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  1. Yeah, cannot comprehend how some of those instructions have been put together as a package, I don't want to be unkind but surely a millisecond of thought and analysis and this would be realised. Just removing most of them would be a good starting point.
  2. Funny that as I've given up on FM20 for the time being and gone back to one of my most enjoyable long term saves on 15. If you accept it's a more limited game all round and there are some foibles in terms of the ME then I've found that version is a much more pleasant experience than the current edition(s). As I say it might be on a more basic level, but at least the game feels sympathetic to what you want to do and you can play different styles of football. Actual possession football and patient recycling of the ball is also far far superior. It's just nice not seeing the ball constantly switched to the flank because your central midfield player sees your wide man in 7 millimetres of space, and for said wide man to then just run and smash it or even worse pick out some random backwards diagonal to the opposite fullback, or just generally every other pass being an attempted killer ball, as you get on 20.
  3. We should all appreciate the work SI do, and don't doubt that individuals (that includes SI staff, and mods/staff on the forum too) have a real passion for the game and are putting many many hours into it to try and make it better each year and remedy any problems. And we should never lose sight that the game is quite unique, being built up over the years and so far ahead of any competition because of the sheer scale of making a realistic football management sim. And I'd say despite the complaints, most FM'ers on the forums are supportive and tolerant. They do understand that it's a work in progress and put up with the sort of foibles and gremlins we, lets be honest, quite often see each year and might not be tolerated by the fanbases of other Games. A half-baked concept being introduced, or it taking till the final patch for a ME that is satisfactory to most, etc. People overlook this, because on the whole the (track record of the) direction of the game is positive and is constantly going in the right direction to introduce more and more, expand and push what is possible. It's almost certainly also true to say that the vast majority, the casual FM'er and those who just enjoy doing transfers to build a super team and then skimming through matches on minimal highlights, are absolutely satisfied with the game and see no issues. From a business perspective it does make sense for SI to take that and see the positives, the bottom line is what it's all about after all. But there is a large number of us, maybe overall in a small minority but a big presence especially on the forums (and I'd argue are probably the most passionate and most loyal customers to the game who have helped drive the growth and legend of CM/FM), who forensically examine the game tactically and deep dive and aren't happy with what we're seeing. Primarily with the Match Engine, which should be the meat and drink of the game. As I said, I fully understand the business perspective and that you'll want to highlight and pump out the good PR like sales figures, but I think that sometimes the impression is given within the communication from SI, and particularly Miles, that the numbers/millions of sales is held up as there isn't really anything wrong. There is also maybe an impression I get that, whilst I know it is the hardest part of the game to build and get right, the strive for realism doesn't quite apply to the ME often, it often goes off on gimmick stuff like "hey! this year in FMxx we've improved stuff like overhead kicks and scissor volleys" instead of boring stuff like tactical aspects and how they're represented and play out. On this aspect, and whilst I know everyone wants something different and will pinpoint different things as wrong, I think many just feel things are going in the wrong direction. Not just for one year, but quite a few now. I know most don't care, wont notice, never see it. Some of us do though and it breaks the game for us. My personal label would be it is getting arcadey, too direct and too one dimensional with an emphasis on forced "killer balls" and definitely far too much (direct) wide play. What were concepts/changes with the ME that were supposed to enhance and expand possibilities has actually in some ways narrowed and reduced them. I for one plead for a long hard look and big rethink with how the football represented plays out. To finish I'll just say that sometimes as a minority you have to shout loudly to get attention. That shouldn't mean abuse or some of the silly stuff we are seeing directed at staff or that the game is fixed, but in the nicest possible way sometimes you have to spell out that you think they, SI in this case, have effed it up pretty majorly - at least with the ME (all the other stuff the direction of travel is great). Otherwise with such a casual loyal majority in a fanbase they wont hear and things wont change.
  4. Too many people saying SI need to "fix" the stats and make them more like real life. So that e.g. "top" strikers score 35 a season rather than 25, well that should be about bottom of the list of priorities. Less wide play and run and cross spam, less every-second-pass-going-to-the-wideman, less direct play, less long balls, less set piece goals, less long shot goals, more variety in finishing and sorting of 1v1's, some actual central play in the final third, proactive rather than reactive defending, the small bugs such as controlling the ball and leaving it behind, etc. That has to be the aim and attention rather than obsessing over calibrating stats to exactly match real life.
