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  1. Super unlucky with the ending of last season - hopefully you'll be luckier this time round!
  2. Good signings and a great start! Can't believe Liverpool have given Derbyshire to you for free, an absolute steal.
  3. Season review (2019/2020) Season 2018/2019 review Automatic promotion! Very good season, our promotion bid was never really in danger from gameday 15 onwards and we ended up walking the league and equalizing the points record. Fine showing in both cups, in the FA Trophy we should have gone to the final but that competition was pretty much irrelevant. We were good in the FA Cup but unlucky to draw Tottenham at home and not away - still gave a good account of ourselves and only lost 0-1. Squad statistics: Overall best eleven: Pretty much everyone in the squad have their contracts running out in the summer and I will be picky about renewing. As I ultimately want to move to a full squad of academy players from Arsenal and Boreham Wood I will look at the contracts running out at Arsenal as I did last season and after that see where we have holes in our squad. Youth level increase:
  4. March 2020 Super month in the league where we won all of our games and are now on an eight game winning streak. We lost out to Wrexham in the FA Trophy semi-finals, but all of our focus has been on the league so that's of no concern to me. We're all but crowned champions now - can't see us dropping this lead. Some words on Folarin Balogun's progress. Started the season slowly but has been finding his feet and now has 15 goals in the league and is our best striker. Just tied him down to a contract expiring in June 2023 so he'll either stay here for a while or we'll make good profit off him.
  5. It's been a fun read and great to follow your rise to success. I'll keep following if you come back rejuvenated later.
  6. Yep, immense facilities! Don't have the game open right now but if I'm not mistaken they train at their astro pitch, which is also used by Arsenal ladies and the Arsenal development centre and partly paid for by Arsenal.
  7. Youth intake An update on our youth intake. I was thinking of including an update of our former intakes every year when we receive a new class of academy players, as the long term goal of this save is to have only players that have come through either our or Arsenal's academy. This season (2020) Overall, we got a handful of players who might be useful in the future. A decent intake: Players: The standout player is Reeche Camacho, a physical striker who could be the Calum Pitty successor we need if he leaves in the summer. Matthew Banks is labeled as a ball-winner, but I'll probably try to mould him into a box-to-box midfielder or a mezzala, should I play with one later. A decent talent, but I'm not sure he'll feature much if the club develops quicker than him. I rate Daniel Olukanmi a lot more than our coaching staff - but he's got an unambitious personality along with 4 in determination, which I have to change quickly. 2019 The much talked about Calum Pitty. He is a starter alongside Balogun, plays very well and gets better each month. Might lose him in the summer. Jez Andrews is a starter as well. He developed super quickly, hadn't really paid much attention to him until about 5 months after the intake as he was improving leaps and bounds every month. Has gained up to 3 and 4 points on some attributes in only a year. I'm starting to integrate Kenny Vincent to first team football now. He's got some way to go but he has the basic attributes required to perform okay as a winger in the Vanarama. Herman Maragh's progress has been a little slower than I hoped it would be. Got a couple of games in the end of last season already but has stayed at his two star CA. I'll maybe loan him out next season and see if he can kick on with regular playing time.
  8. February 2020 A good month which sees us increasing our lead at the top. I don't think that we should lose the top stop in the last 11 games, but you never know. We're through to the FA Trophy semi-finals as well.
  9. Fantastic! Congratulations - well deserved!
  10. An update on Pitty No sale! We managed to hang onto him for this window - but I'm not optimistic for the summer. Some accolades for him: It would have been a "pitty"! He's been playing very well for the past two months.
  11. Short post on Callum Pitty Still yet to finish January (am on the 31st) and I'm facing heavy pressure trying to keep my academy striker Callum Pitty, who's recently been lighting the league up. He's taken over Luke Goodman's throne as the academy star which has been vacant since last summer. However - I'm fearing that Pitty may end up going the same route as Goodman soon. I'm getting offers by the minute as you can see in the inbox here below. None of them are good enough, but it's only a matter of time before my chairman accepts one of those offers. This is how Pitty looks now and this is how he looked when he came through 10 months ago.
  12. January 2020 I'm happy with this month. Would have liked to win against Wrexham but no game is easy in the lower leagues of England - well except for the one against FC Halifax two weeks later! They had a man sent off after eight minutes though so there's the explanation for that. Super tight game against Spurs who played their strongest XI. Lucas Moura scored after 50 seconds and after that the game was pretty much 50/50. I had a shot to the post in the 86th minute but it wasn't to be. Against Salford we went a man down after half an hour played and were lucky to hold onto the draw. The league is getting a little tighter as always when I drop points some of York, Billericay or Chesterfield gain ground on me. Right now I have a 6-7 point cushion (depending on Billericay's game in hand) and I'm pleased with that. A treat for you readers in the end - the goal I conceded against Eastleigh. What on earth is Ryan Huddart doing!? Glad it didn't end up costing me points. A little milestone for me:
  13. December 2019 The earlier part of this month was horrendous. No matter how well we played we absolutely couldn't win matches. We managed to turn our form around in the second half of the month though and hope that carries on into the new year. As can be seen Billericay have made up a lot of ground and don't currently look like losing their stride - let's just hope we can kick on. Some studying for me:
  14. November 2019 It wasn't the best of months in the league but it doesn't matter as we hold our 12 point advantage at the end of the month (9 in fact now as other teams have played more games than us). I'm not too concerned about the game against Dover as we only conceded 6 shots on goal and Dover struck lucky. We got Tottenham in the 3rd round of the FA Cup, would have loved it if we had got an away game though. New two year contract for me:
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