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  1. Cheers - any feedback appreciated. Yeah, I agree McNair is definitely going that way but he was inconsistent last year so I'd like to see him continue it for the rest of the season. The only players rated higher than him currently are the new signings. At the start of the season I would have said Fry should be our top player and he is currently level with McNair. As I understand it Howson triggered his own option so wages remained the same. He would certainly have had to take a cut if he was signing a new deal.
  2. Yeah, McNair does seem to have stepped up a gear in that department this year. I've already tweaked things like crossing, free kicks and corners and with his versatility it's hard to bump him up much higher without him becoming too good. But will keep an eye on it. That does seem to be the case with Saville, I'll have a look and see if I can compare him to other players. I think the wages are just about right - we have signed Watmore now (albeit probably on low wages) and we would have paid maybe 15-20k for Bolasie and perhaps only for him? You could argue bumping it another 5-10k
  3. hi - do you know how many league appearances Boro's Max Metcalfe played for you last season?
  4. god, that is devastating. should have had it wrapped up in 20 minutes and looked comfortable for most of the game until they scored.
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