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  1. Im into my 2nd season as Juve, and Im loosing about 10M each month, last season I did lose a bit like 1M a month which was totally acceptable, but suddenly now I have to pay an incredibily high corporation tax - i paid 1M£ corporation tax for the whole last season and now (May so still 2 months to go in the season) Ive already paid £60M ! Any idea whats it about ?
  2. Damn something strange happening to my finances season 2 as Juve. Last year I had a wage budget of 3.1M and I was loosing ~2M each month so accaptable. Now the only thing changed is my wage budget - it rose to 3.5M and suddenly I lose 10M each month - what the hell ?! Apparently the Taxes rose I've already spent 63M on taxes (March) while I did spend 16M the whole last season - any idea about this ?
  3. Hey guys, did anyone of you manage to sign Donnarumma when playing as a different Italian team? I would like to sign him to my Juve side, the more Italians the better, but Milan keeps declining
  4. Wow just sold Bentancur who was a rotation for me for £105M to City, now Im tempted to splash sick money for Gabriel Jesus
  5. Finished my 2nd season at Juve. Serie A - won it by a mile, pity that Roma and Napoli sold most of their best players, and the AI buys average players instead, Inter has been crap after selling Icardi and Perisic, they finished 10th. Only Milan keeps themselves at top, this is a pity because the Italian teams do bad in Champions League, league reputation isnt that good and its so easy to unsettle my player.. Coppa Italia - Lost the final vs Roma 0-1, Dzeko scored in 92nd minute, pity. Champions League - Had a crazy season here, Ive got to a rather hard group with Tottenham, Valencia (who sudenly have a great team) and Spartak Moscow. Managed to win most of the games, had 1st place secure after 5 games. 1/8 - another tough rival Chelsea 3-1 - Away - Dybala, Higuain and Lacazette scoring // 3-0 - Home - Higuain, Savić and an own goal 1/4 - Atletico Madrid, one of the best teams in the game espescially with Simeone, and I really wanted to win as they killed my dreams last season in the final 4-0 - Home - Astonishing win vs them, Savić , 2x Lacazette and Dybala scored // 2-5 Away - we took a really hard beating in Madrid, getting 5 goals, still managed to score 2 with Savić and Dybala, and we went through! 1/2 - In the Semis I did get the easiest rival so far Red Bull Lepzig, two easy wins 3-0 - Home - Rugani, Dybala and Bernardeschi scored // 5-1 Away - Savić, Dybala, Higuain x2, Lacazette Grand Final vs Manchester United We went really quick into the lead with Dybala scoring in 15', United managed to equalize within the next minute Bellotti scored in 16'. Ive had a really good game, we were dominating still we didnt managed to score, the game went into over-time resulting in no goals, penalties! Dybala goal, Belotti goal, Higuain scores, Martial misses, Bernardeschi misses, Pogba scores, Pjanić misses, Ramselaar misses, Marchisio scores, Matić scores. 3-3, and the sudden death... Alex Sandro..... and he scores! Lingard chose to shot left and Szczęsny went there with a great save! We've done it ! We've won the Champions League! Transfers: Out: - Wojciech Szczesny - £19.25M rising to £29M after clausules. - Szczesny won us the CL with the save still Ive had Lafont coming back from a loan, I want to keep Audero on the bench as he is home grown, so yeah Wojtek had to go, Liverpool gave me good money, the clausules are like 100% because its 30 league games and 20 national so its just a matter of time. - Gonzalo Higuain - £56M rising to £71M - Higuain well yes he scored goals for me, still he dissappeard in the big games, he was also very injury prone, he played only 20 games last season, Chelsea came with this very nice offer, £15M after 50 games in the league, guess its not that fast but gonna happen in the end also he's gonna be 32 this year so Ive accepted, espescially with Bernardeschi playing so well last season. Also freeing big wages. - Pol Lirola - £12M - to Borrusia M'Gladbach - Lirola was pretty decent last season, but as he hasnt the home grown status Ive decided to let him go, as I bought Mendy off Citys transfer list - Rolando Mandragora - £2.5M - to Sampdoria - Well in real life he has some sick potential, here not likely so I let him go + some players from the U-20 resulting in a total income of £95M + £24.75M in Szczesnys and Higuains clausules. Ins: - Benjamin Mendy - £20.5M - He was transfer listed, accepted a rotation role, so Ive decided to upgrade Lirola, play De Sciglio on the right, and Mendy to backup Sandro - Marco Asensio - £34M - Transfer listed by request, and I just couldnt say no, even though hes not fitting my tactic, Im gonna try to play him as a MC Mezalla, gonna see how he does - Tiago Cardoso - £250k - 5* RB regen that my scouts were raving about, Braga accepted this low offer couldnt say no. Total: £55M My team currently looks like this: Lafont - Semedo Rugani Chiellini Alex Sandro - Pjanić Khedira Milinković Savić - Bernardeschi Lacazette Dybala Audero - De Sciglio Mendy Caldara Howedes - Matuidi Asensio Marchisio Bentancur - Vietto Kean and Schick. Still thinking about selling Khedira or just letting him go at the end of his contract, he's gonna be 33 after the season, and I have great players on the bench, his contract is also £245k p/w so that would definetly help, but most likely I just wont renew his contract.
