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  1. Yes you can clearly see them in this pic. So it might just be a UI option whether to display them or not. With the Club Vision and Backroom Staff changes, will hiring the staff who's style and philosophy that matches the clubs or your own have more significance now?
  2. Great additions to the game and I'm liking the look of the UI refinements.
  3. Great job Miles, hope other people in the industry follow suit. Looking forward to adding the FM20 case to my FM/CM collection.
  4. For me I setup my games based on Transfermarkt league data: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/wettbewerbe/europa/wettbewerbe?plus=1 I add all leagues for all top 5 league nations, then add the other EU nations that have total value of £200m or more for their top division. If I think I want to manage in one of those lesser EU nations then I make sure I have added at least two league divisions for that nation so I don’t run into problems of having a limited pool of regens for that nationality later in the game as the seasons progress.
  5. I will start unemployed as an ex-international as I like the surprise of not knowing what club or league I’ll start my save with.
  6. I have often thought the answer to this issue would be to use the categories of the player radial chart for attributes instead of the attributes directly: i.e. Defending Physical Speed Vision Attacking Technical Aerial Mental These categories could be represented for the players profile by either the existing star system or something like a pH scale but without numbers To drill into the attribute categories further, clicking on a category would bring you to the coach/scout report and it would use the existing descriptive notes/labels to flesh out the individual attributes using colour coding and wording but no numbers. What needs to be mindful of though is that if attributes are hidden, what replaces must also be easily presentable in the normal Squad view table views. Perhaps it's time for the double row height Squad View to allow better representation of player information?
  7. After playing FM since CM01/02 days, In all that time I always stick to looking at the news page or squad view. I have never really used or looked at the home page. What about others, what is the core screen you spend the most time at between matches?
  8. Sideline shouts and team talks have no bearing outside of match day from my understanding. @Rashidi Did a video about this a few months ago and stated the same.
  9. For me it was trial and error but also a lot of input from these forums before YouTube and blog posts were a thing. After that I invested heavily in consuming coaching and tactical books. It really opened my mind to the world of football from a coach/player perspective and hence my approach to FM.
  10. This suggestion is to add 3D Google Earth stadium views for clubs to FM under Club information or at least provide a link to a 3D view. Example This is to go along side the often asked for request for Club Location Maps over the last 10 years at least. I understand Google has opened up the use of Google Maps and Google Earth for inclusion in game development in the last couple of years, not sure about the licensing requirements for commercial use however but could be worth pursuing.
  11. Suggestion is to add some shading to the current player comparison radial chart to highlight differences between players so it is more prominent. Example 1: Example 2: I find the the current radial chart not be as clear as it could be.
  12. As the title says, I would like to see a season progress bar added to the bottom of the screen just as a simple graphical representation how far along in the current season we are. Perhaps we could also have the option to customise it so it is just a simple progress bar or options to include fixture points, holiday periods, key injuries, different competitions etc. I'm always switching to the fixtures view to see how far I am in the season but I wish I just needed to glance down at the screen to quickly get a rough timeline. This is the closest I can find to a rough example. At the most basic level, a calendar bar (like the black one in the example screenshot above) would be across the bottom of the FM interface. First month would be July and Last month would be June (bar could adapt for leagues which have different pre-season start months). A thinner bar can be overlayed on top of this with its left side starting where your teams first competition match starts and would extend across the calendar bar to where your currently last scheduled competition match is. More complex option would be the ability 'expand' the progress bar so FM can then display sub-bars under the calendar progress bar (as per example image) such that each competition your team is active in has it's own bar. Large gaps between competition matches would be ignored. For cup competitions, the bar ends when your team gets knocked out or the competition ends. By including this feature, us as managers can quickly get a good idea of how the year is going to play out and where we currently sit in that schedule it terms of time and what is left.
  13. I've been eyeing off a new 5K ultrawide monitor, either a Samsung 49" CRG9 (LC49RG90SSEXXY) (5120 x 1440) or the LG 34" 34WK95U-W (5120 x 2160). Any FM players currently using either to play FM on? I currently run a Acer 34" 3440 x 1440 but always looking to go bigger but interested to hear others opinions who have either monitor for FM use. https://www.samsung.com/au/monitors/c49rg9/ https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34WK95U-W-ultrawide-monitor
  14. Typically they have to install a new signed certificate onto their site certificate store.
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