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  1. Hahahaha this got me I reached 1st April in game on 1st April IRL, after clicking "accept"
  2. Grabbed some crazy looking regens! Aitor Vidal from Osasuna, his contract was running out, and my scouts rated him 5/5, so I just couldnt say no, had to offer him a fairly high contract to get his signing, while beating Man City, PSG, RMadrid Atletico and some other top tier clubs, a really exiting AMC playmaker. And this monster from Atalanta, the Italian version of Harry Kane, looking awesome, had to pay €22M for a 17 years old, but I just love players with great mental stats, and this fella looks like he'll become a monster in mental attributes.
  3. Paulo is having a craazy start to season 4. 11 goals 3 assists in 7 games from AMC
  4. Took him the whole season but he's a green RB now
  5. In general its way too easy to unsettle a player in the game, both yours and opposition, and the way it happens its also quite funny. Player becomes unhappy, he immediately stops to perform in training, etc. it just really sucks. Espescially when it comes to a player like Calabria in your case - home grown, probably has Milan in his favourite club, is a team starter winning the league and Champions League, and FM wise he wants to leave for Liverpool who probably dont perform, because probably some reputation numbers tell him that 9200 is better than 9100. It's just unrealistic, in my case after I won the triple this season I did drop in the global rankings from 3rd to 5th and got overtaken by clubs who won nothing, dont understand this magic.
  6. Finished my 2nd season, and damn it was a dream season! Serie A: An incredible season, we've equilized Contes point record, which of course allowed us to win the league. Milan proved a tough challenge through the year, they started to loose points at the end, but most of the season they were really really close. Inter and Atalanta missed the CL to Fiorentina which is quite a surprise. Champions League Went really smooth through the group First Knockout stage vs Bayern The team that eliminated us last year, and we've came for our revenge - first game at Munich in which we've managed a win 2-1, and then at home we've had our best game of the season (well okay the 2nd best game) trashing them 6-2 funnily enough I've scored like 4-5 corner goals throughout the league season, and here Demiral scored two in just one game. Quarter Final vs Lazio Finally some draw luck and we've picked up Lazio who seemed the easiest rivals from the last 8 pack. And so it was an easy 4-0 followed by an away draw moved us to the semis. Semi-Final vs Liverpool We've faced the last years winners Liverpool, and by far this has been the best highlight of the season, we've played our best game of the season, winning 3-0 at home first leg. The trip to Anfield felt like a formality, but it really wasnt. We had a safe 0-0 at the half time, and after the break Liverpool really stepped up, getting 2-0 up, and as I felt phew we've made it despite the lose, Mane scored the 3-0 goal in the 93th minute, a really heartbraking goal which saw us in an unfavorable situation at Anfield, Son made it even worse as he scored the Liverpool fourths in the 102th minute. But we came back!! A goal by Dybala made us go through by away goals, and as Liverpool opened up to score once again we've managed to finish a counter by Morata, and we've secured the spot in the final! By far the greatest game this season, despite it has been a loose. Final vs Real Madrid We've faced Real in the final, the bookmakers did rate it pretty tight without a clear favourite, and it was a closed game, not many situations. Real did go in-front by a Vinicius goal in the 2nd half, but once again the set-pieces came to the rescue. De Ligt converted Dybalas cross from a free kick in the 80th minute, and when I've started to think about substitutes in the over-time Demiral scored from Dybalas corner cross! Felt like Manchester United 99. Crazy! De Ligt lifted the trophy Coppa Italia To make things even better we've won the Italian Cup. We've eliminated Virtus Entella (6-0), Milan (3-2), Inter 3-1(H) 1-2(A), and beaten Lazio in the final: So a crazy crazy good season. Transfer Window Transfer Ins: Chiesa transfer became obligatory after he played the required number of games - and as of the new patch the fee is set at €4M for some reason, so after he played 50 games for me, it just activated. Dimov is a promising LB newgen from Bulgaria which my scouts advised to sign so I took the risk. And signed Marco Kana in the end for €35M with €5M after 50games addon. Now off to the mission of retraining Marco to RB . Singo went to Atletico for €40M, and well taking the risk the experiment. But as you can see I rather kept the window silent on my end. Transfer Outs: As of sellings I've offloaded Danilo for €42M as he demanded a new contract and was asking for €200k+, and at 30 years old I think this was the last possibility to cash on him, pretty much the same with Alex Sandro who went out at €47M, I'm promoting the Italians - Pellegrini and Ruggieri and well the 31 year old Brazilian brought some good money to the club. Apart from that I did let Pessina go for €32M, as I'm having Rovella coming back from the loan at Genoa and he looks like a good prospect. Transfers around the world A lot of clubs did spend a lot in this window, and some big names started to move (mln is M, forgot to take this screenshot before, and already changed to my native language in game ) The window is still open as I'm at 29th July~~ The club It will be incredibely hard to repeat such a great season, but we'll do our best. As of the plans I did extend Ronaldo for one more year with me having an option to extend for one more, he went down with his wage to €425k which was acceptable. Depending on his performance I'll decide if I'll extend it or I'll probably chase Leroy Sane who I really really like . Apart from that I think the team is really complete, would want to get rid of snake Bonucci but he's still on contract for 2 years till 2024, so most likely he will rot on the bench till he wants to leave himself. Apart from that I'm excited to watch Marco Kana experiment in retraining him to RB, I'm still having Cuadrado in that spot, but he's starting to decline now, so hopefully the Belgian can become natural in that position within the season.