  6. Lazio save sounds pretty fun, they have a nice to team to build around. As of the youngsters Moise Kean looks fantastic, and scores much I gave him a chance in 6 games with 2 of them off the bench, and he scored 4 and assisted 4, very nice result for a 18y old, I loaned him in the winter to Bologna as a key player for them.
  7. Yeha securing Mertens contract is very important. As of my game, Moise Kean (CRAZY potential, 5*) is doing nicely, but I feel Im gonna loan him out in the winter with a key role to get him more minutes. Wanted to buy Dolberg as a replacement/sub but he wanted a Key Player role which was not acceptable, so I went for Patrick Shick look like he has some nice potential also, and he can play numerous roles, so he'll be my super sub. Roma is doing crap this season being only 17th, and most of their players are unhappy, bought him for £22.5M. Probably Im gonna sell Higuain at the end of the season, he's getting old, his wages are sky high, but the biggest problem is that he is so injury prone for me, he grabs a 2-3 month injury every 1-2 month... I'm gonna try to grab someone top or just trust Moise Kean with Dybala and Lacazette behind him.
  8. Ive finished my first season at Juve Season 1 transfers: In: none Out: Kwadwo Asamoah £8.5M to OM Mandzukić £45M to Chelsea - I didnt want to sell Mario but Chelsea came with an £30M +£5M offer on 23:00 deadline day, Ive upped the offer to £40M +£5M and they did offer it so I felt its too good. Winter transfers: - Nelson Semedo £16.5M - He was transfer listed by request, and I felt its a very good deal, espescially with the lack of good RBs on the market - Luciano Vietto £6.5M - Also transfer listed by A. Madrid, and I really needed a striker, and he proved to be really good. 16 games 8 goals and 8 assists Serie A: 1st Coppa Italia: Winners Champions League: Runners Up, lost to A. Madrid 0-1 Season 2. Transfers In: - Alexandre Lacazette - £44M (£32M straight + £12 in clausules) - He has been amazing so far - Milinković-Savić - £39.5M - Howdes - £11.5M (clauzule) - Alban Lafont - £18.75M Transfers Out: - Stefano Sturaro - £16M - Arsenal - Marco Pjaca - £50M (£39.5M straight + £10.5M in clausules) - didnt want to sell Pjaca but he was complaining all the time about wages, and BVB gave me this sick offer - Juan Cuadrado - £26M - I changed the system from wings to a narrow 4-3-3, so there was no room for Juan - Spinazzola - £12.5M - Napoli - Rincon - £5.5M - Villarreal - And a lot of crap reservers for a total of £8.4M My team now is: Szczęsny - Semedo Rugani Chiellini Sandro - Milinkovic-Savic Pjanic Khedira - Dybala Higuain Lacazette
  9. Serie A - The home of Calcio As we dont have so many people here as we used to, I've decided to make a thread for all Serie A teams. Feel free to discuss all Italian teams here, lets build a community around Calcio !
