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  1. Agree with a fair bit of what @Atarin has already said. The approach and roles used are flexible and vary depending on the opposition. My thoughts: Lloris is a standard GK defend these days. The centre backs are, as already said, the other way around. Dier on the left, Alderweireld on the right. Dier has a bit more license to play out so is maybe a BPD (unless he has brings ball out of defence trait, cant remember), Alderweireld is a standard CB. Whatever the opposition, there isn't a huge amount of playing out from the back, if it isn't on very quickly the ball gets sent long or dow
  2. Ok so if we're talking about incorporating Muller, as I said in my previous post he usually played either from the right hand side or as a second striker. In terms of how this was deployed I'm going to take the mid point of Pep's reign, so say 2015ish, because at this point the formations hadn't gone ultra fluid, asymmetrical back three/four hybrids etc, and so are probably easier to replicate. (Note: I've selected the players of the time who I interpret best fit the roles and/or were the ones used, during this time the likes of Robben, Thiago, Ribery were.... shock horror .... often
  3. Definitely the hardest of the three teams to replicate as the shape of the team and roles used changed so often - This was when Guardiola was at his most experimental, helped by how dominant Bayern were domestically. I'd say the possession and build up was a little bit more mechanical/structured and careful than the Barca side - would be unsure how best to achieve that until I experimented myself, but factors could be the tempo, mentality, or the expressive TI - and as said definitely far more influence from the wide players who were much more direct. I know you're going for the stru
  4. I'll have to try again with the Winger roles. I've tended to shy away from them in recent editions of FM - For my liking, and when trying to play patient methodical possession football, I've found them far too one dimensional and direct. But will have a look to see if they've been tweaked to something more acceptable to my eyes. Another problem has always been getting the wide players to hold their width if you're mimicking Pep football. In the AM strata, even with stay/play wider instructions, they have always 'collapsed' in towards the central areas too early with the ball still too dee
  5. Busquets role has been discussed for years. It changed depending on the situation and as the team evolved and usually no one is wrong, they're just selecting their own preferred version of him or what they saw in a specific game. If you can get to a point where you have different roles for that position depending on different scenarios that is the ideal. How changing the role effects the rest of the team has to be taken into consideration though. If Busquets played deeper, Xavi quite often dropped deeper too. My main question mark would be the two BPD's. How is that working, are they taki
  6. Afraid I'm done with 21 for now. Will revisit it after the later patches, but this is once again Switch-play-to-the-flanks-and-wingplay Manager as the game stands. A massive amount of work - boosting certain attributes to god tier status, giving players certain PPM's to just keep the play simple, and a truckload of TI's and PI's to kill wide play - alleviates it a little, but you're fighting a losing battle against what is hardcoded. Playing proper patient considered methodical build up and football, with fairly realistic patterns and sequences of possession and play, is a nigh on impossible t
  7. Ok been playing matches all afternoon to test it out and the ME is still not quite right for me. I'm seeing some better combinations and variety in runs etc. to be available for a pass which is encouraging, but as someone who watches matches in full and wants to play short, patient, possession football at all times I still think the calibration is as it was in FM20 and there is far too much of a tendency to send the ball to the flanks. It simply doesn't matter what role, what instructions, quality of player/team, PPM's, tactical fluidity, number of passing options in their immediate vicin
  8. Only explored new patch for half hour or so this morning, optimisation I will say though has further improved to be fair. Load times do seem a bit slower - though still absolutely acceptable, but everything else seems better. 'Clicks' seem sharper and more responsive, match graphics are much sharper (even for 2D setting), and CPU/fan has gone from a gentle hum before to absolutely silent, even during a match. Will dive deeper this evening and test out the ME.
  9. I don't know if this has been commented on, it probably only becomes apparent if you watch matches in full, but anyone else seeing numerous occasions when a player will carry the ball over the touchline/goal-line and just keep running into the advertising hoardings? Often looks like they could do something with it eg. swing in a cross before it goes out but don't. I'd maybe give this the benefit of the doubt and put it down to graphics not quite matching what actually happened in the ME, but I'm seeing players doing this when the ball is going out for their throw in and instead they chase and
  10. The recruitment meeting is a thumbs down, I'm afraid. Both from UI perspective and the mechanics of it. Click the wrong thing and it just kills the meeting, and the whole process of it in general just seems bad. Fiddly to change the topics of the meeting, poor options/answers/input from the AI, and when you set a first focus always seems to use all my scouts so you then cant set any more (heaven forbid for instance I need a striker and a defender) , so after the meeting you just go and undo all this and set individual assignments for your scouts to do it properly. This needs much more pol
  11. So after a week of playing, and watching full matches to really test it out, definitely seeing more of the foibles from 20 and even further back. Still seeing plenty of the age old annoyance where like a GK aimlessly smashes the ball out of play or upfield when he could simply pick the ball up. Or a defender heading/kicking the ball away, usually out of play, under no pressure or the ball is going to sail out of play if they leave it. Etc etc - you all know the ones I mean. Seeing far too much of defenders (primarily) again this edition just randomly smashing the ball forward for lit
  12. Been testing out the demo this evening, mainly for the ME. My thoughts on what I have seen/used so far, lets start from load up..... - As has been said by everyone, Save/Load times and how FM runs are very good. - The 'manager creator' remains really naff. Yes yes for this years edition you have to keep COVID in mind, but this has been in the game quite a few years now and the quality and variety on offer remains very underwhelming. Whether it be faces, colours, hair styles, choice of attire, whatever - all needs massive improvement. One of those FM features that gets introduced half
  13. At a very quick glance my issues would be that you have three other playmakers + a ball playing CB wanting to do their own thing and be the focus for the play. Then there is aggressive wide roles and specific instructions (overlap) to go with that. Also if you want to funnel the play through Messi, maybe a change of position? Instead of starting high and dropping deep towards the play with his back to goal, consider he starts deeper and pushes forward with the play ahead of him....
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