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  1. I have recently tested this mod with 3D match, and I can confirm that it works. You can play with comprehensive or full match, It dosent matter. This mod will make the stadium background picture to show on: -Pre-match team news screen -Half-time screen -Post-match screen -The dressing room screen -Tunnel interview screen Please note that in between the highlights the 3D stadium will still be visible, If you also want a stadium picture to show in between the highlights then I would recommend this mod: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/546506-fm21mod-stadium-image-for-
  2. I have tested and played some matches with “commentary only” with this mod, and it’s seems to show exactly the same as using 2D with “key moments” or even the whole game. If I now understand you correctly you want “commentary only” and the 2D pitch to disappear? If that’s the case, unfortunately I don’t have any solution to that. But you can open your “Client object browser.xml” and locate this line: <!-- PROP_FULL_SCREEN_3D_BEING_DRAWN --> <record get_property="Ma3D" test_mode="equal" value="true" comparison_mode="or" skip_if_null="true" /> Remove line: <record get_pr
  3. There are some pictures (screenshots) in the opening post. I added them to the opening post a couple a days ago. The example are showing Bayer Leverkusen vs Lepzig, pre-match, halftime and post-match screen. Please note that you need to use a skin that have support for showing backgrounds (like stadium and city ect.), I guess you already know that.
  4. I forgot to do that when I opened this thread, I will post some screenshots in a moment, along with description.
  5. Hi all I’m a vintage/retro FM player and I’m one of those players who do only play in 2D mode (never 3D) and I’m also used to have the stadium background picture shown on matchday. In this year’s version this was really tricky, and as far as I’m concerned there was no solution, but thanks to a user on this forum I got a tip on how to get the stadium background picture on the in between highlights panel, and I think that “saved the day” for me, (if I wouldn’t have found that mod I would probably just scraped this years version) But still, I was really annoyed to see the big green 2D
  6. Hey guys, I found a way to get the stadium background picture to show on matchday. And it keeps the match engine so you will be able to watch the game in key moments and so on. Only tested for 2D, I never play with 3D, so I dont know if this solution workes with 3D. See post in new thread:
  7. What skin are you using mate? How did you get a nice looking scoreboard like that?
  8. Is it possible to move a manager from a club and then add him to another club/national team? Lets say you want to move a manager which are managing a club in PL (or any other league) and want to move him and add him as manager of a national team, is that possible with the editor? If so, how?
  9. So how is that different from FM18 and 19 may I ask? I recently downloaded FM 20 Demo and I tested the 2D, and it’s exactly the same as it was on 18 and 19.
  10. Yes, but the area around the 2D pitch still doesn't have to be grey colored, at least there should be an option to remove it (either by editing/modding) and have picture in the background. You could then have plenty of boxes with match stats, either with dark transparency or light transparency. There should also be an option for the 2D pitch to disappear in between the highlights. As a “diehard” 2D user and “old school” FM gamer there is no secret that I am very disappointed the way this game are heading and the way the match engine are going. It seems that the FM devel
  11. It should have an option to be transparent, that’s means you could add your own stadium background picture. At least one thing we can agree on, the way the 2D pitch now is presented is NOT god enough. SI, please do something about this!
  12. Do you play 2D? If so, there is no way to incorporate the stadium picture into the match in between highlights. The reason for this is that SI removed the 2D classic TV mode (I think FM 2017 was the last version with the old 2D classic TV mode). Me, and other players want to have the option of having a stadium picture in background on match day and in between highlights. However it’s now gone three years and nothing has been done about it. As far as I know several users who make custom skins and mods have yet to find a solution, this likely because the 2D pitch is the actual matc
  13. I reported this problem in the bugs section, but it seems that the moderator removed my post and transferred it to the suggestion section. I'm willing to donate an amount to the one who can look in to this and solve this problem. But like stated it’s hardcoded, so it would require a good effort to resolve this. What we know so far: * The 2D pitch view is actually the 3D engine seen for above, overhead view. * It’s hardcoded Have anyone tried to play the game with two monitors? Does it still look the same?
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