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  1. I don't think it would be realistic to limit the managers options. I have a whole bookshelf of football tactics books written to educate coaches of all levels on systems of play for their football team. A coach might be tactical genius but not have skilled players at his resource to implement his ideas and strategies. I think if you limit a manager/coaches options then you limit their progression/learning/coaching.
  2. I came across this while browsing the TransferMarkt site: I think something similar would be a great addition to FM as there is currently no encompassing view like it to track how or where your players have been throughout the season as match days comes and go. At a quick glance we can see the following: Player used in first IX Player used as a substitute Player on the bench Player not selected Player absent due to injury Player absent due to yellow card ban Player absent due to red card ban Player at another club (through loan or transfer) You could have filters to show all games (including pre-season), just league competition or cup competitions. Such a view is a great way to track how your players have been utilised as the season progresses.
  3. I re-did my tests for my i7-6700K build after confirming patch has been applied: Original Test / Re-test Benchmark A: 03:29 / 03:28 Benchmark B: 04:14 / 04:19 Benchmark C: 06:09 / 06:18 Can also confirm my PC reports PCID optimisation. I think the variances in the results is just pure differences inside the save between the tests.
  4. Thanks guys, I've updated the table with all the results I have missed the last couple of weeks. Thanks also to the guys who have been testing on slower rigs and submitting results for all three tests, really appreciated you sticking through and timing the results.
  5. How many seasons do you want to run for? On my own tests, simulating into the 4th season and beyond with all leagues and nations loaded on a large database, the game was becoming extremely slow taking hours just to process several weeks and this wasn’t even playing the game as a manager. Maybe look at a new Coffee-Lake 8700K if you are looking for a new upgrade to give yourself the best fighting start.
  6. Thanks @Dic and @heinouskismet, I added your results. I've rearranged the table too so PC and Laptop results are organised separately for easier viewing.
  7. Thanks all, results table is updated again. @jwchriste 7700K rig has taken top honours again.
  8. Thanks all for the testing, I've updated the table again. @Carsten 75: How much RAM does your 1080 ti have? 8GB? @Septimius: How much RAM does your R9 Fury have, 4GB? Are you able to provide what star rating FM gives for your PC and Graphics too please? @Xterno50: Is your SSD a mSATA or M.2 version do you know? Thanks
  9. Should be fixed now, must of had a brain-fart while entering info.
  10. Thanks @roykela, a new table of results has been added to the first post in the thread now. I will continue to update it as more people test. I will add a graph for the results once more people post up their tests.
  11. Thanks @jckc221013jamie, I've added your results to my table and should have it up soon. I'll keep an eye out for your i7-7700 results.
  12. Welcome all to this years FM18 Performance benchmarking thread! As per previous years, a save has been created with all 51 nations and 116 leagues using a large database. Total player count is 170,000. Note: Per my own testing and other user reports, FM18 processes slower then previous editions due to new mechanics such as Squad Dynamics, Scouting revamp, Medical Centre etc. Three saves have been provided this year to test and benchmark your computer under different conditions, these are as follows: Benchmark A - Starts 20th August 2017, Detail Level: Default/Default Benchmark B - Starts 20th August 2017, Detail Level: Default/Custom (Full detail set on EFL Championship, Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Primera Division) Benchmark C - Starts 20th August 2019, Detail Level: Default/Default (Beginning of 3rd season) To run the benchmarks, download benchmark save games from the following site: DropBox: FM18_Benchmark_A, FM18_Benchmark_B, FM18_Benchmark_C Save files to \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\games Before running some tests, ensure your PC is configured for the best possible conditions for testing: PC Settings: Close all non-essential system tray icons (OneDrive, Sound\Motherboard\Peripheral apps etc) Disable any non-essential services (Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology etc) Turn on 'High Performance' power plan. (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options) FM Settings: Ensure that auto save interval is disabled Ensure that Enable Data Collection is disabled Set processing to Fast (Less Responsive) Ensure WindowMode is Full Screen Make sure when running FM18, no other programs are running (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Task Manager, Office etc) and if running on a laptop make sure it is plugged into the power socket. After you load the appropriate benchmark save game, just go on holiday for a week, and measure the time needed for processing using a stopwatch on your wristwatch or phone. Holiday from 20/8 until 27/8 for all tests Post your results in the following format: If you are unsure about your PC specs, you can download CPU-Z for free from https://www.cpuid.com/, this should give you all the precise information you need. To find your true memory clock speed, in CPU-Z click on the MEMORY tab and check the value of the DRAM FREQUENCY field and then double it. (Example, my memory reports 1600 MHz which when doubled give 3200 MHz). Alternatively, run the following command from a command line in windows: wmic memorychip get speed. This will report the speed for each RAM module in your PC (mine reports 3200 for each RAM stick). The FM18 Computer Performance Rating can be found by loading FM18_Benchmark_A saved game and going to FM > Add/Remove Leagues. Score is at the bottom. The FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating can be found in FM Preferences under the Match heading. If any questions, feel free to ask. Get testing! RESULTS: FM17 Benchmarking Thread
  13. I've updated the FM17 results for the final time and added an extra column on the table to show the percentage difference between Benchmark A and Benchmark B in timings. Stay tuned for the FM18 benchmarking thread which will have 3 tests to perform this time around, 1 of the existing tests and 2 new scenarios to put peoples computers through their paces.
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