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  1. Yeah that's partly why it's ending up so bad - sober organised Russians turning up to beat up a load of drunk fat Englishmen.
  2. I went to see a game in Moscow once and the police/army presence is massive. It was just a random league game, no rivalry between the sides, and yet the security presence was huge. Walking from the ground back to the metro the path was totally enclosed by army, and soldiers on each metro carriage back. We went to a bar in the centre afterwards and got chatting to some of the locals who had also been at the game, they were pretty pleased that we'd been. They were very nice but one of them pointed out a giant of a man sat with his mates at another table and told us 'if you weren't with me, they'd beat you up because they don't like foreigners'. Later that night a bunch of (different) Russians had a big fight, sort of over us. So I don't think there'll be any issues at/near the stadiums in 2018 but there certainly could be danger in the cities themselves.
  3. Crap season but this is why we still like football eh?
  4. Giggs until the end of the season when Pocchetino comes steaming in (with Dele Alli) please.
  5. Why has peter been banned for that? His last ban was daft too iirc.
  6. Choose a better team than Cambridge
  7. Whoever the guy who was co-commentating on the American channel I was watching was adamant that Galatasary would only score if they went down the wings because 'man utd have 6 central midfielders on the pitch'. Don't think its been a bad performance really considering its not the strongest side, can see us snatching a winner. Also, I couldn't understand the Smalling signing at first and said so, and have happily been proved completely wrong.
  8. Obviously quite excited by the RVP transfer, great player but don't think hes what we needed. Can't be too upset at signing the player of the year though. Fingers crossed he can stay fit, him and Rooney together should be one of the Premier League's (England's?) greatest ever partnerships (assuming we play 4-4-2). Interestingly Howard Nurse (although as someone said above, he sometimes seems to be a bit clueless) has said there'll be another 'significant' announcement tomorrow...
  9. A shameless link to my idea because I forgot this thread is here: http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/2872051272
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