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  1. Yes but not in a random "I'll manage someone from here, here, and here" type way. There will be some link between the clubs. Generally I do it by default, as each club I'm at I will manage the Reserve & Youth teams as well to ensure I have full control on player development etc. Sometimes this means having to set up a second manager profile if the B team is considered a separate entity. I also sometimes do it with affiliate clubs. One day I decided that if I was eg. a PL club loaning out half a dozen hot prospects to a League One team for experience, I may as well manage that team to oversee things. I can then take it further, with things like selling average youngsters to them with a buyback in case they do come good, and effectively end up with a B team in the English League system. Most ambitious one I have tried a couple of times is to manage the Red Bull teams in all four countries as a pooled scouting and development mega save. But for various reasons never got too far into it. Something I might try again in the future, though it appealed to me a bit more when Leipzig were working their way up and the Brazil team were lower leagues. It does take time to play this way, but then I'm not trying to whizz through seasons/the game.
  2. Haven't got time to watch it yet, but in terms of the M.E. can anyone tell me if there are any signs of those absolutely bizarre backwards cross-field diagonals that have been a blight on the last two editions? That was the first thing that needed eliminating
  3. I think you do it through a combination of more text, better text, and the variety of it and also AI. Dealing with the media and all that crud is a big part of the managers job. Like it or not it is a big part of football and drives the stories and narratives. And almost certainly could and should be represented a bit better in FM even though it will be way down the list of anyone's priorities. You don't see any variance in behaviour or "culture" and it's all identikit. You get a bit more press stuff at the top levels compared to the bottom but that is it. There is scope though to do more: - Different countries have different media behaviour. The British press build people up to knock them down. Listen to Gary Neville about his time at Valencia and the Spanish press would interrogate you about tactics etc. and call you useless if you didn't have the answers for them. You could build in cultural Press differences that managers have to navigate, and can build pressure on you amongst fans and ultimately board. - Big clubs with big demands, eg. Barca, Real, etc. you're under immense press pressure and to provide soundbites. - If you are building a name for yourself, eg. a tactical innovator then people want to hear what you have to say - a tactics podcast, Sky Sports, MOTD, whoever. Builds your profile and possibly clubs notice you in this fashion. - Transfers: your star player wants out for example and you're asked about it all day, every day. There is no escaping it. Now obviously some people will read that and react with abject horror to a lot more media stuff, and would be a vast amount of work to make that weighty enough with enough depth that you weren't fielding the same two dozen questions every time, but that is one way of building some sort of variety to the game world through the text-based environment.
  4. Yeah would be great if goalkeepers weren't so limited, and collision detection has always been a problem. It's been well documented on here and discussed. I also hope for a complete rework of what they're capable of both with and without the ball - currently "Sweeper keepers" for as long as can be remembered rush out/sweep up intermittently at best and role/attributes don't make a huge amount of difference. Then there is the massive limits as to how they can get involved in possession, in FM the different sweeper keeper roles have always got graded by how far they'll dribble out and then smash it up the pitch. If you look at what modern teams do involving the keeper it's needed revamping for several years. As an example off the top of my head I caught a bit of a Brighton game the other week, and in that time I saw the goalkeeper Sanchez 40 yards out fully involved in the ball retention/recycling, and at one point when stuck in their penalty area being pressed he even ran out to the side past his centre back on the ball(!!!) to make an angle and an extra man so they could play out. As with everything I'm sure it's difficult to introduce to the game, in stable fashion. But a substantial reworking of goalkeepers is years overdue and would be a big change to trumpet. We can but hope though.....
  5. You can nitpick the OP's examples and tactics, and yes he probably could do some things better..... Some of it is Match Engine though and there is no getting away from it. (Gegen)pressing and it's evolution in the last few editions has caused knock on effects but also some of the choices in possession have just got really weird. I go back to saves on 15 and 17 every so often, and ok they are more limited previous editions (and as said, the defensive aspect was less evolved than present day) but you see patient possession play, players turning out and going back, methodical short passes, etc etc, as a matter of course - compared to 21 where you have to hope and pray it happens and players don't just take it upon themselves to force the issue or spray it forward or to the flanks.
