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  1. Joe Ledley's missing Charlton from his history. Signed 6th December 2019, left 15th January 2020, 1 league appearance, 0 goals. Sources: https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5dea45efcbb2f/done-deal-charlton-sign-experienced-midfielder-joe-ledley-on-short-term-contract https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5deba149f1da2/team-news-ledley-handed-his-debut-as-the-addicks-make-four-changes-for-middlesbrough https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5e1eea74bb6ad/beram-kayal-returns-to-brighton-hove-albion
  2. What's the "game breaking" issue that's going to be fixed? Sounds like it's not saved game compatible?
  3. Had a break from reloading, came back to it and Bamber Bridge were promoted at my first attempt
  4. How long were you reloading for to get them @Scab?
  5. That might explain it - how did you find out their rep? I've seen Horsham come up who only have a rep of 1600, but I guess that's been increased too. Thanks, good to know it should be possible (assuming their rep hasn't been lowered).
  6. I'm aiming to with the Prem and CL playing long ball football, so I'm looking for an obscure club from the north west. Have you seen Atherton Colleries, Bamber Bridge or Radcliffe? I've seen Morpeth, so if their reputation has stayed the same every club in the Northern Prem must be possible?
  7. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and the problem is having too many ideas. Due to Covid I’ve played FM20 more than any other version, but I’ve not been able to stick with one save, sometimes I always aim to do. My ideas include: Charlton - the obvious one, the club I support. After years of ownership issues including two (or was it three?) takeovers this year alone in Danish businessman Thomas Sandgaard we finally have an owner who cares, has footballing ambition and is able to fund the club. Sandgaard is aiming for regular European football in 10-15 years. On top of that aside from the obvious aims of winning the Prem and CL longer term I’d look to: - Beat the attendance record of 75,000. - Have a new stadium named after me. - Dominate with a squad made up entirely of academy players. Although I’ve never achieved the last three I’ve played as Charlton plenty of times in the past (had every version since CM 00/01). I also like to start at the lowest level. Merthyr Town I had one of my favourite ever saves on FM16 when I took them to the Prem playing passing football, something many claim isn’t possible in the lower leagues. This time I’d make it a Welsh only save to force me to develop the academy. I usually do the opposite and ignore it, lack of patience I think, it’s quicker to achieve success by putting all your money towards signing the best free agents you can find. If I’m sacked it would end the save, unless I could get the job at one of the other Welsh clubs in England. Long ball Take an obscure English club to Prem and CL glory playing hoofball. The opposite of my FM16 Merthyr save - prove that it can be done. Ideally they need to be from a rough area in the north west, only ever played in non-league and with a name that would make opposition fans describe them as “tinpot”. Someone like Atherton Colleries, though that would probably require the editor. It’s frustrating style to watch as you constantly give the ball away, though if sacked I could try again at a similar club. Another option is Badalona, a Spanish 3rd tier club based near Barcelona - overtake them playing the opposite to their tika taka. European save Never properly done a journeyman save around Europe. I the idea, but I prefer to build one club up rather than simply trying to become the best ever manager. I think it’s harder not feeling a connection to a club or league. Alternatively stick with one club, but who? I had a good save in Wales on FM20 but lost interest once I had dominated domestically for 4/5 years - it’s even more of a slog to compete in the CL. So that puts me off smaller leagues. Interesting clubs are those from big cities such as Paris FC, and those with foreign newgens such as FC Andorra and Turkgucu Munchen (played a season with them on FM20). Unique club cultures are also an option, Altinordu in the Turkish 2nd tier who can only buy Turkish players being one of them. Youth only Always interests me but not sure I have the patience. I get youth intakes and am put off by how poor the majority are, so never focus on youth - it’s easier to spend your budget on players who immediately improve your first team. Belenenses in Portugal look a good option. Not the top tier club, the other one in the fourth tier who kept among various things the facilities. They should have the reputation to be promoted into the playable leagues after the first season and the set up to bring through good intakes from the start. I’ve had very few long term saves outside of the UK so it’s about keeping motivated and avoiding the temptation to start another save. Caley Braves in Scotland with their French newgens is also interesting, but I’ve had saves with Edinburgh City and Hamilton in recent years. Chertanovo Moscow in the Russian 2nd tier have this as a policy in game, and Russia has short seasons so are another option. I tried a normal save playing in Russia with Sakhalin on FM20, but never got attached to it. I chose them as they’re nearer to Japan than Europe and can be promoted into the playable leagues after one season. England tier 10 Take my local club to the top. I’ve done it with a 6th tier side out of the box, but this means waiting for it to be created (can’t imagine doing it myself). Tried it on FM20, got sacked partly due to board expectations rising far too quickly - they wanted promotion from the 9th tier straight after being promoted to that level. I was inspired by Lee Bowyer’s 4-4-2 diamond at the time which is much harder to get right than your more standard formations. Build a nation? What about build a region Rather than the well known build a nation saves, I had the idea of building up a region. As an example manage multiple big Eastern European clubs, build them up so much that those leagues become the dominant leagues in Europe. Very ambitious and means dealing with dominating domestically which gets boring after a few seasons. Conclusion So that’s where I am, need to pick the right save otherwise I’ll spend the next year trying all of them and not achieving the goal in any of them!
  8. I’ve never attempted this challenge before, am I right in thinking playing this way mean it’s quicker to build and maintain tactical familiarity and have a single core social group since you never sign any players? I think that’s caused problems for me in FM in the last few years, and I’ve perhaps underestimated how much of a difference it makes.
  9. Regens weren't even around when the thread was started.
  10. How does your file compare with the one created by TheFMEditor? Apart from yours including the 11th tier?
  11. Where’s the best/cheapest place to buy RAM from? I’ve found the below to upgrade my laptop, is there anything I particularly need to look out for? On the first link there first two recommended are a few £s apart in price - what’s the difference between them? https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/compatible-upgrade-for/HP---Compaq/pavilion-15-n297sa https://www.mrmemory.co.uk/memory-ram-upgrades/hp/pavilion-notebook/15-n297sa
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