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  1. Federico

    FM2018 lags a lot

    It seems to me you have some kind of graphic settings causing the lag or your machine can't cope the requirements of FM19.
  2. Federico

    FM2018 lags a lot

    Have you tried setting the V-Sync on "Fast" through the nVidia control panel?
  3. Ma injuries ratio, in example, is under the par due to a, I assume, good combination of training/medical center/resting. This hasn't blocked me to get some achievements though. Reports say my team lowered the injuries ratio of 36% compared to the previous year.
  4. Federico

    Finland 2019 in FM19.2

    You can start your career the 08/04/2019. I think this one is the season you could be interested in. And no, TPV Tampere is not included in Ykkönen.
  5. Federico

    Finland 2019 in FM19.2

    1. Your career start on season 2018-2019. You can holiday unemployed until 2020 if you wish so. 2. Have no idea. Why it should anyway?
  6. Federico

    Greatest FM myths

    The AI cheats you because immediately after you decide to sub a booked player, he gets a second yellow while the confirmation is still pending.
  7. Federico

    Vereinsnamen ändern sich nicht!

    In a savegame I started yesterday the german names are correct, so I'm afraid you have to start a new game in order to see them fixed.
  8. Summary: black text line on a scouting report Description of Issue: in the inbox screen, the "add as market target" option line is coloured by black instead of white as the rest of the text Steps to Reproduce: / Files Uploaded to Cloud: [ME1914] Federico_scout_report_black_text.JPG
  9. Federico

    It finally happened...

    Hard regroupment, better luck next time
  10. The staff does a pretty good job on that From my point of view, being a pseudo-coach myself, I find planning trainings one the most entertaining and brainy thing on this edition and I love it. Opponents report on the screen, team shape and training schedules... my cup of tea!
  11. If ham, pineapple & mushrooms are considered good toppings to put over a pizza, I'd permaban myself rather than read this again
  12. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    You see @Neil Brock? I pay 40 quid and I want to play the GAME I want, so add a snooker simulation between a match and the other, because I don't think I'm Mourinho, but maybe a little bit of Jimmy "Whirlwind" White yes! thanks!
  13. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    You're now even answering to post not referring to you! I ask for someone to stop this man! Mod I summon thee!
  14. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    Exactly... but hey man, you're flooding the thread now
  15. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    ah sorry i thought you were talking about real life complaints