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  1. Amazing feat! The layout is superb as well. Really looking forward to seeing your first youth player come through the ranks to make it. Can't believe the Fort have done you so dirty with the stadium name!
  2. Sysiphus

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    Anybody tried this guy out? Looks nice for mid table sites, shouldn't be too expensive either. Am managing Hearts so I can update his progress if I keep going with the save.
  3. Sysiphus

    Football Manager 2018 08/09 Database release

    Will try this out, looks good!
  4. Yeah, I know it isn't really a "bug" per se, but I don't find it in line with real world football and I don't enjoy my games when I capitalize on those things.
  5. Doing well mate, keep it up! This one is amazing. Make sure you train him well! In my game I am third after 19 games, 6 points behind City. Very happy with this win though: Look at the estimated cost! Won't capitalize on this though as I wouldn't enjoy this "glitch". Made one signing in Januray, brought in the wonderkid Mirel Matan for 2.9 millions to take over Welbeck's backup position to Lacazette on the left wing in about two years time and to maybe take over from Lacazette soon after that. Looks like he could become good with his personality and rounded attributes.
  6. Yeah, to be fair his attributes suggest he would be best used as ML. I see you stuck it through with Bielik. Always injury prone for me and doesn't progress at all during his loan spells. How is he for you? Looks very good!
  7. Me neither. He lacks in some defensive attributes but I might go to a three at the back formation if this season doesn't start well with my 4-2-3-1. I think he and Bellerin would be great as wing backs.
  8. Summer window before season three done and dusted. In terms of outgoings Lucas left for 16 millions, Asano and the homesick Monreal for 7.5 millions each and Bielik for 4. To replace Monreal I bought the attacking minded Marcelo Saracchi for 10 milions from River Plate, and to be a future backup for Bellerin I bought the regen Robin Ferrett for 9 millions.
  9. Wow, he looks great for you! Mine's only half the player of yours.
  10. @itamarled unlucky. You'll win it next season! How is Mavropanos doing for you? I'm having a hard time developing him, been giving him a lot of playing time, tutoring and individual training, but nothing much happens. I'm starting to think he doesn't really have a good PA to grow into. The summer before season three starts well for me. I've also bought a left back to replace Monreal and a future right back as well. More on that later.
  11. Second season done, disappointing to say the least. A very bad league campaign still saw us finishing second as every top team had a bad year, except for Man Utd who still had a below par season. In the cups I fielded weakened teams and suffered in both instances against sides I really should have won. In the Champions League we won our first leg against Bayern (who have won the CL both seasons in my game now, having signed players like Griezmann and Kovacic) 4-1 at home. In the second leg Bayern scored to go 1-0 and I wasn't stressed at all until Kolasinac got a red card just before halftime - pen for them and 2-0. Early in the second half Bellerin also got red, and we were nine against eleven superhumans. Eventually we lost the game 3-0 and went out on away goals. Very disappointing. The Community Shield was our only success. I'm getting really tired of Kolasinac, he has an abysmal cards record. When I start him I usually have to sub him during halftime because he already has a yellow card and I KNOW he will get a second one in the second half if kept on. Monreal is homesick and I will probably let him leave this summer, so a left back tops my buying list. Will put up few screenshots, including an event-packed game against Watford which was real fun. Just ask if you want to see anything special.
  12. Sysiphus

    Alessandro Rossi

    He's not in my current game's database, could you spare a screenshot for me? Thinking about Lazio as my next save.
  13. A massive comeback for my team as we continue to push for a Champions League qualification spot and try to fight our second season syndrome. Plenty left still. Youth intake day was disappointing like last season. This guy is the pick of the bunch and I really don't think he'll amount to anything special.
  14. Well, that is quite the bizarre move. A quick post-January update: Falling a bit behind in the league. Koscielny was given a leave of absence and Chambers broke his leg (out for 4 months) so my only central defenders were Pavard, Mavropanos and Holding. I decided, after some unsettling, to bring Sokratis Papastathopolous in from Dortmund for 20 million quid. He brings experience and roughness to a young defence, and with Koscielny looking like he might be on his way out this summer there was definitely a need for strengthening.
  15. Sysiphus

    Help with new team

    Try in here.