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  1. Do you play 2D? If so, there is no way to incorporate the stadium picture into the match in between highlights. The reason for this is that SI removed the 2D classic TV mode (I think FM 2017 was the last version with the old 2D classic TV mode). Me, and other players want to have the option of having a stadium picture in background on match day and in between highlights. However it’s now gone three years and nothing has been done about it. As far as I know several users who make custom skins and mods have yet to find a solution, this likely because the 2D pitch is the actual match engine itself (“The 3D stadium” with overview camera angle) and therefore it’s hardcoded. But come to think about it, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem after all, at least if you are a software developer and professional software programmer. Crop the 2D pitch and make a widget so the stadium picture can be visible in the background. The game should at least have support for multi monitoring, so you could have one monitor for 2D pitch and the other monitor for the stadium background picture. There are two threads regarding this matter, please visit these threads and show your support: https://community.sigames.com/topic/515481-2d-matchday-pitch-view/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/504111-grey-border-around-2d-pitch/
  2. I reported this problem in the bugs section, but it seems that the moderator removed my post and transferred it to the suggestion section. I'm willing to donate an amount to the one who can look in to this and solve this problem. But like stated it’s hardcoded, so it would require a good effort to resolve this. What we know so far: * The 2D pitch view is actually the 3D engine seen for above, overhead view. * It’s hardcoded Have anyone tried to play the game with two monitors? Does it still look the same?
  3. Dear SI Games I have decided to report this as a bug. It’s regarding the 2D pitch during match. Take a look at this picture: Me and many other players would like to get the grey area removed and made transparent, please remove the grey area and crop the 2d pitch and replace it with a default background picture, this will allow us to have custom stadium picture (or a picture at our desire) in the background on match day and during the match (and between highlights).
  4. Thanks for reply. Unfortunatly I dont have any file by the name of 'competition history' xml located in the panels\competition folder. I'm using a custom skin so maybe that's why the XML-file is missing. XML files inside panels\competition folder: competition news calendar day panel competition news panel transfer deadline weeks days folder inside the panels folder called "cfm"/ XLM files: cfm competition news image panel large cfm competition news image panel medium cfm competition news item large cfm competition news item last minute cfm competition news item medium cfm competition news item medium2 cfm competition news item small cfm competition news item title only dark text cfm competition news side panel I have searched inside the XLM files to try and find the correct line, but can't find it. Since it is a custom skin maybe the coding for that text color is located elsweare in some other XML in anoter patch. So how do I replace the colour bit with font? Do I need to do someting with the 'competition history'xlm file regarding this? (If so I'm still ****ed because I cant find the file ... LoL)
  5. Anyone know how to locate and change the colcor of this text ? (Past winners in competitions screen) I want the text to be white , no color. I have looked inside some XML files in panels folder, but I can't find out. Do anyone know?
  6. How do i get these boxes transparent ?? I want them to be nearly full transparent . I have tried to edit every single "paper.png" file in all directories : (Then i have been able to get some of the backgrounds transparent but not the boxes shown on examples in this post) \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\boxes\subsection\standard \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\boxes\subsection\transparent \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\boxes\subsection\solid \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\boxes\subsection\no margin \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\boxes\custom\background \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\cfm\cfm club overview details panel team report \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\cfm\cfm club overview panel \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\cfm\cfm competitions \CFM Skin 2018 BETA\graphics\cfm\cfm manager home I have even tried to edit some of the codes in "settings.XML" file , then I have managed to change the colcor of these boxes , but not getting them transparent. What am I doing wrong?
  7. New patch been released (18.1.2), sadly SI-games have done nothing with this issue, they don’t seem to care about old-school players which have played this game since the late 90’s. When you choose 2D classic as viewing mode then there should be no sight of any 3D stadium at all.
  8. Did he manage to have the background picture when playing in 2D and on commenrary as well? Who is Andromeda?
  9. I tried the Fm18matchdaybackgroundsEXPERIMENTAL.zip, I got the stadium background picture to show before the match, at half time and fulltime screen, however when playing the actual match in 2D the background picture did not show up, only gray background. Is there any chance that SI games will change this in an upcoming update? Would really like the background picture to show in the 2D match, like in previous versions.
  10. I have always been playing FM in 2D, never in 3D never been a fan of 3D, and when I turned on the 2D for this year’s version I must say I got really disappointed, why did SI-games change this? I really hope someone can figure out a way to turn of the 3D pitch so the stadium background picture appear in match, yes and also at the end of the game.
  11. To make boxes in match between highlights more transparent: (Use photoshop softweare to edit png files) Edit paper.png files in the following locations: Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\Vitrex17 2.0\graphics\boxes\custom\match\background Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\Vitrex17 2.0\graphics\boxes\custom\match\between highlights Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\Vitrex17 2.0\graphics\ibh_box
  12. Currently using VITREX17 v2.0 How do i get the backround in 2D match more transparent?? I would also like to know if it's possible to get the team kits to show in the overview panel instead of the team logos. (match overview panel only , not the match title bar). How to mod this?
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