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  1. Curtis Jones looks insane, defo a wonderkid if you ask me.
  2. So United signed Vd beek, Telles, Cavani, Pellistri and Traore this window? Time to start a new game with an update.
  3. Well you still have Joe Gomez tho which is an absolutely beast. I do say go for Godfrey, Onguene or Boubacar Kamara as third option.
  4. Thiago & Jota are nice transfers. Tempted to start a safe with the Reds, just scared it will be too easy.
  5. Is it fun to play with Liverpool? What i like about them is that they have reasonable wages for such a big club.
  6. Me and city were on 85 points and Liverpool on 86, nothing changed as Liverpool won their last game with 0-1 at Bournemouth while we had a secure 2-0 win over Sheffield at home. Kinda threw it away at home against Leicester(0-0). After that we won 4 in a row but that wasnt enough.
  7. Playing with 3 cm's, somtimes i change the BBM to a AP, specially against smaller teams. Also dare to change the DLP to a CM on defend against the bigger teams. Sometimes little tweaks can make a big difference.
  8. Best performers. - Fernandes really made the difference with his passing skills. - Martial was outstanding, never saw him score this much goals, very satisfied. - Pogba just being Pogba, PSG sniffing hard but can you blame them? - Greenwood was a real joy to watch, he will be defo a player that can score +40 goals a season.
  9. Unlucky, we won the Europa League and the Carabao cup though.
  10. Love Kana, with the right training he will become a worldbeater. Was considering Costa on loan too but his wages are too high and he is injury prone, went with Kluivert instead(loan with an option to buy of £17mil).
  11. Always loan out players with a mandatory fee if i can't sell them for the cash i want. For example Perreira went to Leicester for a little cash, they pay 100% of his wages and at the end of the season they must buy him for £24mil. Same with Jones (to West Ham) for £16mil.
  12. How many first team players do you all sell in season 1? Always feel like i wanna kick too many players out in the first transfer window.
  13. Might sell Xhaka as he doesn't suit my tactic. Anyone got a decent amount of money for him?
  14. Those two are good. Also look at Haaland & Boadu, two wonderkids who are insane.
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