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  1. Unfortunately it's a bit of a mess. I'll summarise with what I see: - The first thing that screams out is the central midfield. Those roles on positive mentality, you will have virtually no defensive presence. - Positive will already play quite fast, why extremely high tempo on top of that? Are your players good enough to play at that speed? - I'm not going to say don't high/counter press, though you should certainly consider if your players are capable of it, but if it does work, you do win it back, and have the other side trapped in their half of the pitch.... where wil
  2. To replicate Italy my starting point would be: Back three shape made by the FB(d) - Sit narrower, CD(co), and CD(st) - stay wider. I don't think you need to go with CWB, either a WB or FB(a) would do the job fine I suspect. DLP in the midfield strata, I'd start with the other CM's on support and tweak these if necessary (or also, bare in mind PPM's). AP(a) on the left with roam from position to free up the flank for the left back. W(a) on the other side because they stayed high and wide, playing a left footer there offers the cut inside variety naturally. DLF(a)
  3. Cant help, with how best to optimise/game it. I suspect there is a fair amount of leeway though and the more you can fit in the better. Probably a part of the game that FM could and should penalise you more (not that it would be popular!) - Pretty sure no clubs would be doing triple sessions every day throughout a season, and I see a lot of example schedules doing things that would be unheard of IRL such as ultra intense triple sessions the day after a game(!). Or like in the OP where I very much doubt a day or two out from the game a team would be beasting the players doing triple sessions wi
  4. Cannot believe people are defending/making excuses for this. I (and also I know, from previous discussions, many others) see frequently, for example, the ball getting cleared and going out for your throw in but then one of your players will sprint 30 or 40 yards for the ball - with no one from the opposition anywhere near or interested in going after it - and inexplicably run it out of play and keep running until they hit the physical border of the ad hoardings. That's not just the game struggling to represent the animation of a poor touch going out of play, the whole decision making and
  5. Just starting to fiddle around with this, some help please if anyone can..... 1. How do I remove the "What's New in FM" button and also the FM FC advert, as some have done? Deleting the relevant containers in the Intro Panel just seems to corrupt booting up the game, whilst removing the Intro Promo Banner xml and picture file hasn't had any effect. 2. Think I should be able to adjust the colour and size of the start menu/columns, thanks to what is already mentioned in previous posts, but how do I adjust the transparency to show more of my background pic? Made my own Paper tran
  6. I think, in various ways, you're trying to run before you can walk unfortunately. Reality is that this is still a very small budget in order to attract players, especially if you're trying to hoover up young players. Clubs who take this approach speculate to accumulate, you don't really have much room to do that. You will have to keep slowly building up your finances. Completely agree with what @XaWsays regarding transfer negotiations. You have to play the long game, have a plan, and lay the groundwork for a transfer and even then it sometimes doesn't work, but equally sometimes does
  7. No but combining TI, PI, Traits, Attributes such as Teamwork, Decision Making etc. the vast majority of times they should follow instruction, and always used to. As I said, I have tested and gamed this to the extreme - When I see for the umpteenth time a fullback on defend duty, a defensive team mentality, be more disciplined TI, restrictive PI's, the Traits I mentioned, and fully fluid with the tactic charging forward with the ball so we get more run/cross spam you realise you may as well not bother, it's a futile effort. My play style might be towards the extreme side of thing but if I
  8. I took a few weeks off due to annoyance at the game, but lockdown and the new patch led me to give it another chance. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I'm not going to be your average FM player. I watch matches in full and am most interested in the tactical perspective, and like to play what you would call an ultra possession style of play. Ultra methodical and patient and absolute domination of the ball with short passes, and keeping the ball centrally as the 1st, 2nd, and 333333rd option/mindset. And I don't evaluate the game on nice moves and goals sporadically, My criteria i
  9. Ok, but you could save yourself a lot of bother. There have always been problems with Ratings (both under and over scoring certain players/roles) and likely always will until FM is in a place that is dramatically more advanced than its present state. As an example on either FM14 or 15 I had a pivot midfielder (rated 1.5 stars by the game) who went through our unbeaten season with something ridiculous like a 97% pass completion at over 100 passes a game knitting play together, picked up every loose ball going, pure domination of the centre of the park and arguably our most important player
  10. Ratings - whether that be the Star Ratings or Match Ratings - have always been imperfect and fairly arbitrary and been questioned by many many FM'ers. It's always going to happen when it's left to (a fairly basic) AI's interpretation and the code/criteria it follows. Personally I don't get hung up on it, in fact I ignore them totally tbh. I watch matches, and if my players are doing what I want from them in the position/role they're selected then I'm happy and couldn't care less if they're averaging a 6.7 rating or whatever. I know they're worth to the team, I know what they bring, and qu
  11. The main problem I see is basically no one who is going to be getting into goal scoring positions consistently. No one from the central midfield will, Coutinho will drift inside and eventually get into the box. Messi will drop deep and eventually get into the box. The only one consistently getting in there or available for a killer cutting pass will likely be Griezmann. You need multiple and varied options, especially against a packed defence. You identify the problem with the midfield imbalance in that SB/MP/FDJ are all deeper players, yet haven't looked to solve it or take a hard choice
  12. Agree with a fair bit of what @Atarin has already said. The approach and roles used are flexible and vary depending on the opposition. My thoughts: Lloris is a standard GK defend these days. The centre backs are, as already said, the other way around. Dier on the left, Alderweireld on the right. Dier has a bit more license to play out so is maybe a BPD (unless he has brings ball out of defence trait, cant remember), Alderweireld is a standard CB. Whatever the opposition, there isn't a huge amount of playing out from the back, if it isn't on very quickly the ball gets sent long or dow
  13. Ok so if we're talking about incorporating Muller, as I said in my previous post he usually played either from the right hand side or as a second striker. In terms of how this was deployed I'm going to take the mid point of Pep's reign, so say 2015ish, because at this point the formations hadn't gone ultra fluid, asymmetrical back three/four hybrids etc, and so are probably easier to replicate. (Note: I've selected the players of the time who I interpret best fit the roles and/or were the ones used, during this time the likes of Robben, Thiago, Ribery were.... shock horror .... often
  14. Definitely the hardest of the three teams to replicate as the shape of the team and roles used changed so often - This was when Guardiola was at his most experimental, helped by how dominant Bayern were domestically. I'd say the possession and build up was a little bit more mechanical/structured and careful than the Barca side - would be unsure how best to achieve that until I experimented myself, but factors could be the tempo, mentality, or the expressive TI - and as said definitely far more influence from the wide players who were much more direct. I know you're going for the stru
  15. I'll have to try again with the Winger roles. I've tended to shy away from them in recent editions of FM - For my liking, and when trying to play patient methodical possession football, I've found them far too one dimensional and direct. But will have a look to see if they've been tweaked to something more acceptable to my eyes. Another problem has always been getting the wide players to hold their width if you're mimicking Pep football. In the AM strata, even with stay/play wider instructions, they have always 'collapsed' in towards the central areas too early with the ball still too dee
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