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  1. I Care A Lot is a good one - pretty much everyone is an antagonist, so you have no idea of where it's headed, which is pretty rare. Give it a watch
  2. Having a Prime film day - started with Escape from Pretoria, which is a decent enough prison break movie, although it does feel a bit longer than it needs to be. Based on a true story though, so it's got that going for it. Just started I Care A Lot and I'm already pretty outraged by the first 15 minutes, but in an entertained way.
  3. Bet he loves playing away at Valencia too.
  4. Religious discussion aside, I enjoyed Murder Among the Mormons. I'd heard of the Salt Lake City bombings, but didn't know any of the people involved, so it was interesting to see how it all came together. Three parts felt like the right length for the different tones of the episodes too.
  5. I'd bump the series up to an 8/10 at least - pretty much every episode blew me away, but oddly the finale left me a little flat. Maybe it was the disappointment that it was over or all the unresolved threads, but at least the MCU is generally pretty good at tidying them up. May need explaining who Fietro actually was - was Ralph just Agatha's husband in the deceit (i.e. Agnes's husband), a random Westview resident she took over (but why call her his wife?), or a familiar of Agatha who was made to resemble Quicksilver by magic? Very excited for what it sets up in the future in terms o
  6. I'm spoiling my ballot - awful finalists. (Relatively speaking, obvs - I'd still happily scoff both, but considering the ones that have missed out? Nah.)
  7. I utterly adore that clip - it's my favourite version of the song.
  8. Yeah, I've watched a few episodes and I'm enjoying the focus on the smaller stories that don't usually get much press. Also helps that it's a couple of years ago, so I've forgotten a lot of the stuff that happened!
  9. I just used one to get scouting reach into South America - all the stuff that DoFs do are the bits of the game I enjoy most!
  10. New Rockstars And there are quite a few places that do Easter egg hunts on YouTube - gotta milk those juicy clicks!
  11. You probably paid him enough to buy a golf course.
  12. Interesting thinking - checks out on IMDb that they haven't worked together before... although would he be the Luke Skywalker level of cameo that Elizabeth Olsen suggested?
  13. When you saw you were playing West Ham on the final day of the season, you should've put money on them reaching the cup final
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