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  1. Finally managed to end my season with Sociedad after a few busy days lately. La Liga - We managed to finish 2nd! A huge success for the squad, Barcelona won the league with 96pts, we did score 86, and Real Madrid finished 3rd with 81, Atletico came 4th with 77. Valencia and Villarreal finished 5th and 6th and Betis secured the last spot for Europe with 7th place. We were first for a long period of time, but a crisis happened around 26th fixture and we lost contact to Barcelona. Anyways a HUGE success, and I'm really really happy about it. Surpsingly enough Real sacked Zidane, and Atletico
  2. 7 games into the season, and it looks just crazy good for us. Start of the season was just crazy - Valencia (A), Atletico (H), and Sevilla(A), followed by some easier games vs Eibar, Huesca and Osasuna, and one of the key matchups in a game vs Villarreal. We've started awesome at Mestalla beating Valencia 4-0 what a game. The week after a game noone expected to win vs Atletico, but we've managed to do it after an action packed game we've managed to grab a 3-2 win, with a magnificent performance by Oyarzabal. This took us to a trip to Sevilla to face the key rivals for the Champions Leagu
  3. Start of first season update Aranzabal in the spotlight. (I've wanted to play as Xabi Alonso but apparently he is the Sociedad B manager ) After being appointed as the head coach, Ive started to complete my coaching staff, Pep Segura was appointed as my assistant coach, Ivan Cordoba joined the coaching staff along with some less known names. Transfers In: Anel Ahmedhodzic - €3.8M from Malmo FF - the squad lacked another CB and this fella looked like the perfect fit. Cheap price, low wage expectations, and he looks like an awesome prospect. And I havent so
  4. I've just started a save with Real Sociedad really looking forward on this challenge, I've started as Agustin Aranzabal the legend of the club. Some great prospect already in the club, and it looks really promising, I'm given €12M to spend, gonna see if I can afford anyone to strengthen the team, gonna update after I finish the pre-season.
  5. The home of Spanish football La Liga, Secunda Division and lower.. Share your stories around the Iberic journey!
  6. Great season mate, so I guess next season plan is to win the CL, eh? I "killed" my save, won a triple crown third time in a row, and well not having much fun, gonna start a new save with a better challenge now probably, most likely out of Italy now.
  7. After the departure of Zaniolo, I've moved Chiesa to AMR - guess I like him a bit more now after the game vs Milan IRL last Wednesday :P. Anyways I've started to look for a target I could splash money for, Bentancur most likely will be sold in the summer and I will get rid of all the cry babies of the team And I started to look at Pedri, who looks crazy good, but when going into the Barcelona first team, I noticed a guy named - Ilaix Moriba, and woah this guy looks like Pogba in 2014, crazy physical attributes, great long shots, great passing, very good mentals, and 186cm height! Crazy good s
  8. Nice game, apparently Transfer Date "End of Season Italy" means 26th of January, so Zaniolo just left my team. Nice.
  9. Chelsea unsettled Zaniolo - obviously Im super annoyed how easy it is to unsettle my players, usually just an offer from a team who wins nothing, 4th place in PL last season, 4th this season - yeah I would also want to leave for that leaving a two in a row Champions League winner They have offered €100M straight, I declined, Zaniolo of course cried and requested to be transfer listed bla bla bla, Chelsea increased the offer to €130M and I negotiated to €223M and setting time of transfer to end of season, with the thought that if I sell him then I will on a record fee, breaking the Mbappe rec
  10. I would say Bologna sounds like the best team out of those, you're having awesome players in Orsolini, Tomiyasu and Musa Barrow and some very nice prospects in Vignato, Skov Olsen, Svanberg, looks like a very fun save.
  11. You may try to overcome that by offering him a new contract straight on his returtn if Milan doesnt buy out.
  12. Yeah I have overpaid on the Italian players both Orsolini and Castrovili were quoted pretty high, but whatever - I already am at the stage that I dont really need money in the budget. I chose Abraham for the reason you have mentioned his physical presence, I like to have a strong forward if playing a single stiker. Kovacić looks really good, and tbh I dont understand why Chelsea listed him so cheap, but I guess its because they splashed 100M+ on De Jong and Odeegard, what makes me happy is that he accepted a "first team" contract so no probs using him in rotation. So generally the team got eve
  13. dddSeason 3 update Serie A Just an incredible season, absolutely crazy - won the leage with 107 points 35 wins 2 draws 1 lose, and whats the most impressive thing I've lost only 8 goals during the season, madness! Roma came 2nd with 87 points, Milan in 3rd 80pts, Lazio in 4th 69 points. Inter with a very very bad 8th place, but they have won the Europa League final vs Lazio so they are qualified for CL. Coppa Italia I played reserves for the whole season here, and treated it completely as a tournament for the backup guys, and we've managed to win it in penalties vs Lazio a
  14. This "Wants to play in xxx position" is super annoying this year, had 2-3 players requesting transfer list because he wants to play in xxx role - wtf, after half a season they usually were happy to stay bla bla bla, but thats an annoying feature. Now when offering new contracts I remove the role promise every time. Locatelli looks awesome, on mine he plays at Real Madrid and they wont even let me approach him, If I were you that's a no brainer - home grown player for Milan also! If that team you showed last page is still the one you use, I would drop Gagliardini for Manu every day,
  15. I used Tomiyasu as a cover CB/RB first season, and he was very solid - 30(7) games in all comps, 2 goals 8 assists, and this season he plays as a cover RB 13(7) games and he noted 2 assists. I would be more than happy to keep him, but Liverpool unsettled him and I just can't give him the time/role he wants. But you will also be annoyed with those stupid international breaks, and Asian Cup in January/February where you miss a really needed player in a very hot time of the season. So most likely we're parting ways at the end of the season, with Calabria or Mukiele will come in to cover. A
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