeper if the player is very composed because the keeper compromises his own concentration and focus. (or something like that haha)
  7. Sounds boring to me to be honest. It is like interviews: fun for the first few times, but then it gets time consuming, boring and a hassle
  8. Maybe to some degree it is already in the game but I doubt it. Else it is very negligible. So what I mean with impact is that a staff member in their role should do more and have a direct influence, this might become more clear with the following examples: - Loan manager should really give you information about your players on loan and not just statistics (as they do now). They should tell you if they actually improved their (hidden) current ability and how it would compare to having been left at the club (maybe even comparing different scenarios. How he now develops versus if he would have been used not at all (thus only training), sporadically or very often). He should also be motivating the players and thus making them develop better and play better while on loan (if he has bad stats then of course it could lead to demotivation), this way your loan manager really adds something. If you can't afford him or are to lazy/stingy to invest in one you get less out of your loaned players. They develop less quickly. Lastly, if one hires a loan manager you get easier and better loan options for your players, it would help if the game hints that it has been due to him that this loan option for your player came due to him. - Sport scientists should with their presence decrease the chance of injury for a player (even if it is just a few percent), even if you do nothing with his advice. Because your coaches and players will talk to him and listen to his advices. Also sport scientists and data scientists should help your players improve or play a bit better since they feed them valuable data. It should not just be that they provide the manager with data and it is up to the manager to get most out of it - Technical director, I have put many on development list or transferlist and I always end up having to get clubs' attraction myself by making club offers. The TD should be able to get clubs as attraction for a player that without him would not have shown their interest. (again with a message making clear that this club has shown interest due to effort of your TD would be nice). Thus, I feel like the direct and indirect influence of your staff is too little and it feels sometimes little reward for attracting the best staff members let alone fill some positions entirely. Their presence alone should give benefits even if you as manager don't get the most out of their advice or miss some key hints. In a way this would make the game also more fair, since at times it feels too easy as a small club to compete and climb. If having many staff members and especially many specializations filled has intrinsic bonuses then a big club has this natural advantage just as in the real world. You have an extra dimension to overcome (besides scouting, finance, tactics and squad quality)
  9. Around which day can we expect the an update for the database with all the transfer that happened in January and with possible updates/balances/fixes? I remember in older games there would be a database update and you could select either the pre and post transfer window databases for a new save. It also sometimes contained fixes and balance updates if some things were unbalanced and since many people think that gegenpress is overpowered.
  10. In the Squad tab, you can select under player the report and you get the style, best position, players potential etc. But these are all in the opinion of your assistant manager, is there a way to get the perspective of another staff member? I know individually you can see the report done by other staff members, but it is too much work to check their best position or their current rating according to your staff member with highest mental attribute for judging this. Thus is there a way to in a quick overview see the opinion on all players from another staff member? In one of my older versions, I could select per staff member the report -view of the entire squad...
  11. Not interested at all.
  12. Agree but if I could add something: I want more option when signing players or lengthen the contract. For example being able to make small conversation or add certain 'informal' (not written down) promises. You can think of saying that if he signs a new contract you promise to sell him next year. And if you dont hold ur promise, you will become less credible with signing contracts with players.
  13. I would also like an option that if a chairman does that, you can threaten to leave or at least have a conversation that if it happens again you will leave the club. Of course, it should have consequences that the club should be more reluctant to take the deal and only accept it if you have bad standing at the club (at the time of the next deal or for longer time) or it can take the deal if they feel the deal outways the benefit of having you as a manager.
  14. Thanks for the nice reactions. Yeh I just love editor improvements and personalization options. Some of my favourite fm youtube videos involve experiments and simulations, with the help of editor
  15. I always purchase the editor and put my friends into my games (ironically after showing them the option, some purchased fm aswell), but I find it difficult to really showcase them well. I will try to explain the problem first: You can indeed capture their mentality, like loyalty and temper. But it is difficult to capture their qualities and physique, especially when put in your younger friends or make your older friends begin at 15/16. Sure I want some randomness in it and for them to grow differently every game. Yet there are still some stuff they should excel in more than others. For example lets say I want to put a friend in there, age 16, potential -8 and who is good at free kicks, corners, long distance shots and is quite fast. But terrible at heading and has poor stamina. Then the editor for me is difficult to use, since I don't know which stats I need to give him for these qualities. I want to capture his strong points and make those the points which can really develop, while I want his bad sides to remain his bad sides, sure they can improve but should always be the worst of his qualities or at least he can't turn all of these bad qualities into the average or above average range for his potential. Basically if my friend lives up to his potential and gets into the -8 range, his best qualities should be of -8 or above quality while his worst qualities or at least some of them should be lets say around the level which a player with current ability of 120-130 would have. So in a nutshell it would help if it would be easier to indicate which stats your own designed player excels in and which he is average in and which below average (not only absolutely but also the option to make this relative to his potential, because lets say you make a wonderkid, you want the stuff that he 'sucks' at, to be still higher than average players). So if you design a young player, it should be possible to set the maximum for some stats and a way to tell the editor that if he would reach full potential his stats should be something like this (leaving room for randomness and deviations of these stats for different qualities). The editor should then downgrade and adjust every stat so that it fits his age and current ability. Especially with a 16 year old, I don't know what kind of stats would be normal and which would be high. Therefore I would like to see an option just to say editor, these are his stats for some qualities when he is around full potential, downgrade them appropriately to the CA and the qualities I leave blank you can fill in yourself editor. I hope that I explained it a bit clearly, because this personal experience and option to share with friends and basically a bit of story building, really improves my enjoyment. Some of funniest moments where when friends showed/shared me the silly or awesome stuff that 'I' did in their games.
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