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  1. Hi @Orby, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've managed to recreate this and it's under review.
  2. Hi @bananahk, thanks for the feedback - this is one we're aware of.
  3. Hi @kevgaleuk, do you have a save game from when teams are offering you a friendly?
  4. Hi @Christopher S, just to confirm that this is an issue we are aware of and it's currently with the dev team.
  5. Hi @Tim Southampton Rover, thanks for the screenshot. This is the issue we've got raised internally.
  6. Hi @kevgaleuk, can you go to your Preferences please. In the bottom left hand corner there is a 'Reset' dropdown. From there can you select 'Clear Cache' please. This should hopefully stop the Shortlist view resetting.
  7. Hi @Retrogott, thanks for the save and steps to reproduce. We've now got this under review.
  8. Hi @Forberg, thanks for the feedback. This is an issue we are aware of.
  9. Hi @_PeteG_, thanks for the feedback - this is one we're aware of.
  10. Hi all, apologies for the late reply. Just to confirm this is something we are aware of.
  11. Hi @kevaggel, can you upload your save please? Details on how to do so can be found here:
  12. Hi @Sc0rp1on. This happens when the ball is behind the tablet, so that the tablet doesn't cover up the action.
  13. Hi @fmsamo, would you mind uploading the save please?
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