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  1. Ascoli season 3 summer transfers Very happy with this window, we definitely got what we wanted. As said earlier, Andrea Ghezzi joins on a free to back up the midfield. He's professional and a solid young player. Walter Segovia joins as a future left back for us, he'll be backing Ranieri up this season and maybe the next, and then hopefully overtake him. Zabaleta joins as a backup to Barbieri and a mentor as model professional. Kiril Despodov is a player who some here have signed and was great in FM19. He'll compete with Sernicola for the MR position. Aleksandar Kolarov will play as a box to box midfielder for me, as Padoin is reduced to the bench. He's lacking a little in the physical department but his qualities on the ball and long shots are just superb. He'll not play every game, but hopefully he'll give us a lot. And lastly, our super signing. It was hard to find a striker that fit the bill for us and was a significant upgrade on Trotta. Then it came to my attention that Dusan Vlahovic had moved back to Partizan a season ago, and knew there was a possibility to price him away from them. He's my far most expensive player, both in transfer fee and wages, but I think he'll pay it back. His agent insisted on a 24m release clause which I can live with. Pescicolo went out on a loan and if I can hold on to Vlahovic for two seasons, Pescicolo might be ready by then. Alternatively, hopefully I can give him a new contract in a few months. I think this is my best XI by now: And to add, a target for me if Vlahovic leaves for his release clause. As UK is out of the EU, this Scot is a NEU player and I couldn't sign him this season.
  2. Interesting – never noticed that. Will keep an eye out and maybe do some tests.
  3. The finances took a sharp turn upwards after promotion – as the expenditure is very low; no debts and low wages. Haven't really spent any real money so far either, coming out in the green from the transfers both in season 1 and 2. I took some of the unambitious ones to the first team just for mentoring. One of the GKs is backup now as well and another the second backup. Everyone of these promoted players are available to play with u20s or u18s.
  4. Ascoli 2nd season review Overall a very fun season where we beat the bookies and were clear of any relegation battle for almost the entire season. This is the final position: Squad stats, season awards and overall best 11: The squad is in good shape but I've been planning some offloading. I will try to get rid of Eramo (MC), Pucino (DR) and Mota (ST) as I think I can replace them with either younger players from within or new signings. Unfortunately I did not at all manage to replicate the form of Dany Mota @Adzke had, but different systems and different players around him must have played a part. He played 25 games (8 starts) and scored only one goal. The budget for next season is very nice indeed. I need a goalscorer as my top goalscorer was Sernicola with 10 goals from the MR position. Ironically I also might add a new MR, either with potential or one who can knock Sernicola out. A left back is also on the shopping list, and then anything that takes my fancy.
  5. Ascoli 2nd season youth intake Nothing special to mention; got a nice looking professional keeper and then a few players I signed to bolster my u18s. Signed Orlandi, Hutchinson, Giannini, Rinaldi and Alivernini. Orlandi, who might become my backup keeper next season: To keep helping developing my talent, my first training facilities upgrade is coming up. That was made available by our solid financial position, contributed by our low wage bill and small debt.
  6. Ascoli 2nd season Jan window Slow January – bought one promising midfielder and got rid of two who weren't playing. Clementi, a perfectionist, was napped from Pisa, and looks good. We'll see what happens with him. I also secured another midfielder, who will arrive on a free next summer – Andrea Ghezzi, a really fun, professional player. Finances are relatively secure now so I'm making my first facilities upgrade.
  7. Ascoli mid 2nd season update The season started off rocky and we struggled to find form, still collecting points here and there. After game 10 we managed to find the defensive balance we needed, and stopped leaking goals. With that results started to get better, and we're even unbeaten in 9 in a row now. Still not scoring a lot – but that's fine, we're just creating a solid base here and hopefully solidifying ourselves as a Serie A team. A rock at the back has been Armini, who's loan I've extended until the end of next season (I've done the same for his defence partners Ranieri (DL) and Gravilon (DC), and Sernicola (DR/MR)). So, we're sitting comfortably at 9th at the halfway of the season, sailing into January with no pressing needs. I'll probably hold on to the little money I have, unless something very appealing comes up or if any of my players are plucked away from me. Finances are slowly but surely rising for about a million a month with the TV money coming in very handy. A little gem from my youth system, Alessio Pescicolo, has gotten a little gametime this season (played the last game in Serie B last season), and can hopefully keep on improving. After the good run I was handed a new contract.
  8. That's an insane record – he's a backup for me as I wanted to give Trotta a chance in Serie A after having been the top scorer in Serie B. He's playing a little on the flank for me as well. It definitely isn't! I've played around 11 or 12 games now and am on 8-10 poins, can't quite remember. Hovering around the relegation zone, as expected.
  9. Ascoli 2nd season transfer window Did not get a lot of money and the wage budget is quite tight, but that's the way I want it. I want to give most of the players that helped me get promoted the chance to prove themselves in Serie A. I decided to not renew some loan player who didn't feature a lot last season, but we paid the clause to get Barbieri (DR) in from Novara, and he's a fantastic prospect. Scuffet will be our first goalkeeper, with Nicola Leali having finished his loan. Carles Alena will be our star player, and starts at AMC. Keres Masangu was available on a free, wanted very low wages and has a good upside. Originally I wanted him to be a backup but I didn't get another BBM I liked so he'll probably start a lot. Dany Mota has performed very well for @Adzke's Reggina side, so when he was transfer listed for just over half a million I jumped the gun and signed him as a backup for Trotta. Our best 11 now:
  10. Ninkovic is my captain and he has become a team leader, yes. Raffaele Pucino is my vice captain and he is a highly influential player, not a leader. Sernicola's attributes aren't great, but he has nice PPMs and performs very well on the flank, along with having a perfectionist personality. Bear in mind that he's a DR I trained to play MR because of an injury crisis. Cheers mate! It was Serie B though – still quite tough having to play 5 games!
  11. Ascoli 1st season review Finishing the 1st season with a few screenshots from the end of the season. Ask for specifics if you want and I'll oblige! First season in Serie A since 06/07. My best 11: Finally got some team leaders in! Final league position + playoff tree. Reward for top goalscorer in the league, Marcello Trotta: Squad overview: Rather small budget but there is something to be worked with. Hopefully the balance of –5m will get better soon.
  12. Correct, which made it even more nerve-racking!
  13. Ascoli 1st season Serie B playoffs In the preliminary round of the 6 team playoffs we face Trapani, who were the overachievers of the season and ended up in 5th place. This is just a single game, where we play away to the higher placed team. Waiting for us in the 2-legged semi finals were 3rd placed Perugia, with their talisman Christian Capone eagerly waiting to prove his worth to his parent club Atlanta – he's been fantastic this season and I have my eyes on him for the next season. First leg: Second leg: It is very fitting that I am facing Livorno in the playoff final. Does anybody remember this post I made 10 days ago before starting the save? Well, this is destiny, right? What's even more, these teams are fierce rivals: The final is two-legged. The first leg is already played: I still haven't played the 2nd leg as I've been writing this up, let's hope for the best. Starting the game now...
  14. Ascoli 1st season update We managed to squeeze into the playoffs where we'll play Trapani. Not too optimistic, but not too stressed about this either. Of course I'll try to win every game and gain promotion, but thinking about the long term I'm not sure it's beneficial for us to go up as the 8th placed team in Serie B... In other news, we've extended Armini's loan until the end of next season. I've not been successful in extending Barbieri's loan from Novara, so we may have to pay his 1.9m optional clause to secure his services for the future. The kid's a massive talent.
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