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  1. I've been hurt by this rule a lot in my save, in fact I could almost make a full eleven with youth players whose transfers fell through. I wish I had a good answer for your question, but sadly I have yet to crack the code on this particular issue. If I had to guess the season ends on June 30th so July 2nd is probably the next season, but still that would only cause one of your transfers to fall through and not all six. In my own save, I recently signed a player in the offseason only for the deal to be canceled because of the six player limit. I figured that the season somehow hadn't techn
  2. To be honest I did initially have some doubts about whether the simulation was "honest" due in large part to bad experiences I had with dynamic difficulty in sports games I played in the past. I feel a little weird admitting this, but I actually did informal experiments with save scumming to see if the results were predetermined. The reality I found was the complete opposite: very small changes resulted in radically different outcomes. Since then I have been very interested in figuring out how these systems work.
  3. In my experience, the game doesn't really do a good job of consistently acknowledging when a defender has made a mistake. I remember one game against Spurs, Dele Alli had lost the ball on a dribble attempt and I then watched helplessly as my midfielder calmly controlled the ball, dribbled towards his own goal and then lofted a perfect, head height ball to Harry Kane, who scored easily. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what the hell happened when I noticed that the commentators were praising Alli for setting up the goal with no mention of a defensive error. This is the worst ex
  4. Well, lesson learned I guess. I suppose in the future I will refrain from mindlessly talking down my team's chances. I started doing that because complacency was a real problem, but I suppose I have to learn to strike a balance. The big game thing is a little bit unintuitive for me because in the Premier league and European competition every game is big. Perhaps the little media reports give you clues when a game is considered to be big.
  5. So I'm playing with Norwich in the Premier League and we've been on a pretty good run. We have an eleven game unbeaten run and are currently 4th in the table. We're playing against Brighton and are clear favorites. In the pre-match press conference I talk down the possibility of an easy win and warn against complacency. I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing, but once we get into the dressing room I notice that two of my players have nervous body language. I point my finger at the team and demand a win, which was possibly a mistake. When the match starts I immediately know something
  6. So I'm still on my first save and I had noticed that it was becoming difficult to discover players. After doing a bit of investigating I reached the conclusion that there simply aren't that many players in the world because there are hardly any active leagues or international tournaments. This has actually become a serious problem for me because I am trying to compete with Europe's elite, but struggle to identify suitable targets despite having an army of scouts. As an example, I have only identified two good targets for left back, but one plays for Barcelona and they other for Real Madrid, s
  7. What is your team cohesion like? I found that with higher team cohesion my team is less likely to collapse late in games.
  8. I concede a significant number of them, but I always assumed that was because my midfielders were bad at maintaining shape and closing down quickly.
  9. I've been through this. Once, when I was new to this game I noticed that my young, inexperienced winger had just set up a goal. Thinking that it would be a good idea to provide some positive reinforcement and build his confidence I decided to praise him. Of course, he immediately became complacent and played like **** afterwards. The funny thing is how inconsistent it is. If they are playing well praising them at half time or post game works wonders, but if you try it during the game the players react like you just insulted their mothers.. Oddly enough, I have had the most success us
  10. The shouts system is one of the many in this game that is both counter intuitive and punishing if you make the wrong choice. Common sense is of no use, the only way to figure out the system is through trial and error. I try to experiment a little with shouts in friendlies, but I usually forget. "encourage" is basically safe unless you team is leading, but when it doubt just don't say anything. The half time team talk is a lot more reliable.
  11. I've been playing for a few months and I'm starting to get my obsession down to manageable levels although I will admit to losing a bit of sleep last night thinking about whether I needed to radically alter my scouting strategies.
  12. Damn, at least he somehow managed to get into North Korea to watch their national team play, lol. Oh well, I switched him to scout the Asian Nations Cup Qualifying, hopefully he will be more useful.
  13. Damn, I hope I don't get that unlucky. Unlearning traits is such a crapshoot.
  14. That is an excellent point, though I'm still not sure how I feel about my inside forward diving into tackles, he isn't big or strong so that high aggression feels wasted. Still, he is an excellent player.
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