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  1. It should also be said that playing a (extremely) high line will always carry considerable risk. Watch games in real life and even the best teams have days where they get exposed and get, in Kurupted's words, slaughtered. It's the trade off to be had with that style of play. That should be no different on FM.
  2. If I had to do a full post of the tactic and all instructions and talking points I'd be here half the night and haven't got the time right now (though if people want to discuss it will reply as I can over the next few days), but will say that my template has been for various editions of the game: SWK(s) FB* CD(st) CD(st) FB* WM(a) CM(s) BWM(d) CM(s) WM(a) DLF(s) Fullback positions are dependent on what the wide players are doing. It's been trickier work in the last couple of ME's, but I've been very happy with the replication and how the football plays.
  3. For me, the Winger role is one that shouldn't be used. Far too one-dimensional and is for direct football in FM gameplay, because it so tends towards running and crossing.
  4. I don't know about FM19 and the new tactical options as I'm not playing it yet, but since about FM14 or 15, and trying to replicate the evolution in how Guardiola sets up his teams, I've found for my tastes you get better results using a 4-5-1 shape if you get roles and duties correct and, whilst some concepts of his play cant be achieved, you can get a pretty good replication. The only issue has been with pressing, and that the wide players in midfield strata will drop back in front of his fullback before then closing down, allowing easy passes to be made (as I say, I don't know if this is now different with the line of engagement options) but can be worked around somewhat, albeit not perfectly, with specific man marking instructions. But with Guardiola imitations there are so many things to get right. Roles/shape selected have to work in harmony with each other. The mentality with the ball. The aggression and risk to the press, roles/duties help with this. Attributes and especially PPM's and the right players are crucial. I know it goes against official advice, but it needs a ****load of TI's, PI's and OI's in combination. And I think more than anything else, if you are aiming to control the game for 90 minutes, you've got to watch the matches and be able to analyse it. Every minute of them. React to what is happening during the game and change things (whether that be shape, mentality, role, duty, instruction) where necessary. Getting it right takes time, a lot of it if you're like me and ultra critical and striving to get as close to perfection as possible . It needs commitment put into it. However it does eventually pay off and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what you can achieve.
  5. I think there are definitely issues with the Guardiola style of football. It is hard to translate it into match engine instructions/attributes and how the ME and some roles work (eg. the ultra direct and largely one dimensional wide players in the AM strata that work unsatisfactorily in this type of football on FM). Some of the concepts, not just with but also without the ball, are though just beyond the capabilities of the game at this point in time. They probably will continue to be for some time yet. You just have to accept that sometimes. Also this approach does require considerable in-game intervention. Constant little tweaks to player roles, instructions, where/how the ball is moved etc etc. depending on how the match is unfolding. I think that's largely beyond the AI, and lets be honest probably 99.9% of human managers cant be bothered to do all that. However I think there are some things that probably should be scrutinised. As has been mentioned the last couple of editions of the game have seemed to shift the balance towards a rather more simple, get it wide at tempo and get it in the area type football that at times is a bit on the messy side. And, purely my impression, I might be wrong and I hope this isn't taken as criticism, I do get the impression that within those who make the game, and even with all the consultants they have, there is a lack of understanding really to this type of football and more (complicated and unnecessary for some....... ) heavily tactical/possession styles that have become en vogue in the last few years, and so the game struggles a little to keep up. That shouldn't be a surprise though I suppose, as most making the game will be (casual) football fans, and most of the theory/ideas behind it will go straight over the head of the vast majority of football fans.
  6. The behaviours and tendencies of wide players in the AM strata have a) needed looking at for several versions of the game, and b) probably do need another look at the roles and quite possibly the introduction of a new one. Honestly think it's one of the weakest points of the game, it's almost arcade game like at times in it's simplicity and replication.
  7. Attempted that before - Honestly I've experimented with it many times over the years, seeing what you can do to manipulate and influence the system via PPM's and all the instructions available across the pitch, and it didn't really give the results wanted. IF primary behaviour still had them cutting inside and running with the ball. Even if it did get you to where you wanted, I still think that's an extremely complicated way of getting to it. Raheem Sterling's evolution and role at City is another example. In the buildup he hugs the line (particularly when playing on the right), gets involved in it here and there but often plays it simple when he does, and is focused on attacking the penalty area at the right time and being on the end of moves. Now of course he still has his dribbling ability to use at certain times and in certain games, but it's nowhere near the overriding tendency that you'd get in a Winger or IF role on FM. Unless things have drastically changed on FM19 and I've just yet to discover it, I'd love them to really look at the wide play as for me it's one of the obvious areas of the game where there is considerable room for improvement. At its worse it's almost "arcadey" - get ball, run, shoot/cross, repeat, repeat, repeat.
