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  1. Thanks for your suggestion, but I already did my part speaking the truth.
  2. Unfortunately I don't know any other way around to spot offside statistics. But still I'd encourage, both of you guys, to make statements on a solid base and not using "hyperbolic/last-match-I-had" examples. As I said earlier, according to my experience playing comprehensive basically every offside is shown in the highlights. So that even 4-5 (or more) of them can bother massively, although perfectly in line with real life statistics.
  3. Honestly, I haven't seen a bad call since FM14 probably. That sounds like a bug and you should report all of them here.
  4. Watching games on comprehensive I agree the number of offsides shown during the highlights is disturbing. @XaW It's surely something variating from match to match but, for a more reliable comparison, could you have a look at your whole season on how many offsides have been called instead of your last match only?
  5. It doesn't look like a shot, but rather a pass to a teammate who was supposed to be there. Well at least this is how I'd like to see it. Honestly in a real match there are more many mistakes on passes and shots than we see on FM. But still this is not an excuse to justify the horrible long shot reported by the OP.
  6. And I can't complain about finishing anymore once seen this
  7. Out of interest... are you a Man U fan? I don't expect someone neutral appointing De Gea as "the Messi of goalkeepers"
  8. Ahhh I'm sorry but I have no idea
  9. Maybe I can help you with this. Open the nVidia control panel, go to "manage 3D settings" --> Program Settings --> choose FM18 from the drop down menu and on the panel below, once you find the V-Sync setting, set it on "fast".
  10. I hope it doesn't, speaking of statistics. It means, teorically, that all the figures collected are redundant if not played on full detail. Penalties, goal scored, cards and so on... basically every related thread raised in the bugs forum is not completely reliable, probably.
  11. When I read this post I checked if I was on the right forum or on an FM0something old forum. Really, +1 for originality I don't understand what's wrong with celebrations. People asked for that for so long, now you have it but still complain. The SI doesn't care bla bla bla. Stop the yearly release make one game only updatable bla bla bla. Read thousands and thousands of times. Boring. Bring up something new guys! Are you running out of ideas? Anything not including a stupid "#" possibly? https://community.sigames.com/forum/353-football-manager-feature-requests/
  12. True. - Fixed passing accuracy assistant feedback That's all on regard of the ME changes. Not even a ME change being pricky. What amuses me is that some people see improvements on goalkeeping and other stuff not mentioned in the changelist.
  13. I'm just amazed how can a placebo effect work on a human brain. Apparently, I can never stop being amazed by the potentialities of a human brain
  14. I'd watch the game on comprehensive if offsides calls wouldn't kill me. Extended are fine.
  15. Allenamento

    They wont let know to you if they fixed your problem. As I said many times, and I'm starting to be sick repeating myself, there's a list of issues to be fixed, and yours is placed among them. Even if honestly I don't see such big priority at the moment for it to be fixed immediatly. Soon there will be a major update, as it happens every year, so be patient and wait for it. And last but not least, stop bumping your thread. Keep asking if they fixed your problem or when it'll be fixed won't make them working faster and better. I kindly offered my help with translations, that's all from me now.