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  1. I've been eyeing off a new 5K ultrawide monitor, either a Samsung 49" CRG9 (LC49RG90SSEXXY) (5120 x 1440) or the LG 34" 34WK95U-W (5120 x 2160). Any FM players currently using either to play FM on? I currently run a Acer 34" 3440 x 1440 but always looking to go bigger but interested to hear others opinions who have either monitor for FM use. https://www.samsung.com/au/monitors/c49rg9/ https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34WK95U-W-ultrawide-monitor
  2. Typically they have to install a new signed certificate onto their site certificate store.
  3. Reviewing all my scout reports recently in my current save, i feel there is a gap in our ability to summarise/review players our scouts have generated reports for. Over the course of a season your scouts can build up quite a list of players they have reviewed. Currently we can apply filters that focus on a wide variety of information however what we can't do is filter or assess scouted players based on the actual language or points the scouts report on. I would like to suggest scouted players lists make available new report filtering that directly correlates with the scouting language used and not arbitary filters (i.e attribute X > Y, value < z, etc). Instead we can filter by such things as follows: Strongest area of game Important matches Agent demands Happiness Potential for retraining Dressing Room Strongest attribute Consistency etc I want to feel as a manager I am reviewing the scout reports and not filtering the underlying player data again if that makes sense.
  4. I'd like to suggestion the training advice summary reports sent to us by our Assistant Manager be tweaked a bit to add a bit more information and flair. Individual Training to Start: If a suggestion is given a player needs to improve ability X then their current rating for that ability should be noted with the recommendation. End Individual Training: If a suggestion is given a player should not be improving ability X then again their current rating for that ability should be noted with the recommendation. End Individual Training: If a suggestion is given a player should not be improving ability X then if applicable a suggest alternative should be given. Player Trait Alterations: If a suggestion is given a player needs to a certain trait trained, current traits should also be listed the player currently has. Any players mentioned should also have their positions noted next to their name, as well as age, nationality and current training rating. Periodically the Assistant Manager should include in their reports recent match statistics for a player (with appropriate graphs etc) and offer training suggestions to work on a particular weakness. There is probably other things that can be added as well but at the moment I feel the training advice summary to be a bit simplistic and bland.
  5. Like the Professional Football Scouting Association in real life offering scouting courses, it would be good if scouts in FM had their own certification stream to improve themselves instead of the standard coaching qualifications. This way our scouts can educate themselves to improve their scouting skills and improve our clubs scouting ability at the same time. Those staff who have had different roles can undertake both coaching and scouting qualifications.
  6. Just a simple request, for the Ability and Potential columns with star ratings, I'd like an alternate column made available that combines the two together, just like the current Physical Condition/Match Sharpness donut representation. The Current Ability would be the outer circle and Potential Ability would be the inner circle. Left text of the donut graph is the number for Current star rating i.e 3. The text on the right side is the Potential star rating i.e. 4. This would help simplify player lists by allowing us to adjust our views to have this information in a combined format.
  7. I would like to see the development list further expanded and make the management/tactical style of the club players get sent to part of the selection process. Extra criteria I would like added: Preferred Formation Playing Mentality Coaching Style Youth Facilities Training Facilities By adding these extra criteria, I can decide what type of manager and/or club I wish to see my player develop under. This way a loan club can be found for my player that matches the training philosophy I wish them to learn from. When they come back to the club they are either more aligned with our managers training style or trained in a different skill set for a future project we wish them to partake in. I believe in real life some managers want to send their players to a club whose manager have different philosophies to themselves so the loaned players can learn different skills and become better footballers. I would like so see these kind of selections and thought processes emulated better in FM.
  8. Good idea, I definitely agree the game needs more Manager tools to evaluate our team of players. The squad depth screen has the potential to be used in better ways than it is now. I use a notebook next to my PC to makes notes about my players based on my own ideas but would prefer if FM had some options natively to aid this process. I put of ideas along this line also a while ago so hoping SI give us better manager tools later
  9. I would like to see a 'Funnel' option added to the Out of Possession team tactics that influences the way Pressing is executed by the team across the field. Basically a pressure 'funnel' is where your team acts collectively to direct the opposing teams play, either by forcing play out to the wings or into the centre of the field. I see three options available: Exterior Funnel - Mixed - Interior Funnel The Funnel option could be split further by having settings for Attacking half of the field and settings for the Defending half, in case us as managers wish to deploy a different pressure funnel strategy depending on what half of the field the opponents are in. I do realise FM has had a the Opposition Instruction of 'Show onto foot' but I have always seen this an individual instruction for dealing with a specific player/position, not as a collective tactical strategy.
  10. I would like to suggest a new general focus Scouting option be added that instructs the Scouting team to do continuous scouts for players that fit your current tactic and roles or a chosen tactic will roles. This way your scouts are actively helping to strengthen your current squad or find the next younger generation that match the way you play. It just feels counter intuitive when I get recommend players in a position or a role I have no interest in utilising. The way I see it working is under General Scouting Focus there is additional options: Tactical Focus: Any / Current Tactic / <Other Tactic Formation> Role Focus: Any / <Tactic selected in Tactical Focus option> Duty Focus: Any / <Tactic selected in Tactical Focus option> Perhaps this option could also be extended to the Scouting Centre filters as an additional filter option for scout reports.
  11. Fully agree with this. At the moment there just feels like no differentiation with your data analytics setup and staff. I think there should be Data Analytics packages the club purchases and are part of the scouting budget. Like the different levels of scouting packages you can purchase, analytics packages give access to different data and better ways to display that data. The Data Analyst facilities have a direct bearing on the tiers of analytics packages your club can subscribe to. The skill of your data analyst team also have an influence on the quality/accuracy of the reports. I suggested a related idea a while ago Where you can also choose the company you wish to subscribe to so depending on the company chosen reports and data look different based on the company style.
  12. When attending job interviews, I feel the questions and the required responses are a bit disjointed from the subject being discussed because of the lack of information presented to us. Some key questions that lack detail are questions around working with a current Director of Football and any backroom staff changes. For the Director of Football question, it would be good if a mini-profile is also included on the screen to give key details about the Director of Football. Having to click away from the interview process to look up details about the DoF destroys the interview flow. Likewise when asked about making any changes to the backroom staff and the budget changes required. I am being asked questions about staff I know nothing about and have to remove myself from the interview to look up details about the staff and then come back and make a decision. It would be better if all current staff members are listed on the screen with hoverover profile cards to look at the staff, similar to the screen presented when the club you are interviewing for asks for what staff you want to keep/remove. I know in real life you would do this research all this before an interview but game-wise this is not practical especially when you apply for lots of jobs.
  13. I was just thinking about this recently as I was researching UEFA coach licensing, especially the part of needing a Continental Pro license to operate at a division 1 level. Would make for much more interesting saves and put more emphasis on getting your badges to be able to get employed in better teams in journeyman saves.
  14. This suggestion is to break up the Team Report screen by having an option to focus on the defensive, midfield or attacking third players. FM would have the overall Team Report (like now) as default, then new row on top with buttons to select which section of the team you wish to focus on: Team | Defence | Midfield | Attack. The Overall Team report is sometime just a wall of information, having the choice to narrow it down further and also introducing more specific information for those team thirds, would make the team report much more useful. Even the possibility of melding the information from the Team Report with the Squad Depth would be a much welcomed addition to FM.
  15. As the title says, can the extra row height Overview style view available under Scouting > Players > Player Search please be added to the Squad view screen? After years of using the spreadsheet like standard table view, I like how this view uses double information in columns (i.e. Name, Club, Position). I find the format much easier to look at from a large screen perspective (34" ultrawide) and wish I could use it for my squad. It would also allow for greater ability to include more graphical representation of information in future updates to the game.
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