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  1. Raise a thread in here. https://community.sigames.com/forum/738-crashes-technical-issues/
  2. Sorry. I think it would be helpful for people here if sometimes you could report some further examples than this about Ronaldo having one season off along a +20 years career, you're using this basically for anything when something's wrong with the engine (especially while trying to explain shots aimed to corner flags in FM18. So yeah, in 2018 you were speaking already about this poor season of Ronaldo). Maybe next time let's bring on examples from his best season? I think that would be a good example on how even Ronaldo in his best season had some difficult situation to handle with
  3. So what's this statement about? I think you misunderpreted the post by @Svenc and I suggest you to read it again. I share your disappointment for the game, but let's not criticize it just for the sake of criticizing following the opinion of the mass.
  4. Sorry. Was your complain about winning/losing leagues or about weak teams constantly beating you?
  5. In my opinion sales are definitely a termoter on how good a product is, but for certain aspects videogames are a different story, especially when we're talking about one established software like FM is. Or Fifa is or Pes is. Sales might wave from lower to higher but standards are high by default. So stating FM20 is a good product only because it sold so much and so fast (and sales includes also mobile versions) could be misleading. In example, we now have FM sold on more than one platform - mobiles, Nintendo Switch - so I personally don't know how many copies FM sold for PC version, how many for android/iPhone version, how many for Switch. And how those sales compare to past year sales. People keep purchasing FM whatever the quality, which from one point of view is a good thing because it means the legacy will continue. From another point of view though it could disguise the real value of the product. Luckily SI is very attentive to the feedback from users, no matter the sales, and nobody can deny this.
  6. Ahh ok ok. Yes definitely, when a problem is common there's surely some pattern behind the ME that must be unveiled, because it's happening a lot to a lot of people playing a lot of different setups.
  7. I hope my words haven't offended you. This problem is widely aknwoledged, I'm happy you aren't suffering it but I would be cautious from stating it's not a problem or, even worse, related to some setup encouraging this, when it's clearly not true.
  8. I see. Well my thoughts are based on countless games played tried multiple setups. As edited in my earlier post, there surely are nice things in this ME, unfortunately they are obscured by the bad side of it, at least for me.
  9. That's because basically none of them are scored I'm sorry but I don't think this issue is related to teams being too offensive, and honestly after so much talking I'm quite surprised there's still someone thinking this. Don't misunderstand me, I'm perfectly ok you to like this ME and it has indeed some beautiful things worth to be mentioned.
  10. Always appreciated and admired how mannered and easy mods are, even towards people deserving a different treatment probably. Managing the rabids in this forum It's surely a tough job to deal with for every mod. So it's always something bad when one of them quits. Best luck for you
  11. Ah ok, im pretty sure it's related to that then, a database maybe? If so, delete the folder hoping the issue it's not stuck with to savegame. Otherwise, start a new save.
  12. I'd use those fingers to untap a bottle of beer my friend
  13. Sorry for asking, I don't mean to be rude but is your FM copy legal?
  14. Did you download/install any customised skin?
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