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  1. Finally got a chance to do myself. Benchmark A (Max/Max): 27min 14 secs Not sure that is a setting I would want to play at with all nations and leagues selected.
  2. I agree with this too. If anything, I believe what FM is lacking in terms of instruction/documentation is a grounding in real life coach/managerial thought crossed with a FM gamers perspective. Having read many actual football coaching books to educate myself, and read many FM guides over the years, I feel there is a wide gap between the two. Whether this is because it is assumed knowledge I cannot say.
  3. Sure, I can give it a try and I'll post up the results. I'll just run it at base clock as a baseline.
  4. Recently I've been thinking about some kind of spin-off for Football Manager, and having got recently back into playing Hearthstone, I thought a digital card game based on Football Manager would be a fun game to play with completely different mechanics. Whether it be a deck building game or more of a collectible/trading card game format depends on the mechanics used. I've been doing a bit of a search to see what is already out there, coming across some interesting board and card games, which makes me think it is something SI could expand the FM franchise into. I am thinking you could build your own team (card deck), trade players (cards), have specials that influence a match (training cards, kicking or passing cards, tackling, heading etc) and played out on a field with the ball moving between areas requiring each player to react or play certain cards to progress play and ultimately score a goal. Would others be interested in a Football Manager like experience in a digital card game format?
  5. Thanks @spa, I've updated the table with your test results.
  6. @CFuller the table has been updated with your test now, thanks!
  7. Table updated now and I also refined the CPU frequency column, adding a CPU: BASE and CPU: TURBO as what was there before was a bit inconsistent as it was a mixture of base frequencies and overclocked turbo frequencies.
  8. Just been benchmarking my old custom PC seeing as there is no i5-4570 tested yet. Intel i5-4570 @ 3.2 GHz 4/4 6MB DDR3 16GB 1333 MHz SSD Windows 10 64-bit Benchmark A: 4min 19 secs Benchmark B: 8min 24 secs Will update the table later tonight.
  9. When asking for a scout report on a player, I'd like the report to automatically include a player comparison radar against the best player in our team for the scouted players best position. Very often I find that if I get a scout report back that I want to quickly see a comparison report with usually my best player. It seems tedious to have to go through the menus each time to do this.
  10. I would like to see something like this added too. Would add some variability and individual personality to matches.
  11. Thanks @SebastianRO, I have updated the table now with your testing. Very little between your i5-7300HQ and the i7-6700HQ, maybe the extra 4 threads just edged ahead of your 7300HQ but there is so little between them it looks like you picked well.
  12. I'd like to see the ability added that allows us to define different duties for positions for our tactic that are linked to the teams mentality setting. Currently when we setup a tactic it is rather static, we define all the positions and what roles and duties they will have, then define the team based instructions, but if we want to change the overall team mentality during a game but have certain positions either become more attacking, supportive or defensive, we have to manually alter each position (unless you are using a Winger or Wingback's Automatic duty setting). Even our Assistant Manager's pre-game tactical setting advice states if playing mentality of 'X' we should change to have 'Y to Z' of defensive duties. Regardless if people believe in following his advice, if you wish to follow the philosophy of his advice it ends up being a lot of individual tweaks all the time. I wish to see tactics evolved so that we customise what positions have which duties depending on the current team mentality set. We can setup the default settings for our tactic, then define alternative settings that get linked to different menatlity profiles. Say I setup an Attacking team mentality tactic with 3 positions with defensive duties, 3 positions with support duties and 4 positions with attacking duties. If during a game I want to drop back to a more Control or Standard Team Mentality, I wish to elect certain positions drop back to a more defensive or support postures, without me having to manually tweak all the time. Roles, PI's and TI's changes could also be linked to these mentality profiles. This would get FM tactics away from the 'one size fits all' approach without having to resort to using up the other tactic slots with alternate versions of your same tactic. Training wise your team will train to each tactics slot default settings, it just gives us managers more ability to automate and tweak our tactic without having to redo the same tweaks all the time.
  13. Yes I'd like to see more responses from players from interviews when they sign to a new club, get man of the match or just commenting after a match.
  14. I would like options added that when we sign a new player and he joins the club, we are presented immediately with the following options: Assign player to Position/Role training Assign player to Additional Focus training Assign player to New Player Trait Assign player a shirt number Assign player to specific set pieces This should either be part of the <Club> sign <Player> news item or a item that gets delivered at the same time from our Assistant Manager to assign these options. It is really irksome to have to go navigate to many different screens to set this for a new player.
  15. No worries, fixed now. I think I copied the info from the config above it but forgot to update the CPU details.