  7. Well I'm in February, so he's only for half a season with me, but so far he had 2 minor injuries - one 10 days out, and 7 days out, so cant complain. In my last save where I also had him, he didnt struggle that much also, but the player report says he's more injury prone.
  8. Actually I was looking at him too, as he looks quite good and promising, might be an option. What a story, I've jsut played Inter in the semi-final first leg of Coppa Italia, and I usually let some reserve players play in the cup no matter the rival, and gave Esposito the chance to debut for the team, and guess what he scored a header in the 6th minute against his old team
  9. Half season update Serie A A super competetive league this year as Milan stepped up, with Leao scoring for fun really he's at 19 goals with 20 games played. I'm first with 57 pts after 22 games, with Milan just 2 points behind. Lazio is 3rd with 49points and suprisingly Fiorentina sits in 4th with 43 points. Champions League In the group with Barca (damn we like each other every yeard in the same group ), Besiktas and Standard Liege. And managed to finish with 16pts winnings all but a away game to Besiktas (2-2). With a record breaking game vs Standard Liege: Our draw luck didnt get any better, and we've drawn Bayern Munich in the first knocout stage... At least I'm getting a chance for revenge. Coppa Italia Not much to say here, as Ive only finished the first round game vs a Serie C side - Virtus Entella which we easily won 6-0. Winter Transfer Window: Well a window of chances and over-paid players but I've ended up beign active in the winter. Chelsea approached Kulusevski with a straight offer of €97M, and well he was just a sub for me, and he was unlikely to jump in to the first team soon, after a few rounds of negotiations we've settled at €115M straight + €35M after 20 league games - which they accepted, a crazy good offer. And I've also went for a splash, as I activated Ilaix Moriba's clausule at €74M, and I've started negotiations over Esposito with Inter, started with an €20M offer which ended up probably too high at €35M straight, €9.5M after 50 league games and a 50% sell profit clausule (which most likely will never becom active), looking forward to play him! Most likely first at rotation, but when he's ready he'll take the first striker role. Sellings: Buys: Now I'm looking at Fede Valverde who is transfer listed at R. Madrid and thinking about acquiring him and retraining to the RB spot, as Kana seem way to overpriced Anderlecht wont sell even at €45M, which I feel starts to get absurd, with a vision of acquiring Valverde for €60~€70M.
  10. Ive looked at some top tier RBs like - James Reece, Calabria, Hakimi, and Kounde (he's primarly a CB but Ive retrained him easy for RB in my Sociedad save) but the prices were rather crazy, and even players a tier lower like Emerson (Barca) and wonderkids like Esteves were quite expensive or I wasnt really happy with their profile. There's of course Tomiyasu but tbh I'm trying to avoid the players I've used in my last save. I kinda dont like options like Max Aarons as they're very short and I prefer taller players as they're more versatile. Now I'm kinda tempted to Valverde who is transfer listed at R. Madrid now, and try to convert him into a RB
  11. Have any of you guys signed Esposito from Inter with other Italian club? Wondering how much could he cost, probably a hard deal to go through with Juve cause of the rivalry, but would want to make this one happen.
