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  1. HopOnBaby

    Do we still need the third place playoff?

    As it is, it feels a bit odd - maybe if it's moved to a 3pm kick off on the day of the final at 7.45pm, it could give you a final, single-day overdose of football before the long month before domestic football restarts.
  2. I once got a yellow card for suggesting that I had photos of Marc Vaughan leaning against livestock.
  3. What? Tipping over bins, having loud parties and the like?
  4. HopOnBaby

    World Cup Referee Appointments Thread

    I imagine the chap who disallowed Dzeko's goal last night won't be seen again this tournament.
  5. HopOnBaby

    The state of the commentators.

    In the first half of Argentina v Iran, Clive Tyldesley announced that many of the Iranian players had their Christian names on their shirts...
  6. HopOnBaby

    Germany Didn't Want to Talk to Dutch Reporter

    The reporter has clearly taken naked pictures of the players by the pool.
  7. HopOnBaby

    Odd Coloured Boots

    White, tied up and covered in mud?
  8. HopOnBaby

    Odd Coloured Boots

    Good news - black boots do still exist.
  9. HopOnBaby

    BBC or ITV for the World Cup?

    Here is a survey about BBC and ITV coverage. Feel free to stick the boot into Andy Townsend.
  10. HopOnBaby

    Vanishing Spray

    If only there was a video somewhere which demonstrated players turning invisibles...
  11. HopOnBaby

    The Official England World Cup Thread

    Agreed - Lallana in for Wilshere and you may be onto something.
  12. HopOnBaby

    World Cup kits through the ages

    Wondered when you'd show up
  13. HopOnBaby

    World Cup kits through the ages

    Saw it at lunch - I like the way that back in the day, an away kit comprised of the same shirt with different colour shorts