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  1. In a savegame I started yesterday the german names are correct, so I'm afraid you have to start a new game in order to see them fixed.
  2. Summary: black text line on a scouting report Description of Issue: in the inbox screen, the "add as market target" option line is coloured by black instead of white as the rest of the text Steps to Reproduce: / Files Uploaded to Cloud: [ME1914] Federico_scout_report_black_text.JPG
  3. Federico

    It finally happened...

    Hard regroupment, better luck next time
  4. The staff does a pretty good job on that From my point of view, being a pseudo-coach myself, I find planning trainings one the most entertaining and brainy thing on this edition and I love it. Opponents report on the screen, team shape and training schedules... my cup of tea!
  5. If ham, pineapple & mushrooms are considered good toppings to put over a pizza, I'd permaban myself rather than read this again
  6. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    You see @Neil Brock? I pay 40 quid and I want to play the GAME I want, so add a snooker simulation between a match and the other, because I don't think I'm Mourinho, but maybe a little bit of Jimmy "Whirlwind" White yes! thanks!
  7. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    You're now even answering to post not referring to you! I ask for someone to stop this man! Mod I summon thee!
  8. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    Exactly... but hey man, you're flooding the thread now
  9. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    ah sorry i thought you were talking about real life complaints
  10. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    You clearly never watched italian football and never listened to any italian fan
  11. I hope so. The fact they managed to implement this feature after years of requests by the community is great and I can't wait to try it
  12. You shown me the light! I mean I read that WIB WOB since ages and always wandered or tried to guess its meaning. And did it work? It seems to me people tend to remember it negatively. I started playing FM pretty late (2006) and many many moons ago I used to play "player manager" or "the manager". CM was published by Domark if I remember correctly and I have to confess that publisher was kinda infamous, here in Italy at least, and that reputation influenced me really much.
  13. Can someone kindly explain me what you mean by "wibble/wobble"?
  14. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    I thank you for your understanding, but that's not "my" style of management, but the "style" of every Serie A manager. Maybe in your Country managers use to gather all the squad around to give instructions, assuming there's VAR in your Country. But I'm pretty sure you can pause the game anytime to make every change you feel the need to make and anyway this has nothing to do with VAR animation, considering the game is stopped.
  15. Federico

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    If "you're a manager", you should know what "real managers" do during an on field review: nothing. But wait for the response. Which thing make them "less" manager and more "theater audience" according to you?