  6. One I've always been meaning to ask..... Can I get an accurate description in layman's terms as to what Transition-Press and Transition-Restrict do/is the difference? The in-game descriptions are as follows: T-P: "Specific work on transitioning from defence to attacking through pressing the opponent" T-R: "Specific work on transitioning to defence after losing possession by restricting the space in which the opposition can play" I think the wording could be clearer, for instance take T-R... Is that falling back into defensive shape or looking to counter-press? If you are looking for your team to counter-press in transition which of the two options is better? Bits of both descriptions could apply. Or is there no tactical benefit/meaning to these training sessions, and they are purely for attribute development?
  7. Yeah I'm another who would hope we can do something different with set pieces. I get some will find it fiddly and far too time consuming to set up but the current options are fairly limiting. I'm not even talking about necessarily wholesale improvement - for me I'd like back the ability, as you could do on previous editions, to just place your players in "default" positions ie. in formation. For instance if I wanted to take short corners, you used to be able to (without even selecting a short option) via just putting everyone on Default have your RW on the side of the penalty area, your RB for an angled pass back down the touchline, and your RCM towards the corner of the penalty area. So plenty of scope for short corner interchanges. Or for throw ins you could send a couple short whilst everyone else stayed in formation. Now that's basically impossible to replicate, as you're forced to put people in the few limited straightjacketed options (and that's even before the bugs of FM21 regarding what instructions were obeyed, eg. your DM always vacating the centre of the pitch). Come on SI, I get a stable set piece creator that isn't massively exploitative is hard work and why you disappoint some who want massive evolution of it.... but give us/me back the old possibilities at least.
  8. Yeah, I mean in fairness I totally get and do actually agree with the various meetings they're introducing and making it a bit less of a 'point and click' text based soulless environment. Ok it might still be point and (even more) click, but at least trying to build some sort of game world and realism to it I see the thinking. Still though to trumpet what seem to be essentially just UI changes as a headline feature is a bit..... weak. And as mentioned numerous times already, what is needed more than this is AI logic and response to greatly improve and for it to integrate much better with your club vision, tactics, etc. That is the gamechanger, and without it no amount of UI changes will make any difference. Won't even get started on Deadline Day
  9. Cheers for the reply @herne79, that's good to know it wouldn't be a wasted effort. And yes I will also be using additional focus also to further shape them. Now to whack the whole squad on playmaker roles
  10. I'm sure this has been asked before, but to Mods/SI staff/Experts out there..... I could do with explanation/confirmation on the position/role/duty option in Training and how you can potentially use it. I've always left it as it is, or on the role they were playing, but want to try something different. So as an example starting a Sunderland save, I admittedly want to be very extreme and focus pretty much solely on possession and my team being comfortable on the ball. Passing, some movement, and the mental attributes to go with it. (quick side note: Yes he is deliberately in the Attacking unit, I go by the '5 attack, 5 defend' principle, and his position at LB is one of the designated primary attack options) So this is my Left Back, Hume as an example. Can play as either a LB or LWB. I envisage him playing as an attacking Left Back in my tactic. Now for a League One player I'd say his physicals are perfectly acceptable, however his Mental and Technical, even for a young player, need work and to fit my possession (ultra) focus. Which brings me on to my question...... What is the effect if I did this: As can be seen, I have changed his Position/Role/Duty to a Wide Playmaker. Why? Because look at what attributes will be getting trained, a narrow focus (compared to eg. if I put him on a complete wingback which would target every attribute going) targeting on Technical and Mental ones I want for possession-focused play and to aid an attacking left back. So any training sessions that focus on individual role I know will be working on these attributes. I also have additional focus up my sleeve to further target specifics. But.... he has no familiarity with the Left Midfield positional slot, he isn't going to play there to pick it up, so I ask: - Training wise, will this have any effect in terms of attribute development? Or is doing this (putting a player on an alien role they won't play) a complete waste. - If it will help shape/mould the player more to what I want and hold important, I presume tactical familiarity will be a lot slower for their actual playing position/role? (this I can live with). I think that covers it and hopefully you get the gist of what I'm asking. Would appreciate clarification.
  11. Great effort with this @Justified, totally with you on the 'Day One' ethos - I'm also someone who takes hours and hours to complete it! I'd consider myself knowledgeable about all aspects of FM after 20 years, but would like to ask about Game Detail and Setup. Does it stay stable and error/crash free? Even with a middle of the road, very competent laptop I've tended to shy away from loading "lots" of leagues and running many competitions in full detail on recent editions because of the worry, not so much about processing times, but the file size and stability after a few years. Certainly on old FM's it used to quickly run into the 100's of MB's etc. and be something I was wary of. I'm sure optimization has improved, and maybe something I dip my toe back in and explore...
