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  1. A lot of this depends on your own team as much as the opposition. Do you have good creative players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet? You probably want to tell them to dribble more in order to create more openings. If you don't have those players but your strikers are physical target men, maybe take the option of pumping crosses into the box. Or maybe you want to change your style to a less attacking approach to try to draw the opposition out a little bit. Part of the reason it's difficult to come up with definitive rules is because so much depends on the interaction of the
  2. I think it's dependent on the league too. The EPL seems pretty bad for it but I think that might be down to the money involved. Clubs seem to rely on the revenue they get from league placings and want to protect it as much as possible so expectations seem to ramp up much quicker in that league than others. It works both ways though - how often have you seen complaints when a club does well in the EPL but the board is too conservative and don't give you the money you might want the following season?
  3. Agreed. What might be useful is just a master option on the Responsibilities screen that forces all final decisions to go through the manager. At least that would stop players leaving and arriving without your final say.
  4. I suspect the problem with the libero might be in the hard-coding of the role. It just doesn't seem that useful, which I guess is reflected in the fact that very, very few teams use one IRL. So retraining a DM to a libero is probably not a great idea. A DM with "gets further forward" is probably a good compromise, I think. I pulled my wingbacks back to be proper fullbacks when I switched formation. Leaving them as WB would leave you too open on the flanks, I think.
  5. I tried in my first season at Boro. The results were...not good. I never saw the libero get far enough forward to make an impact in the final third and more often than not he was just out of position defensively most of the time. I reverted to a BPD instead and that seemed to be much better. In my second season I changed from a back 3 to a back 4 with a DM, who does a better job of doing the libero role than my defenders would.
  6. This is one of this year's more annoying features, IMO. The various staff responsibilities seem to have unintended consequences that you have to stay on top of. I had one of my more promising prospects sold for peanuts before I went in and changed the settings to take back control. I know it may be reflective of how real-world clubs are run, but I think it would be better if the responsibilities were more clearly outlined either at the start of the game or as soon as you employ a loan manager/DoF etc.
  7. Champions League football would definitely be a factor there. Rodriguez seems to be hard coded to leave Real after the first season and players who are out of contract, or definitely being released, are easier to sign than they would otherwise be. It seemed to take a long time for Rodriguez to make a decision in my Boro save but he did eventually go to a big club (think it was Inter) after most of the big clubs in Italy, England and Germany went in for him. The wonderkid is a bit weirder, though it can sometimes depend on the club he's at since some clubs simply need the money ASAP so will acc
  8. My first save every year is with Boro and I've just finished my first season with automatic promotion. Leeds were way ahead at Christmas and I was just in the playoffs but the season ended with Leeds scraping though via the playoffs and Brentford finishing ridiculously well to end up 2nd, just behind me. Brentford seem really good this year going by what everyone else has been saying here. It's definitely a long slog in the Championship. I had a tough December/January but also went on a really good run in March and April. The sheer number of games can put a strain on any squad and Boro la
  9. How long did you try it for? Changing tactics all the time can affect the players and doesn't give them time to adapt. Also, which matches were you losing and why? One thing I would say is your left side look sunbalanced with an IF and IWB there, potentially leaving a big gap down that side as your players will generally look to come towards the middle of the pitch when you have possession. If your AML loses the ball there's likely going to be a huge gap down that side for the opposition to start quick, easy counters.
  10. I usually consider the situation and position of the player. 2 yellows is a warning unless one was stupid. A straight red is usually a 1-week fine, but it would depend on the situation. I don't think I've ever given a 2-week fine for anything.
  11. I often wonder how people can twist everything they see and hear on a daily basis into some sort of personal attack on them and their values. I'd be knackered if I went through life constantly looking for things to be offended by. At least the Twitter comments made for good reading
  12. Saville's fee is already deducted, which probably explains the fairly low transfer budget even after selling Traore to Wolves in the summer. I've just finished my first season in the PL and it was probably my most successful season on any FM ever. I benefitted from teams underestimating me early on and also from being able to put together a great young team in the Championship who all came good in the first season in the PL. Tonali, Marin and Fry were all immense, as was Alena who I managed to get in on loan for a second season. I brought in Johannes Geis on a free and Marcos Llorente for
  13. Just started my second season as Boro. Romped away in the Championship first season. Brought in Tonali, Marin, Piazon, Blesa and Murilla and shipped out a few players, including my fullbacks as I'm experimenting with a back 3 with no WBs. Also brought in Alena on loan. We pretty much walked the league, getting over 100 points with Asombalonga getting 23 goals after a slow start and a lull in January and February after Fulham turned his head with a bunch of insulting offers (less than £10m). The summer before the 2nd season was extremely eventful. I had already secured a deal for Arp befo
  14. Thanks for the responses so far guys. Mbemba turned out to be quite expensive but I eventually managed to secure a deal for Zagadou who has developed quite well and is nearly ready for the first team. It was pretty pricey (more than I originally planned) but probably worth it as an investment for the next 3-5 years. Annoyingly I missed out on David Luiz on loan from Chelsea as he went to Celtic, presumably for European football. I'll check out some of the other suggestions though as I still need some depth - Paz looks pretty good. Fry's developed well enough to start in the PL so I'm look
  15. I'm currently managing Boro and am in the summer of 2019, having got promoted to the PL in my first season. I'm struggling a bit to find some decent players to strengthen the side. I'm looking for a DC, preferably one ready to slot straight into the first team, though somebody who's almost at that level with room to improve would work too. I have about £25m for transfers but I'd prefer to spend around £7-10m if possible as I've got other areas to strengthen too. Any ideas?
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