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  1. Thanks for the feedback. JJ is one of the lowest rated players in the squad in terms of his overall current ability. He perhaps looks better all round than most players when you look at his attributes due his lack of acceleration and pace. They are weighted highly meaning with low ratings other attributes can be higher. To give opposite m examples, our pacier players such as Lookman, Botaka and Magennis are all rated as better overall players than Jackson, even though they have more low attributes.
  2. You might not want lower leagues but searching the editor I found a couple of European sides with strong youth set ups that could make for interesting saves on FM17. Septemvri Sofia will be in the Bulgarian second tier on FM17 and Wikipedia even mentions that they're known for their academy. Real are in the Portuguese third tier:
  3. Has anyone successfully played a counter attacking system in the lower leagues? I often when the chance to counter came up on FM16 lower league players tended to hoof the ball up the pitch and lose the opportunity. It seemed to me that the changes to improve counter attacking from FM15 made much more difference with at the higher levels.
  4. I signed a player (a newgen) and noticed on his profile he had a brother (also a newgen). It's good to see this in the game, the only thing is it doesn't look quite right - one is black and the other white with blond hair.
  5. I've taken Merthyr Town up to the Championship, and have narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier League twice. I've used short passing the entire time and a very fluid team shape in all but the very first promotion (from the 7th tier). It can be done, the key was a few extra settings that made a huge difference in making my system work, and in some seasons, it was a new signing that took the team up another level. I'm sure it's not the quickest way to get up the leagues but I enjoy the extra challenges it brings. Once I had a system that worked it was about bringing in better players, keeping morale and motivation up with small tactical tweaks as necessary (and of course changes during game, but never to shape and rarely to passing). I've had times when it's taken several years to get promoted from a certain division but I'm sure it could be done quicker in terms of seasons had I bothered with things like opposition instructions and watched all matches in more detail. I had planned to post a thread earlier in the year on my system, hopefully I'll get round to it at some point. On FM17 I'd like to do the opposite, take a team up the leagues playing route one football, going for hard working, physical players in a highly structured set up. It would be interesting to see if you can success at the highest levels playing that type of football.
  6. In the game "movies into channels" just means moving into wide areas.
  8. Other yourself being available as a coach, I can't work out what setting your own attributes does?
  9. I'd like to be able to watch a video of a players highlights of the season so far, e.g. all his goals and/or assists. As with matches you should also be able to save it or upload it to Youtube.Taking it further you could pick two players to watch to sees how they're combining, e.g. all the goals created and scored by your strike partnership, or goals set up by your winger for your targetman.Another thought, if it's not already there clubs should also have their own goal of the season award.
  10. Has this been tested with the final patch and data update?
  11. I used a similar title for my Charlton career a few versions ago! Would be interesting to see a screenshot of Cousins to see how he's developed.
  12. Is there no one worth spending a fee on?
  13. Good work! Have holidayed for a season, tried reloading the game to get different teams promoted to level 4, but they seem to be the same every time. Any idea if the clubs promoted are decided at an earlier date, or is there another reason they are always the same?
  14. Is this with the San Marino league from the editors forum, or one you created yourself? Good luck, surely an impossible challenge!
  15. Good first post. I'm the Charlton researcher, always interested in constructive feedback on the data, though with so many signings most players weren't rated by me. Connor Gough is a Charlton youth product, not a signing from non-league. Fair points on Jackson, jumping and heading could be slightly higher as could his corners. His free kicks rating at 11 is decent, which I think is fair, not as if he regularly scores from free kicks. On Simon Francis I think he's about right - it's his decisions and concentration that let him down, both were lowered from 8 to 7 for FM 12. His hidden mental attributes aren't too high either - things like pressure and consistency can have a big effect on his performances in game. Looking at him again perhaps bravery and balance should be lowered. Chris Solly and Scott Wagstaff should be on each others favourite staff, I did e-mail that in but I think it missed the deadline. Will be added for the next data update.