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  1. France didn't do enough there. wp Portugal.
  2. I think the people crying about Ronaldo going off ending the final look a little bit silly...
  3. I might have some sympathy for Ronaldo's plight if he wasn't an utter ****
  4. not bad this Sissoko guy. who does he play for?
  5. he's done it now. incoming.
  6. goes back on just so he can get stretchered off
  7. Payet just needs to do a Morrison-esque follow-up now. [video=youtube;vFrygNp1ogA]
  8. good job Payet.
  9. if I said 'England could have done this if they hadn't conceded straight away' would everyone laugh?
  10. haha, perfect pen
  11. that has to be the worst German pen ever
  12. great penalty.