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  1. I don't think it should do though. we would always have a small amount available for a new signing but once we'd signed a replacement for Randolph I doubt any more would be made available to JW.
  2. I'm not sure it would make a great difference. We've signed a replacement in Stojanovic and I would imagine the rest will be absorbed as savings on the budget.
  3. so it is. not sure how that has happened, it should be at 156 which it was previously. will make sure this is corrected for the next version.
  4. Thanks - we will have a look at both of these. Certainly agree that our expectations should not be a playoff place.
  5. god, that is devastating. should have had it wrapped up in 20 minutes and looked comfortable for most of the game until they scored.
  6. France didn't do enough there. wp Portugal.
  7. I think the people crying about Ronaldo going off ending the final look a little bit silly...
  8. I might have some sympathy for Ronaldo's plight if he wasn't an utter ****
  9. not bad this Sissoko guy. who does he play for?
  10. goes back on just so he can get stretchered off
  11. Payet just needs to do a Morrison-esque follow-up now. [video=youtube;vFrygNp1ogA]
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