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  1. So, when does Mustafi get an update that reduces his decision making to 1? Partially saying this tongue in cheek, but whatever his decision value is, it's too high.
  2. Does the wage contribution stay on my wage bill? Does it come out of the transfer fee? I sold Danny Welbeck to Newcastle for 15M upfront and 30M over two installments, with a wage contribution of 2.72M per season. The news item said 17.5M will be added to my transfer budget. On the Finances -> Wages -> Salary Commitments page, Welbeck's wages are not listed (nor Mustafi or Mkhitaryan's, whom I also sold with wage contributions). However, on the Transfer -> Clauses page, I do see the amount there.
  3. I doubt SI has a license to generate revenue off of a data update that has real leagues/players in it. And acquiring that license would likely negate any revenue from sales.
  4. When it's brought to your attention that a player out on loan isn't being played in a position or as often as warranted by the squad status agreed, it would be nice to adjust the understanding of the loan or even ask that the loan be terminated.
  5. Sounds like a similar request made here
  6. Would be interesting (in theory, and probably a little redundant and mind numbing in current media implementation), as a high reputation manager, to be offered a punditry job during major tournaments. Maybe be offered jobs in your home nation at first, but as your reputation increases, offered punditry position for other nations broadcast.
  7. On the one hand, it's cool that so many clubs are interested in your service. On the other, sounds like what you want is similar to this idea (more recent than your post). We, the manager, have an agent to whom we can indicate whether we are interested in new opportunities (and designate specific leagues/country/reputation).
  8. Agreed. There already is a comparison in the team report of may squad relative to the league. The ask that current squad players be compared against individuals in the same league of their positions. Or that scouts report where a scouted player would fall.
  9. You can tell your player to mark a specific player (or position) in the player position instructions.
  10. Congrats on the family expansion Riz! I missed that when it was first announced.
  11. I use my real info as well. That first time when I could use my real age was distinctly a weird moment. I did use "Sven Ahlmann" as a Swedish alter ego back when I managed Sweden to a World Cup victory in 2006. I still use that if I start a save and go on vacation through the end of the first season.
  12. The analysis they provide on upcoming opponents can be useful if you gameplan for each opponent.
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