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  1. Love the idea Badalona idea! I’ve played CM/FM since 00/01 and only ever gone from the bottom tier to the top in England (various clubs), Italy (with San Marino) and Scotland (Edinburgh City). From FM20 I want to try and have long term in other countries. Probably not playing hoofball again though, was more thinking of small clubs in capital or big cities, such as Badalona or Paris FC. For a Madrid alternative there’s a club called Internacional Madrid who were recently promoted to the third tier. From what I remember their stadium has a capacity of only 300.
  2. Scoham

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    What recent development? The national team?
  3. Have you checked they don’t have any PPMs that are partly causing that? For example if the target man has “comes deep to get ball”. You can also try playing them both on an attacking duty.
  4. Scoham

    FM difficulty...

    I’d hope those presets with high aggressive pressing result in tired players and more injuries should you use it for a full season in the lower quality leagues.
  5. And added the German national team, which is new.
  6. I go with the minimum size, since hoofball is about being horrible to play against. You want to stop passing teams from playing by reducing their space. It can also help when attacking, long throws for example don’t need a player win such a high long throws rating on a small pitch. However in some cases your players and tactics might suit a bigger pitch better. It’s the same with tactics, there’s more than one way to make hoofball successful.
  7. Summary: Unreadable white text on yellow background Description of Issue: A question from a journalist was unreadable due to using white text on a yellow background Steps to Reproduce: My Director of Football offered a contract to a free agent. I withdrew the offer leading to a question from a journalist on why the deal fell through. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Scoham yellow background white text.jpg
  8. I think the formation is called 4-4-2 diamond narrow.
  9. Scoham

    Training in FM19

    Did the experiment use the full detail match engine? That may also make some difference.
  10. Josh Umerah's season long loan to Boreham Wood is missing. Source: https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5b6b18213ac4b/charlton-youngster-joins-boreham-wood-on-loan-until-the-end-of-the-season Most of the U18s are missing, the best source I can find is on YouthHawk: http://youthhawk.co.uk/w/index.php/Charlton_Athletic_Under-18s#2018-19_Squad Lee Bowyer's preferred formation should be 4-1-2-1-2, second preferred 5-3-2 with 4-4-2 if you can set a third option.