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  1. @herne79 gives good advice here, as usual. You can figure out most things purely by looking at your players. Presumably in this game in the first half your players were all doing what you expected and everything was working well. You can figure out what changed by continuing to look at your own players. Maybe your central midfielders aren't getting as much space any more, or you're being exposed down the flanks by more aggressive opposition fullbacks. In all cases you should be able to relate that back to your team and individual performances. Midfielders not getting on the ball as much? Maybe
  2. It works, but only up to a point. You need to have a player free to mark the opposition player in the first place and, assuming you do, you need that player to be good at marking. That requires good Positioning, Anticipation, concentration and Decisions, as well as good Marking. Potentially you also need good Stamina. You also have to hope the opposition player isn't vastly better than your defender as they should naturally be looking to find space, especially if they're in a playmaker role as they often have licence to roam. So it can work, but if the opposition player is someone like Messi e
  3. Transfer budgets are determined by your finances. Having an extra £68m from selling a player will help your finances but that doesn't mean it will all be given back to you when the budget resets. The best approach is what @warlock suggests. If you don't want to lose it spend it before the budget gets reset, which is usually around April, I think, possibly later. You can do deals in Feb/March to bring players in for next season.
  4. I've got a pretty extensive scouting network in most of my games so the recruitment meetings are often a bit of a waste. The only vaguely useful thing is when they sometimes throw up a player you haven't scouted yet as an option but that's quite rare.
  5. I've found your wage budget will often restrict who you can buy anyway. In my Boro save I got a decent transfer budget after surviving my first season in the EPL but while I could afford to buy bigger players quite often my rep and wage structure meant they wouldn't come to me. I think you're best off sticking to your previous philosophy but using the money to maybe get a slightly higher calibre of youngster. The only exception is if a veteran with good personality is available. I'll often pick them up if I can to mentor the youngsters and they quite often will be willing to come to sign one l
  6. It doesn't really change the attributes but it does change the names and nationalities. If you have good knowledge of world football you can pretty easily work out who each of the players are, unfortunately.
  7. Initial thoughts are that a single Attack duty means you're going to lack penetration and movement between the lines. Even if you manage to get a 2v1 on the flank I don't see who you're trying to play in other than the AF who will likely have 2 defenders marking him. You central midfielders are both just going to sit outside the box so you'll probably recycle possession quite well but nobody is trying to attack the box from midfield. That makes defending very easy because the only threat is a single striker. I'd try either changing at least one of the wingers to an IF or changing the AP/S
  8. They're OK. You actually still have room in the wage budget at the start, but a tiny transfer budget. I was given around £70m budget at the end of the first season and the finances are fairly strong. The biggest problem is generating transfer funds because pretty much every single player in the first team squad is overpaid by a huge amount and many of them are the wrong side of 30. Dembele and Umititi, for example, are earning over £200k a week so it's really difficult to move them on. If you can manage to sell them your finances will improve a lot because you can negotiate sensible contracts
  9. What you're describing seems more like a problem with the PA value assigned by the game rather than the system itself. According to the game's current system your theoretical player always had the higher PA, it just may not have been easy for SI's data analysts to determine it in the real world. To take the example of van Dijk from earlier in the thread, if he'd have been given a massive PA score back in 2012 that would have reflected real life in just the same way as the annual changes made to his PA for each new edition of the game so the problem is more that judging a players potential is r
  10. Absolutely agree. Without using outside tools to look at a player's PA you have to rely on your scouts/coaches assessments, which will not be 100% accurate, and your own experience to evaluate a player. I've had some regens come through that looked immense who have stalled in their development and become merely decent players rather than elite and I've had some OK-looking ones really kick on and become among the world's best. The key thing is I never looked at their PA so I have no idea if either player's CA reached their PA in-game. IRL we've seen a lot of players develop just fine witho
  11. Update: Firstly, holy *&!£ Neto's on over £100k a week. What idiot agreed to that contract?! Now that's off my chest, my summer sort of went to plan. I moved on Griezmann to Arsenal and Alba to PSG after a late bid. Alba leaving should allow Balde to develop nicely with Alaba slotting in as a direct replacement for Alba (that's confusing, isn't it?). I had planned to try to sell Umtiti, Pjanic, Dembele and Neto as well but I only ended up offloading Dembele after he refused to sign a new contract. I swapped him for Milinkovic-Savic, who went the whole summer on the transfer list
  12. First season with Barca now done. I won the league easily, losing just once, but lost in the CL to PSG in the semis. Lost in the Spanish cup to Huesca after playing a second-string side who really didn't perform. Until the last 6 games both Hispalis and San Sebastian were in the CL spots in the league but they eventually missed out with Real, Valencia and Sevilla grabbing the 2-4 slots and Atletico Madrid down in 6th. Sevilla had a weird season, flirting with relegation early before replacing their manager and surging up the table. Standout performers were Messi, leading the scoring and a
  13. Yeah, those are weird examples. In both cases you would also have lost the league if another result had gone a different way. You're not mentioning the unlikely losses of CSKA or Pretoria Callies, for example? The South Africa one is definitely a big, dramatic moment, but it's also true that the top team were playing the bottom team who already had the worst defensive record in the league. Had they hammered the third-placed team by that scoreline it might have been a bit more bizarre but that doesn't seem too bad. Frustrating, yes, but not exactly hugely unlikely.
  14. Initial thoughts are that you have no player on Attack duty so every single one of your players is basically going to be looking for passes rather than scoring opportunities. You need a couple of Attack duties somewhere, probably at least one in midfield and one of the wider players, as mentioned above. Also, you're trying to hit early crosses, but who are you going to target with them? You have one striker and he's a DLF so he's more likely going to be outside the box along with the IF who are also on Support so not exactly going all-out to get into the box. You're also telling your players
  15. I've had good success with a 5-2-1-2 with an AMC playing as a Shadow Striker or AM/S. I use a Libero on Attack duty in the middle of the back 5 and WB with either Support or Attack duty depending on the opposition. I think two strikers as AF/A is probably too aggressive. I know a lot of the "best" tactics use them but I prefer having at least one striker on a Support or Defend duty. I usually use a Pressing Forward on Defend, which helps create a lot of movement up front with an AMC breaking from deep, on striker dropping off and one as an AF moving into channels. I've found player PPMs m
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