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  1. Found it on Amazon, so it's on its way now - thanks for the help!
  2. Sounds good, thanks! I think my head was slightly turned by the prospect of 20GB of RAM!
  3. What's up, party people? So, after eight years, my PC is giving out - keep getting memory crashes. Just manually tweaked the virtual memory and it's behaving a bit better, but I wouldn't mind something with more power. After looking at some guides, this seems to tick most of the boxes for FM, but could it do the job for some more graphic-intensive god games? Top budget about £800.
  4. As it is, it feels a bit odd - maybe if it's moved to a 3pm kick off on the day of the final at 7.45pm, it could give you a final, single-day overdose of football before the long month before domestic football restarts.
  5. They sure are! I think BBC3 and ITV4 get in on the action for the last games of the group stages, but it's mainly BBC1 and ITV1.
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