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  1. I won the Premier League in my second season. Liverpool became runner-up and lost the Champions League. So he got public that he wants to a better club. Get transfer listed for 68M euros and I got him. Weird thing: he wanted to be an regular starter in my starting XI, besides the fact he is insane, we had one of the best defence in the league.
  2. You never know. Don't give up bro. Maybe they fail big time.
  3. Oh no @BrickCommo23 better hope Liverpool are drawing or losing and you win everything! What are the schedules for you and Liverpool?
  4. We have won the Premier League title. I feel a bit ashamed by the fact we lost more games than we have to, but it doesn't matter in the end. Arteta era is LOADING.
  5. Is it possible to create (somehow) the current Arsenal tactic under Arteta, on this match engine? Because of course real life is different than a football game, but is it worth the energy? I'd love to see Saka giving nutmegs as left full back/ left winger with Xhaka covering his position.
  6. We are going through! Lovely display by Reis who'd replace Pepe because of an injury. 12 dribbles! 9.00 AVG. 1 goal.
  7. Get in! Rested Lemar for the previous two matches (won Aston Villa 7-0 and Leicester City 2-1 without him): 2 goals 1 assist.
  8. Bro that's lit! Where's Kane his penalty? How come Spurs not won? Did Son dive?
  9. Liverpool scored the most this season so far: 23 goals in 8 games.
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