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  1. @hollij93 thanks - I haven't done much with Besic (probably hasn't been in my file for a great deal of time due to the timings of the loans) but I'll certainly consider these. I agree he can be quite forward-thinking,. @glenjamin I'm not sure of the exact timings / reason for any change - it wasn't something I suggested. It's difficult - could you have seen us spending £10m on another player in the window? You could make an argument that we would only make a big signing now if someone left (eg Braithwaite). I could be wrong but I imagine we will be looking more at loans in Jan than permanent signings.
  2. god, that is devastating. should have had it wrapped up in 20 minutes and looked comfortable for most of the game until they scored.
  3. France didn't do enough there. wp Portugal.
  4. I think the people crying about Ronaldo going off ending the final look a little bit silly...
  5. I might have some sympathy for Ronaldo's plight if he wasn't an utter ****
  6. not bad this Sissoko guy. who does he play for?
  7. goes back on just so he can get stretchered off
  8. Payet just needs to do a Morrison-esque follow-up now. [video=youtube;vFrygNp1ogA]
  9. if I said 'England could have done this if they hadn't conceded straight away' would everyone laugh?
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