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  1. Hmm well now I feel a bit foolish not knowing it was there already. Cheers. Be good if you could get a report like this with a bit more graphical flair to your inbox as part of a post match analysis report for a key goal.
  2. I enjoy the Bundesliga in Austria, small amount of teams, short seasons and a winter break. Can play as a minnow or as a titan, never feels like a hard slog.
  3. Not sure if I posted this suggestion a few years ago however I cannot find it in my post history. The suggestion is to add a shot/goal event sequence diagram to FM that is available via the analytical data for matches (half time or full time results). Accessing the diagrams can be displayed beside the xG chart, or clicking on data points for Shot Map, or post match analysis news items. Many coaching books use similar diagrams as coaching tools, adding these sequence diagrams to FM would be a great visual aid for analysis and story telling.
  4. I'd like to add a suggestion that at the end of each transfer window a visualisation map is provided that shows the flow of transfers across the FM world. I envision 2 main views, one for transfers and one for nationalities. Transfers is obviously country of origin to destination country Nationalities view is nationality origin to destination country for transfer. Views could be further filtered to the following criteria: Single origin/destination nation Filter by regions Filter by competition tier level Filter by single competition Data represented can be either count of transfers or monetary value (or both) Adding a flow map would help anchor FM further into giving an impression that the world we are managing is living and breathing. It also helps visualise how the game world we setup at the start (db size, nations selected, tier levels etc) unfolds as we get further and further into the game. Example map (courtesy of https://football-observatory.com/)
  5. Awesome teaser, got me well and truly excited. Loving the new data visualisation push for FM22, looking much slicker. Seems there is a new comparison radar chart also?
  6. Thought it was time I posted my own results Type: Custom desktop Model: Desktop CPU Model: Intel i7 6700k 4 cores and 8 threads CPU Base Frequency: 4.0 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.2 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: @2133 MHz GPU: AMD Radeon 5700 XT 8GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very high Storage Type: NVMe SSD M.2 Benchmark A: 2min 12 secs Benchmark B: 10min 9 secs Benchmark C: 15 mins 42 secs Looks like time I upgraded my PC
  7. Great read from Miles and very happy to read SI have made the decision not to have Covid issues emulated front and centre in FM. News is saturated with COVID issues these days and personally it has become mentally draining, so it is comforting to know at least in FM we can escape from these real world issues and not have to relive them playing a game we all love.
  8. OK cheers, thought that was the case but wanted to check just in case there was a chance I could register it.
  9. As per title, can FM2008 be registered with STEAM? Going through my FM library and realised some older titles were not registered with my STEAM account, FM2009 has an activation code but it seems my FM2008 box does not. Was STEAM activation only supported from FM2009 onwards?
  10. You left off Kim Kallstrom. He was my go to for every save back then.
  11. Planning on doing a Journeyman save through Europe. Unfortunately due to work and health issues I never got to pursue this in FM2021
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