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  1. Is it fun to play with Liverpool? What i like about them is that they have reasonable wages for such a big club.
  2. Me and city were on 85 points and Liverpool on 86, nothing changed as Liverpool won their last game with 0-1 at Bournemouth while we had a secure 2-0 win over Sheffield at home. Kinda threw it away at home against Leicester(0-0). After that we won 4 in a row but that wasnt enough.
  3. Playing with 3 cm's, somtimes i change the BBM to a AP, specially against smaller teams. Also dare to change the DLP to a CM on defend against the bigger teams. Sometimes little tweaks can make a big difference.
  4. Best performers. - Fernandes really made the difference with his passing skills. - Martial was outstanding, never saw him score this much goals, very satisfied. - Pogba just being Pogba, PSG sniffing hard but can you blame them? - Greenwood was a real joy to watch, he will be defo a player that can score +40 goals a season.
  5. Unlucky, we won the Europa League and the Carabao cup though.
  6. Love Kana, with the right training he will become a worldbeater. Was considering Costa on loan too but his wages are too high and he is injury prone, went with Kluivert instead(loan with an option to buy of £17mil).
  7. Always loan out players with a mandatory fee if i can't sell them for the cash i want. For example Perreira went to Leicester for a little cash, they pay 100% of his wages and at the end of the season they must buy him for £24mil. Same with Jones (to West Ham) for £16mil.
  8. How many first team players do you all sell in season 1? Always feel like i wanna kick too many players out in the first transfer window.
  9. Might sell Xhaka as he doesn't suit my tactic. Anyone got a decent amount of money for him?
  10. Those two are good. Also look at Haaland & Boadu, two wonderkids who are insane.
  11. Looks clean and neat to me.
  12. Would defo look for a new striker, Abraham is good but i would look for some extra quality there.
  13. Anyone else selling Lallana in season 1? Arsenal is willing to spend 48m on him.
  14. Anyone got some succes with Joao Félix? He is available for 30M
  15. My Goodness Liverpool looks so improved on the new update.
  16. Can't choose between Gelson Martins and Chiesa,need a winger though.
  17. Might give The Reds a go since they have some top quality youngsters. Will build a squad around Woodburn,Gomez and Trent Arnold. Btw The Van Dijk and Coutinho transfers are arranged,both will join/go in the middle of the season.
  18. Sanchez wont ever renew his contract. Started another save and sold him for 62 mil en bought Correa for 22.5 mil and Suso for 25 mil as replacement. Also got Dolberg for 26 mil and de Vrij for 17 mil.
  19. Might sell Sanchez in season one for 70 mil to City...
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