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  1. Fedor Chalov from CSKA is my favourite. Roughly 10 mil.
  2. January 2021 This month was unfortunately very up and down. We lost twice against the top team in the league, Liverpool, which puts a big dent in my title hopes. Along with that we made sloppy draws against Fulham and Burnley. We're through to the 5th round of the FA Cup after two easy games vs. Chesterfield and Hull. We've played a game more than some of the teams around us, but the title race and the CL race are both pretty tight.
  3. January 2021 transfers We had one outgoing, as West Ham came in with good money for our backup defender Calum Chambers. I liked Chambers, he's a versatile, solid player of good age who always gives it his all, but the money is way too good. I wrapped up the signings of two youngsters for my youth sides - first, Gastón Romero: Romero is lacking a bit in the technical department bus has great mentals and good physicals. I'm looking to train him as a central defender and hoping that he grows a bit more. Second, I bought in a Scottish striker - Dylan Munro. Munro has a lot to do development wise, but could become good if he trains well. All of the biggest teams in England submitted an offer for him so I thought we'd join in and beat them to it: He's also very cheap and very young so the risk isn't big. Lastly, we bought big! I got this notification late in the month and we had to act fast: Eduardo Camavinga will join after the season finishes. He's one of the brightest prospects in Europe and canr eally do it all. I'm excited to see him develop.
  4. Haven't given this up, just haven't had time to play in December. Will hopefully get some sessions in tonight and over the weekend so stay tuned.
  5. Yes, I'm trying to include them all - having good success with Nketiah, Smith Rowe and Saka - Willock playing well but not developing. Jury is still out for Saliba but he's been fine so far this season when he's played. Having trouble fitting Nelson in and getting him to play well, which is a bit of a worry for me.
  6. I just came home from a week's work trip where I didn't manage to play at all. Quite a busy week ahead of me but by next weekend I should be able to get some gametime in! Pretty well - yes! Still want more. Let's see what happens. Don't have the game open so I currently have no idea! Will look into this later - reckon it might have something to do with the Carabao Cup?
  7. Youth intake news and transfers The bottom line doesn't fill us with confidence, but we could do with the promising full-back that's noted here, whether he'd be right or left sided. We'll temper our expectations and see what happens. One provisional transfer for January has been confirmed, a young Scottish striker called Adam Darge joins us from Hearts from a minimal fee: Darge is quick, determined, a solid finisher and a good passer full of flair and works well within a team. He might get some training time as an attacking midfielder or a winger. Our skipper David Luiz has agreed a deal in Brazil and will leave us at the end of the season when his contract runs out. David has been very good for us, a leader in the dressing room and a good tutor and role model for our young centre backs. He'll turn 35 in October so he'll most likely finish his playing career in his home country.
  8. December 2020 A very solid December saw us top our Champions League group and go up to 2nd place in the league. We actually have exactly the same amount of points as we had after 19 games last season AND the same goal difference. Hopefully we can kick on. As said above, we topped our CL group and Madrid won Gladbach in the last round to accompany us to the last 16: Where we will face Lyon:
  9. New contract New 5-year contract for me. We've been able to follow the club vision so far so there were no real changes to that vision upon the agreement of this contract.
  10. November 2020 Good month for us, two wins in the league and a great home win against Real Madrid. City maintain their 6 point lead on us as we go into 3rd place. Still very tight from the 2nd place and down but Bournemouth and West Hamm are falling a little behind, as expected. The last round in the CL group is very exciting, as both spots are still open. We are the lucky ones who face Dynamo Kyiv next - hopefully we can win that easily and leave Real and Gladbach fighting for the 2nd place.
  11. October 2020 Annoying loss against West Ham, not too worried about the loss in Madrid. Otherwise, solid victories in the league. Next month is important, where we have our 4th and 5th games in the CL group and need good results in the league to try to close the gap to City. 5th place in the league currently, but there're only 3 points between 2nd and 8th place. City with a nice lead currently. Always like this message, testament to our development of youth to have every player in the top 3 of YPOTM.
  12. My tactics are pretty much the same as when I started the save. I play the attacking one every game, only switch to the other one when I desperately need to close out games in the last 15 minutes. I want to impose my style on other teams, that's the Arsenal way, so therefore we always play attacking from the get go. PépÉ's injured so therefore you can't find him in the screens. Do you have any specific ideas of some interesting stats you want to see? Nothing really that pops into my mind right now. Just saw this recently; Newcastle had a takeover so they've been making some absurd bids:
  13. Definitely, Ndidi looks very good as a ball winner. I play Guendouzi as a roaming playmaker but he has great stats for box to box as well. He performs well, I had him as a first choice mezzala last season so he played a lot for me, scored a few goals and had an average rating of about 7.1. However, he hasn't really developed much. Can't remember his vision attribute but I think his passing is sufficient, but he'll never be top top class I think. Squad player for a top team is realistic I think. I like his skill set a lot though. Edit: Some screens. His vision's fine imo! Not really good enough for top level playmaker though.
  14. Thanks! Yeah of course, will put it up tomorrow when I have the time! Thanks! Nice buys - was thinking about Ndidi as well, still on my shortlist.
  15. Comunicado oficial! Two youngsters sign Letting a lot of young players who won't live up to their promise run their contracts out and then loaning the promising ones out will lead to empty youth teams - who would have thought! Having very few players in my u23s and u18s I decided to bolster those squads and snapped up two promising Frenchmen who will arrive in January. Guy Merchand is a very interesting 15 year old. He's very tall, but has got good athleticism on him along with solid mentals and finishing. He's not going to be a bonafide superstar by any means, but we'll see how he develops. Another exciting 15 year old is Valentin Meunier. He's got the ability to do unexpected things and a good touch on the ball, along with solid pace. He's very small and weak and will have to overcome that if he's to play in the Premier League, especially in midfield. I might focus his training on inside forward if he doesn't grow in the next year or two.
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