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  1. The Supporters Shield? WIth San Joseee??? Naaa you must be kidding us.
  2. Purple must have been really successful among customers I think.
  3. This is something I'm asking since a couple of years, but I never had an exhaustive response (to be honest, I never had a response at all). I appreciate @Snorks for have given some clarification though, even if I'd like something more detailed maybe from devs.
  4. But you said it's a simulation, and people is dying for covid in real life.
  5. As said somewhere else, the lack of competion should be considered a badge of honor for SI and not a complain as they succeeded where the others failed, may you like FM or not.
  6. About maturity, I loved how you accused someone to know nothing about something, and you probably know even less. Now sorry, I have no more time for you.
  7. Oh dear another wise-expert-you know nothing john snow of the forum.... yeah probably I'm not an expert about software. I'm not sure what might make me think you are though. Ah yeah, the example of the rain. Well done, mission accomplished.
  8. I think when someone plays the higher D-line possible, he aspects his D-line to be the higher possible, which was not the case. I'm pretty sure anyone would expect, in that particular moment of the game with the ball played by the DC from the back, a D-line deployed nearby the half line and definitely a much "shorter" team in terms of distance between players (accordingly to the LOE).
  9. But you do realise this shouldn't happen do you
  10. I demand pardon as it's not me your interlocutor, but the examples you reported are not related to the issue @h3nrique_SEP mentioned. In fact, in the screenshots you uploaded the white team is attacking if I'm not wrong. On the contrary, he was complaining the green team D-line position too low while defending conflicting his team instructions. Moreover, I'm sure you didn't mean it, but when someone bumps up with post like yours (cit. "maybe like this?"), typical from another user I don't want to mention here, it shows nothing but arrogance, like if you were capable to do something he couldn't, because you're smarter and know football better than anyone. Did you realise he was using almost the same TIs you're using at least? I think your behavior is not constructive, as requested for criticisms, even if I believe it was not your intention to be like that, but you definetly gave that impression.
  11. I was considering this. Football is evolving quite fast and one thing truly challanging for SI is to keep it on sight. Sometimes I think FM is too strict to be sticky to schemes. Nowadays talking about tactics is much more a "liquid" argument than before and watching a real match you can't easily say how a football team is deploying on the pitch. Football is much more "situational" and I often hear pro managers talking about roles and interpretations rather than tactical schemes. I think it's very challanging for SI to keep on track at pace, as at the moment the football represented on FM seems too rigid. But then again, you'll have people moaning for players not doing what instructed to. Not an easy task to achieve.
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