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  1. I'd still like to hear all the match-day audio package (chants, noise ...) completely revamped. Or something we can easilly add manually via editing.
  2. Ciao, stai usando database particolari che hai scaricato in giro? Oppure hai usato l'editor? Da quello che dici ("Gli unici infortuni che persisitono, sono quelli già presenti iniziando una nuova partita") sembra che la partita in corsa sia nata con qualcosa di "anomalo".
  3. I like your own interpretation of what is an "idea"
  4. I mean at least let's bring on nice examples. I liked the idea of flares, but let's be honest now that some years have passed on... that looked like "meh". It's rather a campfire set up among people calmly watching the game, just out of the blue. I was expecting some firemen to rush the stand and evacuate the audience but that never happened. I'm happy we're still talking about graphics after 8 pages, it means the rest of the game was perfect!
  5. My answer is: whatever! I'd like to see more variations with stadiums? Yes . Does it worth talking about it for 3 pages of complaints? Hell, definitely not. I want a good representation of football, cosmetics are just what they are: cosmetics.
  6. Could you explain this, I'm even running FM07 on my 64 bit machine without any problem, maybe I can help you out with it.
  7. The only difference from FM17 to FM21 represented in this picture is the pitch pattern/colors (brightness etc. etc.) which is better in FM17, I agree (I remember it was beautiful in FM18 too). So that's all we're talking about? Pitches? FM21 offers me a vast additions of animations, flags and better nets. Even benches are better (I remember benches made by brickwalls in FM17). For me all this discussions about graphics are surely worth to be mentioned but just that much, after that it turns into a waste of time, both writings and readings.
  8. Except that this video is from more than 1 year when FM21 wasn't still out.
  9. I'm very fond to FM07, but FM21 is so much fun to play and enjoy.
  10. This next year but December, so there's time for a new edition to see improvements in that area.
  11. It's literally what they did since... 20 years, more or less.
  12. I think sometimes this "maddening" research for realism could be counter-productive affecting the game negatively instead of improving it. I find the current injury rate pretty much perfect to fully enjoy the game. I insist on this point: when I get back home from work or from whatever makes me tired and I simply want to relax and have fun, I love to open FM having a mug of coffee or tea and deal with the next team trying to overscore it with tactics and decisions instead of play with half team and half youth because 10 of my players are injured. We build teams along many years, I'd like to watch'em playing on my screen instead of playing an E.R. simulator. Also we accept Scunthorpe winning the Champions League in 6 years, I think we can accept having a bit less injuries across the season
  13. Also sometimes when I access the forum main page and I want to log in it's not in the language of my native Country, in which case my log in process goes wrong and I have to log in again. This does not block me from using the forum anyway.
  14. Me too, the ME is truly fun to play and watch, last night my striker scored a back-heel goal which I have NEVER seen happening before, than he scored from a rocket-at-fly shot from the edge of the box, and then he scored again an volleyball-header with the goalkeeper desperately trying to save it - unsuccessfully (now this guy is my hero). Never seen such a variety of goals scored and so many brilliant plays. I'll keep buying FM forever I think but I'm also sure I'll enjoy FM21 for some time yet.
  15. How long ago he started the course to get the licence?
  16. Oh wow, that's a long shot replying a post from the past January but hey, I felt the need to reply! I can give you a couple of answers immediatly: there's some people who LOVES to take the control of the team they support and win everything with it AND there's some people who LOVES to have a bottomless well of money to spend on the best players of the game, building a wonder-team up. Bonus: there's even some people who LOVES to see the team they manage to lift trophies in a pretty short time. I'm pretty sure there's some people that literally would never play LLM because that way to play FM would probably give them absolutely nothing but boredom. And that's it! Thanks FM for giving a different and personal enjoyment to each one of us, hurray!
  17. Weird... It happened to me several times and doing what suggested always fixed everything. I'd double check for the 3D kit folder to be completely erased from your pc and I would follow step-by-step the clear cache instructions (not only by clicking the button in the preferences menu). open the search bar of your OS and type %localappdata%, press enter scroll down the window until you find the Sports Interactive folder, open it, double click on the Football Manager 2021 folder, find the Caches folder and delete it. Reload the game.
  18. Probably because you imported some 3rd parts 3D kits add-on. Removing the folder and clearing the cache will likely fix this issue.
  19. Lol, whatever? "Chiellini helpless child against lukaku" Here's lukaku after Italy-Belgium: Anyway, I just read UEFA opened a disciplinary action against the english FA after the disorders raised by english fans in the final game at EURO 2020 in Wembley, and I was wondering how come I cannot see any "english fans scum" thread in the forum.
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