  5. Long time player of the game, so felt confident enough to do my own thing with the training focusing on the attributes and style of play I deem important. However a couple of questions I've always had (skimmed through the thread and haven't seen them answered already): 1. What is the sort of training rating you should/can achieve? You obviously have the different colour ratings as an indicator, and most of my players each week are rating higher than 7 and some between 8 - 8.5 (highest I have seen is 8.85 iirc) and are happy with training and developing ok, was wondering what others achieve and if I should be striving/it's possible for this to be higher still? 2. Does the balance in numbers between your attacking and defending units matter? If for example I have a save where the tactics are possession based then I tend to put most of my players in the attacking unit to work possession-related attributes and tactical stuff. But in theory that would mean e.g. with sessions like defending from the front or playing out from the back there would be a huge mismatch, like half a dozen defenders vs. double that and more attackers. My point being do you pay a penalty for that and is training less effective?
  6. I've seen strikers do that from the penalty spot! But let me guess, next "pass" was then a pinpoint Crossfield ball with the weaker foot to the opposite wide man?
  7. I know he's playing lower league and a tactic with attacking wing backs, but that's largely more of the same to me. Players just whacking it long and/or to the flanks with every other pass. Wingers given too much room to do their run and shoot thing. Plus the small annoyances like someone trapping the ball and leaving it behind for the opposition. I saw it summed up best in terms of TI's/PI's/PPM's, like the whole game seems to be trapped under the same conditions no matter what you do: - Try killer balls often - Switch ball to flank - Run with ball often - Much higher tempo - More direct passing - Focus play down flanks etc. Just seems predominantly locked in.
  8. The latest update has made small improvements in some areas, centre backs react/move a bit better for instance. However the crux of the matter still, unsurprisingly, remains. At it's core this game is still basically Longballandwingplay Manager. It requires fundamental change, so I wouldn't hold much hopes in a quick fix - either through an update or even in the next few editions of FM. Someone else summed it up better, you might win but not by how you designed it to happen. It takes away any satisfaction.
  9. I wouldn't expect anything to change with a new patch, to be honest. Behaviour in wide areas, and wide player roles, would require a massive change and reworking of several things.
  10. That's been happening since I can remember really paying attention to the game though. Since about FM13 or 14 I've had discussions about the behaviour of wide players and how one dimensional and predictable and unrealistic it is. It's nothing new. Wingers just zooming in a straight line towards the flag before dumping a cross into the box. Inside Forwards cutting inside similarly and banging a shot at goal. Even generic Wide Midfielder roles had/have to be modified with loads of PI's to prevent the run + cross/shoot spam occurring. And other roles have issues too. Raumdeuter has been in for years now and is still such a confused role in how it plays. Also a good point on the fullbacks. Said before but what is badly needed is a generic role that isn't so predicated to ultra aggressive attacking behaviour. And also some sort of semi-passive role would be good that holds it's width but isn't massively involved in the play and is more of a wide poacher looking to get on the end of things. Think how David Villa played at Barca in the early 2010's, or Sterling is used for Man City now - probably totally revamping the Raumdeuter role in other words.
