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  1. krisdonna

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    Anyone else selling Lallana in season 1? Arsenal is willing to spend 48m on him.
  2. krisdonna

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Anyone got some succes with Joao Félix? He is available for 30M
  3. krisdonna

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    My Goodness Liverpool looks so improved on the new update.
  4. Can't choose between Gelson Martins and Chiesa,need a winger though.
  5. krisdonna

    Left sided defender for Man United

    Clement Lenglet from Sevilla.
  6. krisdonna

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Might give The Reds a go since they have some top quality youngsters. Will build a squad around Woodburn,Gomez and Trent Arnold. Btw The Van Dijk and Coutinho transfers are arranged,both will join/go in the middle of the season.
  7. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

  8. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

    Part 3
  9. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

    Part 2
  10. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

    Toke a while but here you go. Part 1
  11. krisdonna

    FM17: Arsenal

    Sanchez wont ever renew his contract. Started another save and sold him for 62 mil en bought Correa for 22.5 mil and Suso for 25 mil as replacement. Also got Dolberg for 26 mil and de Vrij for 17 mil.
  12. krisdonna

    FM17: Arsenal

    Might sell Sanchez in season one for 70 mil to City...
  13. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

    Here you go
  14. krisdonna

    Request A Screenshot

  15. Will sure have a look tonight at AC Milan.