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  1. Great going, absolutely loving this. Could you maybe provide screenshots of your best talents and the best players you have sold? If that isn't too much to ask.
  2. I would renew all of them except Welbeck and maybe one of Holding and Sokratis. Personally I'd probably keep renew Holding and keep Sokratis for one season without renewing, then sell him off. At all costs you should be renewing AMN, Nketiah, Nelson and Willock - at least to protect their value. The situation of the others depends a lot on the rest of your squad and what you're thinking of doing with it.
  3. Well done! You'll do the septuple next season Could you by any chance provide a screenshot of Panzo's and Zirkzee's attributes?
  4. That is quite the bunch ahead of him. But you being a Forest fan yourself, I think you have to prioritise one of your own!
  5. Some of the attributes here are absolutely absurd! However he's a bit funny balanced being a winger/striker and his worst attributes are dribbling, first touch, decisions, technique and off the ball. Exciting mission to develop him as he could become the world's best, but he could also become a bit of a flop (he will always become a good player though, regardless).
  6. Have to pick it up for Dan here. On Auba; He plays well enough in game as an inside forward. He doesn't play super well there irl and neither should he in game. But you can get in scoring by playing him as an IF(A) and put Lacazette in some support role up top. On Holding; I feel he's reflected quite well in game. Solid and well rounded and if you put faith in him from day one he can be a 3.5 star defender for you, which I think is more than fair - he doesn't wuite look like a world beater at the moment. On AMN; I don't feel he should have better attributes for the full back role as he hasn't really played well there. He's been all right, but he really does play like a player being played out of position. Playing in a position doesn't mean you're good at it. On Cech; He's played as well if not better this season than the last few. Now he just has real competition and it's clear Arsenal are paving the way for a change as Cech is retiring. In my opinion (I watch every single Arsenal game), Cech is still the superior goalkeeper but Leno has more upside of course, and a lot has been invested in him. On Mustafi; I agree, his tackling, decisions, anticipation and marking should all go down in my opinion. Recently his passing and composure has been bad as well, but I suspect it's a confidence issue as he knows the supporters are on his back now. On Lichtsteiner; Yes, might have a downgrade. However, I feel that should really only be in the physical department, and as he declines very quickly in game either way as everyone of us play Hector from day one it isn't much of an issue for me. My suggestion on player changes for this patch: Bukayo Saka; Is widely regarded by everyone at Arsenal as the most exciting young player to come through the ranks since Cesc Fabregas, has ripped up the youth league so far and is the first player born in 2001 to play in the Premier League (and he's born in September mind!). It isn't reflected in game in my opinion. Haven't looked at his CA or PA though (and I won't) so it may be a development issue on my behalf in my save.
  7. Thanks! Yes, that was the plan. Liked trying to keep the squad together as long as I could but I haven't really been winning much because of that, but it's very enjoyable. Smith Rowe and Guendouzi are obvious talents but Mavropanos has surprised me a lot - has become really solid. After this season I will be making some changes, Özil will be a few months away from 34 years of age so he'll not get a renewal next season. Aubameyang is also finishing up his contract and will be 33 so he'll leave as well as I'll be looking to bring in a striker/winger for him. Lacazette will be 31 and may need replacing soon.
  8. August 2021 - Beginning of the 4th season Long time since I posted, here and here are updates from the third season. Decided to extend Özil's contract one more year as I managed to get him down to 200k per week. In January his replacement will arrive, an 18 year old regen from Lyon - more on that later. Wanted a backup GK and a backup BPD, so I got in Angus Gunn (HG) and Marin Pongracic for good prices. Mkhitaryan left for 20m. I loaned Stefan Popovic (great regen who I posted in the 3rd season update) out as he is still unable to get work permit. I find it a testament to his ability that Real Madrid decided to bring him in, although on a rotation squad status. Transfer overview: Gunn has no real weaknesses, is powerful in the box and happy to play in cups: Pongracic is a well rounded new school defender with amazing passing: This is my squad heading into the season - I've highlighted the players that I've brought in over the 4 seasons (not shown is Popovic, who is at Real). Lacazette is my main striker although he's on the bench in this photo, otherwise this is my preferred team and subs:
  9. Taking a short break while the Match Engine issues in Mac are being fixed. No stress on my behalf - it will be fixed soon enough I believe.
  10. February 2019 Solid month but it was disappointing losing to Wrexham at home. Happy to through in both cups. Don't remember who we play in the IRN-BRU Cup final, might be Falkirk if I recall correctly. The league is looking solid but I've played one game more than the other teams. Still 10 games to go and I won't be dropping out of a play-off spot but would of course like an automatic promotion! We'll have to do very well in the final games to do so. Made one signing as Salford (who have the far best squad in the league and a gigantic wage bill) released Tom Walker. He looks very solid to me and can do a job across the midfield. Adds a good personality to the squad. It's very unfortunate for us to lose Carvalho to injury as he's been one of our best players so far. Hopefully the aforementioned Tom Walker can step up along with January signing Ahmed Salam. Always love a young player making an impact.
  11. Even though you finished 6th, 71 points is a decent return! Great campaign in the CL and before the next season you should be able to put your stamp on the team. On another note, can I see a screenshot of Jose Rodrigues (your Boacista youth player)? And also - the pictures all work for me.
  12. January 2018 A very good month which puts us second in the table - only losing to the league leaders. We made four signings. We signed a centre back to play for our first team, a left back who also slots into the first team, a backup for our left wing and a midfield backup with potential.
  13. By playing them a lot together. Only made two signings (both in January first season) for the first three seasons.
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