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  1. I think it would be helpful to add icons next to the questions and answers in press conferences etc., so that, once you have done a lot of them, you can see at a glance what repeated question you're being asked and where your go-to answer is. In practice this is what I, and probably most players do, except based on answer order and scanning the first few words. Having icons would make the design quicker and less of a mental strain to read repeatedly.
  2. Media interviews are basically cheap boosts to dynamics and/or opportunities to mess with rival team dynamics. For the 10 seconds they take once you know the answers, they're worth doing.
  3. Does anyone know how FM implements the South Korean conscription system? I know that SK players have a national service status, but will players actually get called up for 18 months if they haven't won anything with the national team? What happens to the player's contract if it does. Any insight appreciated.
  4. I know the finance screen gives the amount to be expected the following season, but this always goes up when you qualify for the Champions League. Is there anyway to see what this will be in advance of qualifying?
  5. I found a solution for anyone stuck on this: At the bottom of the make offer screen, there is some green text that reads "[Player name] has a set up-front transfer fee [amount]..." If you click on the amount, it will set the offer value to that. If you then submit that offer, it will be accepted. This will work (or, at least it worked for me), even if the same or higher offer was previously rejected.
  6. I was watching the Monaco-Lyon game, and noticed Fabregas plays some of his corners low and hard to the feet of the player at the near post. I wondered if there was a way of recreating this in FM? It doesn't seem to be an option in the corner creator, but could you use, say, team or player crossing instructions to influence this?
  7. What mentality are you playing on? You only have two midfielders, and both of them have "roam from position" as baked-in instructions, so I would be concerned that you're giving up the whole of midfield. I would at least switch the BWD to a CM(D) or DLP(D). If you're plan is to play direct, why do you have your playmaker in the attacking midfield layer? If he was in the central midfield layer as an AP(su), surely he could get the ball and play it upfield even faster on the counter?
  8. @Luke Hume File name: Before board takeover bug.fm Uploaded the file from about a week before the takeover went through (not sure if it's randomized, but I think it ended up happening just after the transfer window opened). The new club vision meeting happened immediately when the takeover was completed.
  9. Just had a board takeover in 2028. The new board call me to a new club vision meeting. They rejected my proposal to get a top half finish in two years because I'm unwilling to become an "established Championship club by 2033." We have been in the Prem for 3 seasons now. I doubt this is intentional, because they also put in 50mil bids for players on taking over, and approved plans for a new stadium, which is hardly what you would do if you were planning to get relegated.
  10. Has anyone ever had a player complain because they were getting retrained in a new position? I was reading a book that talked about how a manager struggled to talk a player into converting from a forward into a wing-back, but in the end turned him into the teams best player. I've personally never had issues retraining players in FM, but was thinking it would make for some really cool stories if, say, a player handed in a transfer request because they hated a new role you assigned them or something.
  11. I assume this is a bug? Got a match preview referring to Liverpool as "the Liverpool." I have the game set to UK English.
  12. I've been trying to get a possession-heavy 4-2-3-1 working in FM21. So far I have gone with DLFs, with the idea that they would play in primary goal scorers coming off the wings, though they have had a tendency to disappear in certain games. I experimented with complete forward, but found that because they tried to do too much, they didn't really work well in my tactic. I suspect CF would only work if they were far and away the best player, and the rest of the attacking band was set up to support them to do whatever they wanted. None of these feel as effective as playi
  13. To add to what Experiened Defender said, I think "work the ball into the box" might be a big part of the xG underperformance. It encourages your players to delay shooting in the hopes of creating a better scoring position, with the drawback of letting opposition defenders time to crowd the box and press the shooter, making any shot harder. Your attackers don't really seem to include the sort of elite passers who are going to find something in that sort of tight space to make up for that disadvantage, so your forwards are kind of waiting to shoot into a crowd, where they might have been better
  14. The real world interpretation of xG is the odds of the "average league player" scoring given that specific scoring opportunity. It's not the number of goals you "should" score, it's the number of goals the "average" league player will score. Therefore, typically underperforming xG means that there is an issue with the player/s who are supposed to be putting away chances. Here are some ideas of what could solve it, based on what I've come across in the game this year so far: 1. Recruitment: Out of the players you have, I would expect Calvert-Lewin to be very clinical and over-perform
  15. I've played a lot of FM, and while I love developing young players and building fast, attacking systems, recently I've been wanting a new challenge that will make me explore sides of the game I don't look at so much. So I've had the idea to try a save that gets the most of players past their prime, which would force me to explore lower intensity tactical systems and roles based heavily around mental and technical attributes. I'd like your help with ideas for the following: 1. What rules/guidelines would be the most interesting to follow? 2. What tactics and roles could I
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