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  1. Option B is closest for me. I have a squad of 24 first team players, 2 for each position. Because I switch between a defensive and attacking midfield I have to have two defensive midfielders and two attacking midfielders. Always have one obvious first choice for each position though.
  2. I've not played "full fat" version since 2012. FMC & Touch have been an absolute godsend. The ipad version is now my sole FM experience & I am delighted by that!
  3. Speed, acceleration, stick handling & Deking are all max and this seems to inflate a wingers performances when paired with a superb centre. I have my top two lines filled with similar players and four of the six are the top four points scorers for the current season with the other two inside the top 15.
  4. I wonder how this is running after a season or two. I have the iPad 4 but not sure I want to risk £15 testing it
  5. I'm like you and have played FMC exclusively since 13. I would certainly buy a stand alone FMC but not a stand alone "full fat" That being said I don't feel I'm missing out on anything by playing just FMC, I consider the other version a freebie.
  6. I'd like to see a coach report for each player that shows what kind of player they are (two way forward etc.) and have focused training to improve / alter this.
  7. I've not noticed any issues at all. My youth players have jumped from AHL third liners to being NHL ready inside of a season. I think a lot depends on the player in question & their potential.
  8. Loving the new update! The skin feels crisp and fresh and I love the attributes
  9. Wouldn't that make the game very easy once you had a top coach? I don't like this idea myself. That being said I would like to see my coaches offer more input into how the lines should perform and where they see players fitting.
  10. Fantastic announcement!! Now I just need to wrestle the "Transformers Angry Birds computer" (iPad) away from my little lad
  11. The "Fluke trade" was picking up a pick from the new York Rangers in a deal (not their pick and I forget who, Calgary I think) but at the time would have been a middle of the first round pick. They went on a slide and finished 3rd bottom of the NHL but won the lottery. The fluke was it was my one and only trade during the whole season and I only added it to flesh out my side of the deal
  12. Hi all, don't know if this has been requested or mentioned or not but I would like to see more of a "buzz" around the trade deadline and the NHL entry draft. Both come and go without any real sense of excitement. It was especially noticeable at the draft. I had bagged, by way of a fluke trade, the number one overall pick. I expected a number of trade offers from teams looking to bag McDavid but got nothing (not that I'm complaining as that pick was never leaving me) Hopefully there will be a full draft experience soon.
  13. This isn't an issue in EHM EA I'm currently the Leafs and had no problems renewing the contracts of all my non playing staff, some even accepted less money.
  14. As others have pointed out they will be coming. I am excited about the prospect of having another Sheffield Steelers dynasty
  15. I might be nit picking but I feel that teams aren't aggressive enough when it comes to matching offer sheets. It seems a little too easy to pick up the best RFAs on contracts that are pretty low value. I signed Yakupov to a $2.2m per year contract without even the hint of the Oilers trying to match, what is in my opinion, a low offer for such a talent.