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  1. I'm a long-savegame-term player, started with Juve, than italian national team, then I wanted to win the Libertadores with Boca but once I knew it was not possible I just resigned the job and kept the journey away. So yes I just gave up, which is a shame.
  2. You should, yes, if you started a new game after the latest patch.
  3. You'll be alright man. This bug belong to older saves, when it wasn't aknowledged yet. It's fixed now.
  4. Hello, I'm sorry to raise this up as I'm pretty sure you're aware on what's happening and taking all the necessary actions to prevent this recent korean spam to flood this forum, however lately the number of spammed threads increased notably and it's quite disturbing from my point of you. Keep up with the good work and hopefully you'll fix this once and for all. Cheers
  5. I'm listening.
  6. An entire game based on that? Oh god, please no... This request bumps here on these forums any now and then, every year. I struggle to understand how can be exciting to play "burocratic manager". So once you scouted players, once you choose your manager, once you renewed contracts... you just click on "continue" to begin scouting players and.... that's all because you've already renewed every contracts and hired already a manager. Wow that's exciting really. An entire savegame playing as DoF. Oh man... I think there's enough to do at the moment if you don't ask your DoF to take care of this stuff, adding more in my opinion would be just horribly tedious, putting no kind of benefit at the game at all.
  7. It all depends on when you started your career and not the version of the game you're running at the moment.
  8. I agree with you but nothing will be done. The issue is actually fixed at the moment, at the cost of starting a new savegame. And I'm afraid that's the bottom line.
  9. Oh you haven't specified this before. I'm sorry then, yeah it looks like something weird is going on with your savegame.
  10. Well I think if you applied for every team available in game it's natural to attend so many interviews. You can choose which teams to apply for, if you wish, so that other offers are automatically discarded. Also I remind you this is a game, so I assume its purpose is to let you play as soon as possible.
  11. You are attending an international forum, please make your post in english or it's unlikely someone to reply you. "Hi, does anybody have problem running the game on Xiaomi mi mix? I just downloaded the game and some add-ons, but it doesn't work..."
  12. info provided

    You, and not only you but all the people thinking matches are rigged, have to realize that the AI doesn't know which team you (human) manage, and doesn't plot anything against you (human). I'm sorry to repeat the most common answer of this forum, but I'd suggest you to pay a visit to the tactic forum because I'm afraid if you lose 10 matches in a row against the same team, well that must be probably due to your tactical instructions. Also, if you think there's something wrong with the engine, something like players behaviour or some animation issues, please raise a thread into the proper thread attaching the .pkm of your game and specifying the minute this issue is going to happen and providing a little description of what happens and what you were expected to happen.
  13. I had a quick look around and it seems that yes, I have to start a new savegame if I want to win the Libertadores Cup. Blah forget it.
  14. Hello, I'm also playing Boca Juniors on a long term save year 2030/2031 (started ages ago), and I just noticed the Copa Libertadores is stuck on 2023... no further results have been recorded. So correct me if I'm wrong, unless I start a new savegame I wont be able to play the Libertadores in any way?
  15. The meaning of "BUG" is still unclear for the mass.