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  1. Think you quoted the wrong person @Smurf
  2. Have gone through a whole calendar year now playing with 3D ME and extended or comprehensive highlights without any crashes. Y'all still experiencing any issues lately? @jessejesster@Mars_Blackmon@jwa2626
  3. I've never had a league match, or any competitive match, end like this. Ever. Newcastle is 19th in the league. Two players with a 10 rating. Castrovelli misses out on the 10 rating despite four assists and a goal? I was hoping for a penalty for Savio to get his hat-trick! Saka started as the AML and I moved him to LB when Tierney got tired.
  4. Not really a bug, but maybe a tweak could be made here that this question doesn't get asked if the player's game-time is more than 55 minutes or was subbed on in the first 10 minutes. Smith Rowe was subbed on to replace an injured player in the 5' and subbed off in the 79' because he was run ragged as he was just back from injury himself.
  5. Using and accessing notes on a player is a bit tedious. I believe this could be improved fairly easily. Quick-access and Pop-up note creation Keyboard Shortcut to create note and a button on the sidebar that creates a note. Have note creation pop-up over current screen, rather than navigating to the manager notebook panel. Include a "Notes" panel on the player/staff overview page that lists all notes created for player. Include a "Create Note" button within the panel Include a "Create Note" button on the player card in the Scout Meetin
  6. Summary: Final twelve minutes of the match (plus added time) was played with players lined up for kick off after a goal was scored. Details: I had planned a sub before a goal was scored and was in the process of changing the substitution. I may have paused the game when the goal was scored in order to keep the substitution from committing and get the edit through. Upon resumption, the players lined up for kickoff and stayed there for the remaining twelve minutes of the match. Frequency: Issue has only occurred the one time. Have completed four matches without incident since encounter
  7. Having the same problem with the same version of FM and BigSur. Setting the startup properties to "--small_screen --windowed" does not force it windowed.
  8. I would like to be able to have scheduled/routine substitutions, as a part of or similar to match plans. If leading by one goal in 80-90 minutes, sub starting MCL for designated bench player, change tactical role from MEZ(A) to DLP(D). If leading by two goals in 70-90 minutes, sub starting striker for best suited bench player (AssMan's discretion).
  9. An update. Have played January 2022 through June 2022 with Vertical Scrolling camera, Extended highlights and same graphics settings as the second quoted post. No crashes at any point. Routinely have Excel, Twitter, iMessage, Facebook messenger, and Safari with several tabs open. Was streaming CL matches yesterday for a time.
  10. I'm playing FM2021 and SI, via Miles, indicated it worked on the development kits. I haven't tried playing FM2020 on the MBP, but the logic of not getting the latest version seems counter-intuitive. I'd expect some stability and bug fixes out for FM2021 as there is support cycle overlap after the release of the M1 chipset. Persisting with a game that has completed its support life-cycle at the time of the M1 chip release will never get stability issues resolved.
  11. FWIW, I have played through three games not using the 2D Classic engine and have not had any crashes, yet. I did have the machine connected to an external monitor, and continued to play without incident after disconnecting and going mobile. Was simultaneously streaming video and had the Mac Twitter app open. For those of you with crashes, are you running other applications while you're playing?
  12. I've been playing more heavily for the first time in a month. Haven't had any crashes and have run through roughly two months in game. Settings are Extended Highlights, 2D Classic View (Director Replay), All graphics settings are on High, except Anti-Aliasing (Medium). I'll play a couple matches with a 3D view and see if I get any crashes.
  13. This is currently achieved by altering player instructions (shoot less often, pass/cross more often). If those are hard-coded, then you need to choose a different role for the player in question (IF to IW for example, or attack to support duty). Are you asking that there be tactical shouts in place of digging through the team and player instructions? All of the existing shouts are aimed at improving the player moral and body language. Not a big stretch to think that one day, the team/player instructions in-game are replaced by tactical shouts that are directed at specific individual
  14. The wording of one-on-one talks have this time frame (immediately, next transfer window, end of season). Promises made at the beginning of the campaign expire the day of or after the final game of the season. The tweak here would be to have this date should be the end of off-season transfer window, rather than the immediate end of the season. If you go to your manager profile/home page and click promises, you can see the remaining time on the promise. I believe that you generally get reminders a month out, in the form of a news item from your staff updating you in the status of promi
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