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  1. Thanks. Made a tactical change which led to Saka's goal. Hope we can grow as a club now.
  2. Great idea! Which role do you play Nketiah in? @Sysiphus
  3. We qualify for the big stage in the world: Champions League. Pépé scores a hattrick and carried us on his own to the last Champions League spot. Conclusion: Pépé is a CL-player. Arsenal is a candidate to improve himselfs in the Champions League and we can attract far better players. This could mean we are going after prospect, we never ever could think about. Let's build Arsenal to were we belong. The top and even higher. We definitely have the ambition with: the money, Arteta as manager, good youth and most important -> a vision. (EDIT:) We also won the Europa League final against SL Benfica. We are really onto things right now.
  4. Do I have to delete this file to clear the cache.
  5. I can't find the clear cache button. Where can I find it?
  6. I see my One Drive is full. But I don't know how to fix this. . I don't want these to be saved in my One Drive. Just only in my documents, apart from my OneDrive.
  7. @Djuicer Thanks mate. Do you have any videos of screenshot of your build-up play? Are you playing the same number 6? I also train Plays one-two's, I think it's vital for every central player.
  8. @Djuicer @retrodude09 I don't know yet. You guys can have it right. I am trying to create Guendouzi into a more FdJ type of player with a good agile dribble. I am learning him the PPM: likes to have the ball on his feet. (I don't know the exact ppm in English) Important is that I want my '6' to break through the offensive line of the opponent, when we are in the build-up. So I play out of the opponents press.
  9. I see your points. I think I play with AP and DLP because I want Guendouzi to dribble like FdJ into the midfield to break through lines and Özil because he is my only decent playmaker and he is not a good finisher. In the future I'd like to have a more dynamic player with great finishing skills.
  10. What are your arguments about that? I play the AP on support.
  11. Alright. But what about the build-up I posted? Your opinion about that would be great.
  12. My problem. I had changed these settings due my analysis against City in min 74th because of the players movement map. Pépé is normally at support, Aubameyang on attack, Willock at support and Bellerin at attack. @Experienced Defender
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