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  1. Rate the last 5 FMs

    In order of best to "least best" FM 17 FM 16 FM 15 FM 14 FM 13 I find each new version is better than the previous instalment. If we are giving arbitrary "scores" for each game then they all get a 5.
  2. Brexit when

    This. Miles said it was between years 2 & 10 in an article for the Guardian. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/10/18/brexit-is-simulated-in-football-manager-2017-and-its-going-to-ma/
  3. F9

    I have used a False 9 & Poacher combo to some effect in my current save. I play a very narrow style of football with no wide midfielders and very few crosses into the box.
  4. Buying FM17 - advise needed pls

    Can't you trade in some games and get a retail copy that way?
  5. Its a new feature for FM17.
  6. Who uses Opposition Instructions?

    I usually show wide players onto their weaker foot if I use any. Just depends on the opposition and the circumstances.
  7. Fm17: Good free transfers

    Emmanuel Adebayor. Quality target man but does ask for circa £50k per week in wages
  8. Never and I mean NEVER trust Steam reviews, good or bad they always have an agenda. As others have said, try the demo and make up your own mind
  9. My DoF is there to help clear out dead wood and recommend youth players etc. I don't have time to offer my players out at reduced cost and all the negotiation that goes with it. If a player is surplus to requirements I have the DoF sell him. I would never allow him to negotiate an in coming contract as I have a strict wage policy and don't trust anybody else to adhere to it but me.
  10. This is exactly why I would never trust the DoF to renew any contracts
  11. Striking a Match Official

    Yep he was a free agent on 01/02 and was a beast (in every sense of the word)
  12. Striking a Match Official

    You could complain in CM 01/02 and players were definitely able to punch the ref. I had Kiko get a global ban on two separate occasions for it.
  13. Unusual AI formation

    I love this 4-2-4-0 DM wide formation concept. Might try and utilise this one myself
  14. Unusual AI formation

    This was my favoured formation in CM 3
  15. I get bored of reading the same commentary over and over I don't need to hear it too. The 2D match engine is the only thing I require in order to tell me what has happened in the game, the commentary is good for filling in moments where the ME fails (red cards etc.).