  11. "Off the pitch" stuff I cant really fault. It's weighty, it's comprehensive, it takes a lot of time, but I like the realism and control you have and proper ability to shape how you want your team to play. So far, so good.... But that's where the positives for me end I'm afraid, I cant enjoy the game due to what I see "on the pitch". In terms of the Match Engine, everything in terms of what plays out just feels rushed and forced to me and unrealistic. I don't want to be unkind, but seems like whoever works on it either is/was a fan of 80's style football and just rushing it forward, or has been brought up on arcade-style games, FIFA etc, where every passage of play is trying to do something. The play rarely "calms down", it's too end to end. Some might like that, constant action and it's less of an issue if you only play in brief highlights, but for a game that strives for realism I'd argue it very much isn't. The bugs and common complaints have been said already, so I'll just pick out small examples of play I don't like. For a few years now I've bemoaned the utterly one dimensional and arcade-y nature of wide play. Unfortunately this year it's as bad as ever. Get ball, sprint in straight line to corner flag/towards the box, cross/shoot. Every single time. That feeds into another longstanding gripe of mine - the game far too readily sends the ball out to the flanks. Keeping it central and being patient is difficult because the moment a wide player is noticed in a modicum of space it goes out there, and then its time for run, cross/shoot spam again.... Defenders seem to force the play far too much, no matter what instruction or PPM they have there are hoofs forward or defence splitting passes. Also very easily made to hoof it by the press instead of playing round it. I'm not seeing enough of stepping out of the back with the ball and building up play. On pressing (it's still overpowered) I see no difference between players, no matter attributes, size, role, style of play etc. If they're instructed to press they all of a sudden tear after the man on the ball at 100mph. Doesn't matter if they're Bobby Firmino or Peter Crouch, there is so little difference. And even on lower mentalities seeing a lot less of players turning out and being prepared to go back. It will just go cross field to the other flank or a shot or forced ball into the box instead of recycling possession. Movement also seems a real issue, not quite as bad as last year but the options, particularly centrally in the final third, are still lacking. And I could pick out 100's more small examples. The versions weren't perfect, but I feel even four or five years ago with less and more limited options you could put together more patient controlling football and recycling of the ball that just looked better, to me at least. If you want to play that style now it's much more of a struggle because the game just doesn't allow for it. My biggest bit of feedback I can make to SI, not particularly a helpful one I admit, is that the football action should slow down a bit and reconsider the direction of travel the football part of the game is going down. It's too rushed in terms of getting the ball forward and trying to force play or score a goal at every opportunity.
  12. No it wasn't just aimed at you, I merely meant that every year there are the same sort of posts/questions about the star ratings and some from people who get really hung up on it, and I know for some it is how they value and assess players and so then get confused about it and if their player(s) have declined. So either SI need to communicate it a bit better, or my preference would be to take it out of the game altogether.
  13. Firstly, I am well aware of how it works. I don't need the explanation. But many do and get hung up on stars and why they decrease, as seen with the questions asked since the year dot..... But no, it doesn't need a replacement rating system. An Fm'er should just do what they should be doing already, assessing attributes and PPM's etc. to decide who is a good fit for their side and the idea of how they want to play. A 'two star' player might be a better option for a specific role than a 'four star' one for instance, but I know a lot of people don't dig deeper and just rely on the headline star rating to make judgements.
  14. Always thought the star rating system should be removed. In my opinion it's a really lazy (and tacky) way of assessing players, and a billion years later we still have FM'ers confused by how it works.
  15. The ME, the GE, Tactical elements, other features..... I think we all can give opinion about where improvement could happen. They're side issues though in my opinion, when you talk about direction for me there is only one real discussion and that is the realism factor and how Fm'ers choose and want to play the game. I fully encourage the route they're going down. More realism, added depth, added features (even if they're fairly superfluous, eg. Social Media), added detail and tasks to do. It's supposed to be a management simulation, the actual football match is 1.5 hours out of 168 in the week. What happens out on the pitch at the weekend is the culmination of all the work - the training, tactical preparation, analysis and planning, squad/player management, and everything else in between - that you do day in day out, week in week out before that. That's the reality, it should be represented like that in the game. That's before we even get to the stuff like longer term and coherent realistic planning in how to build a team/club, transfers, youth policy etc..... Some people will like that slower pace to the game and additional detail. Personally as someone who plays the game very very slowly anyway it doesn't impact me. I think in full fat FM anything that makes the user have to slow down, consider, and put a bit more thought into what they're doing is 99.9% of the time a good thing, from a realism point of view if nothing else. A large section of the userbase, maybe a majority, though will, as we have seen, look on in horror as they want a game they can race through in the limited time they have, win games, sign players, not have to think about tactics and training etc. and win trophies. And I understand that mentality fully. I guess how you cater for both appetites is already available - full FM, and Classic/Touch mode. Possibly (as I have no idea the impact different game modes have on the overall FM production) SI can highlight/differentiate/separate these different strands of the game a bit better and there is maybe a need to be a bit more aggressive/brutally honest to people, and spell out that FM is going to continue to strive for realism and if that's not for you don't play it and Touch/Classic (Classic mode the much better name, in my opinion!) is a more arcadey, quicker option and like the older CM/FM titles that most of us were brought up on. I know SI and the staff on here do highlight the different modes now and encourage users to try both, but a lot of what I see is a gentle steer, and more along the lines of "have you considered FM Touch.....", possibly needs a change of tack to something a little more emphatic.....
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