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  1. using the instructions in the original post, it works for me on FM24
  2. What follows are my thoughts as I sometimes feel there can be a little negativity at times, some I've contributed to it too. I've been playing this game since the CM1 days, yep, when it took 2-3 hours to process a new season on the Amiga. The Clive Tydsley commentary on my first Intel PC, the subsequent update CM9798 where you could play with 3 leagues - right upto now. As soon as I had kids the game became too much, so FM13 I loved due to the classic mode. Favourite was FM18 But then I tried FM19 classic (or maybe FM20) and it didn't seem as 'big' as FM18. I didn't feel part of the game world so therefore full fat was the way to go. But it just seemed bloated and on the PC I had at the time, the graphics were gash. But now for FM24, I've purchased a brand new PC, I can play it on maximum settings and oh my days, this game is amazing. The graphics for the match day are superb! The little intricacies of the interface are very cool. Love how SI have addressed players getting upset where you can hold a team meeting to get them back on board. Kinda hand holding your way through this tricky process. Love how huge the game is, love the news stories, the social media stories. True, a lot of it could be simplified and I look forward to FM25 where all the information is still there but it's easier to get into for newer players. But for me, all this talk about the graphics engine on it's last legs - and perhaps it is - but for someone's who's been plodding on FM18 for too long, FM24 is an amazing game. Love the graphics, love the filters during the game, love the world tue game makes you feel part of. Thank you SI
  3. is there a way to replace them with stadium backgrounds? providing they're downloaded of course
  4. great skin, but how could i get the green tactics pitch back?
  5. has the new update fixed players getting unhappy when speaking to them?
  6. do we reckon any future patches are going to have features within them that are not save game compatible? I'm going to start a new game due to the current patch requiring a restart
  7. Will it have a detrimental affect on their morale? Doing well with Rangers then suddenly some numpty moans about wanting to play. I disagree and reduce his playing time and it all kicks off. tbh, it's stopped me from playing the game cause i find all this stuff tiresome - i run an Under 11's footy team so play FM to get away from the all the BS you have to put up with in real life.
  8. not one keeper injured during Beta and first game in the full release (a continuation of a beta save) and both gk's have been injured in the same game :/ edit: both out for 5 weeks too. think I'll wait for the patch
  9. Apologies for the file size, but watch towards the end....beginning of second half : Football Manager 2024 2023-10-31 13-36-00.mp4 The overlay disappears
  10. Just started the second half in the game and literally, you can see the filter turn off so definetly something going on and I don't have any enhancements coming into play using AMD Adrenalin.
  11. yeah sure, I've captured it as I suspect the pkm doesent' contain any data such as this but although it seems subtle, it does show it. Although I am using a Sky Sports mod, it was doing this before I loaded it up. (file is called 'Football Manager 2024 2023-10-31 13-16-31.mp4') Before the game kicks off, there's a definete orange haze...look at the white lines on the pitch. Then when the game kicks off, the white lines are now a brilliant white and it's gone from a dusky time to a more blueish, colder light. The games being played at 12:30pm on a Saturday, with it being wet and 14 degrees, so perhaps the match graphics are fine and the preview showing the haze is wrong.
  12. I think this is it - thank you. Basically I want the reports in my email for when In initiate a scout report on a specific player, but seems it was detailing the assignments I set within the inbox too
  13. does this Filter stay on after you advance a day? Always re-ticks it on mine
  14. thank you, this worked and thank you for your all fine work in doing these mods. Absolutely fantastic
  15. Nice and simple one but cannot figure it out! How do I stop all these emails coming through? I have been messing with my preferences on how things are sent to me, but don't ever recall specifying everything individually
  16. massive fan of this but I feel I've missed something somewhere as it's not giving me the option to load up the sky sports mod as a skin: This is what I've done but not showing. What have i missed?
  17. be nice if you could change the ratio of them and this goes for a lot of things within the game really. Instead of either doing all or nothing (i.e. delegating), just change the ratio. i.e. press conferences before big games. before cup games after the quarter finals. That kind of thing
  18. these screenshots illustrate it better. All I'm doing is adding Tom Lawrence as I have space for more players, but suddenly it acts like I'm reducing the amount of Home Grown Players by 1
  19. I've reported it as one but I feel I might be mis-understanding it. Basically, using the Auto Pick I have satisified all parameters with Home Grown players, but with space available to register more players, if I click on Tom Lawrence (for example), suddenly, the HGN area reduced by 1 - nnd making my pick ineligible, thing is, im not removing a Home Grown player!
  20. When I come to add players to be registered to champions league, doing auto select and everything is fine, but with slots available to add more players, when I do, it takes the HGC and HGN into defecit and says I need to add more players who are homegrown whereas before adding another player, it was saying i had an eligible squad. very confused
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