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    Ottawa ON - National team now *better* than Sudan! But worse than Benin and FYR Macedonia.

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  1. medievalist

    Absolute joke

    Well there's your problem.
  2. You forgot the 'go bankrupt due to missing out on a year's sales of their most profitable title while paying staff to put out free updates' step in your model, there. I'd like to see another patch to fix things like the Russian league and the Hoffenheim stadium error but the truth is that the match engine will probably always have work that could be done on it, and there is zero chance of SI skipping a year of publication.
  3. medievalist

    10.3 - it is worth downloading?

    Seems like it would be worth waiting a bit to see if SI comes out with a fix for the future transfers bug, the corner exploit, the Russian/Belarussian leagues and things like the Hoffenheim stadium botch.
  4. medievalist

    Direct Passing = Long Passes?

    Not very helpful though as what the OP is asking is *how* to get long passes going if direct passing isn't it.
  5. As has already been said several times in this very thread, it's understandable if it's not possible to have this information for every player's history. A lot of people are more interested in the stats generated once the game starts, and if you play long-term games the histories become irrelevant fairly quickly. I don't think anyone is saying 'go back and get the all competitions information for every player in every league in the game'. We're asking if it could be an option for displaying stats going forward, and fortunately the answer appears to at least be 'maybe'.