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  1. Federico

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    I try to explain with my poor english. According to me (and my criteria is based on how the rule is applied in Italy) the movement of the arms must be coherent with the movement of the body and the arms must not extend/enhance the volume/area covered by the body. In my opinion both cases are broken by Perisic: he jumps with his arms wide on his flanks (I don't know about you but I don't jump that way) and, particulary by doing so, he enhances the exposure/volume of the body. It wasn't intended for sure, there's no doubt on that. But intention is not a factor in this situation I'm afraid. Pundits here had no doubt about the penalty and it was clear it was to be given far before it was given for real. So I'm not really sure what're we're discussing about here. The rule should be changed? Yes maybe it should, but in the current state of things, the rule is quite clear for me and applied correctly, unfortunately for Croatia. Why defenders cross their arms on their backs when tackling or challaning the ball next to the box? To avoid these situations I assume.
  2. Federico

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    No, not at all. A player doesn't need to hit "deliberately" or "intentionally" the ball with his hand for a penalty to be awarded.
  3. And another thing that annoyed me really much about this World Cup, is the amount of complaints to the ref from players. And the way the asked the use of VAR for basically every circumstance, just to prove the entire world they don't even know the rules of the game they're so largely paid to play for.
  4. Federico

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    I don't think it's a matter of opinion according to the rules we have today. It's sad and I wanted so much Croatia to win the final, but that was an handball and that was a penalty. The purpose to hit deliberately the ball or not does no longer stand and technically I think Perisic should have been booked. I'm not sure about this honestly but I have seen many bookings for similar episodes recently. The only instance we could debate about was IF the ball did hit the leg of Perisic and only after hit the hand. In that case a penalty shouldn't be awarded. According to what I just said, the options of the survey are wrong as they imply the will to hit the ball with the hand, so I cannot submit my vote. Also in my opinion, all the statements regarding VAR and obvious errors can't stand. A penalty given or not is always a clear and obvious error and must be reviewed.
  5. Federico

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Oh dear, I can't even see the end of this nightmare we're living since years. But 4 years is quite a long time, and by the way I can't remember a competition where Italy was predicted as favourite for the final win, but still.
  6. Federico

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Well, at the end of the story I can't say this was an interesting World Cup to watch for me... matches were emotionals but technically poor and surely Italy's missing had a huuuuuge impact in my judgement overall. That said, we're still one cup behind Brazil and we're the most winning national team in Europe along with Germany. I hope things will change for us in the near future. And yes, I'll miss watching the World Cup matches from now. Football is always football, and the World Cup is the biggest thing of it.
  7. Federico

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Rain in Moscow. Even the sky cries for the victory of france
  8. Indeed, but I was specifically referring to the esthetic of football expressed during this world cup which was barely acceptable in my opinion.
  9. In terms of quality of football I think this is the worst World Cup I remember. Some matches (like a couple... France - Argentina and maybe Belgium - Japan) were enjoying but I have seen so many teams just parking the bus and hoping in a lucky counter. And I accept this, good defending can be a good quality, but in terms of pure enjoyement that was not a joy for my eyes. And when, early in the tournament, you see Germany's out, Brazil out, Argentina out, Spain out.... and see teams like Holland or Italy watching the games from home and teams like Panama, Saudi Arabia, Egypt playing it... I can't ever be excited.
  10. Federico

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Yeah I noticed that too, even today. Probably Southgate had his own reason to instruct Kane to do this, but the many balls crossed in the box could have had a better player to head on goal. Kane scored 6 goals, but he failed when they were counting the most, and that's a fact.
  11. Federico

    Random World Cup stuff

    Fixed (sadly) for you.
  12. Federico

    Random World Cup stuff

    Don't worry @GunmaN1905, if you lose tomorrow it won't exclusively be 'cause of Subasic playing for Monaco.
  13. Federico

    Random World Cup stuff

    Same with Italy in 1990. And France in 1998.
  14. Federico

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Yeah well.... for how a tough opponent Sweden can be, I wouldn't state that match as a remarkable achievement to justify an easy route in this World Cup, if I'm allowed to speak honestly.
  15. Federico

    Who will win the Final

    Just football rivalries. And maybe a little bit more of something else... neighborhood problems you know. It was fun when Raymond Domenech was sitting on the french bench, he loved to tease italians, sometimes in an offensive way too. Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain.