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  1. In my wardrobe the other day I found my old FM (CM) folder of notes from the CM 01/02 days. Ah the memories. I found lots of old but excellent articles from the great GeorgeMcD I printed out too. Can't believe that is 15 years ago now!
  2. Agree with all of these pre/post match suggestions. I posted up a suggestion late last year about a mid-week team talk as way to prepare and instruct the team prior to the coming match. I want to see a tighter relationship between training, match preparation, team talks and player psychology. At the moment they all feel like separate entities devoid of any relationship between each other, there is no linkage between the previous match, the match and the next match. I think this can be improved upon.
  3. That doesn't look like 2D Classic to me but the standard 2D view. 2D classic doesn't show the stadium. If you change to the proper 2D classic the 'ladybirds' will be larger.
  4. The Closing Down TI is my pet hate of all the team instructions, I really wish this gets refined/revamped. Here is my suggestion below on how I would like it fixed up and based more on real world coaching terminology.
  5. Thanks @T1JMO and @lfcvess60, your tests have been added now. Thanks @Oussebon to for spotting the technical error in one of the tests. I updated the memory details to default DDR3 support for that CPU. For FM18 when it comes out, I've been thinking of adding the following tests and information: 4 game tests (all nations and leagues loaded) Test A - standard 1 week processing at start of Season 1 Test B - standard 1 week processing of transfer deadline week at start of Season 1 Test C - standard 1 week processing at start of Season 5 Test D - standard 1 week processing of transfer deadline week at start of Season 5 Add new game PC performance star ratings for an average size game setup (Eg. All leagues from Top 10 nations) Anything else people think should be added or tweaked? I'd like the information to be a better reference for players to use for setting up games or researching computer upgrades with FM in mind.
  6. For me it is the following: Save the game before every match and after every game with rolling 10 file save Create independent saves at the start of a new season and after the last match of a season Clear my team selection after every game Bring in too many young players on loan to strengthen some positions, only to not use them and they getting disgruntled and want to leave Spend way too long looking for and analysing players and staff to sign at the start of game and between seasons (I am talking days worth of play)
  7. This is some added suggestions on from my original post about enhancing the opposition scouting and reports The additional enhancements I'd like to see are: Ability to assign more than one scout the next opposition to increase the detail and accuracy of the report. When more than one scout is assigned to the next opposition, scouts can be assigned to focus on particular duties (i.e. observing only defenders, midfield or attackers) so a more thorough analysis can be made on these lines of players. If only one scout is assigned less information is provided and more generic, but with additional scouts assigned the report increases in detail and size. New ability for scouts report on the next oppositions: Player substitutions, noting the time the manager likes to substitute, who and what position, and what impact the substitutions had on the game Restart plays and the strategies used, attached with a small field diagram of the set-play highlighting positions observed Type of build up the opposition like to use (GK to wingbacks etc) and how patient or direct it is Scouts to rate the opponents stages of play, with ratings on their build-up, attacking, defending and transitioning. This is based on key tasks for these stages, like ball interceptions, harassing the opponent, keeping or losing possession, creating scoring opportunities, scoring, blocking opponents progress etc These enhancements, as well as the suggestions from the original post, would give a more detailed but also more variable and customisable scout reports for the next opponents. This would allow for lower league team with limited scout ability to assign to the next opponents to get a less detailed or accurate report compared to a club with more and better quality scouting resources. This would place more emphasis on improving your staff as has a more direct impact of the format for the report you see.
  8. Thanks @theHDTreatment and @ilkork, table and chart updated with your results. And congratulations ilkork for taking out last place in PC performance
  9. Mine is 125k too for my PC with 16Gb of RAM.
  10. I think that is about right. What are your system specs?
  11. Thanks @Emperor J and @adonim, I've added your tests to the table. I've also gone and added a new bar chart as a visual comparison between the different CPU/Tests. Hope people fine it useful.
  12. It might be quicker but it is no less painful Also considering this is Year 0 so not much match/stat data in the save yet, and not even the transfer window was processed. So it will be about 55min processing for my PC to do the transfer window as a rough guesstimate. For FM18, I am thinking to add some files to do benchmarks with that are 5 seasons into a save, that way people can get an idea of how a computer will perform on a new save compared to one several years in.
  13. Finally got a chance to do myself. Benchmark A (Max/Max): 27min 14 secs Not sure that is a setting I would want to play at with all nations and leagues selected.
  14. I agree with this too. If anything, I believe what FM is lacking in terms of instruction/documentation is a grounding in real life coach/managerial thought crossed with a FM gamers perspective. Having read many actual football coaching books to educate myself, and read many FM guides over the years, I feel there is a wide gap between the two. Whether this is because it is assumed knowledge I cannot say.
  15. Sure, I can give it a try and I'll post up the results. I'll just run it at base clock as a baseline.