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  1. Yes, I am. Although I'm not overly concerned about staying another season or two in League 1, might be good for our development and our bank balance if we can continue to field academy players, which I might not be able to do in the Championship. You always want to go up though, no question about that.
  2. Yep! Leeds and Fulham went as high as 1.3m as well.
  3. End of January transfer update 2022 Just after we had sold Camacho and promoted Gooch to the first time, offers started to rain in for the latter without him even having played a game for us. The bidding war ended with Cardiff raising our record sale by a million, whopping 1.6m + 50% sell-on fee! We responded by getting Camacho back on loan: Another sale was imminent as interest in a lot of our players built up for the last week of the window. Our backup left winger Gabriel Maragh (not to be confused with Herman Maragh who was sold to Leeds a season ago) left for 500k + 50% sell-on fee, which is money I was happy with. Maragh's void will be filled with academy product Jack Bedells, who could become a good player in 2-3 years: One last sale of the window came on deadline day when our young goalkeeper Sammie Stevenson left for 300k + 50% sell-on clause. He was on course to claim the no. 1 jersey in about two years time, but by that time I hope we'll have outgrown his potential. Overall transfers this season:
  4. Agreed! But wait for the next update in a few minutes...
  5. Mid January 2022 transfer update Luton offered decent money for our starting goalkeeper Arthur Okonkwo, and as his backup Ryan Huddart was not far off his ability, I decided to negotiate the deal and then accept it. I didn't include a sell-on clause as I don't really see any team buying him for money that would be significant for us in the future - rather I'd have more money now as our finances keep getting woeful over the course of each season. I managed to get Okonkwo back on loan for the rest of the season though, which I didn't expect as they didn't want to include that in the deal (so I had to make an offer the same day as the sale was confirmed), so this deal has worked out very well for me. More saddening was the excessive interest in Reece Camacho, our 17 year old striker. In the end it was Middlesbrough who snapped him up for 600k and 50% sell-on fee, our biggest sale to date. He gave us a fine gift in his last game though: Filling Camacho's vacant spot in our squad is Jamie Gooch, another academy striker. Only 16 years of age, he looks like he could become very good. He'll sit on the bench as we'll promote Josh Umerah to first team squad status.
  6. December 2021 We finish the year in a fine form with 5-0 and 0-4 victories against sides who were in the Championship only half a year ago. I'm very happy with the first half of the season, didn't think we'd be so close to the top. Not expecting promotion and will be happy with the season regardless.
  7. And much needed as morale had started to drop significantly.
  8. November 2021 That's the way to bounce back! Chuffed with these results. Back into contention for automatic promotion.
  9. October 2021 Horrible month in the league, absolutely horrible. However, we still sit in a playoff spot, but we'll have to turn this form around as quickly as possible. Milestone:
  10. Amazing signings in your last season at Wolfsburg, the team looked immense by then. Looking forward to your Russian chapter.
  11. Squad update As I have entered my 4th season with the Wood and the squad has changed a lot in that time, I think it's appropriate to give a short rundown of the current squad. Goalkeepers: Arthur Okonkwo: Young and very raw. Has been a starter for two seasons but hasn't developed much in that time. I feel okay about fielding him in League one, but if we gain promotion sometime soon I'll have to find a new keeper. Ryan Huddart: Our backup keeper. Plays well when called upon and never complains - the perfect backup. Defenders: Joseph Olowu: Our right sided CD. Vice captain and will be our captain from the next season. Physical player who knows his limits. Daniel Ballard: Our left sided CD. Gets stuck in and does it well. Zech Medley: A human tower. Very physical, always puts in a shift when needed. Zak Jules: Our 4th choice central defender. Might leave after this season. Tafari Moore: Our right back is one of the best players we have ability wise. Only 23 years old so I reckon he should be with us for a while. Vontae Daley-Campbell: Has had loan spells for the past two seasons and both played and developed well. Well suited to back Moore up when needed. Lewis Kinsella: Our current captain came to us when we were still in the Vanarama and has been great for us. Now he's complaining about squad depth and youth not developing enough (which is absolute nonsense). As he has some teams interested, I might cash in on him after this season. Depends on what is available for us to replace him though. Tolaji Bola: Came in to displace Kinsella but never managed consistently good performances and has been reduced to a backup. He seems fine with that though so that is of no concern to me. Midfielders: Robbie Burton: Plays as a B2B and is great at it. Our top goalscorer last season. Absolutely love him. Matthew Smith: When he came to us in the Vanarama he wasn't considered good enough for that level and I considered loaning him out. I'm glad I didn't, as he has risen to the occasion each time we have gone up a level and now he has Championship teams making bids for him, which might mean that eventually our chairman will accept some stupid offer for him. Not indispensable for me though. Connor Smith: Along with Huddart and Umerah, he was at the club when I took over. Very solid player, might be his last season for us though. James Olayinka: Can play across the midfield. Very reliable backup and plays much better than his attributes would suggest. Ben Cottrell: Very talented right winger, one of our best. Quick on the move and racks up the assists. Kenny Vincent: On loan from QPR, came through our academy. Could become a very good Championship player, maybe even a solid lower table EPL player. Jez Andrews: Came through our first youth intake and he's one of my favourites this save. Always developing and has started this season superbly. Gabriel Maragh: Left wing backup to Andrews. Not good enough currently but will hopefully develop this season. Strikers: Ben Beechey: We're yet to see what he can do for us as he got injured shortly after he came to us this season. Have reasonably high hopes for him. Reece Camacho: Academy player, has come far the last season and a half. A good player who will most likely be poached away from us in the next two years. Josh Umerah: A very reliable backup striker who never complains. Pierre Fonkeau: A good backup striker as well. Has the tendency to get moody. Notable youngsters: Tran Trong Nghia, Matthew Banks, Peter Kershaw, Lee Stewart, Jamie Gooch and Danny Wright. Of these, Tran and Banks sometimes play for the first team.
  12. Yep, it's been good so far. But - wait for the October update (spoiler alert: it's bad).
  13. September 2021 Accidentally played one October match but doesn't matter at all. A very good month I feel, 16 points out of 21 and we sit near the top. Biggest job offer I've had so far:
  14. August 2021 Should be able to reach those target easily I feel. Finances after the transfer window (finally rock solid): Very fine start of the season, although the Swindon game in the Carabao was hugely disappointing: League: Brexit update:
  15. Great season! I was wondering, will you allow yourself to buy your academy products back if they have been sold? Almirall looks really good.
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