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  1. There's also a feature to change the penalty taker just before it to be kicked, but you must be quick. Asked this for ages, and happy it was finally introduced.
  2. I think you'd lose against Juventus even with the great Prisco refereeing
  3. A tactical issue you say? Probably, I don't know. As said before, I played a very standard 4-2-3-1 with very few individual instructions and very few team instructions, and roles are selected in a logical way I assume. If you say it's tactical, well man in that case it means I know nothing of football and know even less of FM. Or, and I'm inclined to think this, there's something quite problematic on how AI reacts to certain kind of formations&tactics. And there's something problematic on conversion percentages. Football is quite easy in its general nature. It is made by 11 eleven players with the objective to score more than their opponents. To score goals you need to shoot on goal. The more you shoot on goal, the more chances you have to score. Obviously this is not what happens in FM. Did I have matches with low SOT ratio but excellent goal ratio? yes I did, some. But if the game allows my team to get so easily to the net and gifts me of good chances, the problem is not my tactic I think. If it was 1,2 or even 5 matches all along the season, I couldn't see any problem with it. If it turns into something happening regularly, I think I'm entitled to say something is wrong with it.
  4. Actually I'm not surprised at all, my friend These stats just strenghten my position. Let's take Juve, season 2017/2018 shots avg (season 2017/2018): 14.58 shots on target avg: 5.39 goals: 2.26. I think this means pretty much that a goal is scored every 2 shots on target. Let's have Man City, season 2017/2018 shots avg (season 2017/2018): 17.47 shots on target avg: 6.87 goals: 2.79. Slightly below a goal scored every 2 shots on target. But let's count it as 1 goal scored every 3 shots on target. In FM I consider myself lucky if, the most of times, my team scores a goal every 6 shots on target. More often than I would, my team scores 1 goal every 10-11 shots on target. This exactly explains what I'm complaining about. My stats double, when not triple, the figures mentioned above to get the same result in terms of goal scored. I'd happily have less shots in general, less shots on target but more accuracy as the statistics you kindly linked us are proving. And if I apply those stats to FM, all my matches would end up like 8-0 or 10-2. But they (luckily) don't. And yes, we went really far away off topic
  5. Yeah that's true, not easy asking to someone who can't/doesn't want to answer. Maybe two
  6. I didn't personally like the interview, mainly because the questions were bad and focusing on criticizing earlier products rather than promoting the new one.
  7. Yeah. And please, someone bring him some food!
  8. No, I say this because the physic of the ball is improved massively and that's a fact, not a matter of tastes. Same for animations. And I simply made a comparison between FM12 and FM18, no next gen games involved. But if you want you can bring it on some of them, I'm sure FM would stand the challange (speaking of managing games ofc). On the contrary, if you enjoy playing FM12 I'm happy for you. I strongly disagree on all the other points you made but it's my point of view compared to yours. I'm just a little bit dubious when you say you can compare FM12 to real life better than you do with more recent FMs. Not the be repetitive but the collision avoidance feature, to me, is enough to make FM12 among the most unrealistics FMs made. That said I still play FM07 so I know what you're speaking about. But I loved FM15 and FM17 also.
  9. Hi Seb I think the term "hard-coding" might be misleading. Nothing in FM is hard-coded and I may have used it unproperly. But surely everything must stay within a certain "range", so to say. Am I wrong thinking that? And if you say that the ME team does a great job on monitoring and ensuring the ME produces realistics results (and I know that), I see it like a kind of confirmation on what I said.
  10. Ok you say figures are not hard-coded, alright. But if you sum all the goals scored in let's say the major european leagues and you compare with real stats, you'll see numbers are very close each other. How do you think they get that? They have to work figures out somehow, in order the have a realistic matching with real life figures. Because, as you rightly stated many times, FM is math. If every teams win 5-3 or 6-0 or even 3-1/4-0 (and, watching the games in comprehensive or extended, analyzing all the chances to score, those are not out of the context results), your seasonal figures would rocket the space out. In Italy the average is around 1300/1400 goals scored in the seasonal Serie A timeframe. Being around 1600 or 1700 needs an urgent work. You see why I'm sceptic when you say it's not hard coded.
  11. I partly agree and partly disagree on what you said. Firstly: no, this is not an argument made by me, but what I've been inducted to think. I'm one who's particulary attentive and pricky about finishing and reported many instances of poor finishing. Not any of them, I agree we expect from the game what you can't expect from real matches, but clearly clean quality ones. Post hit on open goal, headers from short distance etc. etc. I don't complain they're missed, I complain the amount of chances like these are missed. Which take us to another question: how come is so easy to get to the opponents box and have clear shots on goal. The game favours attacking play, it's been like this for years I guess. If we translate FM figures to real life, what kind of results would you think we get? In the current state I'm afraid the game mislead us, hence all the complaints about it. I was very critique towards FM18 and I really hope FM19 brings some good with it.
  12. It's not a theory but just what I've been replied once by a dev (precisely "we're happy with the figures we got"). You often speak of "Math" when speaking of FM. It's a software and follows math rules, so that if Y produces Z, Yx10 = Zx10. But then you bring on real life figures to compare with, and I confess this confuses me.
  13. I never stop being shocked by how so many people throws on the table how FM12 was good compared to latest releases. Putting aside any technical discussion, I just remember I gave it a go long time ago (like 2-3 years ago), just to watch how it looked after some years. Unwatchable. The ball was flying high like an hot balloon just to fall down with improbable trajectories, sticking to a sticky pitch. The animation of players were animatronically animatronics and damn it was so easy to win. I think people loves it so much because they could win anything with zero effort. I used to make horrible tactics with no logic, but never forgot to place my DC on near post on corners.
  14. For some reason the general belief is that having a team managed by a human user dominating shots/shots on goal stats, it means the user is playing too offensively, looking to shoot on goal the more he can to increase the chances to score. I mainly played a very basic tactic in FM18, a quite easy&plain 4-2-3-1, standard/fluid with no pressing and medium tempo. In the vast majority of matches played the number of shots on goal from my team ended in double figures, more than 2/3 times the number of shots on goal attempted by the AI side. It was not a "one match off" situation but what I basically expected to happen from one match to another. The game can't be boring as some of real life matches of course, but making it enoyable to the limit of being unrealistic is another pair of shoes. In how many matches we see 30+ shots attempted? in how many we see see 15/20 shots on goal? And all this load of shots just to end a game 1-0 or 2-0, because figures must stay on par. This is what annoyed me the most with FM18.
  15. It's not that every guy here plays FM for hundreds of seasons. What do you think is the average timeframe? 3 years? 5? maybe 10 speaking optimistically? The conclusions we get are based on what we see for the time we play, and they must be the most realiable and realistic as possible.