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  1. Finished season 2 and it sucked. We won the Carabao cup, but we finished 4th (altough I wish this was real life standings at the end of the season) in the league, lost to Herta BSC in the first KO round CL and lost to Manchester United in the 6th round of the FA Cup. Lacazette won topscorer title with 25 goals and Pavon became best youth player with 11 goals and 18 assists, which is great for a new guy. Now looking for a new number 1 striker.
  2. Hi guys, I need some advice and I love to discuss this part of the game. I got some of my players with an expering contract within two years. (for you guys i've changed the language to English and the valuta to British Pound, thank me later I am from RVP his country The selected players are the one who I am talking about. Sokratis: my opinion is he's a very good defender maybe too good on FM, but in two years he is 33. Besides that, I got Matthijs De Ligt who is more capable on the ball, he is going to be my centre back near Skriniar. His pace is still good and I think I will give him a new contract, if he agrees with a lower wages. https://gyazo.com/a97944a05a95e19bcea64a6e72cf28e4[/IMG] Dat Guy Welbz: played very good in the first season with 12 goals en 4 assists in 38 (4) games, with an average of 7,01. This season he is more often and I don't think there is more room for him. He will always carry the fact that he is injury phrone and I feel like he is too expensive for an rotation player. https://gyazo.com/25281a226adb3b0350185e41d8e34b2a Bird Catcher Niles: deserves a new contract. Will get that asap. Potential starting eleven player. But wants more playing time, so he does not want to sign a new contract right now. https://gyazo.com/71ee9fa4bd2155d6dcb7ca4aa5362ddb Joe Willock: Altough he never playes in first team matches, except EFL Cup and FA Cup, we want him to sign a new contract. He has a lot to grow. https://gyazo.com/b418597e972d1c3983e08e103ec2153b Eddie Nketiah: potential star! he surely needs a new contract as soon as possible. this man can be insane. https://gyazo.com/963d5c1362e2a808e05dcba607690dbb Reiss Nelson: based on performance while being out on loan he does not deserve a new contract. But he's English and from our youth facility, so we'll give him time to improve. https://gyazo.com/ee59dd4077d46a8be005a1e0cdfe2577 Aaron Ramsey: decent player, at the club for a while. nice personality. can stay if he agrees with not too high wages! https://gyazo.com/5596e90aca123c80fe9c3b2740cc157e Rob Holding: I really love this guy in real life, but in FM he's kinda underrated I think. I think he's goin too stay, otherwise I have to look for another centre back. I also got Mavropanos, who I rate higher in potential. https://gyazo.com/c30d35d4cce3cf57cb5dd5683f5c43bd Laca: my main men when I sold Auba. He is good, currently doing well with 21 goals in 31 games, but those are 6 penals. It is not that I can't get an better striker. Really thinking about selling him, I can make place for Nketiah and sign a ELITE striker like Icardi or Dybala. https://gyazo.com/52a3bb8fa8a33ebc6083ccca26b76a37 Mesut Özil: he is really really good. Almost never let me down. Deserves a new contract. Previous season as central midfielder (new role and more): 48 (1) games - 6 goals and 10 assists with an average 7,04. Now he is even better. Look at the screenshot! https://gyazo.com/b53f74a2169e2bd183e2402b20acd5f6 The Tank: Sead is not great, but not that bad too last season with just 1 assist (well okay, he was injured a long time but not that long). But this season he's conquering English grounds! He's a beast, Guerreiro is currently sitting on the bench due Sead's form. https://gyazo.com/38fe36df48ecadac32ac36ce9612e59f Now, what should you guys do?
  3. Welcome Kai! https://gyazo.com/a05730db5ac99a6572e642bd79bce50b Weird thing: they are happy with Havertz, but think that Ruben Dias could be a better signing?
  4. Nice work mate. Not that many bought ins and you have really improved some players (Mavropanos, Smith-Rowe, Guendouzi).
  5. I am curious. How is everybody playing? I play in the following system: https://gyazo.com/64e0608edc564ece65f2343ea9d1c560
  6. Thanks for advising bro. I regret it a bit, but I have accepted the offer. The amount of money I get is a lot, checking his age (30 or older) and I can play Laca more (who I like more in real life) and Nketiah can have also some playing games. Maybe I can pull some other talented striker, Cutrone or Pellegri for example. (sorry for my English, kinda poor sometimes)
  7. Juve agreed my terms and I regret it a bit now. Auba is my topscorer of previous season with 30 goals in 50 matches. But 80 million straight money and 20 million when he scores 20 goals is a lot. https://gyazo.com/59483a1d03bcfe48246536bb95a791b5 What should I do??? I can't get an replacement because I am not in the window now. But I have Lacazette.
  8. I just signed a new left back - season 2. With 4 goals and 13 assists he performed more than good and now he has the possibility to do that at Arsenal over again. Welcome Raphaël Guerreiro, former player of Borussia Dortmund, coming over for a fee of 62 million euro's.
  9. @Sysiphus Who is your back-up for Bellerín? Our bird man Niles?
  10. I had a season with ups and downs. I became third in the league, behind Liverpool and champions Manchester City. However, we accomplished to be back in the European Champions League for the first time in three years. That's something positive. Aubameyang did great by scoring most goals in de Premier League: 24(total:30) The League Cup and FA Cup didn't go as well as I hoped it would, but they weren't my priority. My priority was top four spot and winning the Europa League. Unfortunately that didn't go well. In the semi-finals we lost against AC Milan, who were not better, but they were more clinical. They scored but we deserved more. But that is football. Sometimes you lose and you have to pay the ticket for that. In an other part. We signed Skriniar from Inter. So we have our two centre backs ready for the upcoming season. The man from Inter and the Golden Boy: Matthijs de Ligt. We made two other transfers: Pavon already came in at January for a fee of 14 million euro's and the mentioned Golden Boy from Ajax for a fee of 18 million euro's. For now my priority is a right (wing)back and another winger (depends on Nelson, who is doing terrible at Hoffenheim in my save). https://gyazo.com/7adcfa942f417e5468871e953becbf5e
  11. Season 1: it's spectaculair and i am excited https://gyazo.com/49ebbd35510e8b32019ca507b1a0f288
  12. Hey mate. Did you sign Kimpembe and Jonny? What did you pay?
  13. Alright. I agree. I already send him to an leadership cursus. Hope his leadership will improve. Now I am looking for another centre back and an back-up for Hecky. Got my eyes on Skriniar, Romagnoli and Kimpembe as centre backs. As back-up for Bellerín I still don't know. My dream target is Cancelo but he looks happy at Juve XD.
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