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  1. Reputation-wise the Swiss Super League is 8th in Europe. Coefficient-wise it's seventh (not including Liechtenstein itself), ahead of Portugal. St Gallen made it out of the Champions League group stages a couple of times in the last decade but nothing more than that.
  2. I'll add some more info on that after work today. Despite upgrading all our facilities and having a great HOYD, we were awful at producing quality players. There was only one player we produced that ended up being good enough to play in the first team (we ended up selling him to Schalke while he was still young, now he's a starter for Real Sociedad). Our best regens from FC Balzers are squad players on bottom-half SuperLeague teams. We got some good regens from other Swiss teams, and (unexpectedly) one AMAZING regen from a second division team in France (Red Star).
  3. Tactics and Current Starting XI (Liechtenstein National Team) I think the national team success is primarily due to tactics. I tried this tactic at club level for a bit but success was mixed; I've always found that the tactics that work in the international game don't quite align with what works well in the club game. This tactic is based off of Ancelotti's 4-4-2 while he was at Napoli, but with some tweaks. I don't use any other tactics, I'll just tweak this one in game (such as changing the defensive line, moving the CMs to DM, etc.) Current Starting XI GK - Basil Hartma
  4. Notable Players (Liechtenstein National Team) Bas Drechsel - The best national team player of all time, Drechsel was a complete center forward (in fact that's also the role I used him in). He scored an incredible 82 goals in 171 caps. Sadly he retired at 34 even though he was still a key player for the National Team and could have really helped us at Euro 2040. He was also a thorn in my side at the club level for a while when Young Boys were are closest title challengers. Maximilian Göppel - This is the only non-regen on this list, but he was our starting left back and one of
  5. Yearly Summary (Liechtenstein National Team) Euro 2020 Qualifying: We began our journey in June 2019, and lost every game we played to finish bottom of our group (Italy, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Armenia) 2020 Uefa Nations League, League D: Won every game against Faeroe Islands and Gibraltar, promoted to League C World Cup 2022 Qualifying: We didn't finish last! Picked up home wins against Montenegro and Luxembourg, drew away to Luxembourg, lost every other game to England, Poland, and Bosnia 2022 Uefa Nations League, League C: Finished first in a group wit
  6. Tactics and Current Starting XI (FC Balzers) I used a couple of different tactics in the lower divisions, but the vast majority of my time in the top-flight I've been fielding a vertical tiki-taka-ish 4-1-4-1 DM wide, which I modeled off of Sarri's Napoli (I'm a Napoli fan) and a direct 3-4-2-1, which has no inspiration. Current Starting XI Luckily we had no injuries/suspensions for the Champions League Final, so we were able to field a first choice XI. We played the 4-1-4-1 Sarrismo tactic. GK (Mathieu Buillot) - signed for $20.5M from Rennes in
  7. Notable Players (FC Balzers) In this reply, I'll go over some of the notable players we've had (real players marked with *). I won't go over all the icons as that would be too much Martin Satriano* - We signed this Uruguayan striker on loan from Inter while we were still in the second tier. He got off to a slow start but showed enough promise to warrant signing him permanently for $235K. In his first full season we finished top of the Challenge League, gaining promotion to the Super League, and he was our star striker and club captain for a decade. He even managed to pick up a
  8. Season-by-season summary (FC Balzers) (milestones bolded) 2019/20: We finished first in fourth division group 3, promoted via playoffs. Switzerland has 3 fourth divisions, of which the top 3 go into some convoluted playoff system whereby only two get promoted. Interesting enough, both promotions went to Liechtensteiner clubs, with Eschen/Mauren also getting promoted. We lost in the Liechtenstein Cup Semis against Eschen/Mauren 2020/21: First in Promotion League (3rd division), upset second-tier FC Vaduz 2-1 in the cup final, meaning we'd get our first taste of European competi
  9. Well, it took me 23 seasons, but I finally won the champions league with FC Balzers. It was the hardest I've ever celebrated in FM, since regardless of the result it would be my last game in charge of the club. So I decided to summarize my journey with the club and the national team. I also have the game set up with the top divisions playable in the Top 5 leagues plus Argentina, Portugal, and the Netherlands to ensure I'd have a realistic challenge. For those who don't know, getting a Liechtensteiner club to win the Champions League is insanely difficult. No matter how much you ch
  10. IMO, people think this is a thing because most people play on saves where they win the majority of their games. In such a scenario, where you are the favorite more often than not, of course it would seem like FM is unfair because you lose more games you should win than win games you should lose.
  11. Wow crazy drama in both semifinals! If only the real world cups were this good
  12. It looks pretty good to me. Agree with the previous commenter's point about the right fullback. The other thing that sticks out to me is the lower tempo instruction. The tactic might work great as is, but tiki-taka is very high tempo with quick passes, so if you're looking to recreate a tiki-taka style realistically I think the appropriate instruction is higher tempo or much higher tempo.
  13. You might want to try changing the WBs to wingers or defensive wingers. I've used a 3-4-2-1 a lot in FM20 (flat 4 across midfield) and I've found that the wingers often chip in with goals and I'm still very solid defensively. I do play a very direct style with that formation though, but I see no reason why the pattern wouldn't hold for a possession-oriented system too.
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