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  1. Can understand, I have to do the same and wait for the physical copy becomes available here in Oz but have to pay premium price. This year I want to try and get it earlier by pre-ordering. Nobody from SI staff have been able to answer yet so I have submitted a Support tick with SEGA and hoping I will get a answer back soon.
  2. Something about seeing a row of FM titles on my shelf makes me feel warm inside. Still missing some from the CM days (mainly pre 01/02) might have to hit up eBay. Heathen!
  3. I’m not ready to break the cycle yet Would be good if SI released a downloadable DVD case cover so we could print and add to a blank DVD case and place on our shelves for those of us who like to collect.
  4. Feels like stepping back to the 90s again with those graphics.
  5. I wish to pre-order a physical copy of FM22 from the UK to here in Australia as nobody seems to be offering FM22 pre-orders here. Is FM22 region locked to the UK again or do I have to wait to be ripped off by local retailers to get a physical box copy for my shelf?
  6. I’m half Dutch, my Dutch relatives still call it Holland with a bit of Netherlands thrown in
  7. Think I’d prefer the European scouting areas look more like this map with the exception of UK and Ireland still it’s own region like in game. The Balkans should be their own scouting region in FM.
  8. Don’t have the beta yet, has the recruitment meeting been updated at all and made more meaningful?
  9. No worries. @Neil BrockAre the UK physical copy keys region locked for Steam or can be used globally?
  10. I'm in Australia, forgot to mention that sorry. Is the physical version key UK region locked if I order from Shopto? I've been caught out before, I ordered FM20 from Amazon.UK and couldn't activate the game and had to purchase a second copy Local Amazon.com.au or even EB Games not showing the game is available to pre=-order.
  11. Still not seeing advertised pre-orders for FM22 physical copy yet, what’s the deal? I only order the physical copy for each FM iteration.
  12. @Kyle Brownthanks for the feedback and I can see where you are coming from. Instead of a report then, how about an alternate view attached to a shortlist? Shortlists currently have list and position view, can I suggest a third view be added to the shortlist that is a Best XI. The Best XI view is like the Position view however based on the layout of the Team Report > Overview (Best XI) and presented on a smaller scale. The Best XI populates with the best player for a position as based on the players registered to the shortlist and calculated best fit for each position in relation to the scout report. Most of the player filtering can still be applied to help narrow down the selection process and also with the ability to include your own club/squad players. This way we can construct our own best XI off of scouted players and using our own criteria. The Position view allows us to filter a scouted list based on position, the Best XI operates on the reverse concept and filtering to construct a team and view a 'what if' scenario. This would probably work better based on your above feedback and integrate easier into the existing shortlist setup.
  13. The 10th would be release date for Australia? We are a day ahead.
  14. Just an FYI, I have just noticed nearly all the latest Gigabyte Aorus x570 MB releases now offer Gigabyte Active OC tuner, making this OC feature available at a cheaper price than Asus two MB offerings.
  15. Cheers, I'll be sure to install Ryzen Master, looking forward to the performance boost away from my 5 year old build. I'm back to looking at X570 too. If I can get hold of a Lian Li 011 Air Mini Mesh (case has been delayed by Lian Li a couple of months due to manufacturing issue) I may swing to that build and ditch my old Corsair mATX case. It will set me back another $400 to go the X570 route instead of sticking with mATX and B550.
  16. I think the 5900X will be enough to replaced my aging 6th gen Intel processor. Currently my rig is a mATX form factor so will be sticking with mATX for now as I don't want to replace my case. This means I can only get a motherboard with B550 chipset as there are no decent mATX MBs running x570 chipset. Will be looking at a Gigabyte Aorus Pro AX B550M Yeah not enough in it to justify the extra $400, I am not doing 3D modelling or anything intensive like that. Will be using the $400 towards updating my nvme SSD.
  17. Still bugging me that the player comparison radial chart are not shaded objects but just line plots. They should be shaded to make them visually consistent with the other radial chart comparisons.
  18. What's the consensus on the AMD 5900X vs 5950X for FM? It is a $400 price premium here for the 5950X over the 5900X. Latest benchmark results doesn't show any evidence the 5950X is a better option for FM processing. For me probably the $400 is better spent going towards better memory and MB.
  19. Maybe the Recruitment option only appears if there is a place available or recommendation?
  20. Not a fan of the pink dominating the data hub visualisations. Makes me think it is some special day where everything is pink to highlight some social cause. Prefer the more blue-green colour shown in the sneak peak video.
  21. The inbox needs to be moved to the Home page as it makes no sense we have a home page but 99% of the time we are just hitting the inbox. I would much prefer the FM UI move towards a dashboard approach, where we have one page that shows a summary and the pertinent information of the other modules and we click into them to access more detailed information and perform management tasks. I have to read email all the time for work, I hate that when I play FM I am playing email simulator all over again.
  22. Well we all live in hope each year, I am still waiting for the day where the UI gets a complete revamp because many parts have been largely untouched for years. Take attribute masking, this has been a feature people have asked for revamping for at least 15 years, same with adding club location maps. Maybe one day we will be surprised.
  23. I’d like to suggest a new report/screen be generated by our Director of Football and/or Chief Scout of a future squad that is an amalgamation of our existing squad and player talent the recruitment team have unearthed. The best 11 will be presented by the current primary tactic and its roles, any possible transfers will only be the best players that have been fully scouted and believe would want to join the club. If no player has been scouted fully that could replace an existing club player, then the club player would be the one shown for that position. Like a shortlist, possible transfer players will only only have a suggested transfer target for 12 months, after that they will get dropped or rescouted. If a possible player signs a new contract, gets transferred or sent out on loan they also will be dropped. This new best 11 scan also be made a key part of the Recruitment meeting and be a new key area of the Scouting module.
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