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  1. I get annoyed when my guys don't get called up, but then also I get annoyed when they do get called up because I don't want them coming back jaded or injured. I also think there can be a bit of realism in very talented players not getting called up. In real life, every serious fan can probably think of players that they wish their national team would call up more and manager favorite players who never seem to get dropped no matter how bad their form is. There are tactical considerations of course, but it is also a lot about politics.
  2. As far as personalities go context matters. "Professional" means a player has at least excellent professionalism and at least average temperament, which is really nice, but such a player could also have abysmal pressure. Driven generally speaking isn't as good as Professional, as professionalism seems to be much more important for player progression. That being said the only reason I am upset that my player is now driven is because it means that his professionalism has declined. In a sense he used to be Professional and Driven and now he is only Driven. I have him in my defensive uni
  3. Quick update. Results have been mixed so far. He has adapted rather quickly to the position which is nice, but on the other hand he lost a big chunk of professionalism which is really, really annoying. He used to be the top trainer every week, but not anymore. His crossing also decreased slightly which pisses me off, but oh well. He hasn't been quite as devastating as I imagined him to be, but he has generally performed quite well. His ratings are somewhat juiced by the fact that he usually takes corners since I don't have good set piece takers, but he is usually good for several ke
  4. If you are having trouble playing out from the back you should strongly consider buying centerbacks who have good decisions, concentration and composure. Early in my save I had a centerback who had 10 decisions and 10 composure and it was hell. Every time he got the ball he would knock it straight to an opposing midfielder. Getting rid of him was such a relief. EDIT: Your centerback could also have very bad first touch, which can be a big, big problem.
  5. The effects of low teamwork are quite obvious: players will blatantly ignore tactical instructions and they will be very reluctant to give up the ball. If I am scouting a player who has low or mediocre teamwork it will always be a big negative for me, but on the other hand I am never quite sure what to make of a player who has very high teamwork. I know there are benefits beyond just following instructions and being unselfish, but the descriptions always feel a bit vague to me. For instance, how does the awareness of teammates offered by teamwork differ from the awareness granted by vision? Do
  6. So, I was playing against newly promoted Everton. They were sitting in 19th place having failed to win in any of their last nine matches. They were using an odd formation, a 4-3-3 with three strikers, so I thought to myself "easy win" since they;d have no balance in defense. Sure enough, once the game starts I dominate possession and their defense struggles to maintain shape as they have 3 players just sitting up top not helping at all. Sure my centerbacks were up against three strikers, but I gambled that their creative players would not have time and space to play a good ball and that my dom
  7. Very rarely I think. Generally journalists like it when you give bold answers to their questions, they will be more neutral if you give vague answers and will get pissed off if you try to dodge their questions entirely. Still, even if you are very open with your answers positive reactions are somewhat rare. Only once have I ever got a press conference that was rated better than "just fine"and it was when, completely by chance, I managed to give several answers that the journalists found interesting. I think the formula for a bad press conference is easier to master. Not too long ago, afte
  8. I had a somewhat odd experience that reminded me of OP's problem. Basically, I have a promising young Belgian attacking midfielder at my club, he hasn't made his debut yet and he has only played one game for my reserves. Nevertheless, he recently underwent a significant burst of improvement and now several European clubs are lining up to get him on loan, when they weren't very interested before. The question is: how do they know about him? As I've said, he has played one reserve game and he isn't even loan listed. The only conclusion I can draw is that the game gives at least some of the
  9. Ok, for context, I finished third in the Premier League last season and conceded the third fewest goals. My current starting right back managed five assists in the league, but he was actually quite wasteful due to his mediocre crossing and dribbling ability. At times it was unbelievably frustrating to watch him get into a great position only to launch a cross into outer space or straight into a defenders leg. I felt that a player with good dribbling and crossing ability would create a lot more chances and open up a lot more space, but as I said there are no good attacking right backs available
  10. First, thank you for all the replies. Now, for reference, this is the player I am trying to convert into a fullback. As you can see he is a little lackluster defensively, but he has everything else I need, even long throws. The only thing I am concerned about is the lack of positional ability. I played him as a fullback in a friendly and he was devastatingly effective, but he also made a few bizarre decisions. As a versatile player, how long do you think it would take him to get up to the level of "accomplished" at that position? Should I send him down into the reserves for a while u
  11. I'm desperate for a good attacking right back, the trouble is that there seem to be only 2 of them in the entire world. I've decided to try doing what they sometimes do in real life and convert a winger, but I've had trouble with players learning new positions in the past . Does anyone who has been in this situation have any advice?
  12. It could be high controversy rather than low professionalism that is the problem, but I am not 100% sure. I had a player who had a similar problem, in fact he even missed an important game against Liverpool because he went out to a nightclub instead of traveling with the team. In my case I was saved by having a good squad personality which changed the player's personality from fairly determined to light hearted and I haven't had trouble with him since. So, your player's personality could improve especially if he can be mentored, but regardless, I would say you are stuck with him for
  13. I suppose it would depend on how much you paid for him and whether he has a sell on clause (meaning that his former team would get a percentage of the fee). If there are no better options available and if a €70m sale would end up being profitable for you then you may as well. Keep in mind that it may also be possible to negotiate a new contract without a release clause later on. I suppose you have to calculate how likely a big team is to trigger his release clause in the near future, how happy you can keep the player and whether you can afford to offer him a fat pay raise to tempt him to
  14. I think you would only have a problem if he consistently misses long periods of the season. A single long term injury probably won't harm him much. I've had players who've broken bones and developed just fine after they recovered. I should mention that the one exception is if his physical attributes decline to the point where he can no longer perform his role adequately so make sure you use one of the rehab individual training focuses.
  15. I am not fond of the mechanic of potential ability, but I believe it is a necessary evil. To those saying it is unrealistic I would only half agree. In real life there are limits to how much a player can improve, these limits are not as hard or as arbitrary as “PA=150” but they do exist. If you don't believe me go and find a list of the best youth players in the world from a few years ago and see how many names you recognize. Undoubtedly some of these players have become stars some are merely good, some have become second tier journeymen and others have dropped off the face of the planet
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