  10. Alex Lacazette so far, bought him for my Juve side 2nd season, as he was transfer listed by request, Lacazette wasnt my first choice and as I missed out on Alexis Sanchez (chose 300k p/w from PSG), and I couldnt unsettle Gabriel Jesus after City finished 8th in the Premier League, I've went for Alex. But damn Lacazette, not only has he scored 8 goals, assisted another 5 all that in 5 games, but also he made Dybala play great (who had an average first season) both have "happy to play Lacazette / Dybala" status. So I have to admit he really influenced my team a lot ! Cant wait to add Higuain to the mix when he's back from the injury.
  11. How is Lacazette doing for you guys ? What roles suit him best? Just grabbed him for my Juve side at the start of season 2, he was transfer listed by request for 40M it was a bargain I believe. Hope he can cope well with Higuain and Dybala in a 3 man attack.
  12. Yeah there's no way to keep Morata in the club unfortunetly, best is to sell him to Chelsea/PSG for £40M.... At least you can get more then those funny £21.5M, but I also found it the hard way...
  13. Buffon just got injured to his knee for 9 months And he decided to retire at 31st March 2017 pity I lose one of my key players mid season, espescially such a legend. He could easily play for the next year.
  14. Lazio's squad is soooooo great this year. Felipe Anderson, Biglia, De Vrij and others very nice taem to play with.
  15. I had Clemenza and Vitale both loaned to Serie C, they didnt attract Serie B sides even though they are really good. EDIT: Also Pol Garcia seem a good player from Juve U20
  16. Check Clemenza, Romagna, Audero, Vitale from Juve's U-20 you should be able to loan them out, and they seem to perform really well.
  17. Finished my season as Juve, managed to win Serie A with 96 points quite comfortable with 101 goals scored. Got caught out in CL in the semis by Bayern, a bit unlucky I was dominating them at home 22 shots for me only 2 for Bayern but it end up 0-0... In the 2nd leg Alex Sandro got sent off early and they trashed me 0-3. In the Italian Cup I lost in the first round to Empoli 0-2.. Transfers In: - Lavezzi - free - Rotation to cover the wings - Geronimo Rulli - free - My new reserve keeper - Dani Carvajal - £11,5M - He was transfer listed, and I was quite unhappy with Lichtsteiner, he was injured a lot, and he started to downgrade due to his age - Andres Cubas - £4,5M - One for the future (loaned out to Roma now, where he became a starter :o ) - Eden Hazard - £53M + £25M in bonuses - Well my spending record, didnt really plan this transfer, but Real Madrid bought Morata off me for the contract release clausule... And in the affect I wanted to buy someone big either an AML or ST, went for AML as I have Dybala. My nr1 target was Alexis but Arsenal was asking about £120M, Chelsea wanted £85M at start managed to negotiate it down to this. So far I'm happy 7 games 5 goals 3 assists 7.79 AvR, Im looking to get his finishing better and we will see what happens - Domenico Berardi - £30M + £10M over 48 months - One of my biggest targets in the game, pity we dont have the "gentelmans release clausule" as in real world and I had to pay this much, also the fact that Roma offered £38M didnt help and I had to react fast. Luckily Berardi chose me, this season he'll be playing in rotation system with Cuadrado, but next year I will probably sell the Columbian and get Berardi into the first team. - Cristian Pavon - £8M - a last day of the window transfer, I had to buy a reserve striker as I had an offer I couldnt refuse for Zaza. Transfers Out: - Alvaro Morata - £21.5M - Totally forgot about his clausule still wasnt much I could do, I offered him a new contract but he demanded £240k p/w,negotiated it down to £210k p/w with key player, but he chose Real at £170k p/w and first squad status. If I would remember about the clausule I would sell him to Chelsea or PSG who were offering me about £40M... - Neto - £7,5M - R. Sociedad - I guess they were in need of a goalkeeper after their GK was snapped out of contract by... me ; ) But also Neto was performing quite bad - Mario Mandzukic - £12,5M - Lazio - Mario never settled for me so I decided to get some money off him and release his quite big contract, he's doing great for Lazio 9goals in 9 games, but as I said never got him working. - Stephan Lichsteiner - £1,8M - Manchester United - As you see the fee I got is just bad, still the Swiss wasnt performing too well, he was injured aobut 60% of the time, his contract was big and he started to decline due to his age, I had Carvajal coming, with Mario Fernandes performing just godly, so I had to say goodbye to Forest Gump. - Simone Zaza - £25M + £5M of bonuses + 50% of next transfer - Manchester City - This offer was just so good.. Zaza was quite good for me as a reserve striker but with this offer coming damn I just couldnt refuse. - Isla £2.5M , De Ceglie £1,4M, Mame Thiam £1.1M , Magnusson £1M + another £1M from other deadwood Total: £75M Even though I spent much I also got a lot, and my balance is about £45M now. First Team: GK: Buffon CB: Chiellini/Rugani CB: Bonucci LB: Alex Sandro RB: Mario Fernandes DMC: Marchisio MC: Pogba MC: Verratti AML: Hazard AMR: Cuadrado/Berardi ST: Dybala Rulli, Barzagli (retiring after the season), Rugani, Evra (retiring after the season), Pol Garcia, Dani Carvajal, Asamoah, Sami Khedira, Sturaro, Roberto Pereyra, Lavezzi, Berardi, Pavon Plans for next transfer summer, selling Cuadrado and getting Berardi first squad, gettin a backup AMR, buying a backup LB and CB as Barzagli and Evra are retiring.
