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  1. The support and against icon and line under happiness remains despite player they support or against having left the club.
  2. Exact same scenario. Boston in Championship. I think it has to do with the fact I don't alter my tactics much on the way up and find better skilled players than my opponents. Once I get to the championship level it requires more oppoaition scouting and tactic alteration which I'm not used to. And the players are not muxh different. Also at that point usually my wages are so low i cant compete with big clubs for good players. Regardless the game is completely different for me and i still dont get what im missing. Unless it's these things I just mentioned.
  3. Will we be able to take on MLS in 2018? As in start a game 01/01/18 with MLS loaded?
  4. I had a player who wants and has been promised a new contract but his agent hates me. For a reason I cannot understand. My player is the only one the agent has that has ever had contact with my club. And so he spent a full year playing without contract and not being approached by anyone until I got promoted and then the agent was fine to talk to me again. It was nerve wracking knowing he could go at anytime and not be sold and I was completely handcuffed. Couldn't even tell him to sack his agent.
  5. I am terrible managing big clubs. Awful. Whether i take over with reccomended reputation and badging or get myself a job the hard way starting at LLM. I understand the game at Lower leagues fantastically. Getting promoted and pushing up the leagues. No problem. But once there it's a completely different game for me. Tactics fail no matter what i do. Its been this way for as long as i can remember. I even tried a career at Real Madrid and I'm on a 4 game losing streak with a full team available to me. Does anyone else have this issue? And where do I need to adjust my thinking?
  6. Well... that was brutal. A 7% Winning percentage will surely get you the sack by January. I left Coalville at the bottom of the Vanarama North and thats where they finished. Relying on my scouts discovering players and players asking for trials proved a very tough challenge. I also took only staff that applied for vacant positions which didnt help. I only hired the Ginger ninja Dave Kitson in October as my Assman. My main issue was finding defenders that could defend. Or teaching the ones I had to mark a player. So time for a bit of a break. Went on Holiday (was only on £300 a week so didn't go anywhere that fancy) and returned in June to see which teams were in search of a new manager. Low and behold the only promoted team with a managerial vacancy was Chesham United. After the interview and about a weeks wait I was offered the job. I will stick to my player and staff search challenge and attempt to keep 'The Generals' up. This being the highest level they have reached in their 102 year history surely anything better than last year will do.
  7. I probably reloaded 100+ times. Finally settling on a team - the mighty Coalville Town. It had the lowest reputation I could get at 1800. Also no manager in place so I decided to apply the old fashioned way. I lost about a week but this seems more 'authentic'. I also now have to play possession based football and use youngsters from the youth system. I am going to play this as hardcore as I can. Hiring staff that actually apply for posted jobs and potentially only signing players that come through scout reports. Though that last bit may be too hardcore. I have something like 69000 players loaded from only Europe and UK/Ireland fully loaded. Anyways, screenshot posted. I have not even looked at the team. Lets see how season 1 goes.
  8. I may be coming into this late but going to try it out with no chance of catching up. I'll either start with Kettering (I used to work at the club) or Dorking Wanderers because a challenge is not a challenge unless it's a challenge...... Reloading as I type this.
  9. I may be coming into this late but going to try it out with no chance of catching up. I'll either start with Kettering (I used to work at the club) or Dorking Wanderers because a challenge is not a challenge unless it's a challenge...... Reloading as I type this.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug but started unemployed with just 1st coaching badge. Running large database all leagues from UK and Ireland. I'm a Canadian/Spaniard. Got offered job at Boston United in vanarama north. 1st season won FA trophy. 2nd season won vanarama north 3rd season won vanarama national and FA Trophy again 1 week before league 2 campaign (4th season) about to begin I am headhunted and offered the French National team job. Never applied for any job since taking over Boston. I go to look at France. They have won the world cup in 2018 and lost in the final of the European championships in 2020. And are currently ranked 1st overall in world rankings. My reputation is 1.8 stars with a continental c licence. Making 1k a week in Boston and now 43.5k a week managing france. I feel dirty accepting the job. How did this happen? And why? This has been my most successful save since FM2010 maybe but still a bit ridiculous No? This happened to anyone else?
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