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  1. This is available since ever I think! Just start a new savegame and thick this option on, which is present in the leagues selection screen.
  2. Some point is quite redundant from my point of view, but I largely agree with your post as international management is basically not existant at the moment. I particulary miss training/resting sessions.
  3. I understand your point of view but if anyone else can't do a product barely comparable with FM, it's not to SI you should point the finger at.
  4. I by chance tried another footy-managing game simulation - one of those you can get for free on Steam, I don't remember the title but it was quite appreciated - and the ME was absolutely rubbish. And for how sometimes even this ME edition drives me nuts, it was clear to me how simply outstanding is and how SI devs made a product 20 years ahead of anything you can compare it with on the market. Again for me the lack of competition is a badge of honor for them rather than something to complain about. I'm attending this forum since about 2008, and I have never ever witnessed such a common pr
  5. Do you know if it's possible to unlock the Hall of Fame chart so that every manager having points is shown on the screen?
  6. Same, some beautifully executed from Haaland and Dybala
  7. Have you had a look at the editing thread?
  8. I think not, as much as no change regarding the physics of the ball (pitch friction, bounces)
  9. I don't know, I'm playing Juve and I took these 2 screenshots about Juve and Liverpool ratings. Juve avg rating from the starting XI: 7,23 Liverpool avg rating from the starting XI: 7,34 I can't see anything wrong with ratings.
  10. A clean sheet tells absolutely nothing on how a CB has performed during that particular game. Not talking about you, but I'm growing up day after day that the most of people has been mislead somehow by how ratings work.
  11. That's weird. You sure there wasn't any program/update running in background?
  12. Loading time for me is approximatively around 10-15 secs and my PC is a piece of junk. I doubt you're using a huge customised database?
  13. I don't want anything my friend, I'm just suggesting that if you want to be listened to you have to follow some simple rules: And the more examples of the same issue you encounter and provide, the better for devs is. Your first post unfortunately looks more like a rant rather than a proper report, so I'm not surprised it was not responded (that does not mean it wasn't taken in consideration, mind).
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