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  1. Behave, Uefa. Since they got sympathy for the whole Super League debacle, they've shot themselves in the foot so many times, they must be running low on bullets.
  2. You say 'golden boot' - this is the generic nonsense the top scorer will be taking home :/
  3. They've made their bed now - asking was political, so just doing rainbowy stuff in/on the stadium without asking falls within their boundaries of acceptability as it's supporting #EqualGame.
  4. True - the dictionary definition of the lesser of two evils.
  5. Ever since people actually sympathised with Uefa and rallied around them over the whole Super League debacle, they've stumbled from PR disaster to PR disaster like Sideshow Bob in a field of rakes.
  6. Is it just me, or have SD broadcasts got worse? Feel like I have to watch on iPlayer or ITV Hub for HD, but you're always at least 30 seconds behind and the latter is an appalling, constantly crashing platform.
  7. They both wanted 6 at Barca, so came to an agreement for Spain.
  8. That was my first reaction - him and McCoist are sublime on Prime Video. I guess he's going to be doing ESPN's coverage in the US for this tournament.
  9. And Müller actually ended up with 25 instead of 13, which I'm a little surprised at - especially as the guy who had been wearing the latter number isn't at the Euros.
  10. Larger squads means unprecedented numbering at this year's tournament, with players taking to the pitch sporting 24, 25 and 26. But who will they be? Handily, I've done a blog on that very subject, and you can collate your own team of players who are familiar with those larger numbers.
  11. Ah, very useful to know he can still play - I'm playing as Kobnhavn and have a couple of British loanees too with the same issue. I'm in the winter break at present, so haven't seen if I'm able to play them regardless. Oddly, the issue doesn't exist for a British player I have permanently. There was the option to apply for a work permit on his profile, and it was granted the following day.
  12. Found it on Amazon, so it's on its way now - thanks for the help!
  13. Sounds good, thanks! I think my head was slightly turned by the prospect of 20GB of RAM!
  14. What's up, party people? So, after eight years, my PC is giving out - keep getting memory crashes. Just manually tweaked the virtual memory and it's behaving a bit better, but I wouldn't mind something with more power. After looking at some guides, this seems to tick most of the boxes for FM, but could it do the job for some more graphic-intensive god games? Top budget about £800.
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