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  1. I think it may be more because of your OS patching and driver installs. Depending how old your laptop is, having endless patching getting installed and drivers being updated tends to slow things down after a while. I know in the past that as soon as I installed the OS from scratch and reinstalled my software, speed dramatically improved again.
  2. I've corrected now. I was halfway through updating the table when I got wife hate for not coming to dinner No problems. Cheers.
  3. Thanks @ukmets, I've added your results to the table. I justed wanted to confirm the Test A results are correct as it is 1 min faster than someone elses 1700X for Test A but the Test B results are identical. Should it be 4 min 47 sec? Thanks @jckc221013jamie I have added your results too.
  4. I would like to see an option added to FM that allows us to setup a re-scout trigger for when a scout reports on a player that meets a certain threshold. This is a way us as managers ensure stale scout reports get updated automatically without us having to specifically request a new report. I envisage it working as the following: We set a broad set of instructions for the chief scout, that any scout reports that come in with a recommendation of 'x' number of stars (3 stars, 3.5 stars, 4 stars etc) or greater, he will automatically request a re-scout of the player by a different scout (or a specific one we set) after 'y' number of months (3 months, 6 months, 9 months) or within 'z' weeks/months of end of season. We can setup re-scout instructions as per point 1 for specific scouting assignments we request. We can alternately specify a re-scout for scout reports that come in that are better then one of our players by 'x' number of stars or other criteria (eg. certain attributes) Scouted players that will trigger a re-scout will have their name colour changed to yellow Scouted players that get re-scouted will have their name colour changed to green This would be another way we can get our scouting network to work for us continuously and ensure we are always kept up-to-date.
  5. I was thinking about this yesterday while playing a match. I'd like to have a performance indicator added to the players on the field to show how they are performing. The indicator would be just a graphical representation of the match player rating and can be toggled to be displayed while holding down the SHIFT key. As the player rating changes in the player panel, the indicator changes too. If a player rating increases then the number of highlighted green bars increase. If a players performance starts dropping then the number of highlighted bars decrease and they all turn to red.
  6. Thanks for testing again, a good improvement with an extra 8GB of RAM and shaved 1 min and 2 min off the initial results. I've added the new results to the table. @scott-h22 I've added your results too, thanks for testing.
  7. Because when you have 5+ clubs interested in a player, it is annoying to have to click onto each team, then back, click another team etc etc. I like things to be logical
  8. I'd like to see a new feature added, both to the match engine and to the news items, that allows replaying goals in a small picture window. At the moment when you want to watch goal highlights from a news item, the whole match engines opens up. I'd prefer it if a small size window appears inside the news item that shows the goals replayed instead. I've find this method more congruent with the notion of reading a news item. Also for the match engine, it would be good to have the option of a video replay for the goal appear in the corner in a smaller window. While the goal is replaying, the match continues on like normal. Now there might be an issue with syncing speeds, especially if playing at the fastest review setting, perhaps the option can be limited to only watching the match at certain speeds to prevent the main match getting to far ahead while the replay plays.
  9. Good idea. At the moment you can't really setup multiple scout assignments at once for multiple positions for your tactic. In another thread I was developing the idea of making use of the squad depth screen to filter and view scouted players as they suit your chosen tactic to help with deciding on transfer targets. This was the mock-up: Encompassing your ideas, perhaps the same concept in utilising the squad depth view can be used to also setup scouting assignments based on your chosen tactic. You could either tell your Chief Scout to scout all positions for players that will suit your tactics roles, or toggle only select positions and tell the scout to only look for players that will suit the current roles for your tactic. You could also set a master search criteria and then have more granular search per position to direct the scout in what to search for.
  10. Thanks @Akim and @jwchriste, your test results have now been added to the table in the first post.
  11. I'm too pedantic to try that I may try it later though.
  12. Yes as I have found out reading some articles of data analysts working at big clubs. To expand on the initial post more, it be good if we could have the following scouting scenarios: Set up a scouting assignment for a data analyst with a set of stat criteria and report back the findings. Manager can then decide who to scout further using the scouting team (as described above). Set up a scouting assignment for a data analyst with a set of stat criteria and then have these findings automatically passed on to the Head Scout to scout these players further. Set up a scouting assignment for a data analyst with a set of stat criteria and then have these findings automatically passed on to the Head Scout, who has his own filter criteria set beforehand by us. The players that meet this filter are then assigned to scouts to scout further. Set up a scouting assignment for the head Scout with a set of criteria and then have these findings automatically passed on to the Head Data Analyst, who has his own stat criteria set beforehand by us. The players that meet this criteria are presented to the manager. All players found during the initial scouting/data analyst phase are retained in a list for us to review those players that didn't pass the first search phase. Players who did past this phase have their names highlighted in the scouted list with different colour to signify this. Ability to setup a simultaneous player search with both the data analyst and scout with some shared criteria. Two sets of players are reported back for us to review and compare. This would give us more strategies to find players and make use of our scouting network.
  13. Sure was A nice improvement over the 6700K and takes your results to the top of the list! I will update the table tonight.
  14. This is a suggestion to add scouting of players by the use of the Chief Data Analyst. Instead of the normal scout criteria search of specifying attributes, we can direct the chief data analyst to find you a list of players that have certain stats, such as: passing completion rate of 80% in the final third or middle third average tackles per game average interceptions shots on target % runs an average 13km per match etc The data analyst will then go away and find players that meet your criteria, presenting a list of possible players we could be interested in. We then have the choice of either scouting a select number of players or forward the whole list to the head scout to arrange the scouting team to investigate further. This will allow is as managers to then scout for players using two different methods and make more use of the data analysts.
  15. This is just a simple request, it bugs me when you review a players transfer screen to see what clubs are interested in them that it doesn't show what league the club is in next to the name. i.e. I'm hoping for the next iteration of FM this will be added.