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  1. If I try and move a player that has staff attributes I can select a club but then have to choose a staff role for the player at the new club before he moves on a free transfer. No option for player only, transfer fee, wage contribution etc. Not a massive issue as i only use it to set up custom challenge saves, but I'd rather it worked "properly".
  2. In previous versions of FM Touch if you used instant result you received a popup notification with the score and match stats etc. It appeared after the first couple of matches early in the beta but now doesn't appear at all. Has it been removed or is it a bug?
  3. Hi @Christopher Lewis Just had a look and unfortunately all my saves are now well past the end of the first season.
  4. Hi @John Kendall-Torry save file is uploaded. Unfortunately none of the three autosaves I have are from before the achievement popped but the scout assignment is still there. I do have a manual save from from before I started the assignment if that is of any use?
  5. Rushed signing achievement just popped despite not signing any players from my scout assignment. Checked and this player has moved on loan so looks as though that could be the reason? Once again, apologies if this is the wrong place.
  6. Two examples of newgen staff that applied for the role of Head of Youth Development. What is curious is that neither have attributes to be great HoYD but both could be good coaches, assmans and/or great scouts but they are somehow not suited to any of those roles.
  7. I've been quite critical about some features of this years game on Twitter but that is just because I love it as a franchise. This year is nothing new in terms of things not working as they should but overall it is, from my experience anyway one of the better betas. The ME definitely needs some refining (hopefully not before I have finished my current season as Coppinger is smashing in goals from all over the park) but that is the whole point of playing a beta in my opinion so I can live with that. I love being able to delegate hiring scouts and medical staff etc. to relevant backroom staff instead of just a blanket all to one approach. My DoF now feels as though he is fully in charge of the scouting setup. One minor feature that I love more than I should is the medal news item showing which players get a medal for winning a cup. One negative that I will post here, the media aspect of the game needs a massive overhaul to make it more nuanced for overachieving 'smaller' clubs. When you're a team from Iceland in the group stages of the Champions League a 5 - 0 defeat away to PSG is not a humiliating defeat, especially if 80 minutes of it was us just a single goal behind.
  8. Twitter will not stay logged in. Logged in through the preferences but as soon as a match is played Twitter disconnects. I have tried revoking access via Twitter and logging in again but the same issue. I have two Twitter accounts and the same thing occurs with both accounts. I haven't had any problems with FM Touch, just the full game. I don't know if this is a Football Manager issue or a Twitter issue?
  9. Summary: No medals awarded to players upon winning the league. Description of Issue: Inbox message showing players awarded medals for winning the league in Iceland shows that no players were awarded medals. Steps to Reproduce: Win Icelandic League as Valur EIcAuPvWkAARAyK.jfif
  10. Summary: Inbox message to advise that 3 players will not be available for next match due to international call ups. Chose not to postpone but come the next match there are actually 9 players away on international duty, most first team players. They missed three matches and not just one. Description of Issue: The inbox message isn't clear about the players called up or the number of matches they will miss. Steps to Reproduce: Icelandic Premier division, October (I think) internationals involving Scandinavian nations.
  11. This is mine from FMT this year. Over 10 years without defeat in the Icelandic Premier Division. One of my favourite saves.
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