  12. Unfortunately it's a bit of a mess. I'll summarise with what I see: - The first thing that screams out is the central midfield. Those roles on positive mentality, you will have virtually no defensive presence. - Positive will already play quite fast, why extremely high tempo on top of that? Are your players good enough to play at that speed? - I'm not going to say don't high/counter press, though you should certainly consider if your players are capable of it, but if it does work, you do win it back, and have the other side trapped in their half of the pitch.... where will the opportunities be to use Pass into Space? - You want to use two wingers plus create space for underlaps, yet are playing narrow. - Is there a reason you want them to underlap in the first place? I'd also query why when trying to create space you put a Mezzala into an area where the fullback will be trying to move into.... - From my perspective, focus play down the left is unnecessary. You can create natural overloads and directions of play via your selection without using the TI. - In general your instructions when it comes to wide play are muddled... You want them to play fast/transition fast to the wings/pass it into space/hit early crosses, but yet also slow it down to create underlaps and focus on winning set pieces. - Then there are the defensive instructions. If you're not a very strong team I'd question whether you should be defending wide, marking tight, and diving into tackles. You're going to need good individual players who can mark and tackle properly and win their duels, plus it might be better to stay compact centrally and to have safety in numbers. I'll stop there but really I could say more. Go with the advice already given - think again on roles duties, remove most of the instructions until you're sure what they will achieve by selecting them, read the guides on roles/combinations etc, ask more questions and for advice if needed.
  13. To replicate Italy my starting point would be: Back three shape made by the FB(d) - Sit narrower, CD(co), and CD(st) - stay wider. I don't think you need to go with CWB, either a WB or FB(a) would do the job fine I suspect. DLP in the midfield strata, I'd start with the other CM's on support and tweak these if necessary (or also, bare in mind PPM's). AP(a) on the left with roam from position to free up the flank for the left back. W(a) on the other side because they stayed high and wide, playing a left footer there offers the cut inside variety naturally. DLF(a) up front I'd start with to act as a linkman as well as be a scoring threat. Wouldn't usually put all three on attack duty but best fits what Italy are doing, plus the DLF and AP are going to be looking for ball to feet and so I don't think it would be disjointed. EDIT: Just done a very very quick test run for one game, with minimal instructions on balanced mentality, and not too bad at all. Plenty of fluid possession, stable back three shape in build up, the left back camped up in the final third, the AP popping up everywhere in the left half of the pitch, and the RW high and wide but also getting into the area. If I was to keep going I'd want to further shape the midfield roles, but initial conclusion would be not too hard to do a decent replication of how Italy are playing.
  14. Cant help, with how best to optimise/game it. I suspect there is a fair amount of leeway though and the more you can fit in the better. Probably a part of the game that FM could and should penalise you more (not that it would be popular!) - Pretty sure no clubs would be doing triple sessions every day throughout a season, and I see a lot of example schedules doing things that would be unheard of IRL such as ultra intense triple sessions the day after a game(!). Or like in the OP where I very much doubt a day or two out from the game a team would be beasting the players doing triple sessions with a physical focus. Whilst it is almost certainly not the most optimal way to approach it, I try to work to something realistic and that reflects real life training ideas. I try to work it as a microcycle with the matchday (M) as a reference point. So M +1 M +2 M +3, and then M -3 M -2 and M -1. The first day after the match (+1) is the match review and rest/recovery, that is it. You start to work in +2, Build the workload so it's at it's highest during the week in +3 and -3, and then the last sessions before the match are tapered down and focused on optimising and tactical work for the match ahead. It's usually only in +3, -3, and -2 where I use all three sessions. With multiple games in a week, which for some teams/leagues is a regular occurrence, that goes out of the window. Mainly just focused on rest and recovery and some technical and tactical sessions when you can.
  15. Cannot believe people are defending/making excuses for this. I (and also I know, from previous discussions, many others) see frequently, for example, the ball getting cleared and going out for your throw in but then one of your players will sprint 30 or 40 yards for the ball - with no one from the opposition anywhere near or interested in going after it - and inexplicably run it out of play and keep running until they hit the physical border of the ad hoardings. That's not just the game struggling to represent the animation of a poor touch going out of play, the whole decision making and passage of play is unrealistic, inexplicable, and tbh "bad" and needs eliminating from the game in future versions.
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