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  1. I’ve not had one myself but I’m sure that’s not the case. I think it might be something you can unlock after 20 years on FM Touch?
  2. Didn’t realise players could have regen sons, good to know. What was his PA rated at when he came through @santy001?
  3. I looked at them in the editor, they have one of the highest reputations at that level. If you holiday the first season they should be promoted to the 3rd tier for the second season. If you save the day before the leagues update you can reload and try again until they’re one of the promoted clubs.
  4. The woodwork stat is still there, there’s a button somewhere on the stats screen that lets you choose which stats you want to show (or not show).
  5. The game doesn’t know the difference between you and the AI. Injury levels are also kept lower than real life.
  6. Love the idea Badalona idea! I’ve played CM/FM since 00/01 and only ever gone from the bottom tier to the top in England (various clubs), Italy (with San Marino) and Scotland (Edinburgh City). From FM20 I want to try and have long term in other countries. Probably not playing hoofball again though, was more thinking of small clubs in capital or big cities, such as Badalona or Paris FC. For a Madrid alternative there’s a club called Internacional Madrid who were recently promoted to the third tier. From what I remember their stadium has a capacity of only 300.
  7. What recent development? The national team?
  8. Have you checked they don’t have any PPMs that are partly causing that? For example if the target man has “comes deep to get ball”. You can also try playing them both on an attacking duty.
  9. I’d hope those presets with high aggressive pressing result in tired players and more injuries should you use it for a full season in the lower quality leagues.
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