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  1. Not really as any team worth their salt will have upto the second analytics available. Sounds to me like it's something taken away so they can then re-add it in the future as a feature. Like years ago "we've introduced widgets, they're the best" and now it's "have your static screens back"
  2. Ive only played the demo but what is it with every single game having a goal in the opening minute?
  3. I hate being negative but this is a feedback thread so... But I really dislike the Match UI. I remember a few years back that Miles was saying how great it is to have widgets and you can choose what you want, amend them at your own free will - and he was right! I played the Touch mode mainly with FMT18 and in between highlights you can see both teams clearly in the center of the screen, both teams stats, how the player is feeling, even how the weather is. Now it's off to one side with the main focus being a huge window with Assistant Manager feedback that hardly gets populate
  4. Is there a Demo available for us to try for FM Touch 21?
  5. This is the inherent issue with them calling it Touch, I personally play it on the laptop. Tried playing FM21 Demo and it's simply too much, information overload. Gone back to FMT 2018 now
  6. I also wondered this Op whether I could just take advantage of full fat FM and all the glorious skins that are available but delegate loads to the assistant. So I just downloaded the FM21 demo and jesus christ, after a hard day at work I find it simply impossible. Fair play to anyone who enjoys it but it's just information overload and literally like working at a large company where you have meeting after meeting which leaves you with no time to actually do anything meaningful
  7. I've seen loads of goals scored like this in real life. Looks great to me and besides, wern't Man Utd caught off guard the other week?
  8. Is this a BETA of the full game? So if I play it I can add extra leagues as normal?
  9. What Packs are they?
  10. This skin is that good it actually makes me want to play the full game rather than Touch! Please release it for FM21! Also, does the download include the badges and kits?
  11. Really excited for this new release I must admit. Played FM since it was CM on the Amiga but from FM13 went to the 'Classic' (or rather Touch) version and stuck with FM18 and loved every minute of it. Had a break for a few versions due to taking ages to master FM18 Tactics and given how this evolved in subsequent FM's I didn't want to start back to square one. But now it's time to get a new version on release and rather FM21 be a simple evolution, to me it has the potential to be revolutionary. Headline features are massive in that the match engine has been changed. Back in the day
  12. Great post! Up until FM2008 I religiously purchased FM and became over analytical with every change (especially around the CM3 and CM4 era) but now I'm fairly chilled and when jumping a few iterations like you do, it's strange how the things that seem to bother most of the forum aren't really that bad and it also illustrates there is evolution when not getting it each year.
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