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  1. [ME1800] Injury incongruence

    Hello, during the very first match of the season, at 60:05 Benedikt Höwedes suffered an injury after getting a pass from Szczesny (please have a look at this occurrance as well), but on the news screen it's reported he suffered a "bruised head after jumping for a header", which thing never happened in game. Uploaded on the server the following screenshot: [ME1800] Federico_injury_incongruence.JPG ME1800_ Federico_Juventus v Juventus Under 20s.pkm
  2. I'm sorry for this little off-topic. Hi Lawlore! Everytime I read you posting I think about FML and Keane gameworld (River Medway Riot if I remember correctly). I Hope you're well! Cheers!
  3. I'm everytime surprised by how many people still loves FM12. Well anyone is entitled to prefer a version instead of another, this is out of discussion. In my opinion FM12 was so easy and so full of bugs that a change in the ME was necessary (near post corner? no collision avoidance?). So we came where we are now. I'd like to have more freedom too on roles and tactics in general. But getting back of 5 years, yeah that is a change but in the wrong direction. Also I think that the game was turning into something really huge, pushing away newcomers, and tactics were the focus of many debates because many people couldn't understand them to a full degree. I support the system we have now anyway... but yeah some changes would be really appreciated. @Muja C'mon a Juve fan managing Lazio? You've just lost my respect (kidding eh )
  4. More variety on match sounds have been asked for years. There's a limitation about chants themeselves, due to chant copyrights. The most of chants are just renditions of copyrighted songs and that's an obstacle as much as reproducing stadiums and other stuff. I play with sound and I'd like to hear more, it's part of the sport and part of the game. I personally would be happy to see (or hear!) this area of the game vastly improved.
  5. Hello, I'm sorry to raise this up as I'm pretty sure you're aware on what's happening and taking all the necessary actions to prevent this recent korean spam to flood this forum, however lately the number of spammed threads increased notably and it's quite disturbing from my point of you. Keep up with the good work and hopefully you'll fix this once and for all. Cheers
  6. Become director of football

    I'm listening.
  7. Become director of football

    An entire game based on that? Oh god, please no... This request bumps here on these forums any now and then, every year. I struggle to understand how can be exciting to play "burocratic manager". So once you scouted players, once you choose your manager, once you renewed contracts... you just click on "continue" to begin scouting players and.... that's all because you've already renewed every contracts and hired already a manager. Wow that's exciting really. An entire savegame playing as DoF. Oh man... I think there's enough to do at the moment if you don't ask your DoF to take care of this stuff, adding more in my opinion would be just horribly tedious, putting no kind of benefit at the game at all.
  8. Doesn't work on Xiaomi mi Mix

    You are attending an international forum, please make your post in english or it's unlikely someone to reply you. "Hi, does anybody have problem running the game on Xiaomi mi mix? I just downloaded the game and some add-ons, but it doesn't work..."
  9. The meaning of "BUG" is still unclear for the mass.
  10. By locking certain formations/positions you just chain the creativity of the player, in a system that, in my opinion, is already restricted enough. Another good example is: what if im tight on a result, one man sent off (or not, whatever) and I want to play 10 at the back with the most contenitive formation possible? Would I be forced to play 1 man upfront in any case, even if I don't need/want it? Naaahhh... It's a different matter for the AI to work around and counter this kind of deployement, but that's up to the devs.
  11. It's very unlikely a software can damage so heavily the hardware of a computer, unless you got any virus or some malware from it, something I doubt coming from FM. The fact it happened while playing FM is completely irrilevant as it could happen with any software running at any moment of the day. You can save your thanks for someone or something worth it for. If the OS won't run, I suggest you, if possible, to check your BIOS preferences and see if everything is at its own place (HDDs, RAM, Processor and so on), detected and working. If yes, running in "safe mode" and/or restoring a previous OS point (if you have any) might help.
  12. Mmm well about silly things to say, I don't like people who twist the words to turn the discussion in their own favour. I said: "And just to clarify I hope none of you will mention now FM12 or FM14", quite different from "nobody should mention xxx". I hope you know the difference between "I hope none" and "nobody should". For the next time I suggest you to quote the post instead of twisting words someone else said. Anyway, my hope was disilluded by you. Amen.
  13. Not "period", it's just your opinion which I disagree with. From my point of view FM14 is the worst of the latest 5-6 editions for the chronic defensive issues, the awful goalkeeping and the poorest finishing ever. And you talk like I have never played FM14, but believe me, I did. And I don't even count FM12 for the collision avoidance which was re-worked on FM13. The fact the FM12 is so loved by the many it's just the demonstration that the more a game is easy, the more you achieve, the more is loved and praised by the community. Period.
  14. Steam is the only way to download the update @JonasThern