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  1. Why not. I haven't seen the game, nor any kind of stats, but let's pretend this you played was a real game. Your defenders pair had a tremendous game, but 1 of them made 1 terrible mistake that was about to cause a goal for the opponents. Maybe 2 mistakes. Maybe your team overwhelmed the opponents and your defenders were not even under pressure, and one emerged over the other. For me there could be dozens of reasons a defender could get a lower rating for, if compared to his twin. Why you think he should get an higher rating instead? Did he win as many tackles as the other? as many aerial
  2. From what I read from a dev, a quick ME will hardly produce the same output of the full ME, because they are played differently (now... don't ask me too much about this because I know nothing and even if I knew I could not explain it in a language that is not mine). But I think we were talking about something else?
  3. Yeah I understand this, but from my point of view we could have a potential gamebraking problem when this rule is not applied to every team in the FM World. But IF this rating system is applied at the entire FM World, where's the problem? What is a "very good season"? How do you translate it in numbers and how you explain he should get X instead of Y? This is not clear to me. But it's very important that the same evaluations are applied to every player. In my opinion, it all depends on which value we give to ratings. I.E. a DLP having a game of 6.8, for me it translates into a good g
  4. How does it compare with real life numbers?
  5. Alright. I generally disagree on the matter but I understand your point of view. My next question is: does the same apply to AI teams? @mhaffy
  6. I don't really get why this thing of ratings make the game "unplayable" for someone. In my Country newspapers give 8 for a perfect performance, 9 if you maybe score 4 goals in 1 game. So according to my standards, if at the end of the season a player of mine has an avg of 6.8, for me it means he had a good season. Above 7, he had an awesome season. Also I'm sincerely confused because of so many people stating ratings are low, but nobody mention compared to what, or show an algorythm proving they are right compared to real life ratings in their own country. From my point of view, it a
  7. The post was hit twice, very unlucky. I don't think he was complaining about the player standing still, not every reply is a sarcastic complaint to the game. Stay relaxed.
  8. I don't think anything, I look at his statistics. The statistics are saying he's not good as you probably think he is. You're expecting too much from him. And be careful on saying someone wrote something stupid because he has a different point of view.
  9. Tonali has an average rating of 5.71 in real life. If ever, well done on making him overperforming. Hardly the best DLP in game.
  10. Some find it super easy. Some find it super difficult. It depends on how you play the game and the club you pick.
  11. As stated above, I think EPL (but i'd even go deeper) players and clubs (and all that is around the club, like income, youth turnover, market, reputation and so on) need to be looked at. I think even clubs from the lower tiers have easy access to cash cabability, and this of course produce a lot of benefits on cascade. From an outer point of view, it's like if UK is part of a parallel universe where nobody goes bankrupt and even Socketberry United (invented one) will benefit of a sugar daddy at some point. I mean I read someone in season 2 playing West Ham with Messi, Asensio, Gnabry....
  12. So FM is better than reality. Is this what you're saying? It's not my intention to have a go against you but from my point of view you're flipping the problem upside-down by pointing that FM does better than reality does. This opens a chest full of problems according to me, philosophically speaking. Bahh I wouldn't mention italian clubs. We're rubbish and I would sound biased. Let's focus on german and spanish teams, it seems to me they achievied "something" lately. That's your point of view, and we would have a nice chat at the pub in front of a couple of stouts about it, but
  13. Well. Sorry. I strongly disagree on everything. I mean how can you call this a mix of spanish and english winners. It's clear to me a dominance of english sides and 3 wins from spanish along 9 years. For 6 times the CL trophy was lifted by an english side, 6 out of 9. And how can you say this is happening in real life too. I think it's worth to remember you that in the last 10 years the CL was lifted by an english side 2 times, as many as Bayern Monaco alone and just 1 more than an italian side. Where's Bayern Munchen in this screenshot? They won more CLs of Liverpool in the las
  14. Ahhh... alright. No problem, it's a shame though because it was really beautiful and very relaxing for eyes, the choice of the font and colors was spot on.
  15. Hello @wkdsoul, I remember from this past summer a version of this skin that looked truly beautiful, but it seems you flipped it completely up now. I'm not saying this one is bad but the previous one was definitely better, more original and more neat, according to my tastes. Was that project definitely abandoned?
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