  18. Did draw first 1-1 vs Barcelona CL Quarters at home, and woah Dybala scored in 91st minute and the 2nd leg end with 2-2 !! We're through to semis!
  19. So I'll start Im playing as Juventus, currently coming into April currently sitting 1st in the league, unfortunetly lost in the 1st round of Coppa Italia , and Im to play the 1st leg of quarter final in CL vs Barcelona... Players sold in the winter: - Hernanes - £5M to Southampton Bought: - Cuadrado - £17.75M activated the clausule in his loan contract (was doing great for me) - Dani Carvajal - £11.5M - he was transfer listed and having Lichsteiner injured all the time I decided to go for him, still he'll join in the summer and then I will sell Stephan. - Ezequiel Lavezzi - £0 - his contract was running out, so I secured him for the summer - rotation £35k p/w ! so super deal - Geronimo Rulli - £0 - his contract was running out, and Neto was performing bad for me so I decided to get a new reserve GK, and try to sell Neto in the summer Will make a proper season report after its done. I have bought Mario Fernandes in the summer and woah he's so amazing for me this season 24(3) games so far delivering 12 assists scoring 1 and 8.06 AvR!
  20. What's the purpose of this thread? This is a thread for all Italian teams of whatever division. The point of this thread is to keep it active and not having 10 club threads with 10 posts total, here we could keep our teams updated, help each other and build a Calcio community! (Admins pls let this thread up, for a test for other leagues that arent as popular as Premier League) The Teams Serie A Serie B And here's some pizza & spaghetti for all of you visiting
  21. Thats what I was thinking, Premier League clubs have a lot of posts, because of a lot of fans here, but the other leagues arent popular ( maybe with one exception- Lyon thread in the old FMs). So if you're ok with this @Ty I would make a Calcio - Serie A & Serie B thread.
  22. Could we maybe do a merge of all Serie A teams? None of the threads is popular, and if we would have them all together then maybe we could build some "community" around calcio
  23. Carlos Tevez would be incredible, still I dont know if its possible to buy him out.
  24. FM16: Mário Figueira Fernandes Age: 24 (19/9/1990) Club: CSKA Moscow Positions: RB (Natural) , WBR (Accomplished) , CB (Competent) Value at start of the game: approx £3M Sale Value: £5.25M~£6M Demanded wages: About £40k p/w Mário is under contract with Grêmio until March 2014. He transferred to Grêmio from São Caetano in March 2009. He made his full debut on 28 June 2009, against Sport. Since then, he has become first-choice right back. Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, Internazionale, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, F.C.Porto, CSKA Moscow, AFC Ajax and A.S. Roma have all been linked with him and he has been dubbed "the new Lúcio". On 25 April 2012, the Gremio president announced that a 15 million euro deal had been agreed with CSKA Moscow and Fernandes was set to join them pending a medical examination. He is a tall right-back with good aerial skills and the ability to launch an attack with a long ball. Current ability: ★★★★★ (2,5*) at Juventus level Potential ability: ★★★★★ at Juventus level As you can see he's value jumped to £16.5M just after the transfer of £5.75M. He seems a great asset with great physicals 187cm height, and great pace. I would say a must buy for every top side, even if you wont use him the price tag and the potential income for him should convince you.
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