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  1. I mean, I read people complaining for the lack of freatures and no improvements on the ME and no here and no there and and and.... Like if this was the first and last announcement of new features regarding FM20. We don't know what FM20 is yet, news are dropped slowly and measured.
  2. I'd also add that in 2031 any kind of result/achievement is barely reliable. Obviously not comparable, but look at Man City 12 years ago.
  3. Yeah true. Everything's possible, since everything outside of FM is non-feature related.
  4. I hardly consider a release date as a feature honestly.
  5. Sorry. Is this thread serious or we're just on some sort of candid camera? People should laugh more, so big up for the OP!
  6. I know, and I also know that those few examples you reported involve the way a user is playing the game. We're basically putting hands on it so that the result might be unrealistic. Like giving me a gourmet recipe, when I cook the meal it's rubbish and I complain the recipe. Here is different. It's something "out" of our control. And again, I personally don't pay too much attention on how the game evolves in long (over 10 years let's say) terms. It just takes its own road, of course it must be within certain borders, but certain dynamics can be unpredictable. What in my opinion should be predictable is having Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool being the beasts to defeat. Because in these last years they were the beasts to defeat. And if you throw on the table the card of the unpredictness and tight tiny results and luck and so on, why I personally have never seen a spanish domination, or italian domination, french domination or german domination along 10 years of FM? May I please see at least for the first 3-4 and why not, maybe 5 years, a realistic, true and correct representation of what has happened in real life in the world of football? In that link I see Man Utd winning trophies or ending as runner-up. What suggests Man Utd should be so performing in CL? Did they have real outstanding results in it lately? Why I can't see Juventus (just an example bumped to my eyes as fan) in any finals played? Heck, they played 2 finals in the last 5 years. Where are they? The funny thing of that image is that the user posted to demonstrate there was no english domination, when english clubs won the trophy 7 times out of 10 on the first 10 seasons of the game. Where's Real Madrid? Barcelona won 2 in 20 years? Really? I mean this could happen, who knows, but I think we should rely on data, because FM is a software based on math, and data say that Real Madrid and Barcelona were the most dominating clubs in the last decade.
  7. Excuse me. If every year there's a thread about this (and I don't think it's just a wave of anti-britainism), I tend to believe that nobody's failing to aknowledge the issue here. But we probably success to aknowledge an issue instead. And believe me, this was reported and investigated.
  8. I know we're going off-topic, please allow me just a couple of lines about it. Apart of trainings, which i'd like to be enhanced, I agree with this. FM is becoming too fat. Way too fat. Too much stuff to read and to do before actually doing something we really care about: put down our squad with the right tactic and play the match. The rest is really really needless. And, as I said in another thread, starting a new season is truly harming.
  9. I'm afraid you can't, and I'm also afraid you have to forward this issue to the guy/girl who created the database so that he/she can fix it.
  10. Yeah but as said above... once you can stick a player's portrait in his individual screen... why an haircut can't be reproduced in 3D?
  11. Well... if I have to be honest... I understand the licensing and all... but not being allowed to reproduce a correct haircut.. I can't understand that. How an haircut is licensed is beyond my understanding. And why this doesn't apply to the skin color in example? Or a player's height and weight? I can understand the image, a good representation of his face in example... but an haircut? I don't think they are copywrited, are they? I don't know... in fact I know nothing and if they say there's a licensing issue, then there surely is.
  12. Because it's a game guys. If you want a real life experience starting from 16th level in England, be ready to stay all your career around those leagues. Would this game be fun for everyone? I sense it wouldn't. Things must be unreal to secure enjoyement and fun. The game gives you what real life hardly could. And FM must cover a wide spread of tastes and users, not only yours or mine. And for many people finding FM easy, there's at least the same number of users that actually struggle with it. So... be respectful when say it's "easy", because for someone it is not at all.
  13. This kind of statament is really gratuit and completely false. Actually I'm not sure how many software houses like SI are in such straight contact with their fan-base and I'd invite you all to check how many additions have been included to the game thanks to the suggestions of the users/players. We can argue about how these are implemented, but stating SI care less is out of discussion. If I read "I know SI care less and less about players" I imagine you being in straight contact with the SI staff, and they confidentially confess you that they don't care at all about players. Something I really doubt it happened, not to say an awful way to run their own business.
  14. And at every foul a bubble over the player appears saying "Oh excuse me Sir!". I would pre-order a "moustached edition".
  15. And unfortunately that randomization included referees too. Having on the pitch 7-8 player on mohawk style, officials included, were a bit out of lines an, according to my tastes, really really terrible to watch.
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