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  1. i5 4460 nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 8 GB ram win 10
  2. Constructive feedback means something demonstrated as fact and obviously I have nothing against it. But from my point of view the most of feedbacks here are related to issues they could mitigate if not fix by some small changes with the team setup. And the other problem is that it looks to me that everyone who suffers something "wrong" with the game and its representation is automatically right and the mantra "go and visit the tactic forum" is taken like a default reply from mods who don't know what to reply to their problems, rather than a real suggestion. Some people complain about strikers not scoring, included top ones. My experience is: playing Juve, Ronaldo scored 11 goals in 9 games. Now you say "eh, you have Ronaldo". I'm playing also a 7th level italian league side (Bricherasio, the team I played in when I was 15) from a customized database, and Mr. Sansoldo (finishing 12, composure 6, decisions 4) scored 15 in 20 games. Some other people complained the ME for their goalkeeper handling the ball out of the box all the time, even stating he is the only one suffering this. Some other complain about long distance goals % being too high, when others demonstrated this is not common to everyone (me included). I don't understand the reason you speak about infractions and ban as it doesn't seem to me anyone was infracted or banned by giving a poor/bad feedback. People bash SI continously but I rarely see people banned (if it ever happened for that specific reason), so I'm sorry but I consider your sentence quite out of context. And again, the stat provided are subjective to their savegame and leagues they are running. If the problem is shared but not common to anyone, for me this should be considered as encouragement on trying improving the system of play, not waiting for FM20 for a possible fix.
  3. "25% of goals scored with this ME are from outside of the box" means absolutely nothing for me. That is maybe your statistic according to your (his) savegame. I guess there are some tens of thousands people playing FM, is that a generic statistic from all these players? Or a mere number thrown there just to strengthen the side complaining about long shots? I don't mean or want to be polemic, but I personally don't take much in consideration a statistic based on some feedback dropped by some disappointed user in this forum. I'm sure it's not your case though as you seem to be an experienced user & FM player, but I, as much as herne79, can't seem to suffer this "plague" of long shots either.
  4. If you state that, I'm more convinced this could be related to your setup and it has nothing to do with the ME. Waiting for FM20 turns to be meaningless at this point.
  5. I understand your frustration, but have you tried to mitigate this issue by chosing a different tactic setup? I understand it's not what you wish to see, but working it around could maybe help. I play both savegames playing top-teams and amateurish leagues and I have never seen this happening.
  6. You call the goalie "running out of the box with the ball in his hands" a clear bug, I find strange I have never seen that happening in the tens of saves I started since November. It doesn't seem to be a common bug so id strongly suggest you, if you haven't did it before, to raise a thread in the bugs forum.
  7. Just mentioned few post above. It's working on my system, maybe it does for yours as well hopefully. Just let the other settings on default and change what suggested. https://community.sigames.com/topic/455853-nvidia-response-stuttering-low-fps-possible-fix/?do=findComment&comment=11770914
  8. My 3D experience turned to be quite smooth honestly.
  9. Have you ever thought there's something in your settings that could provoke this? I'm sorry I don't mean to be harsh at all, but I'm just asking if this is something happening to you, then there's likely something wrong with your setup. The most of people have some contradictions with their setups but jump at blaming the ME anyway (not your case).
  10. @warlock I'm sorry for quoting you but I think your post sums perfectly how perceptions of people can be easily misled https://community.sigames.com/topic/453845-football-manager-2019-official-feedback-thread/?do=findComment&comment=11767708
  11. Don't take it personal, I'm not attacking you or anyone specifically. So cool down. If you enjoy FM17 more than FM19, fair play and have fun. I don't really care. Just don't think that just because you like it, this can apply to anyone. What puzzles me, again, is that every year the ME is criticized. Whatever the changes. If someone (not you specifically!) complains the ME every year marking it as the worst ever, it can't be the best the following one I think. This ME is not perfect, no ME was ever, but: - I like nice shots from distance (and I'm perfectly fine with them, no "long shots" galore at all so this makes me think.... could it be my tactic?) - Free kicks are finally scored. - When I want my team to defend I'm finally able to see my team defending for real (in my opinion both "park the bus" and "catenaccio" styles work beautifully). - Headers on goal No ME related: - New tactic options - New trainings (love them!) Yeah I like FM19 and for me is the best of the last 3-4 editions.
  12. Fair enough, I sometimes launch FM07 for a good-old-times-ride But still what let me puzzled is how FM17 is now aknowledged for having a great ME, and when it was released the criticisms were pretty much the same we're reading today about FM19. I just think some people will never be happy with the game, whatever SI does, whatever it changes or whatever they improve. Some edition might be better than another, this happens with movies, musical bands, books and videogames as well. The fact is that every year FM turns to be the worst ever for some people. And the previous chapter switches to be automatically better/the best... when just few months earlier it was blamed and pointed as the worst ever. So for me all these discussions become silly and useless. They turn to be void and inconsistent because based on pre-concepts. Just my opinion about the whole thing.
  13. I found this configuration kinda working for me (I'm gonna try to translate guessing the english settings from italian, so some of them might not correspond to what you have but similar): - From the nVidia control panel, click "manage 3D settings" - Once the page is opened, click on "program setting" tab - Scroll down until you reach the following descriptions and set them as shown below in bold: Structure filter - Trilinear optimization - DEACTIVATED Structure filter - Quality - HIGH PERFORMANCE GPU rendering OpenGL - *SELECT YOUR GRAPHIC CARD* V-Sync - ADAPTIVE It's better than it was before, but still not as I wish... At least I'm not getting mad by watching a game finally...
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