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  1. I agree that England played pretty weak opponents on the way to the semi in 2018 but I'm not really having it for this year! I know neither are what they once were, but we still beat two of the last four World Cup finalists. That Danish side is pretty good, the Czechs are underrated (knocked out an exciting Dutch side) and of course we didn't really lose to Italy. I know we don't think of this current Italian side as a vintage Italian side right now, but I wonder whether we will in a few years time. Chiellini, Bonucci, Verratti, Donnarumma are probably some of the best players in their positions in world football at the moment. And there's a bunch of others who, depending on what they achieve in coming years, could end up being highly regarded.
  2. From the video it looked like the fans had broken down a barrier and got in through a fire escape rather than breaking through the turnstiles themselves. I read someone saying they'd been locked out of the game cos someone jumped through the turnstiles before them - I wasn't there last night but I was on Tuesday and from my experience that would have been pretty difficult to do!
  3. Throughout the tournament Southgate made a number of calls that made me go 'uhhhh' but he got them right. Looked like he was going to get it right again yesterday for a while too, with Trippier making hay down that flank. But unfortunately he didn't seem to be able to do anything to turn the tide last night; I still don't really know what Italy changed but they were on top for most of the match and we didn't cope. And I think Southgate made a mistake bringing Rashford and Sancho on so late, they barely touched the ball before having to take the penalty. I also wonder whether having the big, pumped crowd for this one ended up actually being a hindrance rather than a help. I was in a loud, echoey pub where I couldn't hear much so maybe I'm wrong on this, but it felt like the crowd was extremely tense and it felt like that affected the players. Anyway, I like Southgate and I like this team. Bit of a bummer last night but they should be proud of what they achieved and I'm trying to think of the happy moments of finally beating Germany, blowing Ukraine away, reaching a final.
  4. Right now I'm more stressed about whether I go to the pub or not than the game itself. Thinking of chancing it with a walk-ins-only place but when? Get there too early and there's a reasonable probability I drink too much and can't remember the match, get there too late and I won't be able to get a table and will have to turn around and watch it at home (which probably isn't a bad thing, but I'd rather watch it out).
  5. Are you actually at the game or are you just hanging around Wembley??
  6. I'm trying to get a table in a pub to watch it, but everywhere round here seems to be booked up so it might just be a lazy buildup at home.
  7. Sorry I can't be arsed reading the thread to see how much this has been discussed and I'm obviously not too upset and I'm sure I'll be over it and happy in the morning, but god it does feel like we cheated our way to that a bit.
  8. The odd tickets are still popping up for sale on the official website but you'd need to be very rich (and within an hour of Wembley) - €595...
  9. That was great last night, really enjoyed it. Definitely worth the €85 and maybe worth the covid I probably caught on the packed tube. Good atmosphere - nice to have a lot of Spaniards and Italians there, although the Italians outnumbered the Spanish - and the good thing about being fairly neutral is that I could spend the whole time just cheering everyone and everything. Obviously different things come through at the ground and on TV and I'm not sure it would've been quite so noticeable how wide Spain were playing and how narrow Italy were. The two Spanish wide forwards were hugging the touchline a lot of the time (although I actually thought they looked more dangerous when Morata came on and they narrowed their forward line). Italy kept compact and compressed the middle, almost playing within the Spanish formation. It could bode well for England's wide players because if Italy play the same then there will be room for them. To make the most of it we'll need Kane in there rather than trying the Spanish false 9s or whatever they were though, and then there's a risk that the Italian midfield overruns ours. Which I would think means playing Mount in a deeper role and not starting Grealish/Foden again.
  10. For any Londoners (or near Londoners): plenty of tickets currently available for this game, 85 euros for the cheap seats.
  11. Very pleased to come on here and the first post I see is some praise for Shaw which I haven't seen elsewhere Big big part of both goals.
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