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  1. Thanks,I wasnt sure about getting another full back cause i like Chambers a lot and i just bought Gimenez(who also can cover up the right back position).I will use Mustafi as back up for Bellerin till Callum returns to the club.
  2. I know but i am still in my first season and he is on loan at Middlesbrough and Jenkinson is out for another 6 months now...
  3. Anyone know a good back up for Bellerin?
  4. What about Toni Lato from Valencia?
  5. Dani Ceballos from Betis.
  6. Have a look on daniel braganca from Sporting,he will do the job for you.
  7. Look at Gelson Martins from Sporting.
  8. First game of the season with an outstanding debut for Lemar...
  9. Toni Lato from Valencia,got him for free on my Arsenal save.
  10. Have a look on Moussa Dembele from Celtic,
  11. Have a look on Moussa Dembele from Celtic,he is awesome on my save.
  12. Might get rid of Walcott in the first season as Liverpool offers me 30m£ in hand. with that money i can renew the contracts of Sanchez & Ozil and bring Lemar in.
  13. fm2017 skin

    Is it possible to play with the default font on the 1.3 update?
  14. I am talking about potential, Coutinho has a 170 PA ,Costa 173,Payet 163 and Martial is -95...while Lukaku has only a PA of 158,hows that the same or even better?
  15. Lukaku has a PA of 158...ridiculous low if you ask me.