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  1. The meaning of "BUG" is still unclear for the mass.
  2. By locking certain formations/positions you just chain the creativity of the player, in a system that, in my opinion, is already restricted enough. Another good example is: what if im tight on a result, one man sent off (or not, whatever) and I want to play 10 at the back with the most contenitive formation possible? Would I be forced to play 1 man upfront in any case, even if I don't need/want it? Naaahhh... It's a different matter for the AI to work around and counter this kind of deployement, but that's up to the devs.
  3. It's very unlikely a software can damage so heavily the hardware of a computer, unless you got any virus or some malware from it, something I doubt coming from FM. The fact it happened while playing FM is completely irrilevant as it could happen with any software running at any moment of the day. You can save your thanks for someone or something worth it for. If the OS won't run, I suggest you, if possible, to check your BIOS preferences and see if everything is at its own place (HDDs, RAM, Processor and so on), detected and working. If yes, running in "safe mode" and/or restoring a previous OS point (if you have any) might help.
  4. Mmm well about silly things to say, I don't like people who twist the words to turn the discussion in their own favour. I said: "And just to clarify I hope none of you will mention now FM12 or FM14", quite different from "nobody should mention xxx". I hope you know the difference between "I hope none" and "nobody should". For the next time I suggest you to quote the post instead of twisting words someone else said. Anyway, my hope was disilluded by you. Amen.
  5. Not "period", it's just your opinion which I disagree with. From my point of view FM14 is the worst of the latest 5-6 editions for the chronic defensive issues, the awful goalkeeping and the poorest finishing ever. And you talk like I have never played FM14, but believe me, I did. And I don't even count FM12 for the collision avoidance which was re-worked on FM13. The fact the FM12 is so loved by the many it's just the demonstration that the more a game is easy, the more you achieve, the more is loved and praised by the community. Period.
  6. Steam is the only way to download the update @JonasThern
  7. It's very easy to point out what's wrong with this version of the ME, but not easy to address and praise what's improved compared to the past editions of the game. @Dave1990 All your points are valid, however I struggle to understand how all those can be dramatically important for your gaming experience. I'm unhappy with many things of the game, but still I consider this ME the best I have ever played at since.. I don't even remember when. And just to clarify I hope none of you will mention now FM12 or FM14. No word was spent for the crossing issue fixed, no word was spent for finishing, no word was spent for animations, no word was spent for the AI tactic ductility which, it's true, needs to be worked out quite much yet, but when this was seen before? When I read posts like this I wonder if people here think guys at SI know nothing about football, or worse they know the best about football but want to let the game flawed intentionally. I think people here sometimes loose the big scheme of things and don't realize what programming is and what programming a game of such complexity is. @TiagoVieira I'm sorry but those screenshots mean nothing to me. As much as your complaint.
  8. fm2017 skin

    Yes please I got the same problem.
  9. FM Touch is available on PC too. Anyway, my version says 17.1.2, so you've been misguided by some other info probably.
  10. Not really something gamebreaking that needs urgent priority in my opinion.
  11. Glad you fixed it and thanks for the link!
  12. I had the same problem after updating GeForce drivers and other nVidia stuff. Now I'd really want to help you telling you how to remove them, because I successfully removed them but I have no clue how. They just disappeared. I know some nVidia card drivers also install audio drivers and I usually uninstall those completely.
  13. I think this is intended as by rule the player who took the penalty can't touch the ball again if it hasn't been hit by another player first. In example, if the ball was saved by the goalie but bounced back to him, the taker is again allowed to kick the ball and possibly tap it in. Hitting the bar forbids him to touch the ball again. If this happens, a foul for the defensive team must be awarded. For your second problem, you surely set a certain amount of instructions to your players and team but you should also check if those instructions are not conflicting each other and I'd also add you can't expect them to be followed blindless at 100%, because every match has its own story and players act according to what's happening on the pitch. You should check instead if they aren't play short when they could do that (looking for teammates giving support in example) and why they went for a long pass instead for a short one. The most of times the problem is not what we see directly, but as consequence of other things happening around. The third issue is surely worth to be looked at as it seems a poor reactivity from the goalkeeper.
  14. Everybody is entitled to like every ME he wants. But when someone states FM 14 ME is the best... ok that makes me fuming really . Compared to FM16, we're talking about two different sports really. If you find FM16 weak defensively speaking, try to think that FM14 was far way worse. I remember how impossible was to set a decent and disciplinated back 4 and all the blames thrown to my DC stepping out so easily and never covered by his teammates. Or all the faults from my GK. And finishing was... oh man. And with all the common sense I can put it, I struggle to understand how a product 2 years older can be even close to be good as much as something just released. Unless you're one of those who say "Fifa 16 is good but Kick Off 2 was the best" (well ok i'd kind of agree about that). Now you can say "Ok i like FM14 more because..." and "I instead like FM16 more because..". But no, "FM14 defintely better" no... I can't accept that sorry