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  1. How do I do that? Tbf 95% of the time I play FM with charger plugged in
  2. Says I have the updated drivers. Sometimes I play on it when charging not sure about power options
  3. Also get this message when trying to manually install it
  4. Problem has gotten worse as now happens right at the start of a match
  5. So I get this message. Had it a few times when tried to do it myself yesterday. Any idea where to go from here?
  6. Nice one will try it out when I finish work. Will let you know how I get on. Nice one 👍
  7. Is it the top link and then the zip file in that link? Tried to download it yesterday (not the zip file) and didn't allow my laptop to do it for some unknown reasons. It ran fm 18 completely fine so strange how it's just writing this years game off haha
  8. Have the same issues. Could it be I need a new laptop?
  9. So unistalled the graphics driver. I've tried to download a new graphics driver but doesn't allow me to down load it as my laptop hasn't got the minimum requirements. Done this with every graphic driver I could but still the same? Never had any problems like this on any other FM
  10. Every one I have had FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.03 22.15.54).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.04 13.17.52).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.04 14.01.41).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.04 18.31.15).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 11.19.49).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 21.16.47).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 23.41.55).dmp
  11. Yeah did that aswell. I understand if it was the one save file but it's happened in about 5 different ones. Really not sure what else to do
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