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  1. Hello everyone, I am really sorry I do not know where to add this kind of topic, so I hope this is the right place. My question is how I can add my own player images to players' profiles in FM. Some players don't have an profile picture and I don't like that. How can I add mine, without downloading other files. I already have the DF facepack. Thanks a lot
  2. Currently playing a game with our Arsenal and i want it to be as realistic as possible. So I started in the second season (I simulated the first season as realistic as possible; so Arsenal was 5th). I brought in Saliba for a fee off 25 million euro's and loaned him instantly back to France so he be as good as Varane when's back. Also joining was Brazilian wonderkid Gabriel Martinelli; he's a great prospect with some skills from Ronaldo Lima. Defenitely going to win the Ballon d'Or within five years! Ramsey is gone too Juventus where he would be amazing ofcourse. Ospina is also gone, he's joining Napoli. That's not a regret, Martinez would be a lot better in goal. Liechtsteiner and Cech are left as free transfer. Only Cech is joining Chelsea as a director and Liechtsteiner is in the mood for another club as a player. Welbeck is sadly gone for free. He's been great for the club with important goals like against Leicester City, but he is way too injury phrone so we'd him an offer to play and paid by played matches. He reject that offer so this is our sadly statement about it. Also leaving is Denis Suarez. A great player but he came here with an injury and never was fit enough to play the matches he did play in. Bad transfer after all but he has potential. On that moment we are in advanced talks about Dani Ceballos for a loan permit. More news is coming soon.
  3. What skin is it that you can see the opponents player roles?
  4. I wanna add the following screenshots. Maybe they can help out abit more. https://gyazo.com/e39e704c43a7739be6299d6a15534f85 https://gyazo.com/8aa22fd1084cde2aa17a00fed7e1a88c
  5. Can someone explain how I can fix this? I want Martinelli and also other players to be available to play for my first team. https://gyazo.com/6b6f37152cb988f6c135cd5c1a0f4b46
  6. That makes sense! I am playing with Arsenal and based on your information I think Aubameyang is more an attacking player due his low ability to create. He's more the goalscorer. Lacazette is in my opinion more allround, so I can make him support. But how many support or attacking roles are needed? I don't think there is any rule for that, but maybe one attacking role is to many?
  7. Is there any information about why you have to use an attacking role, or when? I don't think it is just attacking, so they can score.
  8. Hey there, I am looking for an update with the real standings and results of the 2018/2019 season. I have been told there is a thread here, but I couldn't find it yet. Any help is welcome.
  9. Seems fair enough too me. More than 50% of the squad is ****, so you have to if you want to compete with other clubs.
  10. I think it's not that fun too sell and buy that many players within a small time. But I respect that you play the game as long as you want, in what matter.
  11. I know there is no winger. Basically, I call both: AML & AMR, wingers. I did not mean the role.
  12. I see. But now both players are cutting inside. Özil and Bellerín. That means you have no one on the right flank when your Mezzala is going forward. Let's pretend that your Mezzala is going forward, you will lose a spot in the midfield, who's going to be filled up with your IWB because thats what he does. That means your winger would be 1vs1 if the opponents player is drawing with him inside.
  13. I see you are playing with a Trequarista as AMR and a IWB as VR. Why? I tought the Inverted Wing Back is supposed to be cutting inside, so the 'winger' can be positioned in a one-vs-one. With Özil lacking pace, accelleration and probably cutting inside the free area I don't see a match in this.
  14. Finished season 2 and it sucked. We won the Carabao cup, but we finished 4th (altough I wish this was real life standings at the end of the season) in the league, lost to Herta BSC in the first KO round CL and lost to Manchester United in the 6th round of the FA Cup. Lacazette won topscorer title with 25 goals and Pavon became best youth player with 11 goals and 18 assists, which is great for a new guy. Now looking for a new number 1 striker.
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