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  1. ****NAP---> Italy 0-1 England <---NAP**** The goalscorers - Kane The times of the goals Kane (57) How many penalties will be scored in total? 0 Will the match go to extra time? No Will the match go to penalties? No How many yellow cards in total? 3 How many red cards in total? 0 Time of the first goal scored? 57th minute Time of the last goal scored? 57th minute First team to score? England Last team to score? England
  2. BBC because no ads. Am I the only person who thinks Matterface isn't *that* bad?
  3. purely based on fantasy football observations, he always seems to benefit from playing regularly rather than being rested and he's got better and better as the tournament has gone on. he was still running full pelt after 120 last night whilst the Danes could barely move
  4. Italy 2-2 Spain (4-3 pens) Denmark 0-3 England * Penalties scored - 7 Extra time - 1 Penalties - 1 Yellows - 4 Reds - 0 First goal - 24 mins Last goal - 78 mins First to score - England Last to score - Italy
  5. my -8 hit to bring in Maguire and Sterling worked nicely. picked Stones ahead of Maguire initially. will be hard to find any differentials now though.
  6. Switzerland 0-2 Spain Belgium 1-1 Italy (5-4 pens) Czech Republic 1-0 Denmark Ukraine 0-3 England* Pens = 9 ET = 1 Games to pens = 1 Yellow Cards = 8 Red cards = 0 England scorers: Kane, Sterling, Stones
  7. 66, up to 238 but only 8 players and 0 chips. 3 England players probably a must now.
  8. how many of us don't have one 7 players gone
  9. actually had Holes as a cheap enabler last week. No Czech players and 4 Dutch this week however. Dumfries before I picked him: 21pts. Dumfries after I picked him: 1 pt.
  10. I thought there was just enough doubt for that to not be red but I don't think he can complain too much
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