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  1. @GR3NDAL The regen you got looks more then decent at the age of 17. His is valeu is hella crazy tho.
  2. Got a little tired from fm 21 but reading your story makes me want to start again with LFC. Seems you are going strong, keep going.
  3. Btw how about Youth intakes? Anyone got someone decent in?
  4. Personally i never go with only 2 cm's as there are too many worldclass Cm's in the game.
  5. TAA would be an ideal dpl if you ask me, dude spreads with assists for fun.
  6. Did fancy to start over with a transfer update but idk, he doesn't look that great to be honest.
  7. Trust me you can get crazy money for Matip, Ox, Shaqiri, Firmino, Keita, Origi. Matip for example was sold to Real Madrid for £50mil, Ox for £48mil to Barcelona, Shaqiri to Spurs for £55mil, Jota for £50mil to Bayern, Firmino to PSG for £75mil and Grujic to Ajax for £13.5mil. That's £291mil plus my transfer budget from the board. so yes you can get over £400 mil to spend easily.
  8. What do you all think of Konaté in the game?
  9. Dude is just insane, this ain't normal
  10. What kind of transfers did you do for season 2?
  11. Bought him, indeed he be my back up for mane. I have a hard Brexit so the more HG players the better. He did score on his debut in a 0-3 victory over Chelsea.
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