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    Neil Brock the Regen

    Researchers as well and yes it should be completely random.
  2. Then the research guidelines may need updating, see below from the end of last season (I resigned as a researcher since 2004 earlier this year, so they could have changed recently). Same with moves into channels, based on those guidelines I understood it was a striker that moved out wide. Moves Into Channels A striker who likes to move into wide areas to receive the ball Vision How good he is at recognising players in good positions to pass to (Creativity). The higher the rating the further and wider he will be able to “see” a pass. Vision refers to a player's ability to see a potential opening, not necessarily exploit it. A player might be able to see something to take advantage of but also requires the technical proficiency to pull it off; this attribute governs how likely they are to visualise something developing or, in the case of a higher rating here, spot something that another player might not.
  3. Vision is about seeing passes, not players finding space for themselves.
  4. Just pointing it out as suggesting direct tactics can be read as you must play that way in the lower leagues. Should add I kept it fairly simple and balanced with only 4/5 team instructions and only a few player instructions.
  5. Any style of play can work with the right players at any level, strengths and weaknesses are all relative. You won't have highly technical and intelligent players but the same can be said about the oppositions defensive and physical attributes. I used a very fluid, short passing 4-4-1-1 (but fairly simple) tactic with Merthyr Town on FM16 and took them to the Premier League. It should still be possible on this version, it might just be harder to achieve than using a more direct tactic with more physical players.
  6. I saw this and replied to one of their tweets. I don't like using multiple instructions for the sake of it so it caught my eye. I got one reply, asked a question back (they thought default PIs with roles were somehow more basic compared to other PIs) and later found I was blocked. I was in no way abusive, I guess as a content creator/experienced player they didn't like their knowledge being challenged. You'd think someone that's played for 20 years would have some understanding that the system links team instructions together and changes them for you automatically. You only have to change mentality to see several other instructions graphically change on the interface. In all my time playing CM/FM I've never come across the idea that picking a lot of instructions is the proper way to play the game. Bizarre.
  7. Switch training focus to team cohesion and match focus to tactics. Putting the slider as far left as possible will maximise tactical training. Once tactical familiarity is full you can reduce it to focus more on team cohesion. There's also a team talk feedback screen somewhere on the tactics screen (under analysis maybe, don't have the game open right now) which shows how much of an understanding the squad have with each other
  8. I finished a match, gave a team talk and continued without ending the team talk. The game then crashed. No crash dump was saved.
  9. Is this with a high mentality or tempo? Either could make a player more likely to shoot than retain possession.
  10. Good to know Robinson and Bowyer met with a fans group recently and mentioned Alex Rae and Brian Stein are scouting for the club. Link here though it's members only: http://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/79718/notes-from-robinson-and-bowyer-at-bromley-addicks-last-night/p1 Comes from a reliable source, HenryIrving is Ben Hayes, a former fans director. I believe he also posted it on the main Charlton Facebook group. Steve Gallen and Roger Cross were also mentioned but they should already be contracted to Charlton in the database.
  11. It's worth watching at least part of your matches in full if you haven't already, it may show what some of the issues are. With those mentalities you're very deep, it may be that when your attacking players get the ball they're so far from goal that it leaves them with too much to do which in turn puts even more pressure on the defence. I'm tempted to try playing as Wimbledon on FM18 and see how far I can take them with a long ball game! Would be good to do it with a 4-4-2.
  12. I posted a thread not to long ago on a long ball highly structured tactic I used for a season with AFC Wimbledon. I narrowly missed out on automatic promotion to the Championship.
  13. The search screen has been based on your scouting knowledge for a few versions now, it's not unrealistic to use it. You could filter for the type of players you want and request scout reports on them.
  14. DM support doesn't (unless that's changed in FM18). Hold position is more about forward runs. Have you tried increasing closing down?
  15. Don't agree, I don't see why it should it be high for a new manager. Makes sense to start in the middle until you prove yourself (or not). Same with your job stability.