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  1. I'd also like to see a "Cult Icons" section. Would populate with academy players who are popular with fans but might not be the star players. Or players who put in a great performance or two against rivals or academy products who make the squad registration, but aren't in the starting XI.
  2. I've always wanted to see a better breakdown of the club wage structure to include not only the bonuses a player earned, but how much for each bonus (appearance fee, goal bonus, unused sub fee, etc)
  3. I have 28 players in my first team squad, seven of whom are making the step up for the first time. I'd like to off-load Giroud and Heaton, but no takers and the English window has closed. Asterisks are regens.
  4. In general, I want to know how people maximize transfer fees? Do you place players on the transfer-list and wait for an offer or o you offer a player out without placing him on the list? Either way seems that when ever I do that, it signals that I don't want the player and therefore, vultures swarm with cut rate offers. I rarely get an offer that matches the listed value of a player, much less receive an offer at my asking price or one that blows me out of the water (I have on two occasions, once for Lucas Torriera and once for De Ligt --but both reject).
  5. Someone other than Juventus and Bayern won their respective leagues (Leipzig in 2018/19) and Inter in (2019/20 and 2020/21)
  6. I received £70M for 31 year old Aubamayeng from Real Madrid and £52M from Inter for 31 year old Ozil (having loaned him out the previous season) in summer 2020. Tried to do the same with Lacazette in 2021, but no takers, contract expires in 2022. Debating whether to re-up on hopefully lower terms or let him walk.
  7. I'm American and an MLS fan and I don't really understand it, to be honest. Well, I understand trades, because those are pretty standard fare in American sports. Your player(s)-for-player(s) swap, a la Sanchez for Mkhitaryan, some times with one of the teams adding more assets (like draft picks or younger, unproven players) to a deal. The draft is standard talent distribution, but MLS has the academy approach as well, so fewer and fewer impact players come via the draft.
  8. Would be nice to have, at minimum, an academy screen that allowed you to set preferred tactical familiarity, positions/roles, and maybe core focus like technical, tactical, or physical traits. Perhaps a broader philosophy like "positional versatility" would see more multi-positional players come through who are natural in several positions (but ultimately lose that status for a couple positions after finding their niche in the U18, 23, and First Team)
  9. Would be nice to start contract negotiations by approaching the player (or player's agent) about contract negotiations and get their offer first. Player Interaction -> Discuss Contract -> "The club is open to negotiating an extension to you deal. What are your terms?" Responses: "Not interested in renewing. Period" "Not interested in renewing unless conditions are met." (improve squad, increased status, playing time, et al) "Interested in renewing, not at this time." (basically gambling that performance in the upcoming season will increase contract") "Interested in renewing, here are my terms..." Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We've signed [select new player] and plan to use him in your position. We expect you to [fight for you place] or [rotate with new player] or [mentor new player] or [be transferred away from club]." Responses: "WTF Mate, you don't respect me. Here's my transfer request" "This concerns me, but I'm willing to fight if you guarantee me fair rotation" "Bring on the challenge" "I'll help [new player] acclimate to the position and role" Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We're looking to sell you because [you don't fit into my plans] or [you're not going to get enough playing time] or [we need to offset recent transfer outlays]." Responses ranging from willing to have agent seek transfer/loan offers to expressing desire to stay and fight for place. Player Interaction -> Discuss Squad Status -> "Your importance to us has changed and we're [increasing] or [decreasing]" Responses ranging from transfer request to gratitude and increased respect for manager.
  10. Agreed. For one, would like a more robust wage commitment page like the below (mocked in Excel) And a bonus tracking page that helps me better understand how much is being paid out in performance bonuses.
  11. You'd have to ask lomekian. The picture in my post (since removed) is from his post with the tactic.
  12. When in contract negotiations, it would be nice if there were a tab or list of players (and their contracts) that gave us an idea of what players of a similar position and reputation are getting paid around the league.
  13. That wasn't my match, was from the original post by lomekian.
  14. Have to say, this Arsenal 90s tactic is devastating. I tweaked the midfield roles slightly, using a MEZ on the side of the IF and alternate between a flat 4-4-2, an AMR, and an AML. After the latest update, the long throw-in seemed to be defended better (or appropriately) , so I changed to quick throw. My latest season saw a treble win. Aubameyang with 40 goals, Lacazette with 30+ goals, and Belotti scored 25+. Everyone of my first team outfield players scored at least one goal. I made Leno my penalty taker for the last three PL games, so even he scored a goal. Set PL records for goals scored, games won, and points gained. Had a league GD > 100. Aubameyang broke Henry's Arsenal record for league and season goals (and then I sold the 31yo to Real for £70M).
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