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  1. HopOnBaby

    A thread where we discuss films

    Saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this evening and I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. Small thing about the end...
  2. I've heard reports that are so positive that I may give it a butchers, despite it being YA and I'm, well, A.
  3. HopOnBaby

    The Crystal Maze is to return

    Just saw an advert this evening - there are new games!
  4. HopOnBaby

    Pope Ted - The Father Ted Musical

    Neil Hannon <3
  5. HopOnBaby

    Han Solo film

  6. HopOnBaby

    Han Solo film

    It's not blowing the box office away...
  7. HopOnBaby

    Android Phone

    Yeah, liked the idea of those ones - could certainly do with a few to go to work, with my battery pack, etc.
  8. HopOnBaby

    Android Phone

    Anyone got any recommendations for micro USB-to-USB C converters?
  9. HopOnBaby


    You/someone filmed it all?!
  10. HopOnBaby

    Do we still need the third place playoff?

    As it is, it feels a bit odd - maybe if it's moved to a 3pm kick off on the day of the final at 7.45pm, it could give you a final, single-day overdose of football before the long month before domestic football restarts.
  11. HopOnBaby

    Han Solo film

  12. HopOnBaby

    Android Phone

    Funnily enough, my mate tried to get me to buy through them today; he's a fan.
  13. HopOnBaby

    Han Solo film

    I was pretty indifferent towards it - some nice nods to the original trilogy, but
  14. HopOnBaby

    Android Phone

    Nice upgrade call with EE - taking into consideration the reduction in monthly outgoing and the handset cost, I've just got an S9 for less than £20.