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  1. Lack of updates due to exams (until April 30th) and me tinkering a lot over summer signings. Here is a crazy transfer you can enjoy while you wait for the next update.
  2. Media prediction puts us in 13th place, but we’re aiming higher, which is reflected in the board’s expectations.
  3. Following! Good start to the season.
  4. I’d recommend it! Very few signings needed for the first season as the squad is capable, especially if you’re lucky enough to keep Sturridge injury free, which I wasn’t unfortunately. Decent money, lots of old heads leaving after the first season so you have a very flexible wage bill, players you can sell for great sums if they play well (Evans, Yacob, Chadli, Rondon) and a (lof of) room to do better than Pulis and Pardew did irl.
  5. That’s true, didn’t really expect anyone to pay 10m over his value at this age since his value has been declining rapidly (was ovar 30m at one point). He also suffered a 3 month injury January - April and all interest in him from the London clubs dwindled. As I keep 100% of my sales revenue, my budget is now over 80m and with Evans’ and Barry’s departures I have about 500k p/w free to play with in wages. Could do a big overhaul of the squad.
  6. Johnny is a very important player for us and as I already have to buy 2 central defenders this summer I don’t want to lose one as well. This offer has to be accepted though, considering his age of 30 years and the improvements I could make to the squad.
  7. Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Great getting the Celtic job! Now back to following Sir Alex? Also, could you provide me with screenshots of Burke, Field and Harper? Started an WBA game and wondering how much attention I should give to their development.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, will definitely check if he’s available for a loan.
  9. Yes, quite a few who I'll do my absolute best to bring in for a reasonable price, can't go too expensive as I have to strengthen many positions. My shortlist for the needed positions: 2 DC: Dan-Axel Zagadou. DR: Youssuf Sabaly. DL: No target currently. DMC: Dragos Negelcu, Abdoulaye Doucoure (Watford relegated). AMC: Pascal Gross, Romano Schmid. ST: No target currently.
  10. Really happy with this. Should be more than enough. Currently spending 350k p/w under the budget - Barry and Gabr leaving will free up another 65k. On another note; Evans wants to leave due to interest from Spurs and Chelsea. Had a chat with him and he was happy to have his asking price set to 35.5m, which I was also happy with. Really like him though and don't mind him playing his career out with us if nobody wants to pay north of 20m. Found me the DLP(D) defensive midfielder I was on the lookout for, but his 1.9m transfer was turned down by a failed work permit.
  11. Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Nice read, congratulations on the promotion. Amazing strikeforce you have on your hands, should do well in the PL (if you decide to keep the job) with a strengthened defence.
  12. FM18: West Bromwich Albion

    I'll carry on the updates in this thread:
  13. Hey guys/girls, used to post details of my WBA game into the team guide thread but no one except for me used it so I felt I was hogging the sub forum with a Career update thread. My updates won't be frequent as I'm in doing my university exams this month, and I take up to 2 weeks to finish a season. In game I just finished the first season, I'll post an end season update in a few minutes, but if you want to read my pre season and mid season updates they are in this thread: The league went very well I believe as the aims before the season were to stay out of relegation battle. Only conceded 41 goal which I consider positive for a team of our size. As Bournemouth and Sheffield Wednesday won the cup competitions, us and Liverpool will not play European football even though we finished 6th and 7th. We had a good run in the FA cup but lost disappointingly to Watford in the semis. We would've played Sheffield Wednesday in the final so I'm quite upset about that game. Had a difficult time in the Carabao cup and deserved to lose against Swansea. Our squad is way too thin, as it now consists of 22 players. With Gabr's loan to finish, Barry running out of contract and Botheim, Batmaz and Harper likely being loaned out next season we'll only have 17 players, and there of I want to get rid of Hegazi as he played horrible this season and I really hate his 8 acceleration. So, 16 players ready to start the next season, and I will have to delve into the market, even though I don't like bringing in many players in the same window, normally cap my transfer activity to max 3 players. This time around though we'll need an entire back line of cover; 2 DC, DR and DL. I'll also need a DMC that can play as a playmaker, AMC that can preferably get some goals and a backup striker. So, 7 players will need to be bought, more if I get tempting bids for players like Rondon, Chadli and Yacob. Last season we brought in 19.25m in player sales and only spent 975k, so my transfer kitty should be pretty handsome this summer. If you want any screenshots of players or anything else just ask!
  14. Same for me, really like the idea but I don´t think Walcott specially is cut for defence. I´d recommend Sergi Roberto and Florenzi, players who have started as midfielders but excel as full backs. Could also be fun to really develop AMN as a great passing full back. But as I say I really like the idea, makes the save fun and different.
  15. FM18: West Bromwich Albion

    He´s done it again for the second game in a row! Came on after 79 minutes this time. Exciting goalscorer. On another note, think I will start a thread in the Career Updates sub as nobody is using this one except for me. Will probably start posting here again if discussions spark up.