  8. Yeah as said above if you use a wide midfielder role in the midfield strata they are the most customizable (even more so with PPM's) but there are certain trade-offs. I haven't played FM19 yet, so this may now have changed, but in my experience the WM doesn't press as high and defaults to sitting in front of his fullback. The opposition then has an easy outball to their full backs before the WM goes and presses. I don't say this next bit to disparage SI, but quite honestly the wide roles in the AM strata have needed looking at for at least five editions of the game now. For me personally they're mainly very one dimensional (and also I think wide players are "used" a bit too often in the game, when IRL you see teams keep the ball more centrally for longer spells but that is probably a different discussion re. the game mechanics). The winger and IF roles largely just runs and shoots/crosses. Yes there has been some progress with them, but the evolution to my eyes has been quite slow. The "David Villa role" from the start of the decade where he was something like a wide poacher - holding his width to open space inside in the centre for others, not so involved in the build up play (and definitely not until the final third) and wasn't primarily a runner with the ball, and attacked the penalty area/space at the right time has never really been replicated. Neither the IF or Raumdeuter roles fit the bill in my experience. And I wouldn't say that example is one that is totally unique. I can think of other examples. So in my opinion I'd like the option for a player you can station very wide in the AM strata, but not as a direct player with the ball and are more focused on space and work done off the ball. As I say, I think it's something that has been missing for a few years now. In regards to wide play I'd also like to see an evolution in their ability to roam. I watched the Chelsea game yesterday and Pedro was frequently popping up all over the pitch, even wandering over to play in the same vicinity as the other wide player at times. This could benefit a more direct IF type player, who freely roams finds his space and drives at the defence, or a playmaker type who drifts around making the extra man and conducting play. Appreciate though that for SI that is probably very tricky to get right, in terms of the gameplay and how the AI also uses it. Could be quite exploitive.
  9. If I wanted Mbappe to be my main goal threat, I would want a central striker that is creating space for him rather than playing up against the oppositions defensive line. Then, going by the use of the Half Back plus some of the TI's, I presume your build up play up the pitch is slow (well, at least on occasions). By that point that the ball does get up to the final third I can see your BBM getting up into spaces Mbappe as an IF would want to get into. So with that and the aforementioned striker role, is he being given the space to do damage?
  10. Yeah of course you might want and benefit from a specific player to have that PPM, or maybe a centre back with long passes/switches it to the flank as an added weapon in your play. Personally for me I have found over the years that killer passes, long passes, and runs with ball often PPM's straightaway cause me concern, and if they don't unlearn them I usually get rid. If I want riskier/longer passes (real life eg. De Bruyne's style of play within this type of system) I'll set it via PI's rather than be somewhat straightjacketed by PPM.
  11. If you're playing Barca/Pep/tiki-taka/possession football you'd steer clear of any players with those PPMs?
  12. As others have said, I'd reduce the tempo and look again at the passing instructions. Likely that you're asking too much of a team like Villa. How I'd personally look at it, is firstly what you're doing without the ball. You mention that you're second for goals conceded, and so it's a solid defence and you might be happy with it, but is your team actually, well, gegenpressing? If it was me I'd personally be a bit more aggressive with the midfield. DM(s) I don't mind too much (wouldn't go to anchorman, don't see why you would in a high press....) but I might push them up and go to CM(d) or even BWM(d). Some people might think that's too aggressive, but gegenpressing is about getting up the pitch and it has risk involved. I'd then go with plain CM roles for better pressing than a playmaker, either support with get forward or attack duty, and/or Mezzalas. I think these could then potentially win the ball back higher up the pitch and so more bodies in advanced areas to then take advantage of the transition. In possession they will also get closer to the forwards (particularly the IF's) and link play with them, plus your fullbacks arriving (CWB might work, a more simple WB or FB(a) I have always found to be ok on FM though). Edit: Also the quality of the players at your disposal have to be taken into account. Can they do what is being asked of them? Granted at Villa you aren't going to have a perfect set of players, most of them look alright, but two or three from the screenshots look rather unsuited to mobile, high press, fast football.
  13. @yonko 's answer is a good one, I agree that I think you're mixing a lot of roles there and not entirely sure what you're asking/envisaging from that player(?). My own thoughts, taking all of the things you mention, would be: A "destroyer", to me at least, is someone who gets around the pitch and actively hunts the ball and tries to win it back. This differs from an "Anchorman" (or, sitting midfielder is a good term used above) who will sit in front of the defence and protect that zone and tackle/intercept from there. I'd also say if you want a purely sitting midfielder then you likely aren't pressing high as a team, reasons expanded on below. Others may see it differently, but that is my personal interpretation. As for those three players (particularly Fernandinho and Busquets' roles) you mention, and the tactics they play in, they do different things depending on where the ball is on the pitch but essentially when the ball is lost they are about restricting space. Because their teams press high they will be looking as the first opportunity to step forward, get tight, and prevent the ball advancing up the pitch by a tackle/intercept and stopping a counter attack, but if the opposition does work the ball up the pitch then they patrol the zone in front of the centrebacks. If that's the type of player you want to emulate specifically then there are multiple things to think about. In FM terms, it needs a correct role and strata (which is hard to get right and different people will interpret differently) - will do a bit of pressing and sitting but also reflects that the high press and the tactics employed are aggressive and do carry risk if a team can play past it. The player will need stacked mental attributes, plus some physical and technical as well. And that's before we get on to what he does with the ball. If you desire him to be heavily involved in constructing play then further technical/mental attributes will be required. It's a demanding role, that needs one of (arguably even your best) player.
  14. Cheers. Don't think on a standard setting you'd expect to leave two vs. three attackers on the halfway line as everyone else piles into the penalty area, no midfielders even looking to hold any ground outside the area, the left fullback in particular does some bizarre movement, Wolves players all in a bunch, I could go on. Haven't got FM19 yet but for me these 100mph stampedes that happen on counter attacks where suddenly everyone arrives in the penalty area have been happening for several iterations now and just look silly. And that's without even mentioning the main event - what Rashford does!
  15. Everything about that looks really bad tbh, the decision not to shoot being the cherry on top. I assume you/both teams are playing on high mentality and aggressive duties(?), but the decisions and positions of basically all players just doesn't look good to me and especially for counter attacks it's been a common theme for several FM's now.
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