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  1. Yeah even the scheduling is bugged. It's extremely annoying and to add even more frustration with the new format you can compete for the trophy every 4 years. So once you failed there's a long way to go before trying again. And, not sure if this is possible or not, but had a draw with 3 european teams in one regroupment. I thought every regroupment had to have mixed teams from each continent. This tournament is a disgrace, but this is down to FIFA, and badly implemented, and this is a fault from SI.
  2. This is truly an annoying problem for me. The season ends in May, I have to play the CWC mid June, my whole team goes on on holiday at the end of the league. I cannot arrange any friendly mid way. This mean my team begins the tournament totally unfit and keeps being regularly battered by any opponent, that apparently runs twice our speed and score half our chances. Is there anyone experiencing the same? Do you have any suggestion on how I can prevent my team going on holidays and do proper trainins sessions?
  3. The Mannerheim Line held, they were lacking men though. The second russian wave was too much for them especially with "Mr. White Death" Simo Häyhä injured (read missing chin).
  4. An historic win for Finland, in a day that will be remembered sadly unfortunately...
  5. Sami was a fantastic player as well. Also I like to mention that Jukka Raitala is part of the squad. I remember I bought him on FMLive in 2008. I knew he was good
  6. Finland football movement has grown up lately, even at youth level. I honestly can't see them getting any positive result in their regroupment but they play 5 at back, they're very compact and disciplinated and upfront they have a couple of guys with international experience (Pukki and Pohjanpalo). At the moment I don't consider them an easy challange. They'll probably end up at 0 but playing with sisu, also I would not underestimate it's the first time the National Team reaches an international competition and this could have a positive impact on their performances.
  7. I think, but of course I might be wrong, that womens football is a different "world" so to say. We're used to FM and it's representation since many years, we're more or less accustomed to the way a top player performs and the way a low profile player performs. And this is reflected across the whole men's football "world". A top woman player is surely the best in the women's football "world" and she probably has similar top attributes compared to her male counter-part, but manteining the same ME do I have to expect the same kind of performance as well? From my point of view no.
  8. I try to explain better my point of view. They hire 20 new employes which 10 of them are diverted to women's database&stuff, when all 20 of them could improve the mechanics or animations of the current game instead. That said, I'm not running the company and they know best what to do.
  9. Yeah but... if they can hire new staff for adding womens football, why not hiring new staff to improve other areas of the game? As said above i'd really love to see different ball frictions according to the pitch the game is played onto, like syntetic pitches, muddy, wet, dry, or windy games. This kind of physic has never existed in FM I think? Or hey, even stadium chants. Again, just my two cents and of course I make it very easy.
  10. I think, if the current system 0-200 is manteined, we should visually see the difference on how a top-woman perform compared to a top-man. I think we should be able to spot reactions, speed and tactical awareness differences between the two genders, as much as technique or other physical attributes. I think we should clearly see the differences in long passes strenght, long shots strenght, jumping, awareness and so on. I have watched some womens game, as said above, and I haven't enjoyed'em so much to be honest for many reasons, and intensity and technique were the most prominants. I'm no
  11. But it would be extremely surprising, after so many years of discussing about how complicate ME refines are, knock-ons, wibble-wobble, side-effects etc. etc., to see they now bump out with a new ME for womens football. Because in my opinion womens football requires a different ME. I like the point @majesticeternity made above, about how weather and pitch conditions don't affect AT ALL the gameplay and the physics (plus other aspects of the game), so for me it's a move I truly struggle to understand. I don't usually follow womens football, the few times I did I was bored to death so a
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