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  1. Probably missing something obvious but I'm struggling to locate the explanations... help?
  2. I put in a feature request about this type of thing as it really needs a refresh. I asked if the 'script' of all of these interactions could be made available to the community to either suggest changes or to mod the whole thing.
  3. Interesting, thanks. I am assuming that upon completion it would be what the game would call state of the art. It would be interesting to know what system was in place before and to try to approximate it to an in-game facility level, just to have an idea of how far they came and how quickly. Did they achieve greater incremental jumps that the game would allow? Really difficult to assess, I know. Also, given the six-year plan, does the ladder of levels in the game adequately reflect the development of the City facility? In-game, if built from the ground up, at some initial point it wo
  4. Very happy about those improvements to the editors. Especially the option to give a player a transfer value when you move him between clubs, a more detailed explanation of the different editor options, the ability to add non-player future transfers and the computer helping to fill in a player’s missing stats by being able to choose his role. Great stuff.
  5. Thanks for that clarification. I approach things in pretty much the same manner but two or three superscouts with superknowledge certainly helps
  6. Great call, that would be very helpful
  7. Yeah, it's about how profound the effect is on players. A manager with 1 man mgmt might get an okay/good response from a player if he says the correct the, but a manager with 20 could say the same thing and get an excellent response. At least that's what I have taken it to mean, could be wrong though.
  8. Did not know that! Great how this game keeps throwing up little details like that even after all these years. Couple of questions though - If you have a scout consistently on the same ongoing roaming assignment and he gathers knowledge of his area, will he then lose a bit of knowledge over time and then top it back up on the next cycle? Do any attributes effect the rate of gathering/losing knowledge?
  9. Thankfully it's a known issue that they can easily replicate and so is under review. Good news as it's driving me nuts.
  10. I think the point might be that the Head Scout/Physio is managing the other scouts/physios?
  11. My guess is full knowledge will allow him to complete his assignment quicker and stay on top of developments more effectively. I think determination has an effect on his speed and efficiency too though (not sure). Send a scout with lower knowledge, but similar attributes, and he will pretty much do the same job, just slower, until he has full knowledge. But I don't think he will find better players or be more accurate in his reports because of it. That would be down to his judgement attributes. I hadn't thought about the language issue before, that would be an excellent extra factor
  12. Yep, pointless to worry about which one you get, but still worth getting one.
  13. When loading saved shortlists/filters etc. it would be nice to have an option like a tick box or being able to use ctrl/hold to select multiple files and then load them in one go, rather than having to go back and forth between a couple of screens doing one at a time.
  14. Are you hinting that something may have changed? Didn't it used to be definitive that tutoring didn't effect anything beyond hidden attributes and determination?
  15. That's a good point. It would still be nice to have to put in a little more effort in the choosing though. My guess is that there is no real difference, a bit like chief scout and scout, they are just different slots to fill on the staff roster but do essentially the same job. The chief analyst will probably be nominally the one who sends you the report, just like the chief scout sending you the reports from the rest of the scouting team. I think that, so long as you have at least one data analyst for each squad you should be fine. SI have confirmed that no specific attribute
  16. Interesting, it'll be good to see how that goes. I'm pretty conservative with my application of TIs anyway but even less could be even more.
  17. It would be nice not to have to re-do all the notification preferences at the start of each game (if that suits the way you play). Just import a file and away you go.
  18. You could try the old ones, see if you have any luck - https://community.sigames.com/topic/335648-fm15-released-stadium-graphicsbanners-for-3d-match-engine/ https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/24591/fm-2016-ad-board-patch-released-on-10122015 If they don't work there will be FM17 versions out soon after the game is officially released.
  19. Wow! Battlecry! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! You have convinced me. I have to go now, I am filling up...
  20. True, personality is key, but I still like determination. I am sure it's down to nostalgically clinging to the misconceptions that used to be circulated about it. Come to think of it I have never assessed how it actually effects match performance. I just can't let go...
  21. You sir, are nothing but a heathen! But you're right about the personalities.
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