  12. Finished my first season, a season in which I experimented a lot with the tactics, and I'm still not happy with it Ive started with a flat 4-3-3, changed to a midfield with a DM, than I've opted for moving of the strikers to the AM position, then I changed Ronaldo to AML Inside forward and tbh I've been going back and forth with the formation, but in the end I've settled for the 4-1-2-2-1 asymetric. Serie A Serie A started pretty well with a great win 3-0 over Inter in the first fixture, and in fact we went into a really good start of the season, with both us and Atalanta scoring really well, Inter started pretty bad struggeling to get points and wandering around 15th place after ~5 fixtures. Anyways as the season progressed we've started to build our lead, not in a very fancy way but always 4-5 points clear off the 2nd place. In the end we've won the league 6 points clear off Atalanta, with Lazio and Inter securing the CL spots. Milan and Roma with the Europa League, and Sassuolo going for the Conference League. Some notable results during the season: Champions League Group Stage Got drawn into a group with Rennes, Barcelona and Krasnodar, finished first over Barca by away goals - 2-1 (H) and 2-3(A) First Knockout stage A very unlucky draw in the first knockout stage where I faced R.Madrid, but after an goaless draw in Madrid, we've won 3-1 at home putting us through! Quarter Final Our luck wasnt any better in the quarter-final where I've faced Bayern, in fact this is where our CL journey came to an end, but not without a fight! A very dissapointing lose at Home 1-2 We arrived with a mission in Munich, and went 2-0 up! But Bayern did managed to score two to draw it, Morata had a one on one in the very last 94th minute but he did hit the post.. and this saw us go out of the competition, a real pity. In the end Liverpool went to win the Champions League with a 1-0 win over Porto in the final. Coppa Italia Well not even worth mentioning, as we went out on penalties to Verona in the first round. Well at least that saved us some stamina ;). Mercato Transfers In: Opted for clausules of Morata and McKennie, Weston was a no-brainer, I had a little of a headache with Morata as he wasnt the greatest performer ever apart from games where he went wild like Roma with 4 goals, but remember from the old saves that AI likes to buy him for 60M, so I felt 45 is a pretty decent price. Donnaruma and Eric Garcia nothing much to say here, couldnt say no ;), Nobody contested me on Gigio, and I've beat PSG to Garcia. Apart from that Audero who is probably my most usual transfer in every FM haha a homegrown solid backup keeper on a cheap. While having the money I've also went for Zaniolo - he's a player I really really like so I decided to splash some for him 41M straight and 8M over 3 installments. Transfers Out: Generally Szczęsny and Douglas finansed the mercato for me, and the goal was to clear the wage budget from players like Douglas, De Sciglio, Rugani, Pjaca. Szczęsny wasnt needed after Donnarumas arrival, and damn I've go mad! Tottenham offered me a whooping €85M at first!!!! Which I of course accepted, but he refused their contract offer And he was unhappy that I offer him to other clubs, we had some argument through interactions, and tried to attract clubs to him again, Spurs werent happy to offer anything close to the 85 from before, but in the end we've settled a deal he accepted this time at €56M. Douglas was really good for Munich but they didnt buy him out of the loan, but came with a 40M offer afterward in the summer (same way as in my last Juve save). Apart from that Rugani to Milan for €12M, and Frabotta to PSV for €11M. Loaned out Eric Garcia as this was a clausule he wanted to have when I was signing him on a free - and I didnt negiotate that as I have some good CB lineup as of now. Apart from that I thought about offloading Alex Sandro and playing Pellegrini and Ruggeri - but in the end I've went to loan Ruggeri out and leave Sandro for one more year. Current Team and plans for the future This is my team as of now, and Im pretty happy with the results, doing solid. After the season I'm thinking to part ways with Ronaldo, he's doing well but not crazy good, and his contract (€1.1M) hurts me a lot - Im spending €4.5M from my wage budget so around 25% of it is consumed by the Portuguese. Apart from that I definetly need to look for a RB position during the summer. Went through the obvious options but they all seem sooo expensive and now I'm targeting Marco Kana from Anderlecht and I'll try to retrain him to the RB - he seems PERFECT stat wise, I love such all rounded players, at the moment cant get an offer accepted but managed to unsettle him already and we'll see how it goes. As of Cristiano replacement I'm not sure yet, but I'll review my options. Apart from that I'm thinking about selling Demiral - he's good but I like more technical defenders and I would want to start pushing Papetti into the first team, and get some more Ital-Juve feel to the squad :D, and the Turkish international could really boost my budget.
  13. Could you post a screenshot of Gravenberch? Intrerested in him and curious how good can he be, thanks
  14. Ohhhhh yeah, Ive been praising him from the very beggining, he wasnt unsettled but didint extend, and accepted my offer
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