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  1. If I understand it correctly, the rating back most harshly impacts defensive players by not correctly recording defensive contributions like interceptions and aerial duels that would positively influence the match rating calculation. Ergo, moving Rice to midfield where he would be potentially having more offensive impact with his positioning and passing, would lead to a higher match rating.
  2. Was he disastrous or were his match ratings low because of the match rating bug?
  3. You can always play a "learning save" to get used to any changes and get a feel for the Match AI and restart after the final patch is out.
  4. I bought a couple shares of AMD when it was around $10/share. Happy to see the competition! The FOMO factor is real, but age has wisened me up a bit too. Funny how that works, FOMO was strong when the finances were strained, and fades as financial security grows.
  5. RAM doesn't provide a significant improvement for FM. 8GB would be enough for FM and simultaneous web browsing, unless he's a Chrome sociopath that keeps a boatload of tabs open.
  6. Greg Taylor, Celtic is the common refrain from earlier in the thread. Two Celtic lads rotating and replacing each other. Tierney as a FB(A/S), Taylor as FB(S/D) depending on the situation and fitness levels.
  7. In the post. The primary difference, I believe, is the 8 core processor on the MBP over the 4 core processor in the MSI.
  8. I play with all international and domestic competition detail levels set to "Senior Competitive Match," which gives it a single star game speed. The processing breaks on match days are much faster, with no fans kicking on and some warmth, as opposed to actual heat on my previous laptop, an MSI GL62M 7RE-623 with i7 - 7700HQ CPU (2.80 GHz - 3.80 GHz) with 32GB RAM. On my old laptop, I would run the same detail level on 17 leagues from 9 countries: England (4), Germany (3), Italy (2), France (2), Spain (2), Netherlands (1), Portugal (1), Argentina (1), Brazil (1) with a half star rati
  9. The players are adequately rated to succeed, if you don't let your real life take on the players get in the way. You won't walk to the title, but if you get your tactics right, you can compete and succeed. At what point do researchers reduce some of these guys even further?
  10. My Mac entry (currently rownum 20) is incorrect in the spreadsheet (B & C timings should be 9:10 and 12:31 for the most recent versions, and RAM is 16GB)
  11. I always enjoyed those 2008-2011 Project Youth Era squads. Ramsey, Wilshere, Szszesny, Vela, Denilson, JET, Lansbury, Frimpong, Armand Traore, Gibbs, Nasri, Diaby, Walcott, Bendtner, et al I kind of have that same feeling with Saka, Nelson, AMN, Azeez, TJJ, Balogun, Willock, ESR, and Medley where I want to bring the youth at the club through, rather than completely gut the squad as I did FM12-18. I didn't really know enough about Arsenal/Premier League/Football when I first stated playing with CM01/02 to know that was the Golden Age of the squad and most of my FM memories are from FM
  12. No specific player suggestions for FM21, yet, but I would always go for guys that had the high mental attributes and could still do a job for me. In FM20, that was Santi, Cesc, and Arturo Vidal. They don’t necessarily have to be old, either, the older ones are just cheaper and can fall off a cliff quickly.
  13. I've loaned him out again, but I don't have a long-term plan for him. Was hoping he'd help my Spanish affiliate get promoted, but he's gone and gotten injured with another groin tear.
  14. He's on my shortlist for Rob Holding replacements, but I haven't bought him, yet.
  15. The "scope" panel on the assignment pop-up should also get more screen real estate
  16. August 2021 A pleasant undefeated start to the season. One would be led to believe George Graham had returned to the helm with four consecutive victories, 1 nil to the Arsenal. Community Shield (N - Wembley): Arsenal 1 - 0 Manchester City Premier League (A - Etihad Stadium): Arsenal 1 - 0 Manchester City Super Cup (N - Windsor Park): Arsenal 1 - 0 Manchester City Premier League (H): Arsenal 1 - 0 West Ham Premier League (A - King Power): Arsenal 4 - 1 Leicester Champions League Draw Premier League (A - Bramall Lane): Arsenal 5 - 2 Sh
  17. I went from one 1-0 before the update. After updating to 21.2, I got two more 1-0 wins, followed by a 4-1 win and a 5-2 win...
  18. If he does, I’d expect he’d separate the stadium from the club. Sell the team and keep the real estate.
  19. And then some relegation 6-pointers on the road. Graham Potter has had our number and I expect WBA to be on a new manager bounce.
  20. Don’t look now, but Fulham are two points behind us, IRL. Burnley have two games in hand and are four point behind. With a win, Brighton overtakes us on GD to push us down to 16th. I’ve generally avoided hyperbolic relegation talk, but math don’t lie. Brighton play Sheffield tomorrow.
  21. I did notice mine was warm when I ran through benchmarks A-C, I did them once on 21.1.3 and then upgraded to 21.2 and reran them. I had been playing on 2D prior to the 21.2 update, but switched to check out the reported stutter and haven’t switched back. Must be the graphics engine working the machine more causing the warmth.
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