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  1. In season 3 he has moved three times and I seem to get money each time. First he moved to Ajax for 5 millions I think, then back to PSV for a similar amount and finally to Brighton for 13-14 millions, so it is worth it to wait the clause out. However, this money is pennies for Football Manager's Arsenal.
  2. Finished my second season. Performance was disappointing, didn't manage to retain the title and went out in quarter-finals in the CL. Had horrible injury spell in Feb/March were Torreira (6 months), Özil (month), Ramsey (3 months) all got injured so my midfield was weakened significantly. During that time Liverpool overtook us in the league and United knocked us out of the CL. Individually it was okay, but not good enough. I didn't have a prolific goalscorer, Lacazette and Nketiah were mediocre and Auba played on the flank like he did in the first season (did that really well then). Özil and Mavropanos my best performers. I need to strengthen my defence for the upcoming season as Koscielny and Monreal will leave as they'll turn 35/34 next season and don't have the speed, agility or stamina to justify their contracts (Koscielny still wants to be key player with 120k p/w in wages). I'll bring in an BPD and maybe a full-back. I might also give Joel López a chance before Christmas and see how he does. Don't think he's quite ready yet though. I'll also try to move on Mkhitaryan, don't fit him in anymore as I'm always wanting to make Smith Rowe or Nelson my first choice on the right wing.
  3. January in 2nd season over with. No transfers in, no transfers out. This is the league: Tempted to bring in James Rodriguez on a bosman. Amazing attributes (except for the work rate) and reasonable wage demands. Özil turns 32 in October, so might be on the decline. How is Joe Willock getting on for you guys? Haven't been able to find minutes for him in the first two seasons with our midfield depth so I've loaned him out. He performs well in the Championship (averaging about 7.10 for Birmingham (who have great training facilities and are top 4 in their league)) - but he isn't developing at all. Still a 2 star CA player (and 20 years old) and never has any green arrows, and if he gets them - he'll have red ones next month.
  4. Sysiphus

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Got a striker with the same name in my first season as well (for Arsenal), although yours has much more potential!
  5. Second season starts well. Won the Euro Super Cup and the Community Shield: League wise it's also good, however Liverpool look immense as well having signed Gelson Fernandes and Raphael Varane this summer. Those were my transfers, no transfers in as I didn't feel like my team had any gaps. No major transfers out except for Sokratis, who wasn't happy playing in about 70% of my games and constantly asking for a wage rise. I didn't feel like giving a 31 year old who relies on his pace an extension with 160k p/w so Juventus loaned him for the season with a mandatory 40m future fee which I'm happy with. Next season I'll maybe have to buy a CD as Koscielny's contract will be up, and I don't think I'll renew it unless he'll accept a backup role with wage decrease. Currently he wants to be classified as key player and get 190k p/w which is absurd for a player who'll be 35 next season.
  6. Hmm, I personally don't like employing two playmakers in the midfield, but don't know if it does any bad. I suggest a DLP rather than AP as you might want someone to sit a bit more in the midfield to give Özil the space for his runs as Mezzala. But in the end, if nothing works for your Özil - I think it might be time to part ways with him and his huge salary.
  7. I'm doing an IF (s) at AML with Özil as Mezzala (a) MCL and both players in these positions perform very well, so I'm not sure that's it. It could be some team instructions or the balance of your midfield - which roles do the players around Özil have?
  8. Which prospects are you giving attention and think could feature for you well into your save? I reckon everybody thinks highly of Smith Rowe, Iwobi, Guendouzi and Nelson (even though the Hoffenheim loan stagnates his development). In the category below those I'd put Maitland-Niles, Nketiah and Mavropanos who all have potential to be useful squad players and maybe more than that with extra attention. But what about players like Joe Willock, Xavier Amaechi, Tyreece John-Jules, Trae Coyle, Bukayo Saka, Joel López and Karl Jakob Hein? Any af these that you have earmarked for a future role in your team (or are even coming along nicely if you are 3+ seasons into your save)?
  9. In most games Mezzala (A) alongside DLP (S) with Regista behind them. In big games away he playa as DLP (S) alongside BBM with DM (D) begind them.
