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  1. Went for Fabian Ruiz as replacement for wijnaldum. Love the dudes game and he is a real life transfer target too.
  2. Did the same, his flair and dribbling make of him an excellent mezalla, i do play him on attack tho. Any luck with Stewart? Seems he got random stats.
  3. How do you guys play Jones? I play a 4-3-3 and use him as a cm/ap but he seems to be better coming from the left.
  4. Haven't started a game with United this years FM, maybe it's time to start one. United has lots of deadwood to sell, a good academy with wonderkids, lots of money... Just one of the most fun teams on FM to play with.
  5. How good is Balogun this years fm? Do you guys play him or sell him?
  6. Could use another running midfielder since i sold Wijnaldum to PSG. Been looking at Kessie as he is available for £40 mil, anyone got expirience with him? Savic is another quality one but very expensive.
  7. I see, in my save he wouldn't sign a new contract so i had to sell him to PSG for £40 mil.
  8. Do you sell Wijnaldum at the start of the game? Seems he wont sign a new contract as Barcelona and PSG are sniffing.
  9. Not easy to get rid of Matic. Valencia did show interest but no bids so i did ask for a swap with Yunus Musah and they did accept. Might be silly but at least his wages are off the books.
  10. Winter update is out guys, might start a new game.
  11. Anyone signed Ben White? He looks well allround and homegrown but i have the feeling there are better options.
  12. Do you guys always keep Salah & Mané or do you sell them as they age?
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