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  1. In previous versions of FM Touch if you used instant result you received a popup notification with the score and match stats etc. It appeared after the first couple of matches early in the beta but now doesn't appear at all. Has it been removed or is it a bug?
  2. I've been quite critical about some features of this years game on Twitter but that is just because I love it as a franchise. This year is nothing new in terms of things not working as they should but overall it is, from my experience anyway one of the better betas. The ME definitely needs some refining (hopefully not before I have finished my current season as Coppinger is smashing in goals from all over the park) but that is the whole point of playing a beta in my opinion so I can live with that. I love being able to delegate hiring scouts and medical staff etc. to relevant backro
  3. Summary: No medals awarded to players upon winning the league. Description of Issue: Inbox message showing players awarded medals for winning the league in Iceland shows that no players were awarded medals. Steps to Reproduce: Win Icelandic League as Valur EIcAuPvWkAARAyK.jfif
  4. Summary: Inbox message to advise that 3 players will not be available for next match due to international call ups. Chose not to postpone but come the next match there are actually 9 players away on international duty, most first team players. They missed three matches and not just one. Description of Issue: The inbox message isn't clear about the players called up or the number of matches they will miss. Steps to Reproduce: Icelandic Premier division, October (I think) internationals involving Scandinavian nations.
  5. This is mine from FMT this year. Over 10 years without defeat in the Icelandic Premier Division. One of my favourite saves.
  6. I'm afraid I am that Dad but I made up for it by getting my lad the combiner wars and Titan Returns toys. The new Galvartron is a work of art.
  7. I don't think I could ever bring myself to sell mine. I don't even have the old ones out on display (I have my Masterpiece versions on my allotted shelf), but they just mean too much to me.
  8. Yes but what a commercial it was! I had a very good Christmas after that one
  9. Just started my first save as Sunderland. I like to have a little 5/6 season run with a premier league team to get used to the "feel" of a new Football Manager before I dive into a Doncaster Rovers or PAE Kerkyra save as my long term game.
  10. I'd like to see a coach report for each player that shows what kind of player they are (two way forward etc.) and have focused training to improve / alter this.
  11. I took Brentford to the FA Cup semi Final before I faced my first Premier league team. The league cup got to the quarters and faced all premier league opposition. I've no complaints.
  12. This is possibly my favourite thread on these forums! I had a fictional four tier British League that I designed kits and stadia for but that is nothing compared to this. Nice work LewisQ
  13. Hey gotta say opening post, very informative and in depth. I'm looking forward to some sort of progress from the Leafs this season. Just to put my two penneth in, shootouts suck!
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