  10. Keep it civilized in here please... I just finished my first season. Competitions went like this: Here are some awards my players got (I got Manager of the year as well), really happy for Mavropanos to get into the TOTY: Squad stats: My best youth intake players this year, don't think anyone of these will make it big time but hopefully one or two will become decent first team players. I actually like Beechey's attribute spread and think he's a little better than the ass. man thinks (absolutely have to work on his finishing though: My intentions for the next season are to keep the squad pretty much intact unless I get some crazy bids. Koscielny wants to go home though and Holding is unhappy with his playing time, being my 5th choice DC second half of the season. Welbeck's contract won't be renewed and Nelson will take his place in the squad when returning from Hoffenheim, who unfortunately didn't play him a lot (some 7 games I think) and he has stagnated - let's see if we can kick his development back on track. Ramsey got a new contract because of his status in the squad, comparatively low wage demands and solid performances in variety of roles in midfield.
  11. Just finished January in the first season. I'm still top of the league, won my Europa League group and still in the FA. I've decided, to keep the 'sustainable' model of irl Arsenal to only give me allowed net spend of 30 million per season, and extra 10 million for every title I won in the season before (all titles except for the Community Shield and the EL vs. CL winners game (can't remember the name)). Özil still great for me, and it seems like I have to bring in Troy Deeney in the summer. January transfer window: No place for Jenkinson so he leaves on the cheap. Same goes for Pleggy and Bramall. Lichtsteiner and Cech were both big moaners for me and I felt like I own these professional good treatment, so I gave in on their transfer requests. This definitely left a big leadership void in my squad though and that was something I was aware of when bringing in players this window. Kolasinac and Elneny were not playing a lot and not players I'm too big on irl (like Elneny as a squad player, but he's fallen behind in the pecking order with the arrival of Guendouzi and Torreira), so they left for decent fees. Bayern enquired about Mustafi and as I have said in this thread I'm not a fan of him irl - but he's fine in game. With Kolasinac gone and Monreal aging I needed a new left back. I brought in Kieran Tierney for 25m (rising to 38m) as a long term solution. He also brings leadership qualities with him and will hopefully integrate socially quickly to able to exert his influence. I had my eyes on Ruben Dias and Benjamin Pavard as long term solution for my BPD spot, but wanted to bring them in in the summer as Koscielny has started with his homesickness (which pretty much seems to have been hard coded last few versions) so I promised him a move to France after the season. Pavard wanted absurd wages (200k as well as 10m signing on fee), is unaggressive and didn't have the leadership qualities I was looking for so I set my eyes on Dias for the summer. However, Chelsea moved in for him and I had to jump the gun, and eventually got him for 36m (rising to 45m). Really like the look of him, especially his perfectionist personality.
  12. He's been good for me as IF(S), some 6 goals and 11 assists (despite his 11 passing and 10 crossing) in roughly 20 games. Most of my goals come from between the penalty spot and the top of the box. You're correct - Özil and Aubameyang occupy much the same space, Auba a little wider. They have 19 assists combined in about 20 games in the league so far, both by passing it from this left hand area to the player who stands on the top of the box.
  13. Been playing Mavropanos a lot the first few months of the season and he now has a media description of Wonderkid. He's played well, hopefully he keeps on improving and can be Sokratis' heir as my CD (defend). Then I'll need a good BPD (defend) to partner him, don't really rate Mustafi even though he's played well in my save - I just can't stand him irl.
  14. 4 goals and 4 assists in these 12 games. Not on set pieces btw.
  15. The screenshots I promised. First off, the tactics; one of them attacking based on Man City irl and the other a counter one based on how Liverpool played vs. Man City in the CL quarter finals last year. Özil has been immense as a mezzala, it's really the first time in recent FM's I've got him to play like he's supposed to. He's averaging 7.76 over the first 12 games in the league, has been rested the other games. We lost the first game of the season 1-0 away to Man City with them scoring in extra time. Since then it has been smooth sailing and the team has been firing on all cylinders. We're also top of our Europa League group but somehow went of the Carabao Cup vs. Bournemouth where Boruc saved 19 shots!