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  1. Favorite FM Series

    This one? https://community.sigames.com/topic/428150-favorite-fm-series/?do=findComment&comment=11218191
  2. Favorite FM Series

    Because everybody likes to win But all I wanted to point out was how that ME was flawed and exploitable.
  3. Favorite FM Series

    I slightly disagree on that I'm afraid. That FM12 was (and still is) the easiest FM ever made it's a fact rather than an assumption and my achievements prove it. Nonetheless the collision avoidance wasn't introduced yet, it was very easy to exploit the game and I'm surprised nobody mentioned goals from near post corners (having my CBs being the top scorers of the league in each season I personally played was not the best of realism). And I also disagree on the fact so many people is still playing it because it's a good game. People plays it because it's easy to win, plain and simple. How many of you would still play a game after years if you constantly lose and lose and lose again? Not many I suppose. "It's unplayable" or "it's impossible to win" would be the main stream of complaints I'm sure. This apply on every game, not only FM. But also I think that when you play a game, you firstly should enjoy it. If FM12 enjoys you much more than any other FMs made later, we're all happy for you. If we move on a different topic talking about how it was better on many aspects, well in that case it's fair to have a debate with people who disagree on that.
  4. Favorite FM Series

    It stands when you say you loved it. But in my opinion it can't stand when you say it was the best. Stating something like that open a debate automatically, agreeing or not. I love really much FM07, can I say it is the best? I know it is in my heart, but objectively it's a non-sense calling it out as "the best" or even better than recent versions. If I read "I had so fun with FM12 and played thousands of hours! Hats off, is my favourite EVER!", I'd have nothing to counter. But if I read "FM12 had a better engine, better graphic, better scouting, better facegen, better lightning, better animations..." ... well there's objectively something wrong in this statement and I feel like telling it to you. I had fun playing FM12, I won 2 WC in a row, tens of CL, an asian CL with a poor japanese side and even CWC with the same japanese team defeating Porto 4-0 in the final, using an horrific non-sense tactic. That's why people loves it so much, you dropped a starting XI on the pitch on any kind of tactics and it made you feel like a master of strategy. And clearly you were (and I was) not.
  5. Allenamento

    Be patient. Fixing an issue it's not something you can do in a couple of minutes and It takes the time it needs. Posting every other hour won't help anyone. Moreover, they have many other priorities they have to look into as much important as yours.
  6. Allenamento

    Sì ma il tuo problema non sarà, ovviamente, ancora risolto. Caricare il tuo salvataggio permetterà allo staff della SI di investigare su eventuali file corrotti o errori nel codice. Yes but your problem won't be fixed yet, obviously. Loading your savegame up will allow SI staff to investigate on what's wrong with it, like corrupted files or possible code errors.
  7. Allenamento

    @nello2009k Potresti per cortesia caricare il tuo save sul server della SI? Trovi le istruzioni in questo link: Questo perchè c'è bisogno di investigare su cosa è andato storto col tuo save dal momento che sembri essere l'unico al momento che soffre di questo problema. Dovresti scaricare un programma che si chiama "filezilla" (https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client) Dopo averlo installato, accedi con le seguenti credenziali Host: ftp.sigames.com Username: ftp-public Password: public e clicchi su "connect". Questa operazione ti farà entrare nel server. Le finestre di sinistra rappresentano le cartelle del tuo pc. Quelle di destra sono quelle presenti sul server. In queste ultime, clicca sulla cartella "savegames". Dopodichè spostati sulle finestre di sinistra e sfoglia tra le tue cartelle fino a trovare il tuo savegame che dovrai solo "trascinare" nella finestra di destra (è più difficile da spiegare che da fare credimi!). A questo punto dovrai solo attendere che il caricamento venga completato. Una volta finito puoi chiudere tutto.
  8. Allenamento

    I suspect he is able to post in english.
  9. Allenamento

    Hi Seb, I can help. He has set "teamwork" as pre-match training, but before the match it turns into "match tactics". I'm gonna ask him when this precisely happens. @nello2009k Hai per caso notato "quando" precisamente il gioco cambia la tua impostazione pre-partita? Ad esempio: uscendo ed entrando nuovamente nella schermata degli allenamenti, il giorno prima della partita o altro. Ti suggerirei di postare in inglese se è possibile, è un forum internazionale e scrivere nella propria lingua potrebbe ostacolare gli aiuti provenienti direttamente dallo staff. Altrimenti posso darti volentieri una mano.
  10. Allenamento

    Is "gioco di squadra" set as default pre-match training? It might just be a graphical issue, not affecting the gameplay anyway.
  11. You should elaborate a "new" standing table made by the teams ended with same points. This includes both Manchester United and Valencia results against each other and not your team only. So you have to consider the following matches: Man Utd - Valencia 1st & 2nd leg Valencia - Porto 1st & 2nd leg Porto - Man Utd 1st & 2nd leg Checking all the results and creating a new mini-standing table you should get the reason you ended up 3rd for. Now there might be an error, but I think it could be related on how people know the rules rather than how the game is working.
  12. How can you say it's ignored when I can clearly see you're posting on page number 3? The fact SI staff is not responding here doesn't mean they haven't read it and they haven't taken into account every comment about it.
  13. I agree but nowadays almost every northern teams play on synthetic pitches. No mud on that. They became quite common also for those clubs that cannot afford to maintain the pitch in a good state all along the season. And I'm sorry but this applies for snowy pitches too, my chinese friend. But yeah it would be nice to have this for sunday league matches. What I would really like to see is a different behaviour of the ball according to the pitch playing onto. Too much asking for now I'm afraid...