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  1. Joe Ledley's missing Charlton from his history. Signed 6th December 2019, left 15th January 2020, 1 league appearance, 0 goals. Sources: https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5dea45efcbb2f/done-deal-charlton-sign-experienced-midfielder-joe-ledley-on-short-term-contract https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5deba149f1da2/team-news-ledley-handed-his-debut-as-the-addicks-make-four-changes-for-middlesbrough https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/5e1eea74bb6ad/beram-kayal-returns-to-brighton-hove-albion
  2. What's the "game breaking" issue that's going to be fixed? Sounds like it's not saved game compatible?
  3. Had a break from reloading, came back to it and Bamber Bridge were promoted at my first attempt
  4. How long were you reloading for to get them @Scab?
  5. That might explain it - how did you find out their rep? I've seen Horsham come up who only have a rep of 1600, but I guess that's been increased too. Thanks, good to know it should be possible (assuming their rep hasn't been lowered).
  6. I'm aiming to with the Prem and CL playing long ball football, so I'm looking for an obscure club from the north west. Have you seen Atherton Colleries, Bamber Bridge or Radcliffe? I've seen Morpeth, so if their reputation has stayed the same every club in the Northern Prem must be possible?
  7. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and the problem is having too many ideas. Due to Covid I’ve played FM20 more than any other version, but I’ve not been able to stick with one save, sometimes I always aim to do. My ideas include: Charlton - the obvious one, the club I support. After years of ownership issues including two (or was it three?) takeovers this year alone in Danish businessman Thomas Sandgaard we finally have an owner who cares, has footballing ambition and is able to fund the club. Sandgaard is aiming for regular European football in 10-15 years. On top of that asi
  8. I’ve never attempted this challenge before, am I right in thinking playing this way mean it’s quicker to build and maintain tactical familiarity and have a single core social group since you never sign any players? I think that’s caused problems for me in FM in the last few years, and I’ve perhaps underestimated how much of a difference it makes.
  9. Regens weren't even around when the thread was started.
  10. How does your file compare with the one created by TheFMEditor? Apart from yours including the 11th tier?
  11. Where’s the best/cheapest place to buy RAM from? I’ve found the below to upgrade my laptop, is there anything I particularly need to look out for? On the first link there first two recommended are a few £s apart in price - what’s the difference between them? https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/compatible-upgrade-for/HP---Compaq/pavilion-15-n297sa https://www.mrmemory.co.uk/memory-ram-upgrades/hp/pavilion-notebook/15-n297sa
  12. Clubs in playable leagues should be more active in the transfer, so yes it could make the market unbalanced.
  13. People were saying that 15-20 years ago, it didn’t stop 2D and later on 3D coming in. It’s more likely to be hardware that holds it back - SI can see what players are using to run the game and it’s been said before there are plenty using older PCs and laptops. No point bringing something new in if a big chunk of the users can’t run it. We’ve had 3D over 10 years now, I imagine we’ll eventually get a more modern looking 3D view.
  14. Yeah, ok... https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/football-manager-2019-clears-2-million-sales/
  15. On entertaining try hovering over the "i" - it should give more information.
  16. Welsh second tier is now playable without the editor, though it’s recommended you wait until the full release if playing there.
  17. Is there any relegation from the Dutch second tier in game (whether it’s the first or second season)?
  18. I've been considering Sakhalin, a 3rd tier Russian club who are situated just north of Japan. Holidaying for a season will hopefully see them promoted to the 2nd tier making them playable. Russia's one of the highest rated European leagues in the game that has never had a Champions League/European Cup winner. It's also a country I wouldn't normally consider playing in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Sakhalin_Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  19. I’ve never paid £40+ for FM. Every year it’s available for around £30. https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=safari&sa=X&hl=en-gb&biw=375&bih=553&tbm=shop&sxsrf=ACYBGNT2StQgsdjUTrMKxj0fGPUAa2pMDw%3A1571295504464&ei=EBGoXb_oGobRwAL_iJrACA&q=football+manager+2020&oq=footb&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.41j0l4.15468.17808.0.18327.
  20. Surprised anyone is saying dates such as 20th or 30th November, the opening post in this thread says “early November”. Given FM always comes out on a Friday I’m expecting 8th November, with a chance of 1st November.
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