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  1. I’ve feared this for years and can’t help but think some don’t quite work as intended. However changing it will have a huge impact on how results play out.
  2. With poor finishing and poor off the ball - two of the supposedly more important traits for a top level striker - he shouldn’t really be scoring as many as that. He doesn’t have striker instinct and has never played the role. I’m not sure of the mechanics under the hood but I sometimes get the impression attributes don’t count as much as they should. This manifests itself in the amount of long shots that go in from players with low ratings on long shots and penalties.
  3. Not really but the aim is to get that little bit better every year. A keeper still can’t foul. Surely that can be looked at?
  4. Are you sure that isn’t better animations? I’ve not seen any evidence of real collision detection. SI have said that’s a reason keepers cannot foul.
  5. You don’t need a tour to see there’s no collision detection.
  6. Goalkeepers not being able to foul is one that really should be looked at. The ME loses credibility when this part of actual footballing gameplay is not there.
  7. Okay but can that left back now reach his potential or is it gone for him?
  8. But how likely is this to happen? And they can still let you know it’s high potential. If there’s a young player with a high PA too often you know this as a number of big clubs start becoming interested. For that PA to not be known so long into a players career on FM doesn’t seem to happen - it’s realised earlier. I can’t recall having seen anything close to a Vardy situation on FM.
  9. People defend PA by saying that players are ‘born’ with whatever their potential is and it’s up to them if they reach it or not. Whilst this may be true it’s currently impossible for FM to replicate situations like Jamie Vardy at Leicester. His PA would have been set quite low as he reached it very late. To replicate real life his actual PA would have needed to be high at the start and if that was the case, he would have been signed by a big team very early due to a scout seeing what the PA is. PA doesn’t take into account late bloomers particularly well.
  10. And a reduction in long shots and an increase in 1-1 conversions. It’s a crazy balancing act so I don’t want to be too critical.
  11. I do agree but wouldn’t this also extend to attributes? Maybe there’s a case to make them have shorter range with the actual values behind the scenes?
  12. Literally just waiting to see what’s been done with the engine beyond ‘AI improvements’ and ‘more animations’. I know it’s unlikely we’re getting a brand new engine but things such as collision detection and overhauls of movement are what will really help to move things forward. Nice to see things like xG but can’t help but think they’ll be hollow if we don’t get a less predictable and more reflecting of real football ME. Much easier said than done, I know :)
  13. Just watching the Liverpool game. Both those goals just scored are completely impossible to replicate in the engine. Until it’s able to simulate more goals from real life it will be seriously lacking, unfortunately.
  14. I just want to see goals that look like those scored in real life. If you watch real life matches the types of goals that are scored are almost impossible to replicate in the ME and those we see in the game are generally all similar. The variety just isn’t there at all. Hard thing to get right and probably needs a completely new engine but it’s way off at the moment in terms of variety.
  15. I have genuinely not seen one single one on one chance converted by me or the opposition in my season played so far. I know they exist as I’ve seen a few on here scored but every time I see a player through with just the keeper to beat I’m expecting a miss.
  16. If you do this, when you reload the save the column doesn’t save. You have to keep adding it.
  17. What is? The match engine is calculated before we see the highlights. I know this can change based on subs etc but there would be no other way to show the highlights. How the stats go up against each other is then black magic (to us mortals) under the hood.
  18. The first tile on the left resets back to ‘medical centre’ as soon as you leave the home screen. Will this be fixed as I’d like to set it as a league table?
  19. I think this is just down to how FM actually processes matches. In fact a lot of the frustrations are. You have to remember the match is pre calculated before you get to the engine. All of the maths is done and, more often than not, it will favour the better team. It’s not the big players that will ‘win’ the match, it’s the accumulation of all the stats up against the other sides stats. The graphical ME will then try to give you pictures in terms of how this has happened. I’m not sure completely how it does this part but the calculations have already been done - you can change thin
  20. Is it possible for keepers to get injured in the ME? I know they can’t be sent off but can they still get injured? If no it’s pointless playing with a sub keeper.
  21. Are you confident that by watching the ME you could tell whether he has 5 or 10? I don’t think it’s at this level yet as there are too many other variables and/or animation issues. In real life you’d get a much better feel by watching the player so I see the attributes as a way of plugging the gap.
  22. It doesn’t make the game much more challenging having it on does it? Surely it just means things take longer as you have to do more scouting? I don’t really have the time or patience to wait longer whilst I scout the player so I can’t see any reason why I’d use it.
  23. Is Kriss a different mod to Kris Dorey who was here